August 24th, 2011 | 471 Entries

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471 Entries for “umbrella”

  1. umbrellas. they are awesome if you are gene kelly in singing in the rain. But if you’re from seattle, you’re a traitor to your city.

    By Emily URL on 08.24.2011

  2. you can stand under my umbrella by rhianna. the british carry umbrellas to keep the sun out. well maybe that’s actually the old timey- britts… but golfers still use them. i want the RE umbrella from think geek, no joke. i used to have one of the umbrella hats. i like the colors on the umbrellas.

    By Danielle on 08.24.2011

  3. I haven’t had to use one since i left Washington. Well, in Washington, I never really used one either. If you’re a real Washingtonian, you don’t need an umbrella even though it rains a lot. Especially if it’s the every day drizzle. You’re considered a wimp if you dare pop an umbrella open when it’s just drizzling.

    By Genevieve McBride URL on 08.24.2011

  4. it’s raining. it’s pouring. If it really was raining and pouring how would you hear an old man snoring? Who stands outside bedroom windows while a man is sleeping anyway? What kind of sick nursery rhyme is this?

    By Leanne on 08.24.2011

  5. bold blue with yellow polka dots. Estra large with a candy cane bottom. When it rains, it becomes my dhelter form the droplets or hail that fall down ahead of me and all aroud me. I walk down the road and twirl my umbrella and lean it on my shoulder so i cam observe the many around me who are not so fortunate to havembrela. some have hair matted and plastered to their heads.. others have hair that has curl into tight cois

    By sylvia Hicks on 08.24.2011

  6. I walked out into the rain, holding my blue umbrella. I was walking out on him. He was a jerk. I was going home and never seeing him again. I splashed through the puddles, wondering why it was raining so much lately. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain, but I was starting to feel damp and cold all the time.

    By Meagan McGraw on 08.24.2011

  7. I stand in the rain with my umbrella closed. Then I feel like I’m melting, which is pretty cool. I don’t know why I even own an umbrella.

    By Hyperbole URL on 08.24.2011

  8. I love the rain. I’m especially thinking this right now because it is BF hot in here…and the bathroom hasn’t been cleaned since BEFORE the last time an umbrella was used. In fact, I don’t know that it’s really been cleaned in about two years. SICK! The germs are probably killing us not to mention just the ridiculous filth. Can you hire a maid JUST to clean your bathroom? That would be super, thanks.

    By Emily on 08.24.2011

  9. There once was a brown umbrella. It was extremely ugly. Nobody wanted the brown umbrella, so it was placed in the trash. The trash went to the dump and the brown umbrella lived in a pile of toxic waste. One day it got exposed to radioactive material, and became indestructible.

    By OJ on 08.24.2011

  10. A flimsy shelter sits above us as we walk by our selves. The streets are empty, yet they have a certain life about them. The chorus of raindrops bouncing and trickling off the side of our umbrella, creating a magnificent water show.

    By Tess URL on 08.24.2011

  11. ella ella ay ay ay, thats a pretty fuckin terrible song. one that makes absolutely no sense. rihannah makes me angry about 90% of my life becuase she can sing but she cant say anything worth while or interersting

    By nicole silver on 08.24.2011

  12. I love umbrellas. Colorful umbrellas.

    They make rainy days fun and lovable.

    When I see an umbrella, it makes want to play under the rain on my boots!

    I love singing and dancing in the rain, although I`ve never done that before.

    By Cathy URL on 08.24.2011

  13. “You forgot something ma’mam!”

    Mia looked over her shoulder and saw someone running up to her.

    “Did I?” she asked.

    The man held out a red umbrella.

    “Isn’t this yours?”

    By WannabeWriter URL on 08.24.2011

  14. Umbrella. I really like umbrellas. I feel classy with them. I can picture myself skipping down the streets of New York City. Wearing jeans, boots, and a red coat. With my little black umbrella shielding me from the rain above. I love the noises that umbrellas make when the rain hits them. I just really like umbrellas in general.

    By Emmy Garcia URL on 08.24.2011

  15. stand under, look up. drops, the drops; droplets of happiness cleanse my face. puddles, splash. sun. warm breeze. looks over. wall, what a neat way to display. looks under, smiles.

    twirl, twirl, jump. how the leap of all triggers that swoosh feeling in my stomach. almost aches it hurts so good.

    laughter, smiles, good company, cold beer, good view, fire.

    By SketchTheMessenger URL on 08.24.2011

  16. I hate umbrellas. They are basically useless. All umbrellas do is keep your torso dry. Last time I checked that’s what a coat was for. God forbid the wind blows, then the umbrella turns into a kite.

    By Jim Grimaldi on 08.24.2011

  17. under the umbrella i cover myself from the rain of frogs that is going down my stairs while my father screams through the phone and says that everything is ok. in the state of mind that i am i don’t know where am I.

    By b on 08.24.2011

  18. bungalow

    By coni on 08.24.2011

  19. He stepped out of the car, taking notice of the weather above as he did so. There was an ominous feeling about him, this man that nobody seemed to recognize. The sky crackled dangerously above them, signalling the promise of rain that was about to fall. In his hand, the man had a black umbrella, of the kind one almost expects a hidden sword to pop out of.

    By Anja Rykkjem-Aarnes URL on 08.24.2011

  20. The rain was pattering down across the city all to familiar with the weather. One man stood outside, alone pelted by the down pour, with no umbrella. He didn’t seem to care. He just stood there smiling, despite being soaked to the bone.

    By Maureen H. on 08.24.2011

  21. A cover that tops your head. An excellent hit from The Hollies. Another hit song by Rihanna … what is it about umbrellas? They are little shades. Little covers … straight from the Italian. And somehow sexy because they go up and down? Amazingly useful, sometimes dangerous .. umbrellas have been an important part of life since the 1600s at least. Parasols are umbrellas’ fancier French cousins. Instead of stopping the rain they shelter their occupants from the sun.

    By Anne on 08.24.2011

  22. The tip of the umbrella dripped. Dripped all over the white marble floor. She stared at him – she did not mean to kill him.

    By Victoria Teo URL on 08.24.2011

  23. i had an umbrella and it broke at the harry potter world premier. it was terrible but i cant throw it away as its a crazy memory. sometimes i hate having an umbrella because its nice to feel the rain.

    By fifipix on 08.24.2011

  24. ella ella. raindrops keep falling on my head. i’m sinnnngggingg in the rain. make em laugh. make em. laugh. marlo brandon…. STELLAAAA!!!!! streetcar named desire. english class. high school. books. nostalgia.

    By sam on 08.24.2011

  25. first thing i think of is that awful song by rihanna. but then i remember the umbrella i bought in rome that had the daisies on it and no matter how dreary the day was, it always felt like i was in a field of daisies instead. umbrella rhymes with fella. and hella.

    By picklewickle URL on 08.24.2011

  26. umbrellas keep you dry from the rain..or cool and shaded from the sun. They are fancy and classy and pretty..they can describe their owner just as a name..they can be goofy or serious funny or ecclectic. umbrellas are lovely..they just are what they are what they are.

    By Sarah Eiseman URL on 08.24.2011

  27. The rain is the umbrella over my head is filled with holes. Useless. I make a mental note to replace it as I skirt under the awning of a shoe store, shaking the water from my hair and pulling off my glasses to wipe them on the last patch of dry jacket.

    By Cate on 08.24.2011

  28. umbrella shelter you from rain , snow or hail. they are very usful and helpful when it come it keeping you dry. they are unusful when it comes to wind though. because thy will turn inside out or blow away, in wind they act like sails.

    By mermer on 08.24.2011

  29. The umbrella is an object that is used to protect the human body from the fluid that falls from above. It comes in many colors. It’s pretty cool. Like me. And I’m a boss. Period. The unbrella.

    By Natalie Boss URL on 08.24.2011

  30. Why is the umbrella called an umbrella?
    Why do we have to carry something like that instead of a plate of something else above our head?
    Why the umbrella for the rain and the others not?

    By David on 08.24.2011

  31. Curved shelter. It keeps me dry amid the torrent of anrgy drops falling from the sky. Rainbow of colors int he streets when the thunder booms and lightning crashes.

    By Kimberly on 08.24.2011

  32. so once i heard a song called umbrella and it reminded me how much I love the rain. i could stand in the rain without and umbrella. i hope someday a guy holds an umbrella for me and we kiss in the rain, like the book little women. great book, read it with my mother. theres a musical with a song aboout

    By Lizzie Dodgeball URL on 08.24.2011

  33. the umbrella was white with green spots and the doors opened as the rain poured over it and i saw my favorite blue sweater floating on the ground. My two friends were conversing with one another while I was eating.

    By Monique M on 08.24.2011

  34. Would there be room under your umbrella for me?
    Oh please let there be.

    By Jo! URL on 08.24.2011

  35. Let my strength serve as an umbrella to the world beyond. My love for you, hope for your future, and faith in your spirit. I love you son. Now. Forever. – Dad

    By Raymond Masters URL on 08.24.2011

  36. Umbrellas are really awesome they keep you from getting wet and also can be used as parachutes. imagine being able to fly away with the wind and not getting wet at all. i love them so much. kjkjkjkj

    By steven montgomery on 08.24.2011

  37. the umbrella swayed in the wind as the storm picked up. she gripped the handle tighter and made her way toward her apartment, trying not to get more soaked than she had to be in the torrential downpour.

    By Brittannie on 08.24.2011

  38. Stand under my umbrella. Protection. Shelter from the storm. Just going to be honest, when I read this, the first thing that came into my head was the Rihanna song. But anyways. It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring. The rain continues to fall. Drip drip. Oh no, I’m getting wet. Rain is a good thing.

    By Tara on 08.24.2011

  39. Just seeing the word “umbrella” makes me think of that Rhianna song, sadly. It then reminds me of an even better acoustic cover done by some dude.
    It also makes me think of all the times I’ve gotten caught without an umbrella. I’m never prepared!

    By thecolouringinroom URL on 08.24.2011

  40. under my umbrella. rihanna. great song. or maybe the glee version is better? with the remix. so good. umbrellas. where would we be without them? well we sure as hell would all be wet, that’s for sure. my favorite umbrella is from when i was a little kid, it had elmo all over it. i like the kind when you click a button and it opens automatically. my other favorite is a plaid one that i got from a street vendor in italy, classic.

    By C on 08.24.2011