July 9th, 2012 | 331 Entries

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331 Entries for “turbine”

  1. Turgor turns the turbine out of the turnstile.

    By Marianne URL on 07.09.2012

  2. asdfadsf

    By Meghan on 07.09.2012

  3. I was all about her moves on the dance floor. But I had no idea that she knew how to do the turbine. Oh boy the way that she did the turbine made me forgetabout all of the booty bounces and break dancers I have ever seen. God bless her and her turbining

    By ajloopy URL on 07.09.2012

  4. He fell

    As he fell, he thought

    What had he done?


    What had he done?

    In the end, did he do anything? Or everything?

    By Landon URL on 07.09.2012

  5. As i saw the turbines spin i grew even more nervous. Going by plane to a totally new terrain was not going to be anything casual to me.

    By cole galos on 07.09.2012

  6. Windmills, whipporwhills, Don Quixote chasing spiraling hearts sifting grain in the skies. I shed kernels of sorrow and termpermental seeds gone sour, rotten soil spilling into the wind like the foul breath of jealousy’s mane

    By MorganLovell URL on 07.09.2012

  7. the turbine wheeled on faster and fast it was going to over heat at this rate. who would get her out of here? not her brother. not her mother .

    By teretisplac on 07.09.2012

  8. Round and round and round and round, endless cycle none to be found. Sweeping arms spin round and round, chasing wind, water, life across the ground. Working hard yet never moving, frozen in life’s pursuit.

    By Beana7 URL on 07.09.2012

  9. Power. Water to electrons.

    By MikeW URL on 07.09.2012

  10. Turbine… Like, wind turbine? Um, sorry. I’m not a pilot. -.-

    By Brandi on 07.09.2012

  11. Turbines are boring. The only thing that I can imagine with turbines basically are alternative energy technologies. These consist of techs such as hydropower and wind. They cost a lot.

    By Steven on 07.09.2012

  12. ummm i don’t even know what this word means??? is that a bad thing? I mean I am a writer and I am going to be studying English literature so I think that’s a bad thing. This really gives me anxiety. Ahhhhhhhh omfg. Is turbine like the wind from an airplane or something?>? IDK man

    By Lulu on 07.09.2012

  13. Turbine came from Montana. He said his parents named him that because when he was born there was big talk about installing one of them wind turbines on the hillside overlooking their property. They never got around to building it because of some rare bird species but they was still going forward with the it when Turbine’s mother went into labor. So they thought Turbine. Having had eight other kids and not being fond of any other name, Turbine fit just fine. It was a word they didn’t hear too often and didn’t think they’d get sick of. And from what they wrote about in the paper the turbine was supposed to bring in an easier life.

    By Meg on 07.09.2012

  14. It’s understandable that relationships need maintenance from time to time, but for the most part the love in your heart is what keeps the relationship-factory open. The love in your heart works like a turbine. The heart is the motor and the beloved sentiments you have are the fuel thats pumps the heart and keeps the system going. Without love, everything that relies on its power will fail.

    By Simone URL on 07.09.2012

  15. He moved within her with the steadiness of a turbine…in and out, in and out, over and over again. She sobbed at the intensity. Could she handle anymore of this? It was ecstasy. It was overwhelming to the senses. She needed him. He overwhelmed her. Unceasing, he drove her over the edge, and she screamed at her release.

    By Kayla Lords URL on 07.09.2012

  16. Turbines in an engine? Why’d we invent those goddamned things. Oil consumption out the wazoo. We’ve twisted our species into harbingers of destruction. We think we’re separate from our environment, when in reality we’re just consuming ourselves. Stop being a consumer. Start being a creator. Actually, you can’t be a creator. Everything is already created; all you can do is rearrange it.

    By Tabor on 07.09.2012

  17. Turbine blade, a turbine stage, playing with powder in the bathroom, pretending to be lurking in some dark, forbidden attic. Memories from the third person, sounds of a jet engine, something terrible, terrible to ingest.

    By monroe2go URL on 07.09.2012

  18. Turbine.. I don’t really know what a turbine is… a turban or tube… well that’s different… But I’m not positively sure what a turbine is… peculiar… isn’t it? How smart we are supposed to be.. without really knowing anything… how very peculiar indeed.

    what a strange world….

    By Mollie Dagradi on 07.09.2012

  19. So I spent some of my precious time looking this word up on dictionary.com, and here’s the result: any of various machines having a rotor, usually with vanes or blades, driven by the pressure, momentum, or reactive thrust of a moving fluid, as steam, water, hot gases, or air, either occurring in the form of free jets or as a fluid passing through and entirely filling a housing around the rotor.

    Boats are turbine. Or maybe they have a turbine. I didn’t look at how its used. Airplanes, too. And cars. And if you look at it, it’s weird how many things have (use?) turbine and how heavily we rely on them.

    By Peachy URL on 07.09.2012

  20. life come sumble sun music love travel paint smell sand desert lifeasitis happiness smiles teeth lady gaga james hatred frown ocean love

    By Sav on 07.09.2012

  21. Turbines are the giant white windmills that you see on hills and in fields. Once an uncommon sight, they are now becoming more and more commons with the development of wind energy. Turbines are a “green” way to produce energy that humans can use to preform everyday activities.

    By Demi on 07.09.2012

  22. So as far as I know a turbine is like one of those white windmills you see that are supposed to produce “green” energy. And don’t they also have to do with planes? Like a wind turbine. What an odd word to write about. Definitely not a word you hear every day. I mean, unless you’re a pilot.

    By Viv URL on 07.09.2012

  23. A jet turbine screams through the air as I follow its path with my eyes. That plane was holding the people that I loved most in the world, reducing them to a ever receding speck on the horizon. I sighed, forcing myself to turn away as my car sputtered to life in my hands.

    By MidnightCastle URL on 07.09.2012

  24. Spinning on rooftops. Creaking, I hear them from a rec room filled with memories of a bygone day. While my mother, nostalgically, kept so many stuffed animals there, sitting in the window, they care nothing for the turbines.

    By Mer on 07.09.2012

  25. Turbine. Engine.
    In a plane? In a jet?
    In a boat? In a fast car?
    Turbine – like wind.
    Like those giant energy-creating windmills.

    By Jade on 07.09.2012

  26. Turbine rolling in the summer heat; Making me remember my youth, joy, love for the sun kissing my back.

    By Kbreck on 07.09.2012

  27. driving down the road i was faced with a monster. a monster next to me. i wasn’t sure what it was. i thought maybe it was a space ship. it seemed like something from a horror movie really. in reality it was going to be a big wind mill of sorts, a turbine or something i wasn’t really sure. either way it terrified me.

    By katie URL on 07.09.2012

  28. With a whirl wind is being squeezed with the force of a thousand lions. Energy flowing through this beautiful contraption. Nature providing sensible, clean power.

    By ian t barton on 07.09.2012

  29. the wind turbines pushed around and around
    the wind picking up down here on the ground
    whipping our hair into our mouths and eyes

    By shelby rose farrell on 07.09.2012

  30. the turbine was spinning and there was nothing i could do. i was swimming through the mucky water as fast as i could, but alas, it was not fast enough. my arms were burning with a terrible burn and my legs were feeling

    By amy on 07.09.2012

  31. Wind. wind flowing. I love the wind. It sings its song. Through the breeze in the trees. The turbine, that harnesses the winds incredible power and strength. Its amazing. Oh how I would love to be that glorious wind.

    By Pink Rose URL on 07.09.2012

  32. The engines churned quietly as the machine started up. The sound grew steadily as the turbine began to spin faster and faster. Bolts of electricity started to fly as the whine increased to a deafening roar. Just as he thought that he couldn’t take the sound anymore, it all stopped with a bright flash and the appearance of her.

    By Sam on 07.09.2012

  33. turbines swishing swirling slicing. they never stop. the airplane needed them not to stop. The passengers needed them not to stop. Johnny needed them not to stop. He needed to get to New York; he needed not to stop.

    By Brooke on 07.09.2012

  34. Spinning, whirling, twisting, turning. Stuck in a turbine. How can you know which way is up, down, up, up, side, side, right. No direct route, no sense of direction. Spin me ’round, ’round.

    By Maggie URL on 07.09.2012

  35. There was something spinning, small in the distance. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but as we inched closer I noticed it was only one of many. A great outdoor fan, as if it were trying to cool off the world.

    Apparently the plants get hot too, I thought.

    I wanted Mama to stop the car so that I could get out and run to one when we passed by, but she wouldn’t. She says to me, “Girl, you gotta git chour head outda the clouds.”

    The turbine was up there. Why couldn’t I be too?

    By Myka on 07.09.2012

  36. turbine. WInd Turbines. very expensive choice for renewable energy. But way better then being dependent on coal for the rest of our lives.

    By jamie on 07.09.2012

  37. In sixth grade I dida project on wind turbines, it came out really cute. But my teacher lost my. Paper. She was a crazy lady. She had hissing cocker roaches,geckos, newts, and turtle !

    By Jade on 07.09.2012

  38. It makes a plane go. It’s sorta like an engine, it pushes air to propel whatever it is inside. Usually on the wings. I think. I guess it’s just a type of engine that works a little differently.

    By Gabby on 07.09.2012

  39. The turbine roars at me as I continue to drive past it. I cant see the road clearly as my tears blur my vision. Suddenly I’m airborne, flying through the velvet darkness. Shaddering glass sprays all around me, one landing above my left eye. I scream as I finally hit the ground, pain erupting through my whole body.

    By Claire Edgington. on 07.09.2012

  40. Turbines are not as complex as they look. Well actually, that would depend on the turbine. Wind turbines are relatively simple, turbines in an engine seem more complex. If I knew more about turbines I’d say more, but for now I’ll keep my assumptions to myself.

    By Courtney on 07.09.2012