March 18th, 2013 | 232 Entries

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232 Entries for “truth”

  1. the truth of it all
    is that there isn’t
    an answer that
    you feel like hearing
    from me

    By finchlings URL on 03.18.2013

  2. There was kind of a vague truth to what he had heard on the streets. The homeless guys even had an opinion on it, and they usually would just listen and hear things, but rarely did they offer up their take on how things had gone down. He felt there was some further digging to do to find out what truly had happened.

    By Rmund URL on 03.18.2013

  3. Will searched for the truth often. It was something that he found to be incredible elusive, as he was as far from the personification of the truth as one could get…or was he? Behind his mask was someone who, although seemed the epitome of drama and flare, was actually very unsure of himself. He hid behind his facade like it was a lie.

    By Brittany on 03.18.2013

  4. truth rarely exists; people bullshit too much.
    notice how it’s basically an anagram for hurt? yeah. because a lack of truth causes hurt

    By Caitlin on 03.18.2013

  5. Truth was all she was and all she wanted from them.
    Why had she been chosen?

    By skylarkin on 03.18.2013

  6. I don’t know what it is that you’re asking for. I’ve given you all and even more. I sit here in the gloomy shadows of our past, and I can’t help but feel a bit empty. Because deep inside, I still love you. Not the way I used to, when two still were one. But in a way, like a mother loves her child. Like the love of a dear friend. Something truly special. And even though I have a hard time admitting it, I feel I’ve wronged you. In so many ways. You were my best friend, the love of my life. And I simply stepped you over like a simple chapter in a book.

    And for that I am forever sorry.
    I never meant for your heart to break.
    I never meant for your trust to faint.
    I never meant for your eyes to tear.
    I never ment for us to shatter.

    Because that’s what we have, haven’t we?
    I’ve shattered hundreds of memories into thousands of pieces.
    Something once so beautiful and bright, is mere a shadow.

    And this is the truth, isn’t it?

    By Molly URL on 03.18.2013

  7. i didt tell the truth i feed the dog. i did’t tell the truth my name is’t william

    By alexis on 03.18.2013

  8. I stared at the Hunter’s Education Website in front of me. The anatomy of the whitetail deer took up half of the screen. “I don’t know if I can remember all of this, to tell you the truth!” I almost wailed to my younger, hunting brother. “Eh, you’ll do fine. Good luck!”

    Five hours later…

    “Eli! I DID IT!”

    By Emma Travis on 03.18.2013

  9. I still didn’t know the truth about who killed Tyler, but now I knew that Jack was innocent. That was something, at least. The question, though, was why would Jack want me to believe he was guilty?

    Was he protecting someone? Who would he be willing to protect? And why at the cost of my trust, after everything we’d been through?

    I didn’t understand it at all. There were still many questions I needed answered, and I didn’t know where to start looking.

    By Solo Rae URL on 03.18.2013

  10. Ta Ruth, the finest gal I’ve ever known. Typically lied her ass off about everything, but still a helluva a good time.

    By Barry Ondalone on 03.18.2013

  11. She looked into his eyes, searching in the blue, striving to feel the truth. What used to wade at the water’s surface was now buried deep into the blue. “what is the truth?” she thought to herself as she tried to read the boy’s eyes

    By flutefrog URL on 03.18.2013

  12. Truth is a five letter word. His truth tastes like metal and chills my mind. I see a facade, I see Todd, I see acting all over his face. It shrouds him till there’s no light, no light.

    By Candice on 03.18.2013

  13. The truth was she did not fit in. She learned to fake it well. Six and the morning, she found herself waiting in the drive through for her morning coffee, feeling more like a stranger then someone who grew up in the area. She did not even know herself. She lived to make everyone else happy. Now that she was on her own she felt lost and loenly. What was she to do? Where was she to go?

    By Cris URL on 03.18.2013

  14. Truth. The word has a bite. It’s a smile with big, shiny white teeth. His truth is a sticky paint, like molasses in my mouth, a sickly sweetness revealing phoniness with each taste. An actor.

    By Candice URL on 03.18.2013

  15. The truth is…I am afraid.

    I am writing to you to confess that behind this rough exterior, this uncaring frame, lies a human being just as vulnerable as anyone.

    Never, I beg of you, think I do not care.

    By B.R.Bellerophon URL on 03.18.2013

  16. The truth is that I don’t know what is real anymore. I look in the mirror and see a reflection. I look all around me and all I see a similar reflection. Is this all just a false version of the real world? Like Narnia?

    By Laura J on 03.18.2013

  17. The truth is, the truth is… There was no truth, not really. None of it was a lie, either. It just was. Truth is subjective. It depends solely upon what other people know. How could a lie be a lie if it was all the other person understood? To him it was a truth, even if the rest of the world saw it as a lie.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 03.18.2013

  18. truth is all about perception. its subjective, its personal, it is what one chooses it to be. My truth will always be different than your truth even though it may concern exactly the same entity. Truth is manipulated by various aspects of our everyday modern life.

    By dd on 03.18.2013

  19. truth is a funny thing, sometimes it hurts and other times its just what we need. we all have to admit the truth one time or another, so why not start now!

    By sroop URL on 03.18.2013

  20. The truth hurt. It always did. I just couldn’t believe that he would actually tell me. I couldn’t believe that he thought I was using him for his money. I had never bought a singing thing with his money, had never asked him for a thing. And yet he accuses me of stealing his money. All he has to do is take a look how I live and he would know I have never stole a dime from him. Now I know the truth. I know what he thinks about me, and it hurts because I love him with all of my heart.

    By Chelsea on 03.18.2013

  21. The opposite of lie. It’s factual.

    By Leo Valaunt URL on 03.18.2013

  22. It’s not that he had wanted to leave her, it’s not that he had wanted to pack up his bags and leave London for what he assumed to be the last time. It’s got more to do with the fact that he and the truth didn’t have to good relationship. He could never get himself to discuss her, to talk with her, to think about her.

    By thingswehavetried URL on 03.18.2013

  23. Lose me. Don’t take me seriously; no one else seems to. I’ll sit on your shoulder and cry, I’ll wail and scream and kick my feet and try my hardest to get your attention. Please ignore me. Leave me. I’m not worth it: I’m never worth it. It’s nothing personal, I’m just not the person I thought I was.

    By thingswehavetried URL on 03.18.2013

  24. what a surprise it is to feel the blood
    forcing its way into my veins
    and careening through my heart
    with violence and power
    and the hope of something greater
    than biology could promise
    but I need no ears to hear
    the truth spurting from this wound
    as I wash it down the drain

    By slantedstories URL on 03.18.2013

  25. if the truth would set me free and
    that freedom would mean
    to be always haunted by the details that was once mine and his,
    then I’d rather surrender my wings
    and lock myself in the cage
    of pretends and romantic yearnings.

    By Dee URL on 03.18.2013

  26. People search for this all their life. Religion tries to reign it in; Science tries to define it. But there really is only one truth. One so obvious… yet only a few discover it.

    By Victoria Ward on 03.18.2013

  27. The truth is that the truth changes a lot. One generation’s supposed truth is opposite that of the next. For example, it was once true that the Earth was the center of the universe, and that one’s last name determined his or her place in society. As we continue to learn more we discover new truths and realize old truths are actually false.

    By Diane on 03.18.2013

  28. Truth is that I love you. I’ve always loved you. The truth is that I’ve needed you since day one, and I’ve never had the chance to show you. Or maybe I’m just a coward. I don’t know, but at least I’m telling you now.

    By red URL on 03.18.2013

  29. the truth is …… well i cant even write the truth down. not even here. it scares me to much..

    By Brittany Ann URL on 03.18.2013

  30. Friends and family should always tell the truth. Honesty is what makes a relationship different from a strangership. It’s the most important thing I look for in a friend. If they are not able to tell me the truth then I cannot trust them with my own truths and secrets. No second chances. If a friend is not willing to respect the information I give them especially personal stuff, they do not deserve respect from me. Period.

    By Kara on 03.18.2013

  31. People say you need to tell the truth, but who really knows the truth? Can I just say things and tell people that it’s the truth? I want to. I want everyone to think I know the truth, and I want to know the truth, but not tell anyone the truth. Because if I knew the the truth, I probably wouldn’t want to let anyone know what it actually was. I didn’t say “truth” enough.

    By Nancy URL on 03.18.2013

  32. Can we ever know what is happening behind our lover’s eyes or know for certain where we stand? In love, can there be room for truth?

    By emmystrange URL on 03.18.2013

  33. There’s nothing but shades of gray. Everything changes with perspective, sliding up and down the spectrum, but never reaching truly black or white. Truth is a lie.

    By Chris Clow URL on 03.18.2013

  34. Truth is the only thing that allows people to see things from a universal prospective of clearness and full awareness, thus letting us discover and realize thing we could’ve never imagined before. The beauty of the truth is in its boldness and sometimes even harshness.

    By M on 03.18.2013

  35. Camille couldn’t tell the truth about the fact that I was the real boss. She kept putting out lies about how she was the real boss, when in actuality she knew for a fact that it was me. She wanted so much to be the big person of the house, even though she’s about as tall as a mouse. =P

    By John on 03.18.2013

  36. LOL, truth is honesty. it’s an important thing . it builds trust and love and the base of all the world and relationships between people i think truth is important. without truth only lies exist and nothing but sadness.

    By Camille Pandela URL on 03.18.2013

  37. The truth is the opposite of the lie. Not the same. Truth means to be honest, be true, be you more importantly. Never lie to stop from hurting someone you love, tell the truth.

    By Fayth on 03.18.2013

  38. The truth is..I love you. I love everything that you do. From your smile to your hugs, I just can’t get enough. I know that you love her though and the truth is, she probably loves you too. But, truthfully, I still wish you would give me a chance..A chance to show you that I love you.

    By Bailey on 03.18.2013

  39. I thought that you told me the truth. I thought that was a thing we did, tell each other the truth. I always think that, I suppose. Truth is something we trust in other people and the truth is, maybe–the greatest truth! Is that we are wasting our trust, we are wasting our pain on a hope, and not a truth. That’s the truth.

    By Cassie on 03.18.2013

  40. I hate it when people lie to me. Just tell me the truth. That’s the only way I’m ever going to trust you. And trust is a really important thing to me.

    By Jason URL on 03.18.2013