January 3rd, 2012 | 257 Entries

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257 Entries for “trunk”

  1. the first thing i thought of was baggage. the second was the idea i came up with a few years ago to always keep a change of clothes and a towel (and to always keep the list pending) in my trunk for convenience in cases of spontaneous need.
    but some might see these two things as the same thing.
    sometimes they’re right.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 01.03.2012

  2. Elephants have trunks and you also pack a trunk if you are traveling. Maybe my Mother is packing her trunk right now to go on a trip to India to see an elephant. Wouldn’t it be funny if the elephant packed a trunk to go on a trip to see my mother? Now that would be a trunk story. Oh my.

    By CleaStagnitti on 01.03.2012

  3. Small,confined space.Never big enough for my things as I travel the road of life. I cary a huge load of junk I want to dump my the road to lighten my load.

    By Sheila URL on 01.03.2012

  4. I often sit outside on cold winter days and listen to the tree outside my window. It cracks and creaks and tells me tales, whispering of the bare beneath. But in its voice I could hear a missing piece, a tale untold, an incomplete dream- so I asked the tree how this came to be. At once, the roots gave way under me, opening a cavity so that I might see how hollow its trunk has been.

    By leah URL on 01.03.2012

  5. She knew what was hidden in the trunk. “Drive faster, Bitch” He ordered as he shoved the gun harder against her side. She was shaking. If only she had stayed home tonight.

    By A Mask Of Happiness URL on 01.03.2012

  6. The first thing I saw after I crept carefully upstairs was a large wooden trunk. It’s contents were unknown to me and I was curious. I’ve heard the rumors, of course but I didn’t believe any of that hogwash. I opened the great chest and the thing in the wooden trunk stared up at me. I tried to get away but couldn’t. I was dragged into the chest and there I was for centuries to come, just a thing in the wooden trunk.

    By Anon on 01.03.2012

  7. big box to store things in, often wood or hard material, can also be the back of the car (boot) if you’re american, often used in kidnappings or to store dead bodies inside after robberies or gang shootings… “she was found in the trunk”

    By anastasia on 01.03.2012

  8. Once upon a time there was an elephant named Trunk. Trunk got stuck in the trunk of a car. Which was very ironic since his name is trunk. Trunk got stuck because he was trying to show his friend how to dance and fell in the back of a truck’s trunk. Which, sucked for him and his friend had to find all of his friends so they can go on an adventurous journey and help save Trunk.

    By Leilan on 01.03.2012

  9. The trunk was full. I had to sit on it to get it zipped all the way around. It was seemingly unimportant and dull in appearance but I thought, “This is my first step towards freedom.” I dragged it to the bottom of the stairs, down the hall and out the front door.

    By bretb URL on 01.03.2012

  10. Years ago, Lea found out that her father had left. Her mother refused to even tel her his name or anything dealing with him. One day, she noticed a trunk hidden under her mother’s bed. Curiuosity took over and Lea decided to look in it…she opened it up and saw a picture of he pregnant mom standing beside a handsome young man with the biggest smile ion his face and glowing eyes. From that moment on, she new she had to find her father…no matter how long and hard the process took…

    By foost URL on 01.03.2012

  11. She lugged her old trunk behind her, clopping noisily down the staircase as it hit each step. It was cumbersome, but she refused to go anywhere without it. The peeling leather had too many stories, too many strange places imprinted on its skin to be left behind in a dark closet somewhere, unable to breathe in more memories.

    By Liz on 01.03.2012

  12. My mind is blank when I read this word. Blank as a gray silvery floating piece of fabric shimmering in the moonlight. Blank as a canvas covered in black and purpling fading streaks of watercolor. Blank as the echoing notes at the beginning of a miserably poignant sonnet.. set to music. Well, again, now it’s not blank, it’s filled with darkness and gossamer. But nothing about trunks. Hmmm… Unless you filled a trunk with darkness and gossamer, making a little couchy window seat, all fading and purple with silks that rippled as you sit to relax with a crooning letter in your hand, or an age long mystery…

    By Anna URL on 01.03.2012

  13. the trunk of an elephant. they’ve always weirded me out. not really. i just wrote that because i can’t think of anything else to write about a trunk. oh wait! i have a trunk in my dorm! with cool band stickers on it. i added a new band sticker to it a little while ago (my friend’s band) but they kicked him out of the band, so we’re going to have a ceremony, during which we shall remove the sticker. and maybe burn it.

    By robyn URL on 01.03.2012

  14. Chop off that trunk. Look at what’s on it. Circles. It’s supposed to indicate the tree’s age and life. It has been around for many decades. But people can only look at what’s inside once it’s broken. Only now can they truly know it.

    By Joel URL on 01.03.2012

  15. I talk about my mistakes because otherwise they become the dead bodies in the trunk. And whether it’s a rental car or a used Toyota Corolla, there’s only so much room in the trunk.

    By Bethany URL on 01.03.2012

  16. i really hate when my mom hides bandaids and binge foods in her trunk, it pisses me off. i love when we go on vacation and the trunk is so full of all of the stuff we bought. i love when the trunk is full of produce, meaning i can eat healthy for the week. i love bringing in groceries and feeling my arm muscles grow, getting a mini workout. i love elephants, and they haee trunks. asses are called trunks and i dont have one, my ass is flat # white girlproblems

    By taylor on 01.03.2012

  17. the trunk of my car could hold his body
    If i had a car
    I wish he would just disappear from my life or that rather I could disappear from his
    but I can’t seem to do without him for now
    Hopefully that will change soon

    By Paula URL on 01.03.2012

  18. There it was and there it sat. What could be inside? lost memories, forgotten letters, old…everything. A trunk has many mysteries to hold.

    By Rosetta Quinn URL on 01.03.2012

  19. The trunk was the only place I could run to.
    I slammed it shut over my head and drifted into a place I’d never gone before.
    The melodies of old hymns crossed my mind
    And I prayed everything would be better by the time I was found.

    By Marcus McMahon URL on 01.03.2012

  20. She got a large phat trunk,
    It be stuffed with a whole lotta sexy junk,
    I try to get in that but she ain’t likin my skunk,
    Maybe I should have showered cause I think I stunk,
    I ain’t no punk, but she got me all in a funk
    And I’ll soon have her in my bunk…..

    By Lord Jim URL on 01.03.2012

  21. the back of the line
    for those stabbers
    who stuff pressured thoughts
    on the back burner

    negative shivs
    subtract a mindless
    blood letter with each
    executive sentence

    By Phil on 01.03.2012

  22. The trunk was securely fastened with black-chains covered in thick, gunky looking globs of green algae.

    At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

    Usually, mysterious trunks don’t turn up on my doorstep every Thursday morning, but this had been the third one this month.

    I really didn’t know what to make of it.

    There were five locks in various places, holding the trunk closed and the chains together. I wondered what on earth could any living being wish to keep inside a trunk that had a mouth.

    It had a mouth, you see, because the teeth carved in front would screech, every time I lugged it through the entryway and down to the basement.

    As I recall, it was the third one this month. I still didn’t know what to do with it.

    By Sara H. URL on 01.03.2012

  23. He stuffed her in the back of the trunk and left the party. Was anyone going to find out that he killed her and took her away without anyone noticing? She hadn’t even gone to the party with him. No one would ever guess that he was the killer.

    By Acela URL on 01.03.2012

  24. Whatcha gon do wit all that junk, all that junk up in yo trunk… seriously, that is the first thing that popped into my head -..- To be honest, we use words for multiple things, and I much prefer trunk of a tree to the trunk of a car… or the trunk of a person. Although in anatomy & physiology, a person’s trunk is actually their torso, not their ass… in retrospect, a person’s trunk isn’t so bad :3 it’s great for snuggles…. I imagine :|

    By MsMoon URL on 01.03.2012

  25. Trunk is elephant! Elephant is trunk. If you draw an elephant from behind, a trunk looks like a dong! I’d continue on dong but the topic is trunk. Car boot! Mehhhh!

    By Richard Lovett on 01.03.2012

  26. That she had meddled with the furniture had meant she would sink. That she had thought she could was something she oughtn’t think. And now, alone, she was in it.

    By deviousway URL on 01.03.2012

  27. She heaved a sigh as she tried to push the rest of the trunk into her car. Sweat was gathering on her brow, and she silently scolded herself for choosing to move on one of the hottest days on record. She glanced behind her shoulder and saw him watching her. He had a big cool glass of lemonade in his hand, and small chiding smirk growing on his face. “Need some help?”

    By Tori URL on 01.03.2012

  28. Lacey, pastels, pinks and yellows and purples. Sheer, tulle and silk, fine patterns and bejeweled slippers, all folded and stacked and layered. The trunk is old, it’s royal blue paint faded and the metal fastenings collecting a patina. She closes it will trepidation; with excitement. Her first trip to the Capitol. How…exciting.

    By Katie on 01.03.2012

  29. He always had a million things in his trunk. From old hubcaps he’d acquired from the side of the road to newspapers dating back six years, he would make sure that if it was needed, it was there…

    By ephemeral on 01.03.2012

  30. “MRRRREEEEEEEEEEE!” said the elephant.

    By kdnf on 01.03.2012

  31. A + J = forever was craved inside a makeshift heart drawing; with rough wrinkled hands Alex traced the old edges that formed the carving. Her eyes lit with fond memories of her teenhood. The old apple tree had kept her bedroom window company ever since she could crawl, it was the same tree she used to climb out of late at night whenever the urge to sneak out pressed, it was also their tree. Hers and Jenna’s, and even though her best friend had lost her battle with cancer the summer before they entered uni and moved out of their little neighborhood, Alex knows deep down that it would always be their tree. With one last feel along the trunk’s rough aged bark, Alex gathered back to her feet and pulled out the little sapling she had in her bag. She wanted to grow another apple tree, she wanted to name it Jenna, because Jenna loved apples. Most of all, because she loved Jenna

    By Mac-t on 01.03.2012

  32. “I don’t know if I’ll ever be anything. I don’t know about school or a career. I don’t know about love. Do you think being famous is something people get because they deserve it, or because they’re lucky?” All this filtering into her in the dark, as they bump along to a destination unknown, the end of her story.

    By pre-loading on 01.03.2012

  33. of a tree. of a person. to carry things in. of elephants. You can keep things in a trunk. Or you can hug a trunk, of a tree, or a person, or even an elephant. It can have leaves on top of it, clothes on top of it, water in it, or linens in it.

    By Katharine URL on 01.03.2012

  34. Imagine being locked in a trunk. Getting captured by someone. Being trapped within your own body, within that trunk. Just think of that. It’s like being buried alive. No fun, right? Well sometimes we can feel like that. Like our body, and our thoughts, are locked up in prison. Or, in a trunk, never to be opened. But if we work hard, we can find the key and open that trunk.

    By Meghan URL on 01.03.2012

  35. You open the trunk of the car and it’s filled with everything of mine that’s collected at your apartment over the past year and a half, and I look in and there’s my soft blue sweatshirt and that teddy bear you won for me at the fair and I think, it’s amazing how a relationship, a year’s worth of us, can be summed up by everything that’s in your trunk right now, and by us, standing next to it, looking anywhere but at each other.

    By Natasha URL on 01.03.2012

  36. i heard a winter tree in song
    its leave were birds,
    one hundred strong
    and all at once it ceased to sing
    for all its leaves has taken wing

    By Katie on 01.03.2012

  37. new word please, new words. Im dying on old words, they fill my throat with vibrations cutting off my airways leaving me dead. new.

    By trinity on 01.03.2012

  38. I was born in a trunk. At least, my very first memory was in one. It was cramped, my birthplace, and dark except for one sliver of light. Just a long horizontal crack right in front of my face. I couldn’t move; my limbs were numb. The air was heavy and hot, rich with the smell of something like rust. The carpet lined walls around me were damp and stained with something I can not place a name to.
    I did not know my name, I did not know anything. I was empty but did not know that either. How could I feel the loss of knowledge when I’ve never tasted it? I knew my surrondings, but I did not know their names. I knew I had hands, but I didn’t know they were hands. But what I did know, loud and clear, was that I had to survive. Although I may not know it’s name, I still knew fear very well, and fear was what accompanied me when I fell into the crack that broke my shell.

    By L URL on 01.03.2012

  39. She shut the trunk full of her belongings. There was no place for her here anymore. In her opinion she had no reason to live. Therefore she had nothing to lose. A few months after meeting the perfect guy for her she found out he was a lie. A few months after that she still couldn’t forget. She refused to forget him, let him become another guy on her long list. She was determined to make something of herself so he might finally want her enough to come back.

    By M URL on 01.03.2012

  40. there was nothing left for me to give as the trunk full of memories lay discarded in the corner of the empty room. I had little memory of what began this descent into the discarding of my being, but then again, I’d sold my memories to anyone who’d buy them.

    By Ruben URL on 01.03.2012