March 22nd, 2012 | 448 Entries

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448 Entries for “trunk”

  1. Haa I don’t know what to think anymore. I feel ruined and how am I supposed to be strong when all I’m doing is fall apart? Where that barrier when you know you can overcome something? I’ve been waiting and waiting, for some sign, something better to happen, something that’ll push me back towards the light. But it hasn’t come, and I’m scared I’ll be in the dark forever. I don’t know what to do with myself. And I’m so scared.

    By Katie on 03.23.2012

  2. i packed my trunk and got ready to leave. leave my city, leave my house. it wasn’t a home though- it never was. i couldn’t bring myself to think of it as one. ever.

    By jessica rose URL on 03.23.2012

  3. elephants have a trunk, which is bizarre as a trunk is also a large box with a lid that to me relates to steamerships and to boarding schools. A bygone era of wealthy individuals travelling by train to places and

    By Mr R Price on 03.23.2012

  4. I got locked in a trunk once… It was kinda fun. Then once I got out I beat my brother!

    By Noreen on 03.23.2012

  5. get in the trunk
    said the man who made comfortable trunks we carry water bottles in our cars trunks

    By cougars8 URL on 03.23.2012

  6. Trunk… A tree trunk… An elephant trunk… theres different meanings of trunks…

    By poseidon619 URL on 03.23.2012

  7. a truck a is a big box you can store stuff in

    By zach URL on 03.23.2012

  8. WHAT’S IN THE TRUNK!!!!!!!!!?????? I DEMAND A REQUEST!!!!!!!!! A trunk is a container type thing that holds other things that fit inside of the trunk.

    By loulou88888 URL on 03.23.2012

  9. A trunk is a thing on the back and its a sort of thing that carries your luggage. A trunk is carrying place in your car so it doesn’t crowd the inside of your car.

    By Mario URL on 03.23.2012

  10. this is what is on a truck and you can put things in it. this is alos what you travel with.

    By butter URL on 03.23.2012

  11. The steps creaked as I stepped on them. I jumped when i heard a rat scuffle by me. I wasn’t sure why i decided to take the dare, it just felt right at the time. Now i regret it with my every shaking part of me. I open the door to the attic very slowly and peer inside. There is nothing in the room, except a truck sitting in the middle of the room. I take shaky steps toward the trunk. i slip the rusted key into the lock and turn it until i hear a click. i hold my breath as i open the lid, i look inside and scream.

    By Angel At Dawn URL on 03.23.2012

  12. It’s a dark, damp place where all kind of marvels can be stored. Packages, spare tires, women. Everything the human mind can concieve. Be warned though that it;s capacity is limited. Store wisely.

    By Bill on 03.23.2012

  13. a trunk is a chest or box for keeping things safe or untouched. in many movies they

    By spiderwebb11 URL on 03.23.2012

  14. Trunk is like, the trunk in the car or a trunk were you put stuff in

    By rainbow URL on 03.23.2012

  15. The trunk of the car showed it was open

    By Lily Dozier URL on 03.23.2012

  16. did you see his under wear trunks.

    By Lily Dozier URL on 03.23.2012

  17. he went beside me, dreading the next moment. staring down at the closed trunk of the car with a sickening feeling of what is about to come next.

    By bar on 03.23.2012

  18. In the trunk of my car i have nothing at the moment, because later today it will be filled with camping goodies. Like a tent and a cooler and clothes. I plan on escaping the world this weekend. I cant wait for that truck to no longer be empty.

    yay for cars and trunks

    By Rachel on 03.23.2012

  19. I cannot stand here in the rain any longer. I hate watching you love her, huddled together near the trunk of MY car. How dare you see her and not me, when did I melt into the mud and lose all life that mattered to you? I want to get back to our friendship, even if that is all I get forever.

    By Krisi URL on 03.23.2012

  20. trunk call trunk road broad upright channel pillar tube support trunk rhymes with clunk solid four square and holding up the sky elephant nose hand and useful hosepipe for cooling off at the water hole in the hot midday sun

    By Mike Munn on 03.23.2012

  21. What she gon do with all that junk all that junk inside her trunk? imma get get get get you drunk get you love drunk off my trunk.

    By Birdman17 on 03.23.2012

  22. I opened the trunk of my car, wondering what was that smell? It was filling the car with the most disgustingly rancid aroma I have ever come across. I felt like vomiting the entire drive home. I took out my beach chair. Out came the baseball bags, the jackets, and there it was, still in the white plastic bag, the hamburger meat I swore they forgot to give me at Wal-Mart last week!

    By Tiffany URL on 03.23.2012

  23. i opened the trunk,
    then proceeded to the door.
    i was so scared to discover what you’d think of me,
    it’d be months since i saw you.
    when i had run away from you.
    i was so scared.
    always scared.

    By hannah on 03.23.2012

  24. A trunk is part of a car. it is the very back of the car where you can store things. it has a door like thing that you shut over the cubby thing..

    By mak!:) URL on 03.23.2012

  25. Stuffing heaps of flesh and plastic into the trunk gets tiring
    Gets tiring
    Gets tiring

    By Tom on 03.23.2012

  26. makes me think of my car. i miss my car. mainly because it reminds me of home and i really miss home. i miss my friends the most. i miss laura. i miss having a room to myself. i miss knowing that i can trust the people around me. but i miss the freedom that my car provided. i really hope she can come to college with me next year.

    By Emily on 03.23.2012

  27. I stuffed as many boxes into my trunk as I could.
    This was it.
    I was never going to come back.
    Not ever.
    This was my chance.

    To get away,
    To run away,
    From all my nightmares.

    This was it.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 03.23.2012

  28. Truncate the trunk that’s left over from yesterday already. Whaddaya think, we’re elephants and we never forget? The body in the trunk was that of an elephant tamer. Maybe you could have leftover trunk for lunch.

    By John Oliver Simon URL on 03.23.2012

  29. thats just the curl of the burl
    thats just the curl of the burl
    thats just the way of the world
    thats just the curl of the burl

    By metalrockerIV on 03.23.2012

  30. The first thing that came to mind was the back of a car full of dead bodies. then my mind wondered to some strange 50’s style mafia scene in a movie I dont think I’ve ever seen. Then the black eyed peas flashed before my eyes…hmmm..

    By mm on 03.23.2012

  31. The trunk road wove through tiny communities and branched off at irregular intervals into thin, winding thread of gravel that wandered over the landscape like the tracks of drunken bacteria.

    By Patty Acer on 03.23.2012

  32. turkish trunks are totally ticking time top tofu terrorists’ territories. trunk trunk trunk. the trunk of an elephant is the trunk of a car of a safari explorer on a trunk of luggage. trunk. truncated. trundle. torrents of trolls. tree trunks.

    By emily on 03.23.2012

  33. usually filled with junk, like our lives.
    full of useless things and useless people.
    when we go to look for something important,
    its nowhere to be found.

    By Jessicaa41 URL on 03.23.2012

  34. the trunk of the tree resembles the inflexible way of character, and the bending in case of needs. It resembles being practical. Trunk, a chest of secrets, a vessel of ideas.

    By Anshul Thakur URL on 03.23.2012

  35. one day my mom bought a trunk to store private things inside it like merchant dice and lots of other stuff like rings.

    By ALEX on 03.23.2012

  36. my mom has a trunk on her car ther4e are two diffrent kinds of trunks there are car trunks and elephants use them to eat there food.

    By conner on 03.23.2012

  37. a trunk is somthing that is in the back of your car.A trunk is the back of something.

    By Blake on 03.23.2012

  38. I need to go to my trunk to get a flag becase i broke down.when I was going to a frinds house.

    By Josh Koon on 03.23.2012

  39. every elephant has a trunk. It uses it’s trunk to drink water. elephants trunks are really long.

    By Trevor on 03.23.2012

  40. when me an my freinds go trick or treating when we are transfering to different neibor hoods we like to ride in the trunk of the car.

    By Jeff Wallis on 03.23.2012