July 18th, 2011 | 498 Entries

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498 Entries for “trophy”

  1. She was a beautiful trophy. Slender and light skinned with gorgeous green eyes and long blond hair that covered her shoulders like a blanket. But alas, that was all she was; an empty trophy.

    By Mileini C. on 07.18.2011

  2. I held the shiny prize in my hands and turned to look at my friend. He smiled and blew a puff of dark grey smoke into my face, waiting for me to cough. “To bad you have asthma.” His whisper shook me as I hacked and he walked away without looking back, only hearing my ‘prized’ reward fall loudly to the floor.

    By Crimson Hue URL on 07.18.2011

  3. the greatest trophy in sports is the stanley cup. the stanley cup is the best trophy to win. it is also the hardest trophy to win. it is the most desired trophy to win. it’s the most exciting trophy to win. it is just pretty damn awesome

    By Stephanie URL on 07.18.2011

  4. Winning. Achivement. If you had 10 dollars, what would you buy? How could you? Is that enough? Is there any more? Can’t find it. Can’t decide. Amount. Gold. Silver. Olympics. Spelling. Games. Volleyball. Searching. Thought. Candy. Interest. Controlling. Handles. no. Never. Always. Inside. Into. Out. Can I help you? Can we cuddle. Hold hands? Love? Need? Feel? Free? Intuition.

    By Haley Allen URL on 07.18.2011

  5. I looked at the trophy high up on the dusty shelf. It sparkled in the evening light that slanted in through the window. It was proof to myself that I could accomplish something I never fully realized I could. I could be my best self. I could be me.

    By Clare on 07.18.2011

  6. Something that I’ve never gotten. I want a trophy bad. I want to feel like I’m the best at something for once. I’m always last. Always. A trophy would prove that I can be good enough. That I’m better for once.

    By Geena on 07.18.2011

  7. the gleaming statuette on the counter represented not that she had beat the competition, but that she had beat her own badness. that was what the program was for, was it not?

    By brookekat URL on 07.18.2011

  8. A trophy wife. That’s what she felt like. Nothing more than an object to stand there and look beautiful. Every time she opened her mouth he laughed, as if she couldn’t possibly say anything of value.

    By birdsinmyhead URL on 07.18.2011

  9. I won a trophy one day. I loved it dearly. Kept it on the same shelf for years. Showed it off to everyone who entered my house. Then my dog decided to piss on it one day. So I threw it out.

    By Samantha URL on 07.18.2011

  10. A trophy. She had never had a trophy. something to sit on her mantle and shine. Something to prove that look, she had done something. She could be proud of something. And maybe her parents would be proud, would realize she could do something too. she could be worth something. All because of a shining trophy. And maybe, just maybe, she could shine too. And she would be okay with that. Okay with shining; just for once.

    By SiriuslyRemus34 URL on 07.18.2011

  11. I got a trophy once. It was or doing something great at a soccer game. But in reality what is greatness? Doesn’t the very fact that we survive each day without doing something incredibly insane deserve a trophy? I think it does. I think every day we don’t hurt someone for doing something stupid we should get a trophy.

    By Sierra on 07.18.2011

  12. i wanna win a trophy one day. but wouldnt that mean i would have to play a sport? i dont really like sports. im bad at typing, and i have to delete alot, thats why i dont have much written (: lol

    By Trinity URL on 07.18.2011

  13. Dance with friends early in the morning. Makes me nervous.

    By Darlene URL on 07.18.2011

  14. i’ve only won one trophy in my life. i wasn’t congratulated or told i was proud of. instead it just sits, collecting dust. that trophy symbolizes the fact that i, will never make anyone proud. my wins will be brushed aside and be left dusty.

    By Emma on 07.18.2011

  15. My most prized trophies are my reading awards for the most pages read in middle school. Most recently, my friend and competitor, who had since moved away, came to visit and we reminisced about those read-a-thons and how much fun. We won reading Harry Potter, and with the end of the series happening, it was really special that he was there to watch it with me. Although, I am proud that I have the gold trophies to prove my superiority.

    By Ellie on 07.18.2011

  16. “What a trophy,” thought Tim. He didn’t care that he had treated everyone like garbage to attain the win. All that mattered was that he won. He could still hear his father’s sneering, urging him onward.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 07.18.2011

  17. I have a trophy. His name is Steve. He’s brilliant, but not the way I would sometimes like him to be. In his own way he is a genius. I love him to bits. he’s an amazing guy, but terrible at expressing himself to others and even to me, his girlfriend, but that’s ok

    By rommie URL on 07.18.2011

  18. i love getting trophies. WINNING!!! they symbolize success. WINNING!!! WINNING!!!

    By SMILLER on 07.18.2011

  19. There is a trophy sitting on my dresser. It’s sat there for years, since I recieved it when I was only seven or eight years old. I won a pageant, and continued to the winner’s pageant. I got second runner up, but they messed up the trophies. I got a huge one that was meant for first runner up, but I didn’t care. Childlike narcissism allowed me to brag about it, rather than gracefully, patiently accept taking a late trophy, but a proper one for a third-place pageanteer.

    By JFox URL on 07.18.2011

  20. The trophy was shiny and cool. I didn’t know where he got it; he was never good at anything. The only contest he could win at was being lazy. I suppose that’s why he loved showing it off so damned much. He finally got an ego to flaunt. Heh. Lucky him, right?

    By Elite on 07.18.2011

  21. taxidermist office —
    their eyes seemed to roll
    at his young wife

    By esin goldman URL on 07.18.2011

  22. Trophy wives. Growing up in an upper-class suburban town, these kinds of matrimonial women are commonplace. With bleached blonde hair, acrylic finger nails, expensive handbags, and tiny dogs accompanying them everywhere, Pittsford, NY is not unlike many other wealthy towns.

    By D on 07.18.2011

  23. “Elise Day, congratulations!!! Please come forward and receive your trophy.”
    Elise couldn’t believe what she was hearing, it was unbelievable. When she uncertainly made her way to the stage she said nervously, “Uh- Thank you….Sir…I don’t know what to say!”
    “Then say nothing, Miss Day, it is our pleasure!” And with that the day was concluded.

    By Bria URL on 07.18.2011

  24. taxidermist office —
    their eyes seem to roll
    at his young wife

    By esin goldman URL on 07.18.2011

  25. wife
    A pretty little thing that has meaning, usually more to the person who receives it.
    It is usually cheap metal that tarnishes over the years.
    It can also be super meaningful, and used as a symbol to signify one’s glory years. Do we really know if they exist? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that we tend to idealize things, and make them greater than they truly are.

    By allison on 07.18.2011

  26. Trophy wife. I don’t like men who want trophy wives. They should want a girl who is on their level intellectually, yet all they are looking for is a hot piece of ass without a brain. What a waste. While all us smart girls are waiting for the right guy to come around, they’re wasting their time with beautiful idiots.

    By Sara Albritton on 07.18.2011

  27. It was his prized possession – a golden trophy from the good ol’ days when he was a champion at football. But those days had long since past, and sometimes he wondered if anyone remembered him. The trophy represented a quickly passing glory…

    By Marie URL on 07.18.2011

  28. What you win is less important than what you do. Some of the best actions yield no prizes, and some of the best things come free.

    By Is URL on 07.18.2011

  29. men asking for a new direction, on their way to the highway. climbing up a country road, the kind meant for horses. out of gas and far from it; everything is so distorted through this heat.
    at least, simple happiness.

    By robyn URL on 07.18.2011

  30. wife. Like women who would be called sugar babies. Though I don’t find anything wrong that. If you have someone in your life who is willing to help you out ’cause they can, whats wrong with that. Just like a boyfriend would buy you dinner, this guy would buy you a car.Yup.

    By Jennifer on 07.18.2011

  31. It shouldn’t have been as funny as it was, but the sight of his headless ear in the hands of his brother made him guffaw uncontrollably. “Hey, Fred!” he exclaimed between chuckles, clutching his ribs and bending over double with the force of them. “We can stick in on a plaque, hang it on the wall, and dedicate it to Saint George!”

    By Courka URL on 07.18.2011

  32. Its rustic edges were worn with years of memories, of the trials he underwent in efforts to make his name in this small town. At the bottom, were the fading remnants of his name, crusty with the colour of a time that was no more. His tears fell onto his prized possession.

    By Paris James on 07.18.2011

  33. i think i earned one trophy in my days as a sports star. i guess i was more of a sports participant. i played soccer and tennis. i ran track and was on the swim team. i think i got an honorable mention for the breast stroke.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 07.18.2011

  34. wife. they’re totally fake. I woul;d never alow myself to be one because it is the epitomy of degrading. other than that though, trophies are nice and make me feel smart and awesome. because it means im good at something and i pwn face.

    By courtney on 07.18.2011

  35. I think of winning. Of Taylor Swift’s song “Long Live.” A trophy is a prize only few can win. It means you’ve worked to earn something. That you did something right for a change. Something others couldn’t.

    By Molly URL on 07.18.2011

  36. Dance, this word reminds me of DANCEING, I get trophies when I dance.

    By ash URL on 07.18.2011

  37. She stared at the trophy in her hands and for maybe the first time in her life felt guilty. All around her were the sounds of cheers, laughter and happiness but she knew that it was undeserved. She had cheated. Beside her stood Eric, beaming and clapping. What would he think, she wondered, if he found out?

    By prolli on 07.18.2011

  38. Trophy…. I got a soccer trophy when I was a little kid, but I don’t care much for it. I have a medal I quite like though. It’s from district thespian competition. I got a superior. And that’s all I’ll say about that, for my irrational fear of someone recognizing me.

    By youcantknow URL on 07.18.2011

  39. I went to the race today and won a trophy. It was huge! Made of gold with offset diamonds, and was only awarded once a year. I need to come back next year to try and keep my title or I lose the trophy to whoever beats me. My name is Clive, and this is my story:

    It all started when I was a young boy. My parents would take me out to go see the races every weekend, be it horse, or dog, or car. The car races really held a high place in my heart though. I always watched them go around in circles, but not only that. I experienced it too.

    One day I went into the show, and found myself in the pit stop. I just happened to also find my way into the back of a car too. My parents were getting drinks and told me to get our seats ready, but I had other plans. I got in the car and when it went off… there was no feeling like it in the world!

    I was running faster than I had ever run in my life.

    By Max Starr on 07.18.2011

  40. god shiny gleaming pride statuesque bowling achievement goals sadness disappointment

    By Clarity URL on 07.18.2011