July 18th, 2011 | 498 Entries

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498 Entries for “trophy”

  1. I polished the award, something i had worked harder for than anything in my life. The Hugo Trophy. An award given to those who’ve achieved greatness in the realm of science fiction writing; A dream of mine that was spurred on by my voracious reading during my earlier years.

    By John Creg on 07.18.2011

  2. The word conjures up
    A vision of a cup:
    The Ladies tropy–
    Won by Mrs Brophy

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.18.2011

  3. My husband tells me all the time that if he would become a millionaire then I could just stay at home, do what I love, not worry about working, and just be his trophy wife. Of all things, this is the greatest insult for someone like me who can’t stand still for a second. Stay at home? And do WHAT? My brain would die.

    By Persida on 07.18.2011

  4. The best thing you thought you needed but is only an anchor for a memory of an event which contained an activity you excelled at. Shelves could be used for books instead.

    By Kiwan URL on 07.18.2011

  5. amanda hated her life. She was fully aware that her husband considered her a trophy wife. Her father had pressured to marry as little more than a business transaction. But she hoped life would offer more.

    By steve on 07.18.2011

  6. The trophy doth live on
    Tho Mrs Brophy’s gone
    She bid adieu to husband John
    And died of the atrophy

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.18.2011

  7. I’ve never won a trophy for anything. I “won” a participation plaque for being one of the yearbook editors in the 12th grade, but I don’t think that counts. I’ve never been on a sports team, so I’ve never been eligible for a trophy – that’s not fair, is it?

    By Sarah URL on 07.18.2011

  8. Who shall shine the dusty trophy
    Now that gone is Mrs Brophy
    It seems that husband John
    Shall rejoin her before long

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.18.2011

  9. And there was no next. The world was like a void, empty and dark. I, the trophy for a lost battle. As I was walking I started to regret…

    By Anton URL on 07.18.2011

  10. a trophy wife.
    top shelf stuff.
    this girl is good.
    you can’t get enough.
    you show her off.
    and strut your stuff.
    because when you’re with her
    you suddenly feel tough.
    she’s sweet and kind
    clean and sexy
    smart and fine
    and you’ve seen nothing yet.
    she’ll always be
    the best thing you’ve found
    and you’ll fight tooth and nail
    just to keep her around

    By Lace McDaid URL on 07.18.2011

  11. There’s a van gogh painting in my grandmothers bathroom with a vase the shape of a trophy. You get a trophy when you win the heisman. It’s a big trophy. Trophy bass r kewl.

    By anthony presley on 07.18.2011

  12. trophy is a valued thing for most people who apreciate success over fun in life, well i say fuck it

    By Johann URL on 07.18.2011

  13. Winning is everything to me, but also nothing. I find myself not caring to win, but if I do, I can’t help but brag and boast about it, even if it wasn’t my original intent. I know it’s terrible but… I don’t win much anymore. Not like I used to. Not like everyone else.

    By Harper on 07.18.2011

  14. Dear John and Gladys Brophy
    Left behind a dusty trophy
    Wasn’t it so very sad
    That in the end ’twas all they had

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.18.2011

  15. i have a trophy. i won it in a talent show. i played piano to win this trophy. i got first place. my brother has a lot of trophies. he plays baseball and football. you have to work hard for trophies. unless it’s just a participation trophy. those suck. they’re kind of a bummer. i also have some trophies for writing.

    By Rachel on 07.18.2011

  16. trophies are very fun they are shiny are colorful they make you feel good about yourself. i wonder why i have never won a trophy? because i suck at sports and im not smart that why. a trophy means you are good at something. pride. a trophy instills pride in the owner

    By ImNYCbound on 07.18.2011

  17. Tho the house is tumbling down
    Trophy has regained renown
    Angel feathers so divine
    Bring it an unearthly shine

    By the wiz that he waz URL on 07.18.2011

  18. i won a trophy and its in my room trophy 1st place but our polo team sucks yea we have 0 for 7 we dont get even a medal

    By zach URL on 07.18.2011

  19. “I won the trophy” the boy exclaimed excitedly.

    He had been training for months and now he had finally succeeded. His little brown legs had propelled his roller skates forward towards the finish line faster than anyone else could get there. It had seemed as though he was gliding so fast he was but a blur. And now he was the victor. A small champion with brown hair and eyes.

    By herby URL on 07.18.2011

  20. I once was a dancer. I would go to competitions and win trophies. But were they really a prize of what Iearned? Or just cold hard plastic. I would hold the empty plastic in my hand and smile, just like all the other girls. Wondering if I could have done better. I never really liked competitions. IT seemed to ruin my love of dance. For people to judge my movement. MY movements. The girl were always so competitive. They would judge you without knowing you size their competition. Literally, size. I was a bigger dancer. Never quite had the dancereque body that most dancers had.

    By brittany white on 07.18.2011

  21. I don’t have any trophies. My dad used to keep his bowling trophies in the bookcase, where I would study them and run my fingers all over the smooth metal. I’m not really a competitor, however, so the most I have is ribbons from various school events where everyone walked away with a prize. They don’t mean anything. It would be nice to have a trophy of my own for something, noting my greatness.

    By oxy URL on 07.18.2011

  22. Congratulations, you’ve won a trophy for winning a trophy! Let the vicious cycle commence, and all your dreams will come true. You’ll live in a penthouse apartment, drink from crystal champagne flutes and dance in space hotels near the Moon. You’ll be absurdly rich.

    By Antonio URL on 07.18.2011

  23. A trophy is an award for an accomplishment. It is typically a statue with your name engraved in it or the type of award you are recieving.

    By Abby on 07.18.2011

  24. I have many trophies that I earned in my life. MY biggest accomplishment however that I earned one is in chess. The chess trophy is golden, and as big as my arm. It stands over me, shadowing my figure in its golden light and spectacle.

    By David Ruiz URL on 07.18.2011

  25. Trophy wife. Winning. What you get when you’ve excelled in something. Prize. Excel. Trophy. Trophy. atrophy. Trophy boys, trophy wives. Trophy life.

    By Shayna on 07.18.2011

  26. The winner takes the trophy. Is it because he wins it? Or is it because he wants it? The trophy stands golden, shining. It captivates the eye. Gold. Gain it.

    By FaridaEzzat on 07.18.2011

  27. Trophies huh. You get them for doing stuff well. Its a,ways a competition though which sucks. You should get trophies for every day stuff like eating and sleeping and pooping. Especially pooping.

    By Nick on 07.18.2011

  28. I am not your prize. Not your first place. I am a human being and I deserve to be treated that way, I always did. I’m not on your shelf anymore. I’m no longer a part of your pride. I’m no trophy.

    By Haley on 07.18.2011

  29. the one who won i won the one who will win the prize yes we all have a prive in our minds eyes we won we are the ones who will bring this home to our families and s see the smiles that brings joy. GOlden

    By ifiya on 07.18.2011

  30. i think the biggest trophy one can earn in life is love. and you have to make big efforts to obtain in, and to keep it. because this trophy called love only goes to the ones who deserve it, and leaves once they stop deserving it.

    By loli on 07.18.2011

  31. The ultimate trophy:
    Love. You won the game of life, and you earned love.

    By Lili on 07.18.2011

  32. I’ve never won a trophy, I don’t strive to win one, either. A bit too shiny, too self-centered, too look-at-me and my golden ears. But maybe that’s just jealousy. I would like to think that if I ever win one, it would collect dust in a closet and not gleam with polish and beg for praise.

    By Tamara on 07.18.2011

  33. I don’t want to write about a trophy. Maybe because trophies are usually associated with sporting events, and I’m not sporty. Maybe because they encourage unfavourable comparison with a past long-gone, a misty-eyed longing for a younger, better, version of yourself.

    By story URL on 07.18.2011

  34. I think of winning. Of Taylor Swift’s song “Long Live.” A trophy is a prize few can win. It means you’ve worked to earn something. That you did something right for a change. Something others couldn’t.

    By Molly on 07.18.2011

  35. up on the mantel, the shiny participation taxidermy young wife of the asshole in golfshirts and loafers who bowls and rolls and thinks things in life are just things in life

    By achiri URL on 07.18.2011

  36. today was the day. the day. the day he had been waiting for for years. years. the day he had been training for. this was the day. no going back. no regrets. this was it. and what was special about this day. the day he had been training for years. the trophy. the trophy made it important.

    By Rasha URL on 07.18.2011

  37. It was a day like no other, the trophy gleamed in the sunlight. James stood on the podium grinning at the cheering crowds. But something didn’t seem right. It was all just a little out of focus. He looked around and the more he tried to get his bearings, the more things faded away… He wouldn’t let this moment go! Try as he might, he had to wake up.

    By Lucas on 07.18.2011

  38. Sometimes I feel like a trophy. Like something you win but then put on a shelf and forget about. When you move, you take it with you and find it a new shelf, but it never really means anything to you again. In the beginning, it’s what all your thoughts were about. You were so proud of it. Proud of me. Where has that gone?

    By Amy URL on 07.18.2011

  39. I never got a trophy as a kid. I guess it’s because I never really got to do anything. I was not remotely coordinated and I had epilepsy, so I was left alone with my books. I guess I became pretty smart because of it. that’s my reward. I guess it’s a trophy of sorts.

    By Melissa on 07.18.2011

  40. to win a trophy is something she had always dreamed of. To see something shining on her wall, something she could be proud of. something that would make her parents finally see that she was worth something too. It would be about her for a change. And maybe, just maybe, the trophy wouldn’t be the only thing shining. Maybe she would shine for once too. Just once. And that would be okay by her.

    By Kayla URL on 07.18.2011