July 18th, 2011 | 498 Entries

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498 Entries for “trophy”

  1. il trofeo è in palio. chi lo vuole se lo prenda. Io penso che avrò tutto il tempo di vincerlo la prossima volta. per ora me ne vado in vacanza e ci resto un mese. con la donna e la moto. cosa vuoi di più !! ciao a tutti :))) e ora che succede???

    By Elio on 07.18.2011

  2. Its a medal,Its an award It something that one would die for Its something that means you are a winner. Trophy it can be everything you hoped for or maybe what you had all the time but dint realize! :)

    By Praveen.M.N on 07.18.2011

  3. the trophy was placed in the school shelves for display

    some trophies are beautifully made and others are junk

    if we think about, we are all winners and deserve a measure of respect and not the trophy of glitz

    By she53lly URL on 07.18.2011

  4. it was shiny and metallic and much too heavy. we hoisted it up onto the shelf where we could admire ourselves from afar, but nobody had really thought very far ahead about what we’d do with it in five weeks when the shelf would have to come down. it signified so much, and yet nothing at all. we all stared at it.

    By oliver danni on 07.18.2011

  5. Her fingers glittered with the weight of status. She had become her worst fear, when she married and gave up her own identity in favor of wealth. She was a trophy wife.

    By Jillian URL on 07.18.2011

  6. Bright gold.
    An accomplishment
    with such glee brought on childs face
    Glimmering in lost dusty cabins
    Soon to be forgotten that once was
    such a great odyssey a trek
    through amazement.
    A trophy

    By Isai on 07.18.2011

  7. A trophy. That single, shiny, cold and inanimate object that gives you a sense of belonging, of achievement. Of acceptance. The pride of knowing that you are appreciated. And the vanity and selfish nature of wanting others to see your achievement, we pride ourselves in this. We long to be recognised for something, anything. We long for that sense of belonging.

    By Victoria Camidge on 07.18.2011

  8. you win trophies when you do something well or you win something. trophies are a great honor and usually platinum, gold or silver. when your an individual the trophy usually has your name on it engraved at the bottom. whatever sport or activity that you played to earn this trophy is usually what the trophy is; if you are playing volleyball there is a volleyball player on the trophy.

    By Taylor URL on 07.18.2011

  9. We all have our treasures, we all have our favorite possessions. Does it fill your life? Does it make you happy? Truly happy?

    By Alyssa on 07.18.2011

  10. something you win. you have to work for it., to earn it. they show you have accomplished something. something to show off. I hate how people apply to to women though. like a trophy girl friend or a trophy wife cause you didn’t really accomplish anything to get them. you didn’t win them. it was their own personal choice to marry you.

    By Kailey on 07.18.2011

  11. You are blinded by the glint of the prize, the trophy you’re fighting for. It’s not so bright in your bedroom cupboard.

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 07.18.2011

  12. The merit badge was lost to distance memories amongst its kindred nearly as quickly as it was gained. Thomas had little time to gloat or indulge when the fire starter badge loomed on the horizon; it was almost dark and with the moon’s rise came his next conquest.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.18.2011

  13. The world in his hands. The admiration of millions, billions. He smiled. The world sat in awe. He gave fear into the hearts of his followers. He gave love amongst them. He gave them hope, he gave them reasons to live, he gave them the world.

    By Joanne~ URL on 07.18.2011

  14. Sawa held the trophy high over her head as cascades of golden confetti rained down upon her team. What an absolute triumph.

    By Vanatron URL on 07.18.2011

  15. a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup… late nights call for late mornings and cups of yerba mate. a trophy to the test of human energy. he’s restless when the day speaks for itself, he’d rather speak for it.

    By becca Loo URL on 07.18.2011

  16. There’s a large trophy sitting in a box in my closet. First place softball tournament trophy. I was young. Young. Those were the days. No worries. No cares. just smiles on the faces of a winning team.

    By Meg Freeman on 07.18.2011

  17. I’ve never won a trophy
    The only award I got in High School was for creative writing
    I am not a pageant girl
    I will never be Ms. America
    The shiny gold objects represent things that I do not understand
    Bragging rights
    Achievements that you need to share with the world
    I am not a trophy child

    By ellie griffith on 07.18.2011

  18. What does it mean to win? I was taught, or rather, brought up in a non-competitive background. No, my parents are competitive, but somehow even the idea of competition was rooted out from my mind. But, last week I participated in one. Why? I have my excuses. But, I am sitting back now questioning my larger personal politics.

    By Samyuktha PC URL on 07.18.2011

  19. Once in a while, a young man wins the ultimate prize in the Kingdom of Salem. This golden trophy encased in a beautiful mural. It stands there looking at the people of the country, letting their hopes go up as the three suns fly over their barren desert.

    By pascal on 07.18.2011

  20. Gleaming. Bright. Evidence of my strength, my prowess, my cunning. Victory was mine, IS mine–Forever.

    By Tooni on 07.18.2011

  21. A “trophy wife” is considered a relic of the past: a phenomenon that only happened in less enlightened times.

    Do we now have “trophy husbands”? If so, is that a sign of gender equality?

    By jspeed29 URL on 07.18.2011

  22. When I got my first trophy, I was a happy child, always showing off to my friends and my family. One day, when my trophy was stolen one night, I cried until I felt like I could cry no more. I decided to take it up with my mother, who might know how to get my trophy back. She said once it was stolen it was never returned, but I showed her. I looked under my bed and found it with my snuggles bear, who had it in his arms the entire time.

    By Mindy URL on 07.18.2011

  23. she doesn’t want to be a trophy wife. that’s all she knows at this point. she doesn’t know what she wants to be, what she wants to do with her life, but still, so many girls in her position only come out as trophy wives. and she wants so much more than that, can be so much more than that. she is a person all her own. and no one telling her that she could have the easy-street life is going to change that.

    By silentalltheseYEARS URL on 07.18.2011

  24. Things that show off your past accomplishments. Not really big to some people, but others have them displayed proudly, taking every chance to flaunt them.
    I’m with the first group.
    However, my medals from science Olympiad is a totally different scenario…

    By Allison on 07.18.2011

  25. An award. Only for the ‘best’ – usually sporting best, unless you’re a trophy wife which is just for looks. I should be given a trophy for this typing – it’s stressful!

    By Jacqueline on 07.18.2011

  26. getting one means that someone acknowledges your efforts. this is a prize and you deserve it, whether you realize it or not. it is a reminder of how good you are. of course, it can be earned ( a medal) ,but it can also be bought (a trophy wife).

    By Madalina Tolan URL on 07.18.2011

  27. Oh my! Oh dear!
    What have we here?
    A trophy of belvedere, I fear.
    But what could a deer
    do with a trophy so queer?

    By John L URL on 07.18.2011

  28. Maybe I was a trophy wife? Not sure why. I know I am not a trophy wife anymore. Speaking of which, we are don’t have any trophies in our house. Maybe that is a good thing. I hope my children never have or are the trophy spouse.

    By Amy URL on 07.18.2011

  29. I was thinking reward at first. But then I remembered biology. You heterotroph. It’s too bad all the things we can talk to are heterotrophs. It might be refreshing to speak to an autotroph. They’ve probably got a totally different view of life. They would be like hippies, perhaps. And vegetarians. Although they wouldn’t advocate vegetarianism, I would think. Pure carnival-ism, more likely. If they were selfish. And I’m thinking they’re really not. So they selflessly proclaim vegetarianism, and get tossed into salads. And then we put chicken in it.

    By torin URL on 07.18.2011

  30. He glared at the offending object sitting harmlessly on the mantle. It was completely useless, after all. It was pointlessly huge and shiny and it seemed that it’s only point was to irritate him into remembering the one thing he had actually failed at (because honestly, he was amazing and was the best at everything).

    By Tabby on 07.18.2011

  31. It was his company’s last dinner party.
    He felt excited and relieved when he heard her reach the bottom of the stairs. For once, she didn’t carry the heavy, dragging sound of flip-flops and slippers. The fact that they were named “flip-flops” and “slippers” and carried such an obnoxious cackle, made him conclude that they were doubly stupid.
    No, this time she was escorted by the seldom sound of high heels. It was as intoxicating to him as her spicy Burberry perfume, which he could already smell from the kitchen. The cadence of her walk led him to anticipate pearls- no!- a black, lacy choker, a tightly wound bun of hair, and something, anything red. He sort of prayed for these things. He had become desperate to impressed his VP Jeff. She had become erotic capital.

    By Delaine URL on 07.18.2011

  32. My little girl really wnats a trophy, for comething, she doesn’t care what she has do do, for it but she… doens’t want someone to just gie it to her for no reason either. She wants to earn it. and she wants it to be big and shinny too.

    By charlotte on 07.18.2011

  33. somewhere in middle america a group of long lost survivors emerge out of the wood and find a road. a real road, not just a path trod in dirt. long, long ago when they found their oasis they thought they would never be a need to leave. with all the civil strife at the time it seemed like the only way to escape it all and raise their young was to stay away from everybody else. since their numbers were small it wasn’t hard to feed every mouth. but with the changing weather and the dying animals and polluted rivers there wasn’t any choice other. they fell upon their packs and started down the mountain and out and out and down and out.

    By becca Loo URL on 07.18.2011

  34. I won a trophy once. It was big and gold with red ribbon. I won it for throwing a melon further than anyone else good. That was great. I was against a load of 8 year olds but it’s an achievement none the less. It was in november and I hollowed out the melon before I threw it so that’s what happened with that, really. So it sucks to be them because they didn’t get a trophy.

    By Justine URL on 07.18.2011

  35. I wish i have ever won a trophy. My only trophy is the fact that I a worthwhile for anything in this world. I don’t need one to show my worth.

    By JennK URL on 07.18.2011

  36. She was his trophy wife. But little did he know that he was the one that was the trophy! She grew up poor, wearing secondhand clothes to school, sometimes having to skip meals, and she vowed that some day a rich man would want to marry her.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 07.18.2011

  37. The trophy happens to be nothing but a symbol of what could be or more likely what should be. You should be successful, you should be a winner or you should just know what to do with yourself and the fact that goals are simply a means to an end for the government. By reaching these achievements what you really have is a title but no real worth.

    By Livie Motts on 07.18.2011

  38. He had heard of the term trophy wife before, but never had he ever thought his own sister would take such a position in life. She could do better, a billion times better! She was smart and beautiful, but he knew what her biggest flaw was. The baby girl of the family had been pampered and never had to work a day in her life. It was only natural that she married into money.

    By Dawn Eastpoint URL on 07.18.2011

  39. There are a lot of kinds of trophies, Melinda thought. The obvious kind was the cheap plastic ones that everyone gets after a soccer season. They sit in the attic and gather dust. Then there were mementoes of a time or triumph in life, like the Snickers wrapper from Melinda’s first boyfriend. The day after he gave her the candy he gave her her first kiss. Then there were trophies that equaled status symbols, like the Asian trophy wives Melinda had read about in history, or the expensive cars and houses that rich people had just to show their wealth. The only question was, which kind of trophy was the old medallion that Melinda held in her hand?

    By Mildred URL on 07.18.2011

  40. you are mine.

    By bethanyruth URL on 07.18.2011