September 21st, 2012 | 231 Entries

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231 Entries for “trial”

  1. Trail and error. This is how I try to interact with you, having a good chance that I will amuse you and an equally good chance that I will simply offend you. Often more is ventured than it is gained.

    By WearyWater URL on 09.21.2012

  2. trial. oj simpson trial. that kato kaolin guy was involved in but i don’t know what exactly. i was too young. nick swardson knows him apparently. was on joe rogan’s podcast. nick swardson’s pretend time is pretty good.

    By tony on 09.21.2012

  3. Trials
    Try me
    Help me
    Save me.
    Save me from my troubles,
    Give me life
    away from
    the trials.

    By Tawanda URL on 09.21.2012

  4. Trial
    Try all
    Tie all
    Tie it
    Try it
    Like it

    By Tawanda URL on 09.21.2012

  5. A trail in the forest has many flowers and trees and I want to have an adventure on it. It smells comforting and I am home. All of the nature surrounds me and I don’t feel alone. I am in a place where many would feel empty, but I feel full. The glass is half full now.

    By Sophie URL on 09.21.2012

  6. A trial is something that challenges anyone. it can be small, or large. But is is always challenging. For a trial is a journey, to an end that shall be determined by our own endeavor.

    By Will Taylor on 09.21.2012

  7. Trial.

    The boy sat at his trial, dressed simply in skinny jeans and a paint-stained t-shirt, his finger tips calloused from the friction of guitar strings.
    “Son, I am disappointed in you,” his father said, while his mother wept silently alongside. “We pay for your education, we raise you as a man, and you repay us with this? A boy’s foolish dream? What do you have to say for yourself?”
    The boy shook his head, there was nothing left to say. He was destined to live in this world as a dreamer, rather than a citizen, a fate which could not be explained.

    By Chrissie on 09.21.2012

  8. give me a trial of justice, a jury that’s fair, and a judge that’s not prejudice towards the crimes all assume I’ve committed. I’ve never been on to commit never to anything, and it’s how i’ve always lived. I’ll admit to nothing, all those lies. Check my alibi, see my tears.

    By Abra URL on 09.21.2012

  9. Izzy walked up the steps of the capital building. She knew wait awaited her once she walked into the court room. It would all be over soon. She would have a room to herself with bars adorning the window.

    By Teresa Warner on 09.21.2012

  10. Trial and error is what video-making and especially editing are all about, to in final, create a perfect story. To make an audience feel more alive than they have in their life is the ultimate goal.

    By Morgan on 09.21.2012

  11. I always try to be someone I’m not. The world keeps shoving me into society’s tiny nutshell. It’s cramped in there. I’ve decided that today I’m coming out. No more nutshell for me.

    By Amelia Chambliss on 09.21.2012

  12. I walked past the only lamppost on my path back home. Trial and error. How many people did I have to tell for it to make sense? If he just gave chase, if he just showed that he cared. But he never did. It didn’t matter anymore anyway. It was a year too late. Don’t even think back on it, I would tell him. Because I don’t care about you anymore. I just like to dwell on the past and make myself sick.

    By Marissa URL on 09.21.2012

  13. Trial and error. We all need to learn it. It’s important to be a scientist … If you have parents who let you learn this way, you are very lucky. Explaining facts to people doesn’t get them much of anywhere. Although, as an adult, it is nice if someone tells you where the path leads.

    By ariel4thou on 09.21.2012

  14. Its funny how we feel like we’re on trial when we aren’t. I’m not talking about any courtroom scenario, I’m talking about when someone asks you a question and you just don’t know how to reply. You’re stuck, grounded, you feel walls closing in. It’s probably the guilt at eating the last candy bar you greedy, greedy bastard.

    By Jahan Nargolwala on 09.21.2012

  15. The trial started.
    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    The music pumped through me and my body moved of it’s own accord. I smiled as I danced. It is the only time when I am truly me!

    DING! The trial had ended, but my life had only just started!

    By Adamantia URL on 09.21.2012

  16. This hearing didn’t go as planned. Then again I had not prepared and I was so sure that things would go my way. I mean why wouldn’t they? I’d talked myself out of worse situations before…

    By Ruben URL on 09.21.2012

  17. Trial by error, that’s how I seem to live my life. I do this when I shouldn’t, don’t do that when I should. It’s all a great journey down the road. I sometimes put myself on trial, that voice that’s in my head, accusation after accusation, compounded by circumstantial evidence and verified by what I have or haven’t done. I sit on the witness stand, sometimes sheepish, sometimes ashamed, at other times, defiant of that voice. I might be guilty, I may be innocent, I might be acquitted on the fact that the jury is out on this particular one (out to lunch, that is). Even though they’re a pain in the ass and can prove to be very challenging, these self-imposed trials, these self-inflicted tribulations I put myself through are all things that help me continue down my path, on my way to a better and brighter future.

    By Alivia on 09.21.2012

  18. the air was crisp; the trial continued. her tears coursed down her cheeks as she peered into the face of her husband’s murderer. the jury said one word, seeling his fate. “Innocent.”

    By Amanda on 09.21.2012

  19. Trial and error. People think about trials as a court system or as trial and error. I think of a trial and error as being something to learn from. Something to see through to the end. I think trial and error is used in many learning situations and is a good thing to experience. If there were not such thing as trial and error, things would be much different.

    By SilentMusic on 09.21.2012

  20. the lawyer delivered her final words with a strong tone. the jury was utterly convinced that she was right and was ready to believe anything and everything she said. The trial was over, and it was a victory,

    By Megan on 09.21.2012

  21. he knew he was would he prove it? It meant going back to where it all started. Nicaragua in the 1960’s…

    By louise michaels URL on 09.22.2012

  22. I struggled to wake, and fought
    My sheets for freedom
    When the piercing toll of bells
    Erupted from my programmed cell’s
    Tiny speakers,
    A 3D mimicry of an old fifties’ alarm
    Clock hopping side-to-side
    On tiny faux-wood legs in time
    To the rhythmically regular tones.
    Each moment’s a trial if you so make it;
    Being happy is easy if you just fake it.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 09.22.2012

  23. Trial is equated to judgment. Judgement leads to persecution. Given the nice, cookie-cutter standard of what we “should be”, we should know we will all be tried. We will all be persecuted for our individuality and imperfections. Despite the possibility and probability of negative, uncomfortable, and downright painful treatment as a response of others, we can be no less true to ourselves without sacrificing our very selves to the masses, In time we will learn. However, in the meantime, anything less true than who we are based on what we have learned is a betrayal to the soul.

    By Jenn on 09.22.2012

  24. Life is a trial
    time kept by sundial
    It will take a while
    To learn why life is a trial

    By satish on 09.22.2012

  25. trials and tribulations. we’re all told that they’re coming and to face them with dignity, hope, and perseverance. it’s just so much more challenging to remember that when you’re in the midst of trial.

    By caleb on 09.22.2012

  26. Trial is a word meaning, to put to the test. Trial means test. A trial is a Try, so to speak. Trial can also be a court-based term. To be put on trial is to have your case be put in court.

    By Geran on 09.22.2012

  27. As they climbed to the crest, a wonderful landscape opened out before them. Rolling hills and a trickling stream cutting right through the centre. What a trial it will be to go back to work after seeing this wondrous place.

    By strangertothesun URL on 09.22.2012

  28. To put to the test is a trial.
    Try is Trial.
    Sundail ryhmes with Trial.
    So does Kyle.
    And Ryle.
    And Mile.
    And Pile.

    By Thewolf321 URL on 09.22.2012

  29. life is your trial. it’s your choice to make it what you want it to be. fear may cause inaction, and you spend your entire life doing nothing about what you could’ve made happen. believe in yourself.

    By marla URL on 09.22.2012

  30. I really don’t know what that means but I think it has something to do with the court or something, like a trial ,I’m an idiot. Trials are like things that You have when you are arrested? I think, I Donno.

    By Zaain URL on 09.22.2012

  31. trials are hard. Very hard. You can say it’s a rock that you need to push, but from the name itself it’s a trial, it won’t last long. Trials can be good but mostly they’re bad, but again they won’t las long. Savor trials and get what you can from trials because no matter how harsh, they are fun in the end.

    By Miguel Carpena on 09.22.2012

  32. trail and error. never cease. never increase.
    always equal always resist
    trail and error cease to exist

    By Vox Brazen on 09.22.2012

  33. Trial and error. You guess and you are wrong. But that’s fine because you just try again and again until you are right. But this is not trial and error. It is simply a trial. And when you are wrong you die.

    By India URL on 09.22.2012

  34. trial and error, thats what life is all about. accidents, new experiences, and discovering what is really what YOU should do. new friends, old friends, new job CHANGE life is one giant trial, you can try it as many times as you allow yourself, and in as many different ways as possible. i moved to another state on a whim and so can you.

    By Natasha Millman on 09.22.2012

  35. The trial was scheduled for Thursday. By Wednesday, Adam was dead.
    He had always been a nervous man, always the type to be glancing over his shoulder, always the first to start muttering prayers when the aircraft entered turbulence.
    But no one had expected this.

    By Bill URL on 09.22.2012

  36. It was a trial just looking at the clock. Where had the seconds gone? Did they abscond during that last blink with the few remaining minutes that could have saved her sanity? Did they whisk away with the hours on grains of unassuming sand, susurrously sliding passed wary eyes and into the oncoming dawn?

    By L. A. Smith URL on 09.22.2012

  37. This is just the first step. See if I would like it. See if I would engage further in it. But I knew already, that I would not like to pay for it. Why bother then? Why trying out new things, if there is the chance that I’ll just waste my time? I’m so tired of this.

    By Julia on 09.22.2012

  38. And error.
    Trials in court, trials for sports.
    The world is a trial, life is a trial.
    We are constantly judged and pitted against others.
    This is the world. The world is sad.

    By Annika on 09.22.2012

  39. The trials that faced her were what stopped her from continuing. They were what stopped her from tearing apart the girl they wanted her to be to the girl she really was. Instead, she walked away with the skin of another person wrapped around herself.

    By emlex URL on 09.22.2012

  40. I’ve never been on trial. The most I have gotten out of my life’s trials is that guilt finds me. Wherever I go. My life is on trial. I am in front of the jury. They hate me. They know what I have done. And even though I feel guilty I continue to persue. I am on trial against myself. When will the other half of me take the stand?

    By Ellen W on 09.22.2012