August 31st, 2010 | 364 Entries

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364 Entries for “trees”

  1. all i see out my window are tree, green, leafy trees, staring right back at me through this window as I type and ramble on about things I know not what and they don’t have to do anything, just be, sucking in the air, feeling the breeze over their leaves, trembling in the sunshine

    By Dennis URL on 08.31.2010

  2. I’m looking at that one tree, among all the mighty tree. Can I climb it? Can I prove that I am a daring individual separate from cowardice? I can determine that myself by conquering that tree, one way or another.

    By Tay URL on 08.31.2010

  3. trees are green i like then a lot. they sway in the breeze, and there are a lot of them in my home town. i like to climb them, especially when i was little. they make lumber to build houses. they can be tall or small. i like japanese maples. they are red sometimes. that makes me feel at home.

    By kelly on 08.31.2010

  4. trees are awesome big green flowery things that collect light and produce co2. they drink water from the ground and dogs pee against them for fun. trees also have bark but they are not dogs.

    By Drew URL on 08.31.2010

  5. Weihnachtsbäume. Grün aus Plastik, mit Plastikschmuck. Derselbe wie letztes Jahr. Falscher Schnee auf den Zweigen. Echten gibt es hier nie. Schrille Musik und schrille Lichter. Ich will nach Hause. In den Wald.

    By Eli URL on 08.31.2010

  6. Blaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

    By fdw on 08.31.2010

  7. Trees rhymes with peas, and rhymes is the longest english word without any vowels (go ahead google it). Trees evoke imagination and comfort, unless its dead then it is a whole different shenanigan.

    By madie on 08.31.2010

  8. i like trees they are pretty they are green

    By Casey on 08.31.2010

  9. Soft silken ribbons branching down, cascading, caressing; the gentle green leaves bathed in light; aging brown bark dignified in its solemn pose; you are my tree.

    By emilyincolor URL on 08.31.2010

  10. High above in the trees lives a creature so strange and vile he can be named by only one name that is so despicable in today’s language that it makes women run screaming and men weep. Sunshine.

    By Kevin Collins URL on 08.31.2010

  11. He swung from a misshapen one when he was a kid All of his friends would hang out behind the school, at the edge of this enormous stream and swing from the tree. Then the bastard cut it down.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.31.2010

  12. Makes sense, bro. Just chill out and let it be. Don’t follow in the trees; you’ve seen what that does to assholes like Mikan. Just go, bro. Take your time, swallow down and flow. Bro.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 08.31.2010

  13. there are no trees where i come from. only mountains and valleys, mountains covered with woods pretending to have plenty of trees.

    By taline URL on 08.31.2010

  14. theyre all over. they give us oxygen yet we cut them down. they give us life and we give them death. they make the world beautiful but before too long theyll all be replaced by buildings.

    By jmaz on 08.31.2010

  15. The Way was long and clouds hung low. She hated this tree. She passed by it every day and every day she had the same thought right here: Why the hell did she not stop him? Latety this was followed by “you have to stop thinking about it”

    By Jenny on 08.31.2010

  16. There were trees in my back yard
    Pine trees. Others, too
    City folk revel in the smell of pine trees

    By Amiee URL on 08.31.2010

  17. i live in the garden state- new jersey. trees are every where and its odd to think that every tree you look at is a different type of tree. theyre always living, always breathing, always sustaining life. theyre magic.

    By jen on 08.31.2010

  18. trees are beautiful they are outside of my window. i will miss them in the city. i hope i find a nice tree to sit under and work when i get to school. oh trees they are beautiful. i love the one in our backyard even though my mom wants to cut it down. trees make paper which is also beautiful. i hope someone reads this

    By Holly on 08.31.2010

  19. They stood like a forest of trees, unwavering, strong, powerful, determined. At this point it seemed like nothing could make them move, even as the reporters continued to provide updates (when there was really nothing to report).

    By H! URL on 08.31.2010

  20. Rough bark, swirly leaves…
    wild doodled trees are all over the front of my math homework
    They remind me of enchanted forests,
    and I draw little pixie lights hiding in the branches.

    By Merry on 08.31.2010

  21. I used to climb trees as a girl. I’d climb high high high and read up in the branches of my old oak until the sunset and then I’d scamper down, leaves in my hair and a contented smile on my face.

    By Merry on 08.31.2010

  22. Trees is the word for the day. I see many of them in the forest in Minnesota Soon they will all start to change color. That is the fall season. Then they fall from the trees.

    By Mrs. Smith URL on 08.31.2010

  23. As another shudder racked my body, and blood spilled from my lips, I began to weep in despair. I wholeheartedly regretted never recycling for the sake of my earth as I whispered a distraught goodbye to the last withered echo of what was once a tree and breathed my last breath of toxic air.

    By Rachel URL on 08.31.2010

  24. green flowing with leaves its beauty devini so tall and strong…its so amazing it leaves me breath less…

    By kayla URL on 08.31.2010

  25. The world was falling apart, and I knew it was my fault. The trees had taken over since then—I just thought they were beautiful—-and trees were supposed to help people weren’t they? They made the oxygen that had made the earth inhabitable (Though of course there were other elements involved in that. How was I supposed to know these, beautiful red flowering trees were to be the end of the world as we knew it?

    By Alyss URL on 08.31.2010

  26. the trees towered above me, making me feel smaller than i usually am. theyre thousands of years old and yet im still a minor. if they can live that long, why cant i?

    By taylor URL on 08.31.2010

  27. “How tall will a tree grow?”


    By Amiee URL on 08.31.2010

  28. They are everywhere I look except the sky and most of that will be obliterated by night when the green limbs entwine and swear allegiance to earth and hide the rest of the universe behind us.

    By Nancy O'Neill on 08.31.2010

  29. i saw a breeze blowing the leaves and I wondered how long it would take till it got to my hair. I closed y eyes and held my breath and then it hit me

    By Sonia DeLuzio on 08.31.2010

  30. One day, a girl sat down underneath a tree and listened. She could understand what it said, and she didn’t know why nobody else could. “I will protect you,” said the tree. “I will give you shade, and solitude, and a place to hide.”

    By JujYFru1T URL on 08.31.2010

  31. Trees fill me up with a beauty so divine….trees in all colors which outshine time…. big leaves, skinny leaves floating lazily by…..allow me to nestle gently as time flies…

    By Ann on 08.31.2010

  32. Green and verdant, barren and bare, they are the silent watchers, the guardians who wait and whisper, swaying with the seasons. They stand tall, living effigies to nature and to life, ever present, ever strong, ever there.

    By Jessie on 08.31.2010

  33. The trees,
    they haunt me,
    the voices,
    they haunt me,
    that man,
    he haunts me.
    He always has,
    He always will,
    Why? You ask,
    because he’s the man who raped me.
    I was just a little boy then,
    now I’m scared to be around men…

    By DannyJay URL on 08.31.2010

  34. they stand tall and grace me with shade from the unremitting gaze of the sun. once i was birthed into the world of trees and laid on the ground staring up at barky faces and they spoke wordlessly of benevolence.

    By Guy on 08.31.2010

  35. They’re beautiful I like trees. You need trees. Trees are beast. Battabeeh.! :D Trees are for theh HIPPES.! :D Tree sex. Oh gigitly.

    By Rielle on 08.31.2010

  36. the trees…. the trees turned the forest dark an ominous, becoming so dense that they blocked out what i new was a clear blue sky above. i ventured onward, my subconscious expecting ran from an overcast sky, but knowing that it was only the dark pines above me

    By Jenny URL on 08.31.2010

  37. Beautiful willows whisper to me in the night. They call my name, don’t cry. Wallow with us to retrieve your happiness.

    By Gabi.! (: on 08.31.2010

  38. trees are lovely. they give us oxygen and they look nice too. they can hurt us though when mowing the lawn and stuff and they can drop stuff on you and steal stuff from you. they can’t be trusted. m

    By Michelle on 08.31.2010

  39. And the trees were crying tears of gold and brown, amber drops of celebration. These trees that have stood through the promises made but not kept

    By Pete URL on 08.31.2010

  40. So as i lay on the grass in the open field i can tell something in the trees at the edge of this field is staring at me. I could feel the eyes piercing my skin, waiting for me to make my move. So i slowly stand and hear steps mimicking my own. All of a sudden i am back on the ground, with my best friend wrapped around me.

    By Amanda lucas URL on 08.31.2010