August 1st, 2012 | 332 Entries

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332 Entries for “trap”

  1. I felt trapped as I banged on the ice above me. This was the end. The ice had cracked beneath my feet just moments before, then my world was swallowed up. All I could feel was a numbing sensation as the chilled water slowly embraced my body, preparing to take me into its arms in its depths.

    By Lisa on 08.01.2012

  2. sometimes i feel trapped by my fathers disease, and i worry about how it affects me.

    By Anonymous Oakley on 08.01.2012

  3. It’s a trap!!! all i COULD TYHINK WAS STAR WARS. wHICH REMINDS ME OF A SHIRT “sTOP WARS.” KINDA DUMB. because that will never happen. there were wars in the bible, there will be wars until the end. Kind of a trap isn’t it.

    By Tabitha URL on 08.01.2012

  4. If there was ever a time to run, it was now. Because due to the unfortunate events leading up to prom, I painfully discovered that it was a trap.

    By Dominique URL on 08.01.2012

  5. Animal got trapped in a well. It was a brownish colored animal. It’s big green eyes looking up at me. What could it be

    By Aubree on 08.01.2012

  6. If there was ever a time to run, it was now. Due to the unfortunate events leading up to my prom night, I painfully discovered the whole thing was a trap from the beginning. Fucking awesome.

    By Domino URL on 08.01.2012

  7. im trapped in a box barried bellow ground runnign out of air
    CAN i breathe can any one hear me?
    can i scream?
    will it matter? im dead in hours
    no one knows

    By Katie watson on 08.01.2012

  8. it was a trap! batman should have seen this one coming but it seemed that the joker had him this time. how could he have fallen for this?! he was ashamed. but he immediately turned his attention to finding an escape. hey! what was that on the floor?

    By olivia on 08.01.2012

  9. “Kelllllllly, Kellly where are you?” Andrew giggled nervously as he climbed over boxes and bins scattered throughout the Foremans’ basement. He heart a muffled chucklesoemwhere to his right. Whipping around, he let out a whoop of excitement. “Gotcha!”

    By Kristina URL on 08.01.2012

  10. i don’t like being trapped. i think of traps as like holes in the ground covered in leaves that yo ucan fall into like in pokemon. being trapped is no fun. is this a trap? i don’t know. I hope not, i’m trusting you.

    By Ian McDonald on 08.01.2012

  11. once upon a time i was trapped in a steel box with nothing but a pair of tweezers and a pencil sharpener to get me out… i didnt make it everything closed in on me and i suffocated. I could here nothing outside the box except for the annoying tapping of an eraser to a wooden desk. time was running out for me and he was just waiting for me to stop breathing

    By allison wallace on 08.01.2012

  12. Everything about him simply screamed, ‘up to no good!’, and I really didn’t like the way his eyes kept darting toward me when I though I wasn’t looking. Over the course of the evening he leisurely made his way over to me with a sickening, half-hidden smirk on his face, but by the time I finally noticed it was too late. The trap had already been sprung.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.01.2012

  13. In a constant state of disbelief the mind wonders so far that it begins to get lost. In a realm that has no walls or boundries, thoughts still traps feel trapped as the brain compulsively warps itself into a state of disfunction.

    By christine on 08.01.2012

  14. I cannot get out of this trap- not this time. I’m dead. That’s it for me. Forever. No regrets. Just peace.

    By Selna on 08.01.2012

  15. He’d fallen. The pit was deep, as was the gash along his inner right thigh, but he knew he couldn’t rest long. That shadowed figure staring down from above would return soon enough. And this time, he’d bring more kerosene.

    By Brad on 08.01.2012

  16. caught in a trap
    i look for an escape

    it stifles me
    it binds me
    it dos not let me speak

    i’ll break free though
    i know its weaknesses

    the trap is love
    and the key to open it

    is love itself

    By Vijayalakshmi URL on 08.01.2012

  17. you built me up to nurture all these feelings for you. but really i never knew it was a hidden trap. and now i can’t escape. you’ve got me in the palm of your hands. and i am the ant.

    By Vy Tran URL on 08.01.2012

  18. TRAP
    by: sydney jane delozier of 2012
    A horrible thing that keeps you held somewhere you dont want to be, but where stupid enough to fall into anyway. A trap is ALL your falt. A trap is a mistake that can never undo it’s self on its own. t r a p . T is for trapped, which you so easily are. R is for reason: ask your self how you got trapped, HOW. A is for Ally, who is really your friend? You don’t know untill your really in trouble. P is for person, that’s you and who are you? Can you honestly say your proud to be trapped? You need to get out. Trust someone and just LISTEN. You need help and you can’t do it yourself. LISTEN and let someone in. TRAP. Ask simply why you are trapped and it will help you get out. See yourself through someone else’s eyes. Because a T R A P dosent ever have to be a P A R T of your life. Trap. Listen, and you can make the climb. You just REALLY have to TRY.

    By sydney URL on 08.01.2012

  19. She was trapped. Ghaelwyn looked around, gazing at her surroundings. Wood, wood wood… and outside the one window was a the gypsy’s father, standing guard. There was no way out; she knew it, deep down.

    By Emma Raether on 08.01.2012

  20. I once asked through relentless tears
    “Does it get better?”

    Your simple “No” confirmed what I already knew

    and my heart broke even further from the front this time, to the back.
    Pinning me against the wall, for all to see,
    An open wound, revealing too much that is inside.

    The dilemma of the day: do I leave it hanging on the wall, torn from my rib-cage or
    Do I pry it off the wall, repairing the damage as I go?
    I already know my answer,
    I struggle to swallow it back down so my heart may rest in its rightful place in my chest
    A constant reminder of that search for inner truth and integrity.
    For freedom of expression
    Freedom of self
    To the very end of days, whether alone or with love, with knowledge of that inner gift stemming from the true self, a constant budding leaf requiring work and passion.
    Requiring relentless tears at times, to the very end.

    By Jason URL on 08.01.2012

  21. Trapped…trapped in a bubble is how I feel. Not much air is left for me to breath. How much more can I endure?

    By RaShelle Downing on 08.01.2012

  22. what is a trap. is love a trap, a beautiful trap of flowers to fall in to, or a trap of flowery thorns that will tear u apart. for love is a trap, a leap of faith, so will it be the flowers, or will it be the thorns, u will never know until you jump.

    By Anthony Gazzo URL on 08.01.2012

  23. Traps
    you dont know where they are
    when theyre coming
    or who sets them
    but you do know this
    when you get led into one
    youre in trouble
    you get that feeling you cant explain
    like you did something you’ll regret
    traps can be set by anyone
    people you know
    people you love
    people you trust
    but after that trap snaps shut
    you know any relationship you had with that person
    is gone
    all trust thrown out the window
    all of this can happen
    from just one tiny
    yet destructive

    By Jessicaa Shaiilee Colditz on 08.01.2012

  24. It’s a trap! Thats all it was was a trap. Their soldiers marching down the hill fell into it and their armies were slaughtered by enemy machine guns. All the battle was was a trap, all it was to her, her town and to their lost empire was a trap. A trap that sucked them in, a trap that cost them the war, and her life.

    By Leyland URL on 08.01.2012

  25. a trap is something used to ensnatch something or someone so as to keep them where they are. they are often used to hunt bears and other anuimals blah blah blah. traps can also be used verbally, as a sort of rhetoric. when used, they may pull someone into being convinced or whatever.

    By laurence on 08.02.2012

  26. Caught, being defined by a preset system of values, a physical snare it is a thing she avoids most fervently. Lydia hates traps. She hates someone else having her destiny in their hands. It’s her kryptonite, if she bought into that super hero stuff. But she’s too good for that. She’s not trapped. Not by Jackson or Derek or Peter.

    By Lydia Martin URL on 08.02.2012

  27. trapped in a small confined space and not knowing how to get out. It’s unfair and unreasonable and you don’t understand why but that’s just how it is and you have no way of ever escaping, you’re stuck and forever will be stuck and no one can help you but yourself you have to find your own way out and no one will help you until you tell yourself you do need the help and that’s the last straw.

    By lauren on 08.02.2012

  28. I painted with such vigor my face set as stone.

    Despite me recent tragedy I knew I was at home.

    The sound of swishing brushes the color of the paint.

    Then I felt the tears begin to stain my face.

    By Sam McMurtrie on 08.02.2012

  29. I feel trapped in my own cage of emotion. A way out? Too daunting. It’s better to leave myself into the hole I’ve fallen. Feeling trapped is the only way I’ve ever felt. Maybe it’s the only way I’ll ever feel …

    By Malori on 08.02.2012

  30. to be trapped in a closet like the story of the ion, the witch and the wardrobe- Narnia and thereby explore a world not explored by ordinary mortals.

    By Lin on 08.02.2012

  31. I feel trapped, like I am in a cage, my mind is the only thing I have, and it isn’t much. This reminds me of SAW but without all the cool blood and crap, I dont know man. I mean, being trapped can mean many different things, it can mean mentally, where you are unsure of waht to think or restricted in some way

    By MW URL on 08.02.2012

  32. escape

    By Luna URL on 08.02.2012

  33. She looked towards the window, praying for inspiration. She took it all in, the tire swing tied to the tree, no doubt centuries old; the cluster of mailboxes, in a tight line at the side of the road. She remembered the days of her youth, when she and her friends had trapped birds in them, dreaming of training them to send secret messages from one little girl to another. But those days were gone. She had been caught in a trap of her own making, and now she paid the price.

    By lily URL on 08.02.2012

  34. Sometimes, I feel trapped in my own mind. I am trapped without any hope of escaping, for I broke the lock, yet I’ve lost the key.

    By lily URL on 08.02.2012

  35. She slid along the ledge, inching ever closer to safety. She should have known better, pitfall traps were as simplistic as they came, but with a preoccupied mind and witless steps, she had nearly fallen into one. Luckily, muscle memory and a firm grip upon a thin strip edge of earth saved her limbs, and likely her life.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.02.2012

  36. You liar. I can’t believe I fell straight into your trap.
    Why didn’t I see this coming?
    That grin, the devilish look in your eye.
    It should have been so obvious.
    I should have avoided you but no,
    I fell fast and hard.
    Now I’m swimming in your deceptions.
    I can hardly keep my head above the waves of humiliation.
    I’m gasping for breath,
    Waiting for a way out of this.

    By Chrystal URL on 08.02.2012

  37. suffocation, i cant move. i am strangled. ambushed. stifling. freedom foregone i can no longer think. it’s evil because it could be a set up for people to fall into.

    By Edwin on 08.02.2012

  38. trapped like you’re stuck in a dark cave with no opening or escape for you to use. no matter what you do you’re stuck in that cave or wherever you are. no one can hear you or see you or help you. being trapped is like being alone. when you’re alone no one can help you.

    By gabby on 08.02.2012

  39. It’s a trap! Only a trap. Life is a trap. And you’ll never get out of this one.

    By Lúcio URL on 08.02.2012

  40. I’m being trapped by you. The 27th of this month you’ll let me go. But for now your getting ready to go away while you keep me in a shoe box with holes stabbed into the top. You’ll keep me under your bed and one night I’ll sneak out and chew on the carpet in the corner of your room. You’ll punish me and chain me to your bedpost. Then you’ll pack all of your things and set me free in the lake. I’ll swim away and then sink without you.

    By Ellie URL on 08.02.2012