August 1st, 2012 | 332 Entries

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332 Entries for “trap”

  1. Sometimes I feel like it’s a trap if someone offers me something, that’s why I don’t accept it. In a world like it is today, why are you going to just be nice to me when I haven’t done anything for you? I mean, it’s not like I wouldn’t spontaneously be nice, but it’s still strange.

    By Emily on 08.01.2012

  2. I hate it when someone texts me asking if I “wanna hang” and I really do, but I have to prepare a presentation about a trip to a Chinese village for the Rotary Club.

    By Albs URL on 08.01.2012

  3. Freddy Jones is really obsessed with traps and it drives Daphne away from him. I felt trapped in my last relationship. I am afraid that I will become trapped in this one, but he makes me happy enough that I feel ok most of the time. Traps scare me a little.

    By Jordan Holmes on 08.01.2012

  4. i feel trapped. what does that mean? It means I’m stuck. unable to branch out. is i a trap of the mind or trap of the body? either way, suffocation of freedom. This isnt what life should be about. Or is it? Isthe ticket to life the ability to break free of the trap? The temptation and chaos, obscurity of pure, is the trap. all we have to do is beat it and we win!

    By robyn on 08.01.2012

  5. trap

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    By esmö URL on 08.01.2012

  6. The spider set the trap. Carefully, methodically. It didn’t work. The fly didn’t flew into it.

    By Nuno URL on 08.01.2012

  7. I’m trapped in a room. No one can hear me. I am lost. I am sad. I am alone. Inside and out.
    Not the first time. I’ve been alone my whole life.

    By Tina on 08.01.2012

  8. It’s a trap run away!
    no becky i have to go theres no time to…
    but i love you, i cant have you die without knowing that
    i’m not going to die becks, i’ll live to share a life with you

    i love you but i have to do this
    …i know, just… come back to me
    i will

    By Jessica on 08.01.2012

  9. Try to trap me in your heart. I can wriggle out of most awkward spots and smile way to where I want to be. Cross your fingers, but dont expect that you’ll be lucky; I’m not the mouse you think i am.

    By Kim URL on 08.01.2012

  10. Like a rat in a cage, like a bat to the face.
    You can’t erase all those places you been that cling to you like your sins that were never sins in the first place.
    Trapped like second place, second best, always behind. Another in the wind.
    Wind it blows and it throws down like you never did.

    By Rhi on 08.01.2012

  11. A writhing, repugnant jaw, clench over your life, with teeth as invisible as sound but as tangible as air.

    By Randi on 08.01.2012

  12. look out, there’s a hole in the floor. obvious, right? but what about behind you, or above?

    treachery is a master of disguise.

    By muxmike on 08.01.2012

  13. scared to get trapped in a set way of doing things. want to be free. though If I don’t dedicate myself to a certain set of “things” then how can I get better at those certain things … unless I “trap” myself. I guess there is a good and bad form of being trapped, I hope I can decipher the difference as I dedicate my time to different areas.

    By bitesize URL on 08.01.2012

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    By Skyler on 08.01.2012

  15. trap is the name of the game but I had forgotten were I had played it. Was it in Nurumberland, that day? I remember nothing

    By Leandros Kyriakopoulos on 08.01.2012

  16. Eventually I could see it. If I knew what to look for the signs had all been there. The trap was laid in advance and I had walked into it thinking I was making free choices. Thinking was the hook, thinking I was smart is the weakness they exploited.

    By Meredyth URL on 08.01.2012

  17. Trap is not a nice word. One immediately thinks of a mangled mouse lying helplessly as its life blood flows away. On the other hand, if I could just trap some of my amazing dreams that I have and put them safely in a box or jar, I would so much to write about and action in my life. So you make traps work for you or against you.

    By Jenny J Wilson URL on 08.01.2012

  18. IT’S A TRAP! The first words I see. FIlm, tv, books…these have warped my mind. Or have they? It’s a trap! The trap door, the mouse trap, the trapeze artist! Blah blah fucking blah trap.

    By robbiehadd URL on 08.01.2012

  19. I was captive on a slave boat rowing through the swamp, they threw me off into the lake of alligators, eyes were glowing in the dark, and fear was in the air, as the beasts were closing in, panic struck my mind, swimming through the mud, yes I was swimming through the mud and a thousand flamingos led my way, riding to the feast for I was gonna meet my doom, I thought it was a feast of friends but lord they proved me wrong, what seemed to be my rescue turned out to be a trap

    By Twix URL on 08.01.2012

  20. there’s a trap if you go down that road. be forewarned and proceed with caution.

    By spacialle on 08.01.2012

  21. I was trapped in dark corridor, the only light I could see was of the fire before me. I slipped my fingers into my pockets in attempt to find my phone. Perhaps, I could call Mama or Papa and they’d be able to call 911 or the police. However, my effort ended in vain. The fire kept on glazing, dancing in front of me the song of death, coming nearer and nearer, mocking me.

    By Aisha Momand on 08.01.2012

  22. I felt trapped in everything I did with him, he was just too intense, he was just too everything I had ever wanted. I didn’t want him to know who I really was. I wanted him to want who I thought I could be. and it was just another trap to keep me in this one place, this one place where I never grew or changed. I hated him.

    By Ashley on 08.01.2012

  23. Box. room close. tight. small. not enough. scared. anxious. danger. door. opportunity. escape.
    your eyes have always had me trapped. I can’t escape and it is a wonderful and terrible feeling.

    By Smriti on 08.01.2012

  24. Getting trapped in an elevator would really suck. I watched the movie Devil, and they were trapped in an elevator, now I have a greater fear of elevators more than ever before. Being trapped anywhere would suck, actually. I’d hate it… Parent Trap was a funny movie.

    By Katelyn on 08.01.2012

  25. It was a trap….damn!! He should have known….he thought that it was legit, but no….it was a trap…plain and simple. Now he had to think of a way out….and quickly!

    By coramie URL on 08.01.2012

  26. “Don’t do it! Would you really waste something as valuable as your own life for something so earthly?” She looked curiously at the pedestal. This would grant any wish, fulfill any desire; the cost: a shortened lifespan.

    By Lauren URL on 08.01.2012

  27. I can see light through the slats in the wood over my head. The sun shines through the rotting wood, into my eyes, which have already adjusted to the dark must of this root cellar. I hear breath above me and foot steps deepening with every second. She’s still here, I think, still waiting for the sun to set. Still waiting to kill me. My breath begins to clutch the walls, as a slight panic fills my heart. Have to move, have to fight, have to stay alive.

    By rebecca on 08.01.2012

  28. The night had gone as expected. Not long now. The comfortable monotony of their evening routine followed at it’s usual pace. With one difference. She knew it. He would soon.

    By antdc URL on 08.01.2012

  29. The last of the dirt was scraped from the bottom of the ten foot hole.
    sheer dirt walls, void of foot or hand holds descended straight down onto the solid earth floor. All that remained to do now was cover the opening with thin branches and leaf litter, nothing that wood stop the fall of a blundering beast into the darkness.
    “This will trap us an animal!” proclaimed the leader, who’s name i hadn’t yet caught.
    I knew he was hoping that when we returned, the trap would contain an animal, perhaps cowering at the bottom with a broken leg.
    I also knew it was not a forest animal he was hoping would be in there, but one of the patrols.
    The animals that hunted us.

    By matty URL on 08.01.2012

  30. It’s a trap! That was his final thought before he turned around, eyes overwhelmed with fear and regret, seeing his beloved partner. Her expression was stunned as well. He collapsed, and she could only stand, horrified.

    By Marie URL on 08.01.2012

  31. They had planned it for years, grooming him for the role of fall guy. And when the time was right they made a bid for the company and laid him a trap.

    By sharon london on 08.01.2012

  32. stuck in a place where you can’t get out and can’t do anything about it. drives you crazy and can make you scared. not a place i want to be. to be trapped freaks me out! I’m claustrophobic and hate small space

    By Sara Vine on 08.01.2012

  33. Gone down again but it’s a trap in the forest where the raccoons jump on cages try to the eat the leftovers your grandfather left to lure them gone down again to the city where the women aren’t so pretty as they’re cold and soft, never known something cold and soft.

    By KelseyPR URL on 08.01.2012

  34. A net of rope closed around me, forcing me off the ground and into the air as if I were some feather. Painfully, I cried out for help while the ropes burned my skin. Sadly, my group was already way ahead of me, and my voice would not be heard.

    By Mary on 08.01.2012

  35. I feel so trapped here in this city.
    The mountains and hills are like the bars; it takes a lot of work and money–like bailout money–to just get over them to reach sunny side California or the adventurous east and south side.

    I yearn for freedom, something beyond this basin. I feel like that’s all there’s left in this world, and I’m standing in it.

    By MollyJ URL on 08.01.2012

  36. while walking amongst the woods he saw the animal struggling behind a bush. The deer was caught in a trap and was almost out of energy, trying to escape but to no avail

    By John on 08.01.2012

  37. I laid down in wait as the predator prowled around my head. My breath coming quicker and quicker my heart slamming to keep up. I knew this was a trap! Why did i walk into this obvious diversion?! Damn monster hunting, If I make it out of this situation alive i’m becoming a florist (AMEN!)

    By Kate on 08.01.2012

  38. i trapped the feelings in my heart for so long i couldn’t feel them anymore.
    you have opened a crack, and i remember
    dear god, i remember it all

    By meliora URL on 08.01.2012

  39. he believe it was a trap but the thing he didn’t know that it was the better chance in his life to meet the girl who would be his love and his salvation to all de destruction that was arriving ini

    By Luis on 08.01.2012

  40. i feel trapped in my body. I want to run and run and run and run until I can’t run anymore but every time I try to run my knees scream out at me. “Stop!” they say. While I would love to ignore their screams, man are they persistant. I also feel trapped by my heart. It has got me with my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds.

    By M on 08.01.2012