August 1st, 2012 | 332 Entries

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332 Entries for “trap”

  1. fucking hell another trap another sticky sinking ship feeling and you there with your eyes ful and hopeful taking promises from my touch that my mouth never makes dont think i’m going to stay. don’t be mad because i’m leaving.

    By Tim on 08.01.2012

  2. A trap can be set up for someone to trap you or catch you in something. Most typically when I think of a trap though, I picture and animal trap. A big metal contraption with sharp teeth that grabs onto and unsuspecting animal and hurts or kills them, it just isn’t right.

    By Sam URL on 08.01.2012

  3. I wish I knew how ho free my self from this cage we so crudely call skin. I feel like
    I’m trapped sometimes…

    By Wren URL on 08.01.2012

  4. Sometimes, you feel like you were trapped in a situation; you don’t want it, but you can’t escape it. So you unconsciously shield yourself against that, start lying to yourself that it is not the case, until you believe your own lie and inevitably become trapped in your own unreal fantasy.

    By Samer URL on 08.01.2012

  5. The trap the group set up was finally finished. Covering it with the stereotypical leaves, they hid behind some bushes and waited for their prey. They’ve been starving for 3 days and they needed some resources to finally nutritious themselves.

    By Amarie URL on 08.01.2012

  6. the trap. it was all a trap. They had sent her here on purpose to get her information. What would she do now? surrounded on all sides, unable to escape. Her only hope was the transmitter in her pocket that revealed her location. would Judd be able to find her in this jungle? In time? Who knew. all she knew now was that she was in trouble. and she had to find a way out before it was too late.

    By Kathryn on 08.01.2012

  7. Suddenly the door closed. I was trapped. It was dark and Erie feeling but I knew there had to be a way out.

    By Karen on 08.01.2012

  8. I’m trapped. IN a trap. This trap is so fucking trappy. I need to get out. I’ll die if I don’t. What if I don’t get out? What if I get out and the world has gone through a zombie apocalypse? Aghh. I’m going to die. Calm yourself, Marsha. You’re not going to fucking die. Jesus Christ.
    Jesus! Jesus! Can you hear me? Oh. Mah man! Jesus! Wanna get me out of here? Please? THank you? Maybe?
    This is hopeless. I might as well be asking cookie monster to let me out.

    By Derp on 08.01.2012

  9. hidden but mistaken by many. it can destroy life as we know it. many have encountered it but not survived or seen daylight again.

    By Luke Anderson on 08.01.2012

  10. Hatred’s a trap that’s permanent, you think as you stare at his blue eyes and at your fingers that tremble to tangle in them and rip each strand apart. To avoid thinking of cording your fingers through them as your lips meld together under your biting teeth.

    Sentiment’s a trap and it’ll always be.

    By in a tardis on 08.01.2012

  11. “Shut your trap!” the man in the black mask yelled pointing his double barrelled shotgun at the teller to emphasize he was serious.

    He turned and surveyed the rest of his hostages as they lie prone on the floor covering their heads and silently making promises to a higher power that if they survived today they would immediately set their lives on a path of righteousness.

    “The next person to speak is leaving in a body bag.”

    After months of preparation, his first bank robbery was going according to plan. At least it was, until he hear the howl of sirens coming down the street. Someone must have tripped a silent alarm. His gaze shot back to the teller, then to the bank manager. He knew this might happen and he was prepared to do what was necessary to maintain his control of the situation. Someone’s prayers were not going to be answered today.

    By Sboe URL on 08.01.2012

  12. Campbell knew they’d set a trap for her, but she didn’t care. In fact, what she wanted most of all was to be caught by them, to be taken deep inside the hive and offered as tribute to their queen. From there she’d have the best chance of destroying them. Of this, she had no doubt, and so when they came, she feigned shock and dismay and put up some semblance of a fight. When it was over, she went willingly, secure in the knowledge that she’d have he revenge.

    By Candice L Davis URL on 08.01.2012

  13. “It’s a trap,” he said as he was looking at the hole on the floor. His companion didn’t believe him and it was already possessing him. The beauty of mystery was captivating him. Soon his companion jumped and never to be seen again.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.01.2012

  14. That old man infuriates me!. He sets these traps and I find them, Never ending circle. I cannot stand the thought of an animal being caught in one of those awful things. It is not like he needs the money or meat–he could probably buy and sell most of the people in this county. Onory old cout. One day we will have that conforntation I keep promising and it is gonna be a good one. But for now I’ll just keep releasing these traps and saving the little critters from a painful death

    By Brenda Ice on 08.01.2012

  15. I looked at both walls on either side of me. They were closing in fast. i had to do something quick. I looked around once more hoping to see something…anything. There was nothing. I curled into a ball on the floor and waited…

    By sasquatch URL on 08.01.2012

  16. Every word she said was like a trap, and one filled with poison at that. Nobody wanted to hear her speak for fear of being tangled to death amidst the web she’d spun with her lies.

    By Patri URL on 08.01.2012

  17. The door slammed shut, he could hear the bolt slide into place. “Damn.” There was always a reason those mysterious notes say come alone It was a trap, his gut was right instinct had been right but he came anyway. Now he had two options, wait for his captor to kill him or search for escape.

    By EliseV URL on 08.01.2012

  18. I felt lost in the woods when I was taking a walk one evening. I thought at some point before I became lost that I might turn around and go home but I didn’t because I liked the stillness of the night. A stillness that was quite alive in all of it’s glory.

    By Jerica Lilly on 08.01.2012

  19. “It’s a trap” she said. There is no hope now. None. Not after all this work that had been put into creating the perfect design. There was no hope that they would survive. And she was satisfied with that. It was flawless, a perfectly executed plan that could only end in one direction… Death.

    By Kathryn on 08.01.2012

  20. Trap. I was aware as soon as I stepped in to the dark, dusty,silent room that it was a trap . MY breathing became difficult and quick. My brain started working quickly. What to do, what to do. …

    By Mary on 08.01.2012

  21. “It’s a trap!”

    “Stop saying that.”

    “IT’S A TRAP!”

    “You are not Admiral Ackbar!”


    He kept bellowing it over and over as I served everyone a second helping of garlic mashed potatoes. Susan groaned very audibly before spooning large squares of butter into her spuds.

    “Honey,” said her father, “don’t you think that’s a bit too much fat and carbs?”

    “IT’S A TRAP!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.01.2012

  22. She knew it now. That this was a trap. She only wanted to help Walter. Sure she didn’t like him. Sure, she didnt want him in her life, but her mother loved him. He was her step dad, but she wouldn’t let him disappear like her father did. She owed her mother that.

    By jenna on 08.01.2012

  23. I was trapped in the room under her house. I sat quietly hoping Lisa will save me from this terrible day. I am a good person, I do not deserve to be the one that is punished. I could hear her footsteps through the ceiling, and I wondered why she was so happy.

    By juliana on 08.01.2012

  24. A trap. She had known it from the start but why had she been stubborn enough to believe a lie? It couldn’t be any worse. No. she shouldn’t say that or else it would get worse. Trapped in this dark room with no air it was hard to believe that though. Who knew why? She was stuck.

    By Kathryn A. P. URL on 08.01.2012

  25. cinderella never lived in a castle, she lived in a trap house. the trap house was a trap though. one of many kinds. they got trapped in the trap, making money, fucking business men, it was a trap that they couldn’t get out of. the money was too good. the clothes too decadent. they were traps themselves.

    By Claire McArthur URL on 08.01.2012

  26. i was only wanting to go for a short walk when i ended up in a trap at the end of the trail. it was getting dark and i was getting cold when i finally realized i had my cell phone. unfortunately, i didn’t have a signal so it was no help at all. i w

    By Jen on 08.01.2012

  27. Traps are useful in the extreme, though they have a tendency to get you instead.

    By Cassie on 08.01.2012

  28. hell is a pot of honey
    and we are all flies
    drowning in our own sins.

    the devil drew me in
    with her spread thighs,
    her monarch lips.

    i burn where i stand
    but on my tongue there’s
    something sticky, sweet.

    By h. b. URL on 08.01.2012

  29. a bear was caught in atrap on the Sherwood Forest. His son and daughter are now very lonely and someone will have to take care of them so that they don’t fall in another trap.

    By Ana on 08.01.2012

  30. The evening sky glimmered far above, bruised violet and starlit red, wrapped tightly with fishing-line threads of cloud. He thought it looked like a dying god; some great, magnificent thing, bleeding to death in the twilight of the world.
    Kind of like me, was his next thought, as he weakly shrugged a pair of bony shoulders. The wires pulled tighter in response, scattering another layer of bloodied scales to the dirt floor. They lay in a pitiful mosaic around his feet, glittering like dying stars.
    He did not look at them. He was trying not to show the pain that seared along his freakish spine, burying itself between his temples like a parasite.
    Still, a being like him could bear the pain, the solitude, the shadows. The humiliation of being trapped was but a splinter. Yes, it would have been useless to keep him here, bound in the bowels of the earth, under any other circumstances.
    But his eyes were locked on the wounded sky.
    This, indeed, was the cruelest torture.
    His shoulders moved again, in the memory of stolen wings, and the wires cut deeper.

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 08.01.2012

  31. I’m trapped by my thoughts, by my incessant need to over-think and over-analyze and rationalize. I’m tired, and blocked and I just want to write. I want to create new lives and stories, put them down on paper, on a screen, on anything, but I can’t.

    By Caitlin on 08.01.2012

  32. every single emotion is beautiful, even pain! just because they’re getting you stronger.

    By Ezgi on 08.01.2012

  33. We fell together, the fingers of my right hand intertwined with his left. I dimly wondered if this would be the last time I would see him.

    By Gullsy_ URL on 08.01.2012

  34. I instinctively grab him in a hug, and the awkwardness drips off our bodies. This is more important–being there for him when he needs it most. “I’m sorry,” I whisper into his ear, and I’m not sure if I’m sorry for his friend’s disappearance or for breaking his heart. But he nods anyway, and I hold him tighter.

    By Marissa URL on 08.01.2012

  35. don’t go in there it’s a trap! They saw loose leaves on the ground and the wind blew them off the 10 ft hole! If they had carried on waling then they would have both fallen in! But concentrating in this hole made them walk straight into the monster’s cave..

    By keri peters on 08.01.2012

  36. There was a trap inside of the well. You have to say walrus thirty six times to escape, if you say it more than this you fall even deeper in the well, and the well shrinks as it goes down further. Soon you find yourself in a dark abyss, stuck… in a well.

    By Ryan on 08.01.2012

  37. I wonder if this is all a trap.
    If he’s tricking me, just to watch me suffer. If he wants me to feel the pain I made him feel before. I wonder if he wants to watch me become broken hearted.

    By MD on 08.01.2012

  38. I couldn’t tell. He was new territory. I threaded carefully. For his landscape was littered with traps. Past loves planted them and he willingly set them off to protect what little he held on to. Heartbreak pillages the bounties of our being.

    By Ruben URL on 08.01.2012

  39. feeling captivated, lost, lonely, no clue, dont know where to go. Locked up, beating, scared, dangerous

    By Jeanett on 08.01.2012

  40. I’ve been trapped, he yelled. I can see something in the dark there. a light. a bright beam of light. what is that? nothing, just your imagination. you’re not trapped. you’re alive and outside.

    By Frank Earnest on 08.01.2012