December 1st, 2010 | 236 Entries

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236 Entries for “transport”

  1. the bird ran down the street in a high speed transport machine that seemed to move at the speed of light. No one could see them moving, no one eve knew they were there to begin with.

    By Kristin Schulz on 12.01.2010

  2. Travel would be so much easier if we could just transport ourselves there. Going the three hours to and from school – 1 second with a transport. Going to Europe – maybe 5 seconds with a transport. But then I think that life is a journey and getting there is half the fun. Cliche, but I’m finding this to be true.

    By KO URL on 12.01.2010

  3. “Can you hear that?” my father asked, turning from the window.
    “Hear what?” Liam, my 7 year old brother, responded.
    “The world. Hundreds of thousands of things, from socks to toothbrushes to cars, being transported from everywhere to everyone. Can you hear it?”

    By Gretchq on 12.01.2010

  4. When I’m on a boat, that is a sort of transport. I can travel the world, or the parts covered with water anyway. Or what about a kayak, that’s a form of transport too. I wonder if anyone has ever sailed across an ocean in a kayak. I want to do it.

    By Amy Greenlee on 12.01.2010

  5. transport is how you go from one point to another, and it’s very important to humankind. If not, we will go everywhere walking and that would be impossible. Humankind has developed so much thanks to transport

    By Marina on 12.01.2010

  6. I wish I could just transport myself to my parents’ home 3,000 miles across the US. I love being there for holidays and special events, but traveling is so hard, costly and time-consuming. Someday perhaps I can just say, “Beam me up Scotty,” and I’ll be there!

    By Andie on 12.01.2010

  7. I transport away from here, finding somewhere new to discover. I run away from here, finding that I cannot run away from myself. I see the world, but I cannot see myself. I want to transport into someone else, somewhere else, someTHING else, but I find myself in the end. I find myself and I don’t like what I see.

    By Gwen C URL on 12.01.2010

  8. I wish. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to transport anywhere in the universe whenever you pleased? But then…maybe that kind of power is just for God.

    By Sam on 12.01.2010

  9. to transpot dreams across the sky, the moon drifting slowly by and by.the stars shine like diamonds.

    By mirandahope on 12.01.2010

  10. the sound of the rain always seems to transport her to a time where she had to remember that should would never forget.

    By fafine brown URL on 12.01.2010

  11. take me somewhere else… far away.. usually by train or alien spaceship. no guarantees of returning. usually for a mission or duty not just for pleasure. a destination is intended. not just for leisure

    By laura on 12.01.2010

  12. I’ve got me and a backpack made by jansport
    but a broken heart and no way to trasnport
    myself to a better time and a better pace and these legs
    wont start moving, wont change the pace

    By Alix URL on 12.01.2010

  13. I want to transport myself to somewhere else. Find something new, discover, eat, live, run away from myself…but anywhere I go, I’ll just run into myself. I can escape the loveliest places, but I can’t escape myself.

    By Gwen C URL on 12.01.2010

  14. our wonder our transport when…. oh, wait, was transported to my childhood for a minute there. Transports of delight, transporting a fugitive across state lines, is a cross dressing athlete a transport? *ducks and runs*

    By barbn URL on 12.01.2010

  15. I transport away from here, finding somewhere new to discover. I run away from here, find­ing that I cannot run away from myself. I see the world, but I cannot see myself. I want to transport into someone else, somewhere else, someTHING else, but I find myself in the end. I find myself and I don’t like what I see.

    By Gwen C URL on 12.01.2010

  16. So i always had this feeling of having a super hero type power. But their are just so many, but none seem to excite me all that much. But transporting from one area to another would be awesome!

    By Arturo URL on 12.01.2010

  17. Transport is such an important thing. Without transport, people would not easily be able to go places. Cars, ships, airplanes – what would we do without them? Walk? You cannot walk across the sea. There would be much less communication. Industrialisation would become a foreign word.

    By Anarya URL on 12.01.2010

  18. I had to transport these ideas
    and transform them into dreams
    no more surpressed screams
    or not knowing what life is
    supposed to mean
    i don’t really know
    what’s been happening to me
    but i know that i’m so far
    from what i’m supposed to be
    or how people percieve
    all the things i truely mean

    By Just Jes URL on 12.01.2010

  19. One word – transportation. Make things go. Make a trip. Take a trip. travel. Mobile life. Small world. Visit, trade, invade. Fly , drive or walk.

    By Marlon on 12.01.2010

  20. I could transport you any place you wanted to go, but you won’t buy tickets. I could show you things that you thought you’d never see, but you won’t look. I could sing songs full of words you’ve needed to hear for years, but you won’t listen. I could love you like no one has ever loved anyone before, but you won’t notice.

    By Jeni Joy URL on 12.01.2010

  21. I step on the train. The platform is wide and there are a lot of people waiting. It’s Union Station and I am going home. This train is clean. It is fast. And I can just sit there and daydream.

    By Jennie on 12.01.2010

  22. it was weird. sort of like a capsule, but it was as thin as a bubble. i feared touching the edges and having it disappear. but we were travelling fast, beyond speedy, really. to some destination i had only read about in National Geographic back in ’76.

    By val to the gal URL on 12.01.2010

  23. cars busses.. planes trains autos.. john candy.. family goods and stereos…tape transport.. moves the tape through the system… tape is transported through for recording and playback.. my mind goes right to the technical stuff. why must i transport my stuff to you? transport my 60 seconds back to me

    By sean URL on 12.01.2010

  24. hello yo soy foarte la vida de un simposio en destrucción y por ahí dicen que tambien un elemento visual del multiverso haciendose añicos por las tansgiversaciones de los Padres de Familia. rspe

    By César Salcedo on 12.01.2010

  25. Transport. We started the transport. Such a cold word.

    Transport. No emotion.

    It has to be. You have to leave it behind.

    Emotion that is. There are no connections allowed.

    Transport: to leave it all behind.

    By Iceman on 12.01.2010

  26. No. You can’t leave, you just can’t. Don’t just .. transport away from me. You can’t do that. You’re /mine/, not that stupid other place’s, just mine. I don’t want you to go. You’re going to stay. Stay here. With me. I’m better than them. Maybe .. no. I am better. /We/ are better. So stay with me. Don’t go. Don’t leave .. Don’t leave me ..

    By vivinyan URL on 12.01.2010

  27. Oh god where d I begin, transporation something we humnas have lessend the time of but have made the earth pay for our convieniences, no other mammel get’s anything other than their own legs but humans get killing machines. Bravo.

    By gillian on 12.01.2010

  28. I would transport myself anywhere. Close my eyes, whoosh, transport. Be gone, be away, be nothing. Be independent from you. But I worry that my old dreams of escaping are never going to work now. That if I really ended up transporting myself to another place I would only end up missing you, and, missing myself. You are so much more to me than I ever expected, and if I were to dissapear and be gone from you I don’t know what would be left of me.

    By somedays on 12.01.2010

  29. i was walking to the bus station, where i saw a haggard man carrying a tattered red book. it was evident that tears had long stained his face, and that he understand what it was like to be nomadic, but that wasn’t why he was crying.

    By Katy Miller URL on 12.01.2010

  30. I had nothing to think about, so I put words in my mind about how the transport in London was just covering up for route taken between worlds. And for a little while I could truly believe it.

    By JaymeBelle URL on 12.01.2010

  31. Transportation is a key stable in our society. Everyone needs to get from one place to another and be there on time. We all have the urge to move, move and go for as long as possible without stopping.

    By Kylie Nolan on 12.01.2010

  32. My grandmother, aunt and I went to Florida this summer to visit Hogwarts. I can’t even really begin to explain the wonder we experienced on this trip. One of the most memorable cab drivers gave a us a lecture about the heat during the day. It was quite humorous.

    By Alex URL on 12.01.2010

  33. transport is when you move from one place to the next a lot of times you are trying to see a friend or a loved one and you are most of the time trying to get there fast because our culture and society is obsessed with time and “cheating time” once you get there, the process of transport has ended but you can never escape transport because you must always do it to get to the next place you want to go. transport is also like a little bubble, shelterin you from the world as you move from one place to the next.

    By sarah on 12.01.2010

  34. I temporarily fall in love with strangers on public transport. I catch a glance from them, but as soon as I step off the bus they forget about me and I them.

    By Sophie URL on 12.01.2010

  35. The airport. The most crowded place in the world, and also the most interesting. People are running, people are sleeping, and people are all carrying large bags full of clothes. Where else do you find a place like this?

    By Michael Jenkins on 12.01.2010

  36. Transportation is a vital part of our lives. Just think, what if we still had to use horses and cairrages to get around? It would be a very slow world.

    By Karen on 12.01.2010

  37. The trains come and take us away. Far far away.
    The planes swoop down like birds and journey us to faraway lands-countries.
    But I don’t need them. I can transport myself.

    By Katherine URL on 12.01.2010

  38. In my oneword there is problem. And that problem is transport.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 12.01.2010

  39. The cargo bay is packed full of metal crates. The captain surveys them carefully. There is an uneasy feeling in his gut. He shouldn’t have taken on this job. If he is caught … the authorities won’t be kind.

    He knocks carefully on one of the crates and listens. A moment later, there is a return knock. He taps the combination to unlock the crate into the keypad. The lid cracks open and a terrified face peeks out. He shouldn’t have taken the job, but there was no way he could not.

    “You’re going to be safe,” says the captain. “I’m going to keep you safe.”

    By Holliday URL on 12.01.2010

  40. Every time I think of transporting things, I always have a feeling it’s going to get lost. Or stolen. Transport also has the word sport in it. I’m not good at sports. Only a few. That I can actually play. But I’d never go pro.

    By Candice on 12.01.2010