June 15th, 2011 | 647 Entries

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647 Entries for “train”

  1. Peaceful places. Bring you on a journey, they lead to anywhere. Trains are magical.
    Hogwarts, the magic of a train is never ending. The start of a journey, of an amazing adventure.
    The start of the rest of your life.
    I always think of interesting people on trains you always see the strangest people, it could be anyone anything.

    By eopsa on 06.15.2011

  2. The train pulled into the station slowly, the little old man anxiously awaiting to see his daughter step off. He scanned through each person, not recognizing a single face he saw. Eventually the people stopped coming out of the doors, and he was confused. The lady standing by the train had seen this man before, she knew his story. His daughter died in a train crash years earlier, yet he still came to the station to wait for her.

    By Lydia URL on 06.15.2011

  3. Once there was a little boy on a train. He almost got shot by three robbers who wanted his popsicle! It was a crazy day! But he managed to save his popsicle by doing a special dance for them which involved the ‘sprinkler’….

    By Megan URL on 06.15.2011

  4. What is it? It takes us far from where we are. It leads us away and let’s us travel. It’s life, we’re all on the ride. Occasionally we get on the wrong train which takes us down the wrong track, but then we might get back on again, to the train that takes us where we need to go. That’s what life is, a train ride in eternity.

    By Rhiannon on 06.15.2011

  5. i like trains they are long and wonderful the problem with trains is that they are neverending and threaten to one day take over the world? really, does that even make sense. Why would a train take over the world. Trains are the only things that won’t take over the world. They are just big long human controlled worms that have the ability to move on rails. They can’t even step outside the rails. They just sit on the rails and go. They carry things we can’t and that’s a shame.

    By Sandro Pehar URL on 06.15.2011

  6. The train tracks faded into the distance, and soon the fog was so thick that i could not see the train or its lights at all. i could not comprehend that it was taking her away for she had forever been a part of me and i could imagine us parted

    By Rowena on 06.15.2011

  7. I like trains, their simple and easy way of transportation. The world could start on a single train ride. All the things you learn with all the random people is such a thrilling and new expierence. I’ve never been on a train, but I’ve been to the city. There’s always a suprise anywhere in life.

    By Kaylë Hanson on 06.15.2011

  8. Train a puppy. Potty train a toddler. Train yourself to do something, break out of your rut. The train runs through your backyard; get on it, broaden your world. Train, train, train, never stop.

    By Kate on 06.15.2011

  9. It was the midnight I’d never forget. Train hopping for the first time is pretty frightening, but i never felt so adventurous. i felt like a hobo! But I guess that’s how you’re supposed to feel if you’ve stooped this low…

    By cody on 06.15.2011

  10. Waiting on a train. Train in Vain. “You said you loved me, and that’s a fact”. I do hope Dudley gets Penelope off the tracks before the train makes a bloody mess of her. Oh, who am I trying to kid. I’d love to see sorry excuse for a woman get bisected once and for all, but I think I’d prefer if it happened in the saw-mill. heh

    By YourFriendDave URL on 06.15.2011

  11. worlds begin with a whisper – a small susurrus like salmon swimming in a loch filled with black water pouring over stones the stream follows or precedes and all life and consequences lighten with the content

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 06.15.2011

  12. I got on the train. Today, I leave everything behind. It’s the beginning of a new life in a new world. If not a new world, I was at least restarting in a new city. Although I was ecstatic to be out of hell, I cried for the unfamiliarity of it all.

    By Andrea URL on 06.15.2011

  13. I had a dream that I was on a train the other night. We were nearing where I knew the Tetons would be visible and so I kept looking for them. I kept asking my dream to show them to me so I would have my sign clearly shown to me. They never showed up. I learned that I can’t ask for those revelations… that they have to come to me the real way.

    By midge URL on 06.15.2011

  14. choo choo like the wooden blocks sputter as I used to have them travel along making a racket on the wooden set of the family room floor. my little legs crossed carelessly, the trains traveled across track after track of chooing trains and wooden wonders.

    By Mia G. URL on 06.15.2011

  15. Train wreck. Fucking tell me the future, lie to me. Lie me on the ground and burn me with the fire of a thousand suns. I like it when it hurts. Use me, break me. Birth me anew.

    By Laura on 06.15.2011

  16. Why do trains always seem to be heading west. The great frontier. I’m not one to think of a modern train, but yet a old-fashion, black-smoke pumping carriage. Heading west it goes. Get out of the way cow, I’m coming through.

    By Kevin URL on 06.15.2011

  17. rode on a train during a trip to south America and one of the memories that stuck with me from that trainride was that my grandfather threw his corn husk out the window in the the depth of the jungle and said, “its ok its organic”

    By Daniela on 06.15.2011

  18. somewhere i heard the sound of the tracks as it broke through the night air. Sometimes it would wake me up, but most of the time it helped dull the sounds so I could sleep. Yelling, arguing. Years later I would look back and realize that’s where it all began. Where I was made.

    By Santi on 06.15.2011

  19. the train pulled into the station at half past four. he walked onto the deck, a cigarette in one hand and a brown suede suitcase in the other. this would be the place he thought in his hanmdsome blonde head. this would be the place he found her. he’d traveled so far to find it.

    By Amber on 06.15.2011

  20. I took a train from portland to seattle. In Portland I left behind a boy I love. In Seattle I returned to a place my soul no longer felt complete. Edward Sharp was right; home is wherever i’m with you.

    By Sophia Bay on 06.15.2011

  21. The train was late, and the soft wind of spring whipped through her hair as she waited. The schedule had said two, but it was already a quarter past. Dru wasn’t an impatient person, so had just enjoyed the day, as opposed to her fellow travelers that tapped their feet and raged about the station.

    By Kira URL on 06.15.2011

  22. the train was long and empty. a tunnel that moves. a shadow filled machine that took me into the darkness. i had wanted to go there for a long time but now that i was going i hungered for the light i once had. the train swerved and fell around the track like a violent drunk in the midnight streets of west London.

    By Bethany on 06.15.2011

  23. journey by train
    romance new
    travel and see the nations like a postcard
    life passing your eyes
    this train is bound for glory

    By flowerchilds URL on 06.15.2011

  24. i like trains. they move fast. there’s a lot of homeless people that live on trains. not that i have seen any. you just see it happen a lot in the movies. texting and driving a train doesn’t sound like a really good idea. i wonder if putting a penny on the track really used to de-rail them. that would be reall scary. trains are loud. and long.

    By Desiree on 06.15.2011

  25. Choo-choo.

    By Lauren on 06.15.2011

  26. We flew on the plane, but it could only take us so far. The noise clouded our ears. The train. It was our last way to get to where we wanted to go. But I hoped it would break down, so we could be here together, longer.

    By Christina on 06.15.2011

  27. The train’s whistle blew and the conductor looked across the valley. Haze hung low over the mountains and the blueridge appeared almost purple in the twilight. Aside from the chugging of the engine and the occasional flit of a stray sparrow, the valley was quiet and still…

    By Lyndsey on 06.15.2011

  28. Every other week or so, I take the train from Southwest Michigan to Chicago. It’s two and a half hours long, practically nobody rides it in the morning, there’s a cafe car, and I usually have a book that’s been begging for my attention. It’s the only time I get to turn my phone off and bask in the limbo between the two lives I’ve created.

    By Aaron M. URL on 06.15.2011

  29. i was sitting next to her watching the hudson river. i wondered if she could feel the nervous heart beat rattling in my rib cage. i wanted nothing more than to sit next to her for the rest of my life. i wanted nothing more than to have my hand thisclose to hers.

    By Amber URL on 06.15.2011

  30. He stepped off of the train a few cars down from me; I was still searching, trying not to appear as a frantic, lovestruck little girl. So when he touched my shoulder lightly, it was with a herculean effort that I managed not to jump a mile high. I turned around and was rewarded with naught but his smile. And what a reward it was.

    By Vanatron URL on 06.15.2011

  31. there once was a train that wanted to be a super hero. the problem was it was a train, so it couldn’t detach from it’s rails and couldn’t really travel very well without them. the train then decided to help people by getting them from where they were to where they wanted to be.

    By Sara on 06.15.2011

  32. the distance goes by too fast to focus, the glass distorts into a blur. there is no reality in here. just a journey to some place you cant see. you just have to hope that what they say is true and that you aren’t going to some unknown place to be left stranded, or maybe that’s exactly what you’re hoping for, maybe that’s exactly what you need.

    By bethanyruth URL on 06.15.2011

  33. So many people, all waiting in line,
    They couldn’t wait to dine, on this sick Dane
    She was a lady, but between the sheets a complete swine,
    oh what, the mass excitement as they all took part in this train

    By Lord Jim URL on 06.15.2011

  34. I boarded the train as it was almost pulling out of the station, but I didn’t want to go. I didn’t want to leave the only place I’ve ever known as home. it just wont be the same where I’m going. I don’t want to leave. but i do, because i know i have to.

    By aerin URL on 06.15.2011

  35. So many people, all waiting in line,
    They couldn’t wait to dine, on this sic Dane
    She was a lady, but between the sheets a complete swine,
    oh what, the mass excitement as they all took part in this sic train….

    By Lord Jim URL on 06.15.2011

  36. i would love to train myself to become a great writer
    Kuni Van Horn

    By kuni Van horn on 06.15.2011

  37. The train jerked suddenly, jostling him out of his slumber. He looked across the aisle, still confused and a bit fuzzy from sleep. She sat looking at him, a small smile on her lips. It was disconcerting, he felt he should know someone who looked at him like that but he had no memory of her, none at all.

    By Bob Hussey URL on 06.15.2011

  38. This train is going too fast, it isn’t much fun, not to me, not anymore. Stop, let me get off. I need another chance.

    By leah URL on 06.15.2011

  39. She was taking the train farther away than she’d ever imagined a bird to be able to fly. That’s how she was judging her distance – by the creatures that knew no boundaries of roads, fences, society.

    By Sara URL on 06.15.2011

  40. I sat staring at the train. How it moves. Like a thought. Entering your mind and leaving as soon as it’s full. The likeness in my mind seemed endleI got up and left. My train of thought was too confusing.

    By Robyn on 06.15.2011