June 15th, 2011 | 647 Entries

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647 Entries for “train”

  1. The train continued to move so slowly, maybe faster than I thought but I felt as if I were standing still. Mentally, i was nowhere to be found. perhaps I left my mind at the station, or in the apartment, or under the pillow with the ring. He wouldn’t miss me.

    By Jade URL on 06.16.2011

  2. Its so much fun travelling in the train when you’ve got a window seat and the wind hits against your face : )

    By Grishma on 06.16.2011

  3. I just want to get on the train. I’ll buy a ticket and sit down in the dining car ad wait. Who knows how long I’ll wait or even where I end up, but who knows? Maybe I’ll even end up at home.

    By Abigail on 06.16.2011

  4. Life can be a train wreck if we view it as a sreies of events ovef which we have no control. The key is to take the ups and downs and learn fron them. Life is a
    process, not a result.

    By Debbie on 06.16.2011

  5. I love taking the train. Listening to conversations, reading my book; no hassle from traffic, just the lullaby of wheels on rails and the hum of conversation. Whisked to where I need to be without my making much effort – bliss!

    By Joey on 06.16.2011

  6. I stepped in the train as I wonder how happy I was when we were still together. As the train goes by, couples stepped in and I just looked at them and smiled how strong they are.

    By Neko Macaraeg URL on 06.16.2011

  7. She may have been off the rails, but she was still on the train.

    By Geejay URL on 06.16.2011

  8. The train pulled into the station, wheezing and puffing with the burden of expectation upon it. She alighted first. She was the heaviest of passengers. Trunks filled with wants and desires. if only she had gone first class but she never would She didn’t expect that.

    By kate URL on 06.16.2011

  9. Subway, Underground, Graffiti, Neon Outer Outlines, 3D, Flat Pennies, ChooChoo, Steam, Christmas, Smell of Death on a Cool Itchy Night

    By BenZee561 on 06.16.2011

  10. i like the sound of trains, they ake me happy, i once rode a train, i want to ride a train with my friend cowboy, to fairbanks, i think that would be cool. I like walking at baluga point around the train tracks, i love it there, one of my fave places on earth climbin those rocks.

    By ashley s on 06.16.2011

  11. wedding veil, long and light and floating on summer air, dappled with petals and confetti, a whirl of soft dreamy hope for the future

    By georgie on 06.16.2011

  12. There is something fascinating about the philosophy of underground trains. It’s all about the people you meet there. The New York underground, for example, is so incredibly full of society’s weirdos and misfits that it’s basically like an insane asylum on wheels.

    By Nat on 06.16.2011

  13. He stood atop the train, soaked in blood, a friendly smile on his face. “Ah…I love mornings.” he mused, watching the sun rise as sharp cold wind blew past him. The land burned around him, and Claire watched.

    By Nagi Reich URL on 06.16.2011

  14. This train is taking me somewhere, and no where. I am neither here nor there, but on my way to another location. The journey is long yet short, sometimes bumpy, but overall it is pleasant. The people I encounter are a mix of kindred spirits, of old and new, bright and bold. Some have stayed, others moved on.
    And so, it is on this train, bound for somewhere we are not sure of yet, that we experience the ups and downs, ins and outs of life. Those things we feel, the challenges we face, and the people we meet, shape our final destination. Wherever this beatiful place may be we know the journey was well worth it..

    By emmamama. URL on 06.16.2011

  15. The arrow that speeds by, the roar that it elicits, the sparks that the wheels make-that is the formidable transport system that cheats locomotion.

    By C.D.Xiang on 06.16.2011

  16. Train. It has many segments, or rather cabins just like our life.

    Where is the train – our life, bringing us to? Each day we enter a different phase and we have different segments to life. It can be happy, sad or even heartbreaking. Which cabin we enter will lead us to the different experiences. It’s all about choices frankly speaking. What we choose to do will just lead us to where we are.

    We are our own train.

    By uncovered URL on 06.16.2011

  17. The train leaves the station like a shuttlecock flies from a racquet, picking up speed so rapidly that you would have thought it was glad to leave the glaring sunlight behind. A lady clutching on to the metal pole so tightly that her knuckles were white tripped, her clutch bag falling to the floor and expelling its contents. You would have shaken your head and muttered about clumsy people, but now you were scrambling to retrieve your belongings.

    By conglomeratefrog URL on 06.16.2011

  18. i could sleep on the train like i could sleep nowhere else. the hum of the engine vibrating through the floor, the silence of background noise like the space between radio stations. i always felt sleepy, in body and mind, and so when i discovered the overnight train from my home town to her, it seemed like a prayer i’d never said had been answered.

    By bridie on 06.16.2011

  19. Two strangers meet on a train, crash in Belgium. Chaos. One of their wives will end up dead by the evening.

    By Dave on 06.16.2011

  20. I like trains. Actually I don’t. They make you feel sick and they are dirty and smell like other people’s feet. That’s gross. Sometimes people say they don’t like feet but they are just saying it because it seems cool to say that. I don’t mind feet but don’t touch me with them. Also sometimes people have gross feet. Btu

    By Lauren on 06.16.2011

  21. So there I was watching the rain fall and thinking about the girl who had just gotten on the 7 o’clock for Winchester. You can’t help but think about her when she’s not there, which sucks, but then again, it wouldn’t be her if you didn’t. You understand?

    By Zack URL on 06.16.2011

  22. i prefer the train tracks when they are empty. desolate. when the train rushes by, there is – in a flash – the breaking of the train of thought that allows for endless imaginings …

    By Celizabeth URL on 06.16.2011

  23. as the train stood still awaiting its passengers to bored something strange happened. The lights cut off and it was pitch black in the terminal. when the lights turned back on everyone had disapeared. all that remained was…..

    By SHAY URL on 06.16.2011

  24. The train is taking a long time to arrive. The girl with the red ribbon stood in front of the vending machine and stared at it for a long time. It’s been an hour since she arrived but still, there’s no train. She needs to go somewhere. Far.

    By Janina URL on 06.16.2011

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    By jeremiah on 06.16.2011

  26. She stood on the platform and heard the screeching of the train as it came to a halt before her. The door opened as she contemplated weather to take that step into her new life, leaving behind all she was familiar with for the chance at her destiny.

    By Renee URL on 06.16.2011

  27. Trains are very cool. I read about people hopping tains in Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario it was very very good. It was sad because lots of immigrants got hurt by the trains. But trains are my favorite way to travel… in the trains of course but they are defintly very fun to travel in. I love the way you can look outside the window.

    By Maddy on 06.16.2011

  28. I trained the Westie to beg for food. He gets up on his hind legs and puts his front paws in the air. It’s so cool when he does it. You can also train him to do that when you pretend to point a gun at him. That’s what you call multitask dog trick learning.

    By Alex URL on 06.16.2011

  29. Running train at work today, Choo-choo!

    By Laura URL on 06.16.2011

  30. Was on a train once, along time ago. The rain, i like to call it, happened to be one of the longest trains in history. I lost my leg on a train, all i remember was,”AHHH!! My F£”$in leg!” The next time i went on a train, i needed a ramp.

    By Elliot on 06.16.2011

  31. choo choo .thomas

    By james on 06.16.2011

  32. moving quickly through across the tracks, this giant monster takes me some where new. There’s no looking back at this point. I’ve found a new adventure, a new place to go. And yet, I have no idea where I’m going at all.
    The massive beasts breathes almost in tune with my heart beat, pumping hard and fast to get where it’s going.
    Time to live in a new life.

    By Craysauce on 06.16.2011

  33. The train moved quickly down the tracks. Suddenly, a loud BOOM came from the caboose. “What was that?” cried the train conductor. When he went to look, he saw nothing but a great big polar bear reprimanding a passenger for not having a ticket.

    By rahostetler URL on 06.16.2011

  34. Do train trainers train trains to be trains? Who trains those who train trains? Train trainer trainers?

    By Logan on 06.16.2011

  35. i was just looking at a site that had a rail way going all across america and i thought how cool it was and if they built it like that i would totally take it because i love traveling and have been international for so long but when i get back i want to road trip across america. although if there were this train i would reconsider and maybe do the train!

    By courtney on 06.16.2011

  36. faster and faster speeding up through the valley. could not understand the ride, but wanted the journey. tried to talk with the person sitting next to him. but the language was unfamiliar. waking up… again in his bed. the same recurrent dream. on and on.

    By Ana Figueiredo on 06.16.2011

  37. “Is that the train over there?”

    “Yes, isn’t it lovely!”

    “I am so glad that you decided to go with a train – it makes a wedding dress look so much more traditional.”

    “Well, I don’t know how traditional a red wedding dress looks, but I see your point.”

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 06.16.2011

  38. There was a train. It blew smoke, just like any other train. This train was very normal. It had black stripes, black windows, tinted glass. This train held people from every walk of life. This train holds the world’s spirit. This train is a model of the universe or what holds the universe. This train….

    By Vivien URL on 06.16.2011

  39. I blew the whistle again. I just didn’t understand what was so hard that these people just couldn’t get it right. “No, no, no! You have to reward for the positive behavior. Keep the treats in your hand until she does the trick.” Nods and agreement. Enthusiasm. But not the faintest sense of understanding.

    I gave the treats out to the class again. “Let’s try it again. This time remember, you are here because you wanted to train your dog. After class, in 10 minutes, if you’ve decided it would be better for someone else to do the work, I can give you information on private trainers. Ready. Tell your pooch to sit.”

    By Heather URL on 06.16.2011

  40. running like a lizard. dusty. demented.

    this transfigured creature croaked, “spare me.”

    under the beating sun, what could he do but cry the undrinkable tears.


    By Zoe URL on 06.16.2011