September 11th, 2012 | 294 Entries

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294 Entries for “towers”

  1. The twin towers fell on 9-11 and a nation was scarred forever from that day. May they rest in piece and never be forgotten. Many Americans gave their life and their bravery to protect what they believed in. The twin towers fell but their memory live on.

    By Frankie Fucci URL on 09.11.2012

  2. We don’t do enough to help our people!

    By Wesley on 09.11.2012

  3. Tall, imposing, and somewhat majestic. Do they represent the subconscious male dominance of our society, or is it just that they are the most effective way to use a limited amount of land? I’d plumb with the later. But then, I’m not overly convinced by any of these ‘phallic’ arguments as one might call them; I think they’re often looking for problems in the wrong places.

    By Jasper Heaton on 09.11.2012

  4. two towers. I saw them fall. no one ever thought it could happen. they were supposed to be invincible. like our country. it was devastating. it seemed like the end. but it was only the beginning. we found out who we were. how strong we were. what we could do together. and we remembered our God.

    By susan on 09.11.2012

  5. 9/11.. many lost lives & I am grateful I was not apart but I give love to those who lost ppl they loved…

    The twenty dollar bill shows the twin towers burning.. the irony .. ummm .

    Twin towers..

    Fire fighter.. my mom is a n fire fighter but is located n baltimore marland

    By Ikea on 09.11.2012

  6. Towers, towers every where. To scale them is the hardest thing, so I devise a plan, too complicated I discover. I let myself down when the first few steps are not accomplished and the tower stands vacant and covered with ivy, a relic there in my brain haunting me of my overambitious ideas.

    By bethy sue URL on 09.11.2012

  7. tall 9/11 sad, today is 9/11 i don’t like towers they are sad too tall no ground. hard fall. big. im too small for that. small country better

    By Megan Wilcox on 09.11.2012

  8. Earthy scent of bark. Air-freshener pine swirling in my nostrils. Soft loam, cushions my feet. In this city of nature’s towers, I am at peace.

    By MaryBea on 09.11.2012

  9. The towers loomed above. The shadow covered half the road. I crept over, concealing myself in the darkness. I looked down into the alleyway. A group of people sat discussing something quietly. One of them looked up, as if sensing my presence.

    By Minka52 on 09.11.2012

  10. I woke up in a haze. My head was throbbing and my vision blurry. What was happining? Where am I? The last thing I remember was getting on the subway and heading towards work. When I come to a bit more, I hear screams and terror racking havic around me. I notice light. What light on the subway? I look up in horror at the scene in front of me. The towers, the city will never be the same.

    By Nikki URL on 09.11.2012

  11. The towers were standing tall and then they weren’t there was no place for them to go but down what was i supposed to do? I sat and stared and cried and held my head in my heads as the rest of the world watched waited and wondered what was happening to the world as we knew it

    By Jen URL on 09.11.2012

  12. Many claimed the towers were a mirage; a trick of the clouds and the cliffs and the rumors. But Penelope packed her satchel and locked her windows, and headed towards the Towers That Provide.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 09.11.2012

  13. Climb, climb, climb. Higher, Higher, Higher. To all fall down again.

    By Devin on 09.11.2012

  14. Really? here, too? Le sigh….

    By Someone Else URL on 09.11.2012

  15. Towers, they fell. Wrought hell. Sought power. Debris showers. Those with power sought to empower the meek and seek a way to control the meek and demonized a culture picking at the bones like vultures

    By We demonized the cultures and took advantage of our fears in order to fight a war of terror guised as a war on terror. We live in a world of true fallacies and false truths. Bastardized ideologies and lost youth. We lead sheep in all of the wrong directio on 09.11.2012

  16. The towers rose gleaming and golden from the sea. They had been there for longer than anyone could remember. And Andrew Philip was about to jump off the taller, Angel tower. He had planned it as political demonstration, but what had started as a peaceful protest had turned into a nightmare.

    By William Abernathy on 09.11.2012

  17. towered over the highest drop
    the tallest lights
    the longest fall
    how am i supposed to retreat
    if i can’t feel a thing at all

    By Dinah B =] URL on 09.11.2012

  18. towers of power, who will you vote for. totally seeing the towers

    By eyeinthesky on 09.11.2012

  19. The towers stood, strong and silent, and she stared at them for a few minutes; ignoring the bustling city around her, the sounds and sights urging her forward, content to merely stare at the world.
    The car honked loudly behind her and she forced her gaze away, emerging from her trance to head onward.

    By Madi on 09.11.2012

  20. Towers always remind me of strength, of power, of just straight out rude, stuck up jerks. They may be beautiful or outlandish, but they have always made me think “what an awful person for creating that blemish on our pale blue sky.”

    By Savannah Sage on 09.11.2012

  21. Today is 9/11 it sucks what happen but im joining the marines and im going to hopefully make this world a little better by taking out the guys who do things like this.

    By Junior on 09.11.2012

  22. i saw the tower lean against the sky as i walked by i heard it whisper ‘come, enjoy my shade’ so i stalked on over and i found you there. i found you lying in the shade, your finger permanently stained red from all the paint spraying from your can.

    By maria on 09.11.2012

  23. Wow. It’s 9-11, and the word today is towers. this is very powerful and still fresh in the hearts of the families of the diseased. My heart truly goes out to these families

    By Eddie Coper on 09.11.2012

  24. The tower of toys loomed over me. I liked all of them, but the only special one was at the top. My little teddy bear. I had to climb the tower to get to it, of course. I started from the bottom and journeyed to the top. It took seconds…minutes…hours…before I made it to the top. I kept on going and going. I was so close. It was just a finger tip away from me. I calculated the distance between me and the teddy bear and shot my arm forward. But I still couldn’t reach. I had to move closer. I attempted to climb closer. To the top. My foot got stuck in the tower and I couldn’t move. I pulled and pulled at it. Then I was free! But the tower began to shake. It wobbled left and right, back and forth. Finally, I felt my fingers lose their grip and I fell onto the soft mattress of my bed. I watched in horror as the tower fell toward me and I covered my head to shield myself. I felt it hit me, luckily there weren’t very many hard toys. I glanced up to see what happened. But I couldn’t care anymore. My prince, my teddy bear, had found his way into my arms. As if he knew how badly I needed him.

    By Meow on 09.11.2012

  25. An ivy tower blocks the sun; the sole window opens out towards a terrace where he stood now. Looking down, all he saw were minuscule dots, the people below looking like multiple ants doing the day’s labor.
    He swung his legs up on the rail, feet dangling as one of his shoes fell off and plummeted like a rock. There was a slight hesitation as the door behind him creaked and a feminie voice called out his name in a question.
    But there was no longer as he let go, a bird in mid-flight that suddenly went limp, and in that moment, he had never been so free.

    By Yuki URL on 09.11.2012

  26. Towers spiraling high
    beautiful ivory in the sky.
    Sparkle like gems
    made on wims.
    Save me from this life.

    By Aurora Michelle Carter on 09.11.2012

  27. Twin Towers. Paris.

    By Love Hurts URL on 09.11.2012

  28. the princess yelled from the top of the tallest tower. yet the prince didn’t hear her, and his steed continued galloping in the wrong direction. she became more frantic, whipping her long hair against the stones, hoping against hope that he’d turn to look over his shoulder, to rescue her.

    By meep URL on 09.11.2012

  29. I think of 9/11 when the twin towers fell down. When, people were in pain. They were all scared. People panic, feel hurt. towers

    By Skyler Robinson URL on 09.11.2012

  30. Intimidation.
    I hate it when she towers over me.
    Towers – also other now – in that – the thing that tows. Many things that drag other things behind them.
    She intimidates me and tries to drag me along behind her.
    I hate that.

    By Charmaine URL on 09.11.2012

  31. The model towers over her date. A man short on height but tall in finances. They look both ways down the street as they exit the limousine…she, looking for the paparazzi, he, looking for his wife’s detective. This affair was not going to end well for either of them…

    By paulie aragon on 09.11.2012

  32. that day, 11 years ago makes everyone surprised, even today, as we remember. we know it’s in the past but it doesn’t stop the memories.

    By Jennifer Louise URL on 09.11.2012

  33. There stood the looming metal towers. They stood foreboding in a crystalized silence, like it knew the doom that was to befall me. I wondered, would they remeber me when i died. I thought maybe they would. Then like before a storm was to hit it was eareily quite. The moment that changed history happened, the beautiful metal towers fell.
    When the debris cleared there was again, that crystalized silence, but this time it told a different story, death.

    By kayla btws im also aroura michelle cartee on 09.11.2012

  34. I feel like this is an obvious set up to write about of day of horrifying tragedy in our great nation. The truth is that we are an imperfect society of people divided against one another with differences that have threatened and continue to threaten our nation. It was 11 years ago that our nation was threatened in the greatest way it has been in a long time and we proved that we can come together for a greater cause. But, it should not only be once a year, on the anniversary of this event, that we are united as a nation. We must begin to coexist as a greater nation than we are or these horrific histories are likely to repeat themselves in a new, probably more terrifying event.

    By M.J. Hutchison on 09.11.2012

  35. the tower is on the edge of the cliff ask me fa real i think so for now yea yea yea

    By akera URL on 09.11.2012

  36. They towers were breathtakingly large. I couldn’t help but feel like they were reaching into the heavens and it seems only fit that that’s how i last remember them. Towering up, meeting with God in the world we do not know but only speak of. That’s where they belong, those people. In the heavens.

    By Jess on 09.11.2012

  37. I know what everyone else will be writing about in their essays, nestled in the stifling Indian summer swarming through our high school classroom. I know they’ll be talking about the towers. The two steel majesties, twins against nature, toppling to the sound of a hungry extremist’s engine. How they crumbled. How they turned to dust against the New York skies and pavement.

    I don’t want to write about it. It hurts too much. Seems too redundant. And yet my father’s photo is there, egging me on.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.11.2012

  38. The towers stood shining in the evening light. The autumn light to be precise. It spilled over them like dark honey, bathing them in its sweetness.

    By Mairead URL on 09.11.2012

  39. Maybe it’s time to trust again.

    By Dulcie URL on 09.11.2012

  40. The towers loomed in the twilight, hanging from the sky just barely touching the ground. Only a few lights flickered from their windows making it seem light stars could shine from here.

    By umbazachika URL on 09.11.2012