March 27th, 2013 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “tornado”

  1. Martha stood in the house. Phillip was near her, and they were getting ready.

    “Oh, God, Phillip, it’s coming… Oh, God…”

    Phillip was big and broad and dark skinned. There was a red kerchief ’round his neck, and a gunbelt on his waist.

    “We’ll be alright. Get down to the basement now…”

    By Franko on 03.27.2013

  2. there once was a small town of Angryville, there were a lot of bad things that would happen and one of those things just happened to be tornadoes. they were the most popular catastrophes in the town of angryville and therefore they wanted to change the name of it to Tornadotown. all the people agreed and they all lived angrily ever after.

    By desiree on 03.27.2013

  3. a swirling, whirling, whirring sound woke her up. tree branches slammed against the windows and the dogs were barking. the sky was too dark and the wrong color.

    By errow URL on 03.27.2013

  4. there once was a little tornado named Jake he was very lonely and didn’t have many friends until one day he met a little girl tornado who became his best friend. they would terrorize towns together and have tons of fun doing it. one day they decided to stay together forever and so tornado and girl tornado got married and made little storms together . the end

    By desiree on 03.27.2013

  5. “Go! Go!” my mother yelled at us as we rushed out into the garden. Dad stood with the doors of the storm shelter open and pushed my younger brother inside. a wild rushing noise moved around me. I stopped and just looked at the magnificence of creation and its destruction. angry winds howled and pierced the ground tearing up the ground.

    By Nicola Pike on 03.27.2013

  6. a tornado flew around my room before you came… yeah the first thing that comes to mind is the Frank Ocean song haha. I really have no opinion on those swirling whirlwinds of death cept for the fact that they’re swirling whirlwinds of death lol

    By Derauqs Ci on 03.27.2013

  7. My heart was like a spinning tornado–destroying everything in it’s path. Like a whirlwind of emotions spinning 200 miles per hour, it beat faster and faster as my vision became blurry.

    By Melanie Bemis on 03.27.2013

  8. One blue clog took wind in the swirl and swarm
    of Beethoven’s Symphony # 9
    It landed with a clunk in my brain. D minor.

    By penny dreadful URL on 03.27.2013

  9. A tornado carried Dorothy away from home. Take me away, too.

    By Jason URL on 03.27.2013

  10. a tornado is a tunnel of wind that devistates towns citys and causes mayhem wherever it goes. it is a 7 letter word that rhymes with fornado hahaha lol

    By drew on 03.27.2013

  11. tornado
    yet creating rebirth
    a new beginning
    from scratch
    absolutely nothing
    like spring
    like buds
    like a baby
    the beginning from the end

    By S on 03.27.2013

  12. there was a tornado and it blocked the sun and andy couldnt see where his mother had gone so he ran to the house and everything was spinning and he tried to go to the basement but he found a bloody knife and got scared so he ran to his room and his under the bed, the tornado still roaring and blowing outside and his mother began to call his name, she had cut herself being startled by the tornado. andys mother was very worried about him she wasnt sure where he had gone and andy started to cry and hold his ears and his mother started to worry evern more. outside everything shook and blew around as the tornado roared thorugh their little town. his fathr was at work andy began to worry if he would ever see him again, but he knew in his heart there was hope.

    By beth on 03.27.2013

  13. The winds were picking up their speed. The rain was louder in his ears, as he got closer.
    “It’s so beautiful” he whispers, his eyes trained on the phenomenon.
    “It’s also the most dangerous” his partner replies.
    It’s always gonna be that way.
    It defines the course of our lives.

    By AnnaLeBelle on 03.27.2013

  14. Betty ran from the house, terrified. She knew she shouldn’t have. The tornado was straight in her path, whirling it ways towards her. Could she make it to the bunker in time? She dashed forwards, head down legs moving faster than they ever had. Her hand reached out for the bunker handle….

    The land looked so different from up here, and she was beginning to feel dizzy….

    By Helen URL on 03.27.2013

  15. You grow, you grow like tornado
    You grow from the inside
    Destroy everything through
    Destroy from the inside
    Erupt like volcano
    You flow through the inside
    You kill everything through
    You kill from the inside

    Tornado – Jonsi

    By AnnaLeBelle on 03.27.2013

  16. I used to love the film Twister when I was a kid.
    Those storm chasers were bad-ass mofos.
    Either that, or just plain stupid.

    By Ash W URL on 03.27.2013

  17. Tornado nadeszło z północy. Mały Jim przestraszony nim nie mógł utrzymać swojej małej siostr Patrcycji w ręku. Matka Jima – Lucia rowniez nie mogla uwierzyc wlasnym oczom – patrzac na ogrom zniszczenia wsrod sasiednich miejscowosci nie chciala dopusic do siebie mysli ze to samo spotka takze ich miescine.

    By Dawid on 03.27.2013

  18. Tornadoes sweeps us off our feet, like how we first see our love of our lives. I like tornadoes, how they would cause havoc, destroy everything, make history, then suddenly disappear. I wish I can be like a tornado, that I may do what I want and it wont matter, since I would disappear.

    By Charl joshua on 03.27.2013

  19. it was quick and dark, took everything in its path.
    Spiralling towards an unknown abyss
    Left nothing but destruction behind.

    By Nathalie on 03.27.2013

  20. it was a small town in kansas. no wait this isnt the wizard of oz. take that first sentance back. its a large town in… in um… idk some place with shitty weather.

    By Tena on 03.27.2013

  21. Wind infinito you’ll never go where it goes, never nunca nunca :)

    By nadia on 03.27.2013

  22. It was raining outside, but warm… the kind of weather that can swing a party from so-so to great, as long as you brought a swimming costume~ that’s all by the by though~ the rain was (and indeed parties) were not to Roz’s liking, so she set about attacking the house with a vacumn cleaner. Little did she know the havoc she was wreaking on the poor dust mites~ with their accelerated life cycles and diminutive bodies, the greedy nozzle was the equivalent of a 100 year storm, a tornado that on a human scale would swallow a cathedral.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 03.27.2013

  23. The twist is the turning point. The unsettled air, the heat in the upper reaches, the cold coming in like a brute. The sudden slamming, the sudden shifting, we raise and we fall, we come from clouds and break the sky.

    By Lance URL on 03.27.2013

  24. the sound it makes. the destruction, the sights, the taste. i can’t breathe, the dust is clogging up my lungs, getting in my eyes. it is cold, but warm, as i get sucked into the giant void.

    By halfbright URL on 03.27.2013

  25. it used to be just in a story like oz but now they are real
    And destructive. Mother nature is angry with us mere mortals.

    By Robin on 03.27.2013

  26. It wasn’t what she wanted. To have to fight with him all the time – how could it have gotten to this? They were too destructive to be with each other, like tornadoes clashing. No one could possible leave unscathed in this relationship.

    By Iryanna on 03.27.2013

  27. The first tornado one lives through is forever etched upon the memory with stunning clarity and mesmermizing detail. The latter experiences pale in comparison though their strength do not differ.

    By r hunter on 03.27.2013

  28. The whirling winds whipped around at incredible speeds in front of my face. I stood, bare to the raw power of the storm. It had already destroyed my horizons, and I had nothing left but the courage and my steady feet.

    By Archori URL on 03.27.2013

  29. you were a tornado, and I
    was tired of ordinary.
    I guess I was asking for adventure and
    maybe I was asking for too

    I thought whirlwinds like you
    only left scattered silence
    but all I could hear was the
    door slamming
    and now instead of your voice
    I can feel the ground pulse beneath
    my feet, leftover reverberations of
    a goodbye I didn’t want

    By Kalina URL on 03.27.2013

  30. I felt the blood coming down across my left eye.
    “Am I Okay? Am I Okay!? Please… I have to go back, I have to help them…” I told myself.
    But I also wanted you to come back to save us all…you never did.

    By Skitty URL on 03.27.2013

  31. She is a whirlwind. She is a whirling dervish of activity, of thought, in speech, in action; nothing will slow her down. If a door shuts in the breeze of someone else’s wake, she will simply barrel through. She is a tornado.

    By KT URL on 03.27.2013

  32. I smile as he walks away, a calm drizzle from before. I remember two years ago when he was like a fresh tornado, rolling right into my boring life. And I thought it was destiny, and I thought it was fate. But storms lift.

    Storms are temporary.

    And while he left me in the rain before, all I can do now is smile and think of all the memories–the good and the bad–that made an entire year flash before my eyes like lightning.

    By Marissa URL on 03.27.2013

  33. The tornado had ransacked three entire neighborhoods, skinning sidewalks and stripping shingles off of house’s heads and leaving them bald, naked, and exposed. The winds didn’t subside – they hiccuped, belched, and then departed like a bubble popping above a child’s wandering eyes. In the end, a middle-aged mailman wound up crawling out from under a truck and sighing at the destruction.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.27.2013

  34. The spinning whirling mass. The wall of soundless fury ripping apart our house and home. The fear that life will never be the same and realizing it never was. I am responsible for my decisions.

    By jonathon URL on 03.27.2013

  35. here comes the hurricane, the tornado of emotion. I wish I could help her, comfort her, but adaption is easier said than done.

    By t URL on 03.27.2013

  36. I feel like I’ve been swept up in a tornedo. My head is spinning. I have no control over my mind or body. Why is this happening to me? I didn’t mean to shoot him! I know it sounds trite, but I didn’t know the gun was loaded! Maybe that’s because I was loaded at the time I decided to exercise my remarkable marksmanship. But that doesn’t make sense, does it? Why would I be target shooting with an unloaded gun? Why did he have to laugh at me? It’s all his fault!

    By Zelda Martin on 03.27.2013

  37. Misunderstood. I feel they were created to destroy things so we can start things a new. Mis conceived as always killers. People kill more than tornadoes. I love twister movies even though they look so fake. And think about it, we don’t even know all there is to know about tornadoes. Isn’t that MIND BLOWING. I always wanted to be a storm chaser for a day!

    By Gabrielle Hernandez URL on 03.27.2013

  38. Tornado, my thoughts are a tornado,
    the thoughts of a genius,
    I dont know how to continue,
    but I must win this,
    winning as if, this is a thing,
    but to win is nothing, when nothing is for what we’re fighting.

    By Robert Fulmer on 03.27.2013

  39. It starts with a small wind – sweeping some leafs off the ground with a gentle blow – but then it grows and it takes everything away.

    By Elinol URL on 03.27.2013

  40. Blew my socks off it did. Just like della, not knowing her strength. Gasping for a breath. Too busy grinning, Thank god ‘m not choosy.

    By Jeff Switt on 03.27.2013