March 27th, 2013 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “tornado”

  1. The tornado tore into the house effortlessly as she watched from mere miles away. Planks of wood, lumps of brick and overall debris flew around in the air where the building she had grown up in once stood. Meanwhile, he stood behind her chuckling, as he drew back the tornado and it blinked from existence.

    By Beth URL on 03.27.2013

  2. The tornado
    Twists and turns,
    Like gypsy dancers
    Twirling their colorful scarves.
    Silk flies this way and that
    As the wind
    Mixes colors and
    Blurs images.
    The music slows.
    The dancers kiss the ground.
    Stillness returns.

    By Karen on 03.27.2013

  3. The tornado
    Twists and turns
    Like gypsy dancers
    Twirling their colorful scarves.
    Silk flies this way and that
    As the wind
    Mixes colors and
    Blurs images.
    The music slows.
    The dancers kiss the ground,
    And stillness returns.

    By Karen URL on 03.27.2013

  4. In the swirling mess that is my life I found that chaos soothing. There was nothing better than the tornado of emotions that was constantly running through my system. Wrecking people as those storms wreak lives. Leaving debris of my relationships in its wake.

    By Kim Armstrong on 03.27.2013

  5. I am the tornado that goes whipping through the alley.

    Debris of a former lives trail behind.

    It was not for want of destruction, but the need to reconstruct my purpose.

    By Darling on 03.27.2013

  6. Something that has never ceased to amaze me. Something so short, two minutes on average, yet so destructive, ripping through towns and house. A loud noise. Look next door. Everything in pieces and bits. Your home is just fine. Why you? How?

    By Melissa URL on 03.27.2013

  7. Tornado’s are like big things with wind and stuff. Not really sure why or whatever. I guess it’s just like when Mr Weather gets really angry and just wants to fuck some shit up. They’re not the friendliest of beings, but they’re happy and confident with who they are, which is a more respectable characteristic than many of us can say we have today.

    By Billy on 03.27.2013

  8. storm blowing through unpredictable and mighty. devestation. power. torment. sucking the life out of everything in it’s path. not giving a fuck about the life in its destructive, cruel journey. Only seeing it’s own path, no one elses’. Disregarding the well-being of others and gaining power from their demise. sucking the life out of love. sucking the positivity out of souls. leaving people with nothing but their own bodily, mental, and spiritual strenth to get up and start over. helping give people the power to recognize the importance of what is, not of what was. inducing suffering that leads to deep dark depression, then leading to an enlightening moment of pure resilancy and strength, knowing that the soul sucking forces of tornados allow you to stop, feel, and rebuild.

    By mallory on 03.27.2013

  9. like a hurricane, hahaha thats not right is it? i shouldnt describe one weather system by naming another, but I grew up in florida and we never had any tonados when i was young so I guess thats what your stuck with

    By Savannah URL on 03.27.2013

  10. I used to draw tornados as a child. Scribble them in the margins of notebooks and cover pages. Begin with a large circle and spiral downwards to a point. I was never interested in them really, I just liked the way they were drawn.

    By leaheline URL on 03.27.2013

  11. The tornado swept through the windswept prairie. Speechless the children watched, helpless to stop this raging beast, that would take so many of their loved ones.

    By Nora on 03.27.2013

  12. Eye of the tornado.
    Tranquility amongst destruction.
    Calm surrounded by emotion.
    Silence inside the noise.
    Peace between the wars.
    Centre of a madness.

    By Ian URL on 03.27.2013

  13. The three of us sit together at the dining room table; it is close to their bedtime. As I look into their eyes of concentration, their mouths move and speak of the random things they paint. She tells me about how her painting will be for me and he proudly paints the letter “T” then messily paints over it. I can’t help but smile over their imaginative conversation with each other. Their small voices, facial expressions and giggles have become so much more over the years. I realize they have grown so fast and before I know it, days like these will be only a memory. She tells me to close my eyes and she paints. Once I am able to open them, I see a rainbow, my favorite. She smiles big and tells me, “It’s a rainbow twister!!!” And just as that rainbow twister swoops me up and warms my heart, I know that if I blink, this all, too, will be a long remembered memory that has been picked up and thrown back to me to keep me warm when they are no longer sitting with me at the dining room table.

    By Kari URL on 03.27.2013

  14. It wasn’t Alice that got swept up in the tornado it was Dorothy. It took me a moment to realize my mistake. I can vividly remember the wicked witch of the west, the WWW, riding her broom in the storm. Or maybe it was a bike? It’s not important.

    By bryan URL on 03.27.2013

  15. The tornado was a lazy one. Picking up little toy trucks and broccoli trees only to drop them down again.

    By Laura J on 03.27.2013

  16. She was like the breeze when calm, soft and airy, but when angered, she moved like a tornado, all sharp movements and whirling fire, something wild and unhinged almost beyond nature’s scope of understanding. She was ferocious and beautiful, deadly and serene.
    She was my serenity, even when she moved as death.
    Now…now she’s nothing.
    And, like those who emerge after the storm has passed, I am left broken and forever tainted by the sound of a howling wind.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 03.27.2013

  17. Yesterday I saw a tornado from mywindow, then I thought about my mom. Was she safe ?
    I coud not tell, but all my toughts went directly to her. While my thoughts aspired by the Tornado I just realised how I got suddenly closer to my mom.

    By Florian on 03.27.2013

  18. Tornado! Swirling and winding and it looks like a cone. Sometimes, when there was a tornado warning in my area, the family would huddle into the basement with flashlights and survival necessities — just in case the house blew down. It never did. But it was always a little exciting to go down there and pretend…

    By Hannah on 03.27.2013

  19. He had built a bunker. Everyone had laughed at him. They called him crazy, a doomsday prepper, a nut job. Then one day doomsday did come, with 300 mile an hour winds and a cyclone that danced like the devil with his feet on fire. When the tornado passed, he was the only one left.

    By Chris Clow URL on 03.27.2013

  20. Wind is the one of the bigest treats, when you live in some other place than Poland. Tornado – one word on one world. You can love it or you can hate it – your choice.

    By Archer on 03.27.2013

  21. There was a whirl, a sudden movement around me.
    I panicked, trying to see what was happening, but could not.
    It was then that I realized, you couldn’t see the cause of your distress.
    You could only feel it, because it was only real to you.

    By Miranda URL on 03.27.2013

  22. “I will throw something together, just give me a minute,” she said and instantly was raging around the kitchen like a tornado. She flew about, opening cupboards and banging pots and pans. The tea hanging towels flapped in the breeze as she rushed passed. Clouds of flour dust were released when finally she clapped her hands to get our attention. It had been just a moment. On the table before us was spread bread and ham, scones and cream, and hot tea.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.27.2013

  23. The tornado was sweeping throughout my town, causing roofs to blow off houses and get enveloped in the rage of this curious phenomenon. It was like a dream to me, but to others, a nightmare. I laughed.

    By Rae on 03.27.2013

  24. She was a veritable tornado rushing through the house, upending things, destroying keepsakes, carrying objects off. We wondered why we bothered with her, sometimes. But that question was always answered whenever she turned around and looked at us with that innocent smile, that loving glance, that look of surprise as though she could not believe we were still here.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 03.27.2013

  25. I wasn’t scared when the tornado hit. Indeed, I was enthralled and a sense of euphoria washed over me as the curious phenomenon raged over my town. Some described my reaction of laughing during the storm as malicious and evil, but I prefer to think of it as telling the Earth that it could never frighten me. Alas, that would would soon be untrue, for the Earth brings forth life and takes it away, and when it took away my brother, it frightened me to think that one day it would take me too.

    By Rae on 03.27.2013

  26. at my heart the thoughts whirl
    a tornado of possibilities
    waiting for the stillness to come
    after the storm

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 03.27.2013

  27. Easy on the eyes, but destruction to the heart
    Beautiful in your mystery, but can tear a dream apart
    I was captivated by your rarity, drawn in before I knew
    That the frailty of my soul cannot stand a force like you.

    By Carly URL on 03.27.2013

  28. A tornado, coloured red, picked up my house once. I didn’t mind, for I wasn’t in it. But my pigtails were in disarray as a result. I wore the same outfit as Dorothy in that movie where she talks to a giant green bald guy about something important, who knows. I wasn’t terribly sexy in it, but she wasn’t either, so I took solace in this fact. I was severely miffed. I lost my hat.

    By Sean on 03.27.2013

  29. A windy, beautiful, powerful phenomenon of nature. Shows the true nature of things, because it can break things, but ultimately it will bring a community back together.

    By Anna URL on 03.27.2013

  30. A blustery storm. many people only see the destruction it leaves, but if you look closely the destruction it brings hides the way that a single tornado can bridge relationships which have been long broken.

    By Anna URL on 03.27.2013

  31. It can blow through your life when there is no wind – when the skies are clear and sun-dappled shadows kiss the sweet green grasses. The knowledge cleaves you like a knife to the heart – your loved one is gone from you forever. The knowledge rips the roof off the house of your soul and there is nowhere to hide.

    By peter on 03.27.2013

  32. She was like a tornado. She ran around with no path, destroying everything she set her eyes on. She could take someone’s heart and make it her own, twist it and never give it back. She was terrifying, but irresistible.

    By CTorrieC on 03.27.2013

  33. It’s like a tornado of emotion and insights and spite. What happens when you bottle it all up inside and it morphs into a raging tornado? Nothing good. It just so happens that the landscape-your landscape may become destroyed.

    By Danaé on 03.27.2013

  34. Idil
    the winds
    the lives
    things are blowing away
    some survive
    the ones that do not are forgotten
    only by the ignorant
    and by the dead

    By Katherine on 03.27.2013

  35. It hit suddenly and without warning. Who knew such a dangerous storm had been on the way? Wilson wasn’t hurt and really that was the only thing House had been concerned about. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt either but like he said, unnecessary. Who cares? He and Wilson had been staying in Louisiana for a conference and were reveling in the fact that it was a sort of anniversary of when they had first met. They planned on treating it as such anyway. After the conference they were going out to dinner and then of course back to their luxurious hotel suite. That is, until, a massive level 5 tornado decided to rip straight through the town and plow into their hotel.

    By Crizzy URL on 03.27.2013

  36. A slip of the tongue,
    Or something unsung,
    A change in the weather,
    Or constant “whatever”,
    Maybe it should all be peace and quiet,
    Or make a tornado come; create a new riot.

    By C.V.C. on 03.27.2013

  37. Take me by the hand and lead me into your realm. I want to learn your ways. I want to be with you. I’ve already fallen too hard. My head is spinning like a tornado.

    By CTorrieC on 03.27.2013

  38. She blew in like a tornado. No one knew she was coming, but then no one ever did. She would blow in whenever she felt like, stir things up, and then blow out again. She was a force of nature.

    By Solo Rae URL on 03.27.2013

  39. there was a big tornado inside his mind. there was this fire that was revolting around the whole scene, which was also spinning. he couldn’t quite know if he was either in a washing machine or inside his head. he had to sit down and stir the feeling until the nausea went down. he’d never felt it, the tornado, so big. it was quite a feeling.

    By Constanza on 03.27.2013

  40. the wind whipped around her house. she looked out the window to see a colossal mess of flying debris. Cows, pigs, fence, and what was that? the mean lady from down the road on her bike. the wind twirled as fast as her mind spun. She squeezed her eyes shut to avoid the chaos.

    When the dust had settled she opened her eyes.
    “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas any longer.”

    By Marissa on 03.27.2013