May 25th, 2011 | 664 Entries

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664 Entries for “torch”

  1. The fire was extremely hot, so hot that standing a mere five feet away I felt like I was going to melt where I stood. But even so, I still moved closer, intrigued by the magic that was in the fire; hypnotized even.

    By Mariah on 05.26.2011

  2. The light flickered with satisfactory vigor. A smile, crept across the woman’s velvety lips with utter patience.

    By porschia paxton on 05.26.2011

  3. I had myself a blast climbing to the top. And when I came upon the crest, the shining light did blast. But it blasted me with death and I carried the torch into the next hill. that only went down.

    By Brett Peloquin on 05.26.2011

  4. She held the torch up to the side of the cave, taking in the ancient drawings etched into and inked onto the stone.
    It was amazing to be so close to such an important find, one which answered a lot of questions about the cave dwellers.

    By trubble on 05.26.2011

  5. A light to light the path of men who live in darkness. I had a torch a long time ago and the light is still shining till this day.

    By victor URL on 05.26.2011

  6. i like torches. they give us light when none other ca, except of course anything else which doesn’t run on electricity. but yea, i like them, cause they’re handy, easy to use, and come in as many sizes shapes, ets that you can possibly imagine. torches can give out different

    By Prasanna URL on 05.26.2011

  7. Her hair clouded around her, a incandescent mane of fire and gold. It was magnificent, the physically manifested enigma surrounding her.
    The tip of a match, ignited.
    A spark, a flame.
    A brilliance.

    By d URL on 05.26.2011

  8. there was a man, dressed in a tuxedo, waiting for me at the end of the hallway. in his right hand he held a torch. he kept it raised high above him, the flames licking the ceiling. “follow me,” he said in a whisper.

    By Andrew Walker URL on 05.26.2011

  9. fire and lighting things on fire! Ahh thats hot. Throwing firy things at a specific object, trying to destroy sometthing.

    By Kate on 05.26.2011

  10. Torch songs is what I write. They burn. They burn out. Torch songs are what I can’t carry. Precisely. They burn out. Such is the way of a torch.

    By Manuel C on 05.26.2011

  11. you gotta torch, you gotta torch that porch down. don’t attach yourself to it, don’t view the world from that porch. torch it and go and do something. get up and do something. and if you’re behind a window, torch it, too. melt it. get up and go. stop viewing, start torching, start doing. set your world on fire.

    By Rooper on 05.26.2011

  12. it is used to burn is used to light things it is used by mobs to burn witches and to burn dead ones in hindu culture. u have electric ones also.

    By vignesh on 05.26.2011

  13. i use to carry a torch about a guy I once loved. he cheated on me and then I decided it was best to move on. so yea the torch is no longer lit for him. Now im carrying a different torch that helps me light my way to my next destination in life.

    By Susie on 05.26.2011

  14. I’ll burn brighter than you can handle, baby. Burn, until you’re forced to take a step back. I wish you could see the ugly look on your face right now. You might want to memorize the feel of your smooth skin, cause I’m going to light it up.

    By Jenraah URL on 05.26.2011

  15. you light me up, torch to kindle, our love burns, flames eternal

    By mayhemmoshes URL on 05.26.2011

  16. Simon loaded the batteries into the torch and clicked it on, the beam flickered then stabbed into the damp gloom. Movement crept beyound its reach stiffling his breath making his hands tremble.

    By james cooper URL on 05.26.2011

  17. The cobblestone caves, lined with moss and lost pictures. The pictures, carved in so carefully, preserved. No one was going to find them. The person’s thoughts would stay hidden and secluded forever. The person would never be able to voice their thoughts, never to be heard. The torches that ringed the cave had long since been burned out. They just sat there, watching the cave stay still and silent as time passed. The pictures and the poorly made torches were the only things that gave an indication that human civilization had touched the timeless cave.

    By Morgan URL on 05.26.2011

  18. lots of light, use it at night in a dark place. can be pocket or big or headlamps. used to use them in mines. mines were very dark with no light and men had to sit there without light or anything for d and they were only allowed to turn their torches on at some points. it would have been so scary i dont know if i could have done it.

    By laura on 05.26.2011

  19. torches are useful for lighting the way. nice for kids who are scared of the dark. nice when you want to read under the covers. create shadows and puppets. illuminate a face. scary stories.

    By anneke on 05.26.2011

  20. The castle was perched perilously on top of the cliff, Morena wondered how on Earth it did not fall to the depths below. She gathered her courage and started on the dark path ahead, only her familiar and her torch for company. “May the Gods be with me” she thought.

    By Anton URL on 05.26.2011

  21. as the light leads the way through the dark blues and greens, it leads me to wonder what it all means, i am blessed with this torch, with out it I would have no means to question this life and all that it means.

    By Alana C Stirrat on 05.26.2011

  22. realising i was showing everyone that i was having a weein the african bush by shing my headtorch at myself. reading under the covers and getting told of for doing so.

    By wendolin URL on 05.26.2011

  23. Shine a torch
    On the residue
    In and Around
    This soul.

    On the magnificent
    Failure to resolve;
    The hit and misses
    Flitted and dissolved.

    By visage URL on 05.26.2011

  24. It’s cold outside and the night is pitched black. The midnight sky is dotted with stars and the orange torch glows in his hand as his bare feet walk down the forest floor. The orange embers of the wood sparkle and pop as the fire absorbs the wood, eating it, and producing light.

    By Liv on 05.26.2011

  25. Like a torch to show the way.
    spread light to the world.
    See what is around you.
    Light your way through the darkness.
    Do not fear.
    Keep moving.

    By Michelle Jennings on 05.26.2011

  26. to find you way through darkness,
    to find your way home.
    to find the right path (:

    oh. and camping.

    By Prisca URL on 05.26.2011

  27. light in the dark, a new idea.but still a very small idea.

    By shezshe on 05.26.2011

  28. Walking on the damp sand, feeling the grains squeeze between my toes. You fingers interlaced in mine, the soft light of the torch, our only way of seeing where the deep, dark waters lay…

    By Amimee URL on 05.26.2011

  29. the way your light shines at night when the world is in darkness, u shine your way through darkened night, your light gives confiedence and assurance in the dark, Your my hero when the world can no longer help.

    By Emma on 05.26.2011

  30. hot ignite camping danger/dylan fire pit
    Dylan and Theodore started the fire in the fire pit, and then the torches came out. It was the same day Theo dropped Brie–twice! Loved the house on Atlantis Drive. I should have stayed. Moving to Houston with Lonnie ruined my life and I live the nightmare everyday now. If only I could go back–but thinking that is keeping me from going forward.

    By Lisa Kunz on 05.26.2011

  31. fire, burning, creme brulee, s’mores, flambé, baked Alaska, blue, CIA, French pastries class, Chef Weber,

    By Maureen Rogers on 05.26.2011

  32. Passing the torch makes me think about lighting candles, like we will today during our French ceremony. Also “bring a torch, Jeanette Isabella” makes me think of choir songs which makes me start singing Christmas music….damn, it’s only June and I’m already singing Christmas music. Why is this happening? Stupid torch, silly torch.

    By Lizzy on 05.26.2011

  33. pub, fire, flame, Dublin, heating, sun, darkness, cave, colours, sex, music, lovers, candle,

    By NATALIA on 05.26.2011

  34. A fire grew and blah blah blah ad the fire grew to be so big that it burned the person holding the torch. The fire had a mind of it’s own and it was almost completely uncontrollable. And yeah…

    By Patty Vasquez on 05.26.2011

  35. Alas! The torch! Blind sighted for so long. Handicapped to the dark. Victims of abuse from the lack there of. Oh splendid light. To see! A curse or a gift. To have knowledge. To have sense. To be able, to be able. Perhaps I prefer to be blind. For what I did not know, what I was not accountable for, I now must take into account. Blas! The torch! Blind sighted for so long, too long, no longer. Victimized to the light.

    By Josie URL on 05.26.2011

  36. fire, a blaze sits upon the end of a stick which allows people to see whats in front of them…it guides them with bright light into an unknown.

    By Miriam Barlow on 05.26.2011

  37. I carried a torch for this guy in high school that turned out to be the biggest douche bag. I am now thankful that nothing ever worked out with him.

    By Keli on 05.26.2011

  38. I grabbed the torch from the wall of the keep. I scanned my surroundings as the flickering light of the torch ebbed and flowed down the corridors. I began walking down one passage searching for the exit. The torch my only source of light in the great darkness.

    By Amanda M on 05.26.2011

  39. lights the hallway with spark that has never seen the light of day. Rays dance through shadows of doubt as crystallized particle dancers

    By Alex on 05.26.2011

  40. the man was sitting alone on the ground. in his hand he held the torch. It was dark out, but the torch lit his eyes and in front of him he could see he was completely alone

    By Vicki B on 05.26.2011