November 25th, 2014 | 64 Entries

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64 Entries for “toadstool”

  1. I was sitting in the middle of a thicket, overgrow brush, sprinkles of light through tall oaks. Nearby was a small outcrop of toadstools, red and yellow, and orange – glistening in the areas that the sun caught their warm palate. I hadn’t eaten in months, save for a few dusty moths I found under the bed, and these few kaleidoscopic pieces of fungus would save me. If only I had known they belonged to him, I would still be alive.

    By Cambria on 11.25.2014

  2. Today I went to sit down. In my favorite spot, by the window. I had my book in my hands and my butt ready to perch on the seat. But instead of finding solid wood, I found slimy toads beneath me!

    By Rachel on 11.25.2014

  3. Wappa picked up a red toadstool from a cluster and proceeded to devour it in one bite. I reached out my hand to stop her, only to find the fungus disappearing between her teeth all too late. However, she did not succumb to sickness, nor go green to red to purple to ultimately white in the face. Instead, she burped, sighed with satisfaction, and patted her stomach.

    “You see poison,” she told me, “I see din-din.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.25.2014

  4. The little faieries danced around the trees, littered with young toadstools. There was so many festivities, so many odd shapes and colors, as many different ones as there were fae. The grass was dazzled by the dew drops.

    By Lace_and_Metal URL on 11.25.2014

  5. Toadstool sounds like a type of poisonous mushroom, and the thought of poisonous mushrooms always disturbed me because it’s such a mundane activity that can kill you – one minute you’re in the forest with your grandma, the next minute you are dead.

    I guess that’s all of life, though, and with mushroom picking you may be more aware of the risks.

    By Daniela on 11.25.2014

  6. What the hell is a toadstool? Like toad poop? Or maybe a tiny wooden stool that toads sit on? I can picture a toad with a smoking pipe and red jacket sitting cross-legged on a wooden stool with a little detective hat. The thought makes me grin.

    By KileeBug URL on 11.25.2014

  7. The difference between a toadstool and a mushroom is not something I know much about! I will probably look it up on Google after I finish writing this entry. This is quite a fun way to do a quick write!

    By Christy URL on 11.25.2014

  8. You gave me shit for being a city kid and falling in love with a forest girl. She never wore shoes in my apartment and grew flowers on my window ledge. She said the smog suffocated her lungs, made me give up cigarettes. We didn’t last, you know.

    By Jazz URL on 11.25.2014

  9. She squatted in the grass, which left long wet streaks across her yellow skirt. The tails of the fabric, which were sipping out of her hand as her mouth slipped open, dragged through mud. She reached with her free head and poked the fungal protrusion. It was spongy and bounced in place.

    By Yona URL on 11.25.2014

  10. On the side of the road Lydia spotted a toadstool- or what she thought might be a toadstool because I legitimately have no clue what a toadstool is. Anyhow, she and Charles proceeded along thusly, ignoring the ugly thing, and made their way down to Blackwood Manor as previously stated. This is a weird prompt.

    By Paige URL on 11.25.2014

  11. What the hell is a toadstool? I hate toads with a passion. They gross me out and make me scream like a little girl. Ugh.

    By GIna B on 11.25.2014

  12. sometimes, i feel so minuscule in the world. like a fleck of duct sitting on a window of a toadstool in some enchanted forest. far away and far different than anything even remotely like me and when i become aware of these feelings, i take second to think about how nice it is to be so individualistic and enjoy the feeling of being alone.

    By Kelsey-Lynn URL on 11.25.2014

  13. what an odd thing
    to sit and touch your skin
    in the darkness
    to unravel you slowly
    with my fingertips
    and feel the warmth creep up my bones
    every pore in my skin
    is open
    and my toes
    they wiggle

    By sevenwords URL on 11.25.2014

  14. The frog couldn’t believe the way the duck was looking at him. It was as though he’d never seen what a toad could do before. I mean he’d thought it was common knowledge that toads were the best craftsmen around. And yes, many animals had forgotten his little shop in the woods, but he hadn’t thought it was this bad.

    By Zoe on 11.25.2014

  15. He step on the toadstool full of blood. The toadstool has gone slippery because of the blood but still he managed to climb quickly and balanced himself in one leg. It does not matter how disgusting he will get as long as he got a quick glance on what’s happening on the other side of the wall.

    By sha on 11.25.2014

  16. When I think of a toadstool I think of junior high my room had a black in white glow in the dark poster of a frog on toadstool

    By TJones on 11.25.2014

  17. He was sitting in the forest, among the Fae. They had invited him there at the last minute, for you see, Fairy parties are known for being the best in the land, and having the best music, of course, they’re also known for being completely tone deaf, so they hire a DJ, which he happens to be.

    By K on 11.25.2014

  18. A stroll through the unexplored forest behind your cottage brings you to a patch of toadstools, each little umbrellas sticking out from the ground ready to be picked. But as appetizing as they may look, gleaming in their succulent tans, one of these can hold a poison that makes you see and hear what not exists.

    By Ashi URL on 11.25.2014

  19. She says,
    “Why don’t you sit beside me,
    and share amanita dreams,
    here on my toadstool shore?
    We’ll said seas of iridescent beams —
    blending at the seams,
    sailing with me on my spore?”

    I’d miss you already (from getting so close)
    and sitting near you on lotus lily pad.
    You see, my heart is weary and full of polyps;
    and my memories are heavy and awful sad.

    By Marissa URL on 11.25.2014

  20. Green/brown. Wooden posibly, stool, saying quack. jumping around. A bigger version o the famuos frogstool.

    By Ida on 11.26.2014

  21. I was on my way home from my best friend Toad. He is a pink little animal with 67 eyes. He speaks spanish. He eats bugs and other disgusting things.

    By kalle eriksson on 11.26.2014

  22. i think that it’s green becues it a toadstool

    By Emil on 11.26.2014

  23. A toad is like a frog. Frogs are harmless small creatures that like to be near water. They are green and brown. A stool is a thing you can sit on. A frog might be on a stool.

    By Albin Andersson URL on 11.26.2014

  24. I don’t know what to write. I think it is a green little tihing.

    By Jacob URL on 11.26.2014

  25. It’s green and black. It has toadlegs but it cannot walk.

    By Dennis on 11.26.2014

  26. This is a green wooden beautiful thing where an important gigantic frog look-a-like can sit and have a lovely view over his kingdom :)

    By lotta on 11.26.2014

  27. This i a green stool that jump to you when you want to sit down. And it likes to eat flies.

    By Lukas on 11.26.2014

  28. A toadstool sounds like a stool in the shape of a toad. That will be pretty silly.

    By Daphne on 11.26.2014

  29. You stop short at the conspicuous ring of brightly colored toadstools, the rubber souls of your shoes sliding slightly on the rain-soaked grass.
    Carmilla tugs on your wrist but you don’t budge and, when she looks back, her brows are drawn together in a frown. “What’s wrong?”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 11.26.2014

  30. I saw them hiding under the toadstool. The little ones. The little fairies with their transparent wings and their crystal eyes and their little delicate fingers over their mouths trying to hold in their tweets to keep me from seeing them but they were too late. I got on my knees and looked at them and they tried to back up only to fall into a puddle which to me was just a drop.

    By Laura French on 11.26.2014

  31. i rememebr when i was younger i would always say i was a fairy. i wore pink tutus and dollar store wings. i was so happy as i spun around in my cheap wings and cheap tutu. i would sit on the toadstools and blow fairy kisses to the snails and i would wear flowers in my hair and i used to think i was the most beautiful girl ever. funny how things change.

    By willow URL on 11.26.2014

  32. I fell to the ground after I missed my step while walking in the yard yesterday. If that was not bad enough, I had the misfortune however to step in some toadstool as I attempted to regain my composure.

    By victor URL on 11.26.2014

  33. I seriously have no idea what a toadstool is. But I’m still going to write about it. I think… maybe toadstool is a… okay, I really don’t know. Don’t bash me for this. Please.

    Have a good day.

    By Haru URL on 11.26.2014

  34. Alright, now I googled and know what toadstool means, I’ll tell you a simple story. One fine day, I was examining mushrooms in the forest when I saw a shiny toadstool which stood out among all the other dull ones. Upon inspection, I realize that it was a frog.

    By Haru URL on 11.26.2014

  35. “Why are you so annoying?”
    “Why are you such an idiot?”
    “Me?! You’re the idiot here, you dumbass!”
    “What the heck is your problem, you brainless prick?”
    “It’s you, you insensitive punk!”
    “What?! I can’t believe how much you annoy me! You-you-you-you TOADSTOOL!”
    “Haa?! Toadstool? That’s not even a word, you-you-you- AH, YOU ANNOY ME SO MUCH I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO CALL YOU ANYMORE!

    By Anaid Skylight on 11.26.2014

  36. It was a short little thing, rubbery and round with a thick white stem and a spotted red cap – something straight out of a storybook.

    By Catherine on 11.26.2014

  37. The easiest onnes to see are always the most poisonous. They stik out res, yellow, hypercolours amongst the composting leaves and moss. Screaming Eat Me, I’m tasty, but trust me, they are no better than pepper.

    By Flyderkov URL on 11.26.2014

  38. There was a toadstool growing in the backyard, right where all those weeds used to be. I could’ve sworn that I made sure that none could grow again, but there it was, sitting there like it owned the place and like it’d been there. It was not welcome in this yard, though, and I grabbed my shovel warningly, exclaiming “You’d better watch out, buddy, your time is up!”

    By KING of ELI URL on 11.26.2014

  39. little red one with a princess sitting on top, the browns and funghi and the yumminess of Alba truffles this time of year. I once went up a mountain in Italy and had the best meal of my life, all with truffles. How sad, pigs find truffles thinking they are lovers and are so disappointed to find a vegetable, for the farmer…

    By NG on 11.26.2014

  40. There was a toadstool in the yard, and when she looked further she saw that there were many, in a ring. It was a a fairy ring as her granddaughter would say, something magical.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.26.2014