November 25th, 2014 | 64 Entries

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64 Entries for “toadstool”

  1. There was once a valley deep in the woods of a magical village called, Toadstool Valley. No one knew how it came to be or what lived there until one day when a girl named Felicity made it her goal to find out everything about Toadstool Valley.

    By Minnx on 11.26.2014

  2. i bought a box on a art market. they said there toadstool will grow if i give it enough water everyday. i am so excited.

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 11.26.2014

  3. He watched them enter the funeral hall from the safety of a cafe across the street. His children looked so grown up in the black formal wear required for funerals in Japan. Little Tom’s only betrayal of his childhood was a little toy in his hand, an elephant sitting on a toadstool, which Dave had bought him as a souvenir from a trip back to England. Tom had never shown much interest in it when he bought it, presumably because he didn’t know the nursery rhyme which inspired it, but he was clinging to it now, a sure sign to Dave that Tom was missing his father.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.26.2014

  4. I never heard about toadstoll, I have no idea of what it means, because I´m not an englihs speaker. I guess that toadstool is a type o tool, isn´t it?
    I don´t know an

    By Janot Lellis Moura on 11.26.2014

  5. I sat there on the green luscious grass on a gorgeous cloudy afternoon realizing , for the first time, the toadstools surrounding me. Seeing for the first time real creatures playing ring a round the toadstool. It was amazing what alternate reality you can see when you open your mind and eyes for the first time after months of searching for something new.

    By Jennifer on 11.26.2014

  6. Squat and shot
    A Toadstool

    By Beth URL on 11.26.2014

  7. Bright ruby and orange toadstools gleam in the bowl, I grab a few asparagus fronds and toss them with sea salt. This salad is going to be so yummy I can’t think of anything better than a salad of springs first toadstools.

    By Mr. Beagle on 11.26.2014

  8. I walk into the forest with my wooden stick in hand. Not that it will help with whatever there is, but its a psychological thing. Wait. I hear it again. The low pitched singing that I heard from my bedroom window. I head in that general direction.

    By teal2001 URL on 11.26.2014

  9. She sat on the toadstool, an overwhelming feeling of awe and anticipation growing inside of her belly and on the brim of her heart.
    “Me? Are you talking to me?” The bearded man nodded, his silver wisps of hair dancing furiously as he did so, and offered his hand to a girl so small, so frail, so delicate, so beautiful.

    By Abigail Peralta on 11.26.2014

  10. I have a toadstool in my house. What? Yes a toadstool. Its very small. It makes no sense though.

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 11.26.2014

  11. I ate a toadstool, when I wasn’t supposed to. It’s not that it was a poison one – well, it was, but that’s beside the point. It was the one we were keeping for Daddy. Now Mom’s crying and I’ll probably be dead within the hour. Nice one, Dad.

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 11.26.2014

  12. once upon a time there was a toadstool. it was living in a forest then some men came along picked it,and then ate it. they got poisoned for the toadstool was not for eating the end

    By Abigail Peralta on 11.26.2014

  13. Explorer, explorer
    nothing but ambition and adventure
    to sustain her.
    Somebody has to venture off
    into the ungodly chaos of the underbrush,
    ambassadors to the animal kingdom
    and taste-tester of toadstools
    and local flora.

    By asavas URL on 11.26.2014

  14. He sat there, gazing across the pond and wondered how much longer he’d be alive to see such beautiful sights. “Perhaps I shouldn’t have eaten that toadstool,” he thought uneasily to himself, but it was too late now as he already felt the nauseating pangs in his stomach.

    By GuinnessMan on 11.26.2014

  15. toadstool …

    in the forest
    between the leaves
    on the ground
    it rained last night
    its wet
    its cold
    a squirrel passes by
    so fluffy
    but still the mushroom’s cold

    By Gerlinde Schweizer URL on 11.26.2014

  16. I’m a toadstool, and I’m pin love with an elephant. And I am, the pink toadstool is called Percy, and my name is Jonny. And I’m in love with a pink toadstool.

    By Saffron on 11.26.2014

  17. Even though it sounds like it- these stools are not for toads to hop on onto. Unfortunately.

    By SIXTYSECONDSGO URL on 11.26.2014


    By BUSHYSTINKS URL on 11.26.2014

  19. Bright red and vibrant. A little girl walks pass and picks it up. Places it in her basket, and skipped all the way home. She cooks it for lunch, fully knowing it is poisonous

    By kyera URL on 11.26.2014

  20. he gazed at the toadstool set before him on the table. he thought the mushroom shaped chair he’d been sitting on was just a joke, but now….
    the chair looked the same as the plant before him. it was a literal toadstool. the old woman before him smiled appreciatively.

    By a URL on 11.26.2014

  21. one for another
    like or as
    compounded for a new

    toadstool for this other
    something unseen
    but simile

    you are extended

    By Sarah URL on 11.26.2014

  22. The shop that was nestled in the very centre of the city was normal enough, until you went inside. Then you see the toadstools it sold- big and small, every shape and size, poisonous and safe. No one knew why it was there or what it was there for- but everyone who entered the shop couldn’t remember it when they left.

    By Sam URL on 11.26.2014

  23. “Have you heard?” The fairy asked. “Heard what?” The other ansered. “Haven’t you heard princess Thumbellina is here! She’s on her way to the castle as we speak.” The first fairy answered. “Really lets go!” The second squealed. Both of the fairies stood from they’re toadstools and flew out the back door.

    By Caelan Taylor Jolley URL on 11.26.2014

  24. She found him in a faerie ring, surrounded by toadstools and mushrooms. He stood in a single ray of light that had found its way through the trees and other plants, and he looked beautiful. Utterly beautiful.

    By Emma on 11.26.2014