September 8th, 2010 | 173 Entries

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173 Entries for “tilt”

  1. some days i’m falling.
    some days i stand firm.
    some days i have hit the ground, smack down, face-first.
    I lean this way, I lean that way.
    Who will be there to help push me up?

    By amanda URL on 09.08.2010

  2. a wheel i like to tilt sometimes when i tilt i fall down fallig down is fun but sometimes it hurts like life i fall down a lot it makes me think im losing my mind a little bit but i don;t think i am but its possible maybe even probable that i am

    By Laura on 09.08.2010

  3. move your body to the side. the earth’s orbit.

    By geena on 09.08.2010

  4. The steering wheel tilted around to the left. Without thinking I reached and tilted it forward which caused the car to go out of control.

    By Lisa Thomas URL on 09.08.2010

  5. life is a tilt. tilting in every direction. sadness falls…. and then it’s gone.

    By Lisa on 09.08.2010

  6. The world starts and stops each day, with no regard for it’s creations. We all stop to stare at the stars with full regard for it’s immensity

    By Eric on 09.08.2010

  7. when i escape into writing, time slows down and the world seems to disappear around me. i dont see or hear, i just think. and write. and repeat.

    By taylor URL on 09.08.2010

  8. The tilt of the earth seemed off as I gazed on his beauty and strength. His whole persona threw mine into a tailspin that I was unable to stop. Breathless, I watched as he sauntered across the street. It was him, that guy that caused me so much stress as a child and so many issues as an adult. It was him, and he was still beautiful. Hated but beautiful.

    By Stephen King on 09.08.2010

  9. I had a pinball machine when I was a kid. Well, it wasn’t mine it was really my dad’s but I remember when it would “tilt” and not being able to use it because of that. Our pinball machine was the hit of the neighborhood. My mom on the other hand, hated it.

    By Anastasia Rose URL on 09.08.2010

  10. tip me over, flip me upside down, but baby I cant tilt you cause I’m lookin like a clown.

    By claireg URL on 09.08.2010

  11. Full tilt. My student teaching experience is going full tilt just like a roller coaster! I am learning tons and, from one day to the next, my class is like a crazy ride. The students are great but need to be more engaged. They are fun and dynamic and require more digital interaction so that their writing can improve and tilt upward toward in motion. Life is always in motion. Education must continue to move forward, and schools must be a fun, exciting place to learn to love learning. Enjoy the ride!

    By Chris on 09.08.2010

  12. she tilted her head to the side when he said those three words
    looked him in the eyes – trying to see if she could see truth in them.
    she saw they were hazed over and he was smiling – drunk like her.
    “tell me that when you’re sober,
    when you know you mean it,” she said
    with a serious look in her eye; one he respected,
    he told her he would.

    By Delilah URL on 09.08.2010

  13. I really don’t like see-saws. They’re awkward and require too much legwork. It’s a mean idea for a playground toy. Who was sick enough to invent it? Or leverage for that matter?

    By Rachel URL on 09.08.2010

  14. I feel tilted pretty often. On a hill. In my bed when someone next to me is heavier than I am. When I am laying on the floor.

    My fish died today, his name was Swarley. He is currently tilted at the bottom of his tank until I take him out.

    I have a tilted mind, all the time.

    By Madison Karpan on 09.08.2010

  15. My world titled on its axis.
    The slightest thing can throw everything I’ve worked so hard to achieve out of alignment and into utter disorder.
    Keep everything together, I said, as my dreams drifted apart and blended in with the ashes of my existence.
    All I could see was smoke.

    By Siege URL on 09.08.2010

  16. Tilt this way or tilt that way. To each his own, I say!

    By Chelsea Delgadillo on 09.08.2010

  17. We used to sit in this dirty cafe weekly; almost to a point of ritual. I would always refuse on instinct and always end up with a smile on my face as we stared across from each other, at our spot in the corner booth with the only clean window. A thousand thoughts and memories walked through my mind putting me in to a catatonic state as I move in to a half slumped posture over a half drunk espresso. Now cold, I’m playing with the handle spinning the petite cup on it’s tray counter-clockwise, almost poetically and pathetically trying to go back in time.

    By Ric on 09.08.2010

  18. goes the ship, we slide around and slip, bodies have taken a dip, water is air in this deadly trip

    By sullegin URL on 09.08.2010

  19. The heavy bookcase tilted very slightly as I leaned against it. These quarters had a very valedictorian air to them, like their inhabitants were of an advanced age which preferred conservativism. My mind couldn’t quite finish processing this as I stepped into the living room to encounter the peculiar trio.

    By Iker URL on 09.08.2010

  20. The Tilt-a-Whirl spins and spins and part of her feels like she’s going to throw up, but a bigger part doesn’t care because /he/’s here. He’s sitting beside her grinning at her, mouth stretched form ear to ear, and a wonderful feeling is bubbling up in her chest and really she’s never been happier.

    By Katie F. URL on 09.08.2010

  21. tilt. my personality is tilting and the government pays me to carry a 30lb weapon into combat and kill haj….I wish i was Dead

    By John C on 09.08.2010

  22. The ship tilted left, as those on board scurried to right the sail. This was not turning out to be the relaxing day on the water most had hoped. First, Thomas had forgotten to bring the drinks. Then the lunch basket was washed overboard, when all were barely off the shore. Now the strong winds were tossing the vessel in the water as if it were a matchstick. Perhaps the situation would improve, but the black clouds in the sky didn’t forebode much positive.

    By Peg Keeney on 09.08.2010

  23. the seesaw would tilt. one side to the other. just like that, her heart, her doubts, her love would alter. uncertainty to confidence.

    By MJ on 09.08.2010

  24. I saw her tilt it and I knew what would happen, but all I could do was watch in horror. Like little shards of glass sparkling to the ground in a violent shatter on the wind. My mind couldn’t comprehend it.

    By Saronai URL on 09.08.2010

  25. The shift of the ship as the other torpedo hit was a bad omen. The tilt was already at 15 degrees, another detonated on the side of the USS California, and she began to roll….

    By ben URL on 09.08.2010

  26. The whole word shifts on it’s own axis – my feet aren’t glued to the ground when it happens and I slide, all the way into the thick of the stars.

    By Brittney URL on 09.08.2010

  27. Pinball. What was it about the game that hooked me. Day in, day out. The lights. The noise. The silver ball. My life was out of my control.

    By michelle on 09.08.2010

  28. Tilting from side to side like a slowing top. One time you’re republican, the next you’re a democrat. Liberalism and democracy spilling all together into a hippie stained splash die. Tilting ’till even up begins to look like down.

    By Didi on 09.08.2010

  29. Sometime I just don’t feel like I did something right. Usually after I’ve said something wrong, or lost an argument. Or even won an argument. My brain pulses against my forehead, as though I know I’m forgetting something. My nerves twitch up and down my neck. It’s difficult to stand on the ground. I call this the tilt.

    By Lauren Scharf on 09.08.2010

  30. Okay, the first thing I would think of is a pinball machine. But what is even more interesting is what I think secondly, and I think of the flat earth (you know, the one that everyone used to believe in) tilting suddenly, spilling the living beings on its surface into the abyss.

    By Jandean Deocampo URL on 09.08.2010

  31. Pinball again. What a day. I couldn’t believe I saw that again. Tilt. I was doing fine. Whatever, that’s ok. I think I’ll do better tomorrow. Tilt the cheese. Always on the left. Why can’t it ever be different. If you do this, it looks strange.

    By Mario URL on 09.08.2010

  32. for me into the calm witless sea of the painless travesties bestowed upon the land of your flesh and gossamer life that tethered you soul to this plane.

    By Frank on 09.08.2010

  33. tilt my brain and watch the fluid from an observer’s perspective run rapidly from left to sloshing right, then back, silt gathering, right to rushing left, faster and faster till fluid runs from my ears like a spring creek bubbling over and through softening rock

    By Richard Braithwaite on 09.08.2010

  34. Pin ball machines are always tilting. They tilt if you hit them too hard. They tilt at windmills. I drink until I tilt. Then I stand up straight and do it again. Tilt a hurl.

    By matt on 09.08.2010

  35. i was at chuck e chees the other day with my daughter. i was having her roll the wooden balls on a game, she stepped on top of it to make the shot as she is getting frustrated. then the message said

    By ramon on 09.08.2010

  36. i am tipped over; mountains green and blue and sliding past me, beyond whatever i can grip. i thought they stuck but clearly not.

    By GOSHYOUSMELLBAD URL on 09.09.2010

  37. She watched the blue fluid flow from one end of the hollow rectangular prism to the other. The tiny plastic fish swam from one end to the other, rocking violently as she tilted the plastic container to the left, to the right, then back to the left.

    By miatetangco URL on 09.09.2010

  38. i like things symmetrical, not topsy turvey. this reminds me of the movie inception, where leo has a top and when it tilts over you know youre in reality. tilt represents a shift in reality?

    By bobaoboaboaoba on 09.09.2010

  39. I’m tilting. Tilting towards mother earth. Unintentionally, I thought. But maybe mother earth is longing for me?

    By LotteZwo URL on 09.09.2010

  40. Don’t tilt. You’ll slip and then you’ll fall and then you won’t get back up. So just don’t tilt, not even a little bit because you can’t afford to fail.

    By bananacreempie on 09.09.2010