September 8th, 2010 | 173 Entries

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173 Entries for “tilt”

  1. It was a difficult feeling, something new and i definitely wasn’t used to it, but i suppose thats what they mean when they say the world tilted. its meant to knock you off your feet, meant to make make you feel disorientated and weird, but you’ll get used to it eventually.

    By Bette on 09.08.2010

  2. There was a large flat glass structure that was held up in the air by some unknown force. It I took a step forward and the platform tilted in the direction of my weight. It was all part of the game.

    By Alyss URL on 09.08.2010

  3. The tilt-a-whirl made her sick
    She hated the fair.
    Why did she go?

    By Amiee URL on 09.08.2010

  4. crooked building. leaning tower of pisa. pinball wizard. crazy. upside down. get something unstuck. pour from a glass.

    By Peter on 09.08.2010

  5. The pinball machine was on tilt, just as I was on tilt. Angry, torn, but still trying to keep the ball moving. Always moving, never stopping. The ding of the lights lit up with each paddle flip, moving me in the patterns, never the same.

    By James Lieurance on 09.08.2010

  6. I think I understand my moment, and then it tilts….everything is the same and I think I know it, but how is the world so different underneath my hands? I don’t know.

    TILT! I like the sounds.

    By Tyler Ann Klein URL on 09.08.2010

  7. I tilt my head up high,
    Looking up away at the sky-
    Keep thinking: “Why, why WHY?!”
    Don’t know if I’ll consent
    To this growing love;
    Yet I hope,
    I wish,
    It never ends-
    Just as the sky.

    By Jhosy URL on 09.08.2010

  8. It was an interesting sight.

    It was a building, at an exact 45 degree angle to the Earth, as if suspended by invisible pillars.

    It wasn’t.

    By Jacob URL on 09.08.2010

  9. its like when you are walking through a city park and you become aware of everything thats going on around you. you feel like you are being pulled along by the path and you could fall over at any time.

    By emily on 09.08.2010

  10. And the world tilted with his words. Everything that was, everything she’d ever known, shifted. As if each syllable that came from his mouth piled ontop of the one before it, weighting down this see-saw she’d never noticed before, this precarious balancing act that had become her life, until she found herself thrust into the air, holding on by the tips of her fingers as the earth tilted away from her grasp.

    By Jessie URL on 09.08.2010

  11. My ipod tilts, I tilt, the earth tilt, but I don´t tilt in that directio, i{m all the opposite to this world, but nobody notices it. I tilt towards YOU

    By NISELA on 09.08.2010

  12. the world is tilting in all directions, like a fair ride. I want it to stop, I think. Maybe not

    By heather on 09.08.2010

  13. (…)

    “It’s the thing she does with her neck. The fucking thing, you know? She does this…this neck tilt thing and she winks at me when she does it. Winks at me! Can you believe it? I mean, who winks anymore, right? Anyway, that’s why I can’t let her go. The whole thing with the neck and the fact that I’m crazy about her. That’s why. She’s a terrible person, really. Just awful. Just, just, just, soul crushing sometimes, the way she talks to me. I know that. And she makes me feel small and…I guess undignified would be the word, wouldn’t it? But I don’t care. I don’t care if she tells me how much of a failure I am every day of my life, if that means I get to spend it with her.”

    “I get it.”

    “You do, huh. What do you think you get?”

    “What you’re saying. That we can’t choose who we love, that love isn’t all about happiness, that it’s about being with the right person and that right doesn’t necessarily mean perfect or even good. You’re saying how you feel about them is more important than how they make you feel.”

    “You’ve got it all wrong already, son.”


    “What I’m saying is that I married a sadistic, needy whore and I can’t even imagine life without her anymore because she has eaten away at my self-confidence like a ravenous zombie. Love has nothing to do with it. I’m a sorry excuse for a man, just look at me! She’s right when she says that…
    I’m saying, you need to be careful. How they make you feel is the only thing that’s important. You’re young. You don’t look half bad. Be with women who make you feel invincible. Smart, honest, beautiful women who can cook. Treat them well. Sooner or later you will love one of these women and she will love you back and then you’ll understand what a fucking terrible idea it was to ask me for advice.”

    By teadrop URL on 09.08.2010

  14. Suddenly, everything began tilting and she felt her legs start to weaken beneath her. She tried to reach out an arm so she wouldn’t crash into the ground, but found nothing. She closed her eyes quickly, and when she opened them again, she was lying down in someone’s bed.

    By H! URL on 09.08.2010

  15. Sometimes when i look at common society i feel like I’m on a strange platform. And sadly, for some reason everything feels tiled.

    By Bligh on 09.08.2010

  16. The words leave those lips, and just like that his body goes numb. His mind is uncharacteristically blank and his world seems to tilt, collapsing, falling away into nothing. He couldn’t…he couldn’t just LEAVE! Not as if it didn’t matter…not as if THEY didn’t matter! The other promises to be back as soon as he can, but he’s not listening anymore. Sure, he can promise all he likes, but it’s not like even he knows when he’ll come back. It’s an open-ended promise….one that he’s not sure if he can believe anymore.

    By Breanna URL on 09.08.2010

  17. The vision of you is tilting as I reach for you. The glass that I have in my hand seems heavy and the bourbon spills out of it. Please forgive me for regressing. I need you around so please stick around.

    By Laura on 09.08.2010

  18. A tilt at a windmill. At tilt in a game of pinball. If you live long enough, you’ll begin to look at and move through the world at a bit of a tilt. He lived each day with just a bit of a tilt to one side, but no one could tell what weight it was that caused it.

    By C. C. Sheridan URL on 09.08.2010

  19. Miss Wand took me on the Tilt-a-Whirl when I was four years old. I was the only one brave enough to go on with her. I can still feel the pull keeping my dress flat against my thighs and see Miss Wanda’s dyed yellow hair streaming while she screamed and found me with her smile and I latched on with my eyes and pulled each other close.

    By Nancy O'Neill on 09.08.2010

  20. a tilt of the head and a blink of the eye, my love.
    But a moment in a sea of chaos

    By Wells URL on 09.08.2010

  21. tilt a whirl
    spill and twirl
    what you have will never leave my side
    smile bright
    in the night
    you’re all i need
    no more sunshine indeed
    all i need and all i want
    you’re all i need and all i want
    we’ll slowly tumble down

    By Ellen The Whale on 09.08.2010

  22. He tilted the hourglass and the sand began to pour. I tried to explain myself. But time soon ran out and I couldn’t do anything else.

    By Olivia URL on 09.08.2010

  23. tilt, spin, whirl. out of control. this is fun… until it’s not.

    By jessicafatale URL on 09.08.2010

  24. I thought everything was fine
    But I knew
    I knew that it couldn’t last
    I knew that it wasn’t possible.
    And now
    As everything starts to
    And fall apart
    And everything inside me
    And disintegrates
    And fades into
    Silver and red.
    Silver and red.
    Silver and red…

    By Bethany on 09.08.2010

  25. Seesaw. Rediculuous energy drink? back and forth, i like the “lt” sound of the word.

    By Jahana URL on 09.08.2010

  26. The world tilted and pitched beneath me, and I suddenly found it extremely difficult to stay upright. Oh dear, I thought distantly, it’s happened again. My vision grayed at the edges, and I swallowed dizzily, searching for a water fountain; I had dehydrated myself again.

    By Chuppers URL on 09.08.2010

  27. I tilted back on my heels while I waited in line. Nervousness. That was the most prevalent feeling. What color was my blood? And what did it have to do with my magical capabilites? Yesterday, I had no clue what any of this was. Wow.

    By Marissa URL on 09.08.2010

  28. Her head was tilted as she looked out the window at the rain. The sadness in her eyes couldn’t be masked but there were not tears running down her face.

    By kzla URL on 09.08.2010

  29. The rollercoaster tilts as it enters a sharp corner. I am dizzy with delight, holding my breath, jaw wide open. Eyes full of awe. Fear and fun all in one moment of intense speed.

    By rb on 09.08.2010

  30. The board was skewed crazily on the table’s edge. My brother rolled a die and moved his piece, setting it down gently on one of my houses only to have it slide three spaces onto a chance space.

    I glared at him. This was not in any sense fair.

    By sagewolf URL on 09.08.2010

  31. can lean either way..but it still goes one way…

    By kermin.balawis URL on 09.08.2010

  32. The huge crane tilted to the left, just about to fall into the chasm. Tracy ran forward to catch it, making it barely in time. Her tiny body was just enough to keep the massive bird from overbalancing and toppling over.

    By sporadicgirl URL on 09.08.2010

  33. The room tilted before my eyes and though I could feel the slant I still couldn’t believe it was happening. Vertigo enraptured my mind and a half-crazed smile tilted my mouth in the same direction as the room was tilting.

    By Julia A. URL on 09.08.2010

  34. The world began to tilt as she stood up. Alcohol had never done this to her before. So why was it doing it now? The couple she’d been with earlier no longer seemed so friendly now as she hit the floor. Her vision swam and everything suddenly became dark. Then, she swore she heard laughter. And that was the last thing she heard before losing consciousness.

    By emily on 09.08.2010

  35. I’m tilting, forwards and backwards everyday. It’s a pendulum swinging in place always to the same places. Why won’t it stop swinging’ I need a new clock. I need more time. It’s always about me though, my time and my pendulum…where are the other’s swinging? Where are the clocks I can smash? I want it all to stop ticking.

    By megan URL on 09.08.2010

  36. on a drunken axis time leans and sifts, sloshing to one side of the universal paradigm, the galactic hourglass of wavering non-particles flashing in and out of existence in-between dimensions and along vibrating strings in infinite directions

    By rAH!n URL on 09.08.2010

  37. I tilted my head when he spoke and I found myself wonder what he was thinking as he was talking. How could it be that someone as good looking as himself could be so oblivious and yet so sure all at the same time?

    By Dierdre Madrid URL on 09.08.2010

  38. She tilted her head until it fell of, it fell into the sea and got eaten by a pack of hungry piranhas, witch is very uncommon for they live usually in fresh water..
    this strange coincidence has pondered scholars for many many years, and will probably go on for centuries..
    the end.

    By Óskar URL on 09.08.2010

  39. When he smiled he tilted his head ever so slightly to the left. It reminded her of that dog from those stereo commercials they played when she was a kid. It was endearing now, she supposed. Though, it was the sort of thing she could see driving her mad after 35 years of marriage. She envisioned seeing that infuriating head tilt and, now that she looked, that slight gap in his front teeth for the millionth time. She made a mental note to delete his phone number as soon as she made it to the front door.

    By Julie URL on 09.08.2010

  40. See saw tilting up and down
    children laughing
    swings tilting to and fro as more children have more laughter.
    Oh all this great tilting.

    By madi on 09.08.2010