November 17th, 2012 | 196 Entries

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196 Entries for “thought”

  1. Ask me for a thought about thought, and I’m lost. Not in thought, but out of it. What a strange thought!
    Who thought thinking about thought would be so thought-provoking.

    By Bobs_cat URL on 11.17.2012

  2. is like a river running over the skies through my mind. pink-lit skull of organisms, created by the THOUGHTS and their SOULS that lend ever-birthing energy to my body and my world. Thought is good/bad.

    By Alex Light URL on 11.17.2012

  3. why thought? That seems like a funny word to have to think writing about. What does a baby think about after it eats? The meaning of life or really getting out that fart in it’s belly. Probably a bit of both. How old does a baby have to be to take her on a hike?

    By kis on 11.17.2012

  4. i thought i had already wrote a thought about thought. seems that the duplication of such a thought is rather common in a ever expanding thought connected reality.

    By Alex Light URL on 11.17.2012

  5. …is a means of communication, but not with other people, with you and your soul. It’s the speaking at the same, yelling fits, angry, weeping, laughing, loving kind of communication that confuses, comforts, and makes you reach down into yourself for answers that you might not yet have, but still it’s inherently necessary for there to be any hope of a happy life.

    By Claire URL on 11.17.2012

  6. A thought is like one drop of rain. You feel it hit your hand, and you look up to the sky. Slowly, the rain increases. Now, the droplets are slapping your face and you close your eyes. You let the thoughts come to you, until your face is soaking wet.

    By sasha on 11.17.2012

  7. I thought about the coming snowfalls and I just couldn’t wait, the trees glistening in the winter night moon light and and animals breathing softly in their bungalows of dreams.

    By paige on 11.17.2012

  8. Today I thought about how I was going to get to the market. I thought about taking my bike, but the sky looked formidable because of the large looming storm clouds just above the nearby mountains. So instead I thought about taking my car, but I was out of gas and the market was too far away and the nearest gas station is about ten miles away. The thoughts of today seem rather boring. Aaaand… Yeah that’s just a random jumble of silliness. Ta da!…

    By Leah URL on 11.17.2012

  9. The scientist is all about thought. She tests her theories, controlled tests but you can’t really control a test anymore than you can control a person not in biology. There are two many unpredictable factors.

    By Rebecca on 11.17.2012

  10. I am amazed at the incredible breadth of thought in this world and how wonderful it is that we are not monolithic.

    By ZM on 11.17.2012

  11. thoughts trail behind me like strands of hair, and they blow in the wind until they touch your face. please don’t run away from them. please caress them, love them, so that they grow into a beautiful garden instead of dying like the stars in the sky. I’m tangled in my thoughts, and they all lead back to you. my thoughts are a tangled web of beliefs, and I’m trying to sort out what’s true and what I just want to be true. I’m drowning in a sea of thoughts and all I can see is your face

    By K on 11.17.2012

  12. “But I thought…” Caius swallowed, locking down, hardening his features, tightening his jaw. “Never mind, that’s fine.”

    “Cai, wait – ”

    “I said it’s fine.”

    By Julia A. URL on 11.17.2012

  13. don’t think just write. this is a thought. My thoughts aren’t as good as your thoughts, but they’re still thoughts. beautiful thoughts, bad thoughts, good thoughts, jealous thoughts.



    I thinking.

    By Charles on 11.17.2012

  14. My thought of today is exhaustion. I have been working everyday for the past 3 weeks. I’m normally one of those people that needs a lazy Sunday for some down time. Where oh where is my lazy Sunday. I’d like to yell that through the office but i think people would stare. Not that they don’t already.

    By Maggie on 11.17.2012

  15. “Think,” I hear the thoughts of my teacher, reassuring, urging.
    But I can’t even breathe.
    With the gun trained towards my head, the lone man regards me in quiet speculation. “Why should I let you live?”
    Think. Think. But all thought escapes me.
    My mouth grows dry. “I know the Kaisians very well, sir. I could aid you on your quest.”
    He laughs, the cool metal barrel pressing deeper into my skull. “All of Paula’s recruits know about Kaisians. What can you offer me that they can’t?”
    If I tell him the truth, I could die because of it.
    “I know the Kaisians well because…well.” Think. Think. “Because I was one.”
    Then, a click.

    By KenzieB19 URL on 11.17.2012

  16. With my eyes gently closed and with a just one tiny taste, I thought I had seen little bursts of multicolored fireworks flash before my eyes. It has been way too long, I silently mused, since I had savored Momma’s home-made lemon-grass rotisserie chicken. All I could hear my taste buds whisper was, “Welcome back home.”

    By Deborah Lin URL on 11.17.2012

  17. “I thought you were – ”


    “But you said that you’d – ”


    “But I was hoping you’d – ”


    I feel like the tiniest and most awkward person in the world right now. She’s just staring back at me, waiting for me to come up with something clever to say, as if I have the capacity to change her mind. Suddenly, the coffee doesn’t taste so good to me anymore.



    “When are you leaving?” I ask.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.17.2012

  18. i thought to myself “things will change.” i thought everything will be okay
    ill be
    but guess what? my thoughts were wrong, my thoughts were wrong.
    you need to change.
    things need to change because of YOU
    YOU need to go out and be proactive
    and be the thing
    you wish
    to change
    then, then
    you will be

    By hannah URL on 11.17.2012

  19. I thought I’d have more to write about.

    By Samantha URL on 11.17.2012

  20. meandme and i think but i dont know what about or why, what is thought anway? mindless, it is, and topicless, yet all encompassing and BIG and how? hasthetimerunoutyet?

    By lily on 11.17.2012

  21. Thoughts are what I’m putting down in this entry. They’re “what happened today” and “why did he look at me like that?”. Thoughts are “what if’s” and stories and realizations that come from those subquestions. Thoughts are journey’s

    By Madison Gardner on 11.17.2012

  22. “I thought you were supposed to protect me!” I screamed at his back as he walked out of the room. “I thought you were my guardian, my secret angel! You’re not supposed to lock me up! You can’t lock me up. I love you.” He was long gone to hear my words, but I said them anyway.

    By Kristina URL on 11.17.2012

  23. The dream I had about you was true. I hoped it was a nightmare, but it turns out that it was eerily accurate. You used me…then you left me. You are happy, too…which us the worst part of all. So what occurs to me is that you have given me no thought .

    By Karen J. Romine on 11.17.2012

  24. Traveling and forever moving. Sometimes in your grasp, sometimes not. It flows and dances. It joins others to create ideas and dreams. And those ideas and dreams join to form actions.

    By flutefrog URL on 11.17.2012

  25. The thought entered my mind, and woke me like a splash of cold water. Had I? Had I done it? Had I really done what I was only now just vaguely remembering? My heart pounded.

    By Annie URL on 11.17.2012

  26. To question. To have an opinion. To embrace the silence. To hold back. To regret.

    By Grace URL on 11.17.2012

  27. A thought can travel a mile a minute within the geography of your mind, and on its path, any splinter of inspiration can be an alteration that leads to a tree of possibilities. Yet because of its nature of momentous flight, it can revise itself or simply disappear to swarm within a dark space, a hidden compartment of your mind. When we somehow tap into this dark space, this void of lost thoughts, incoherent in compilation, we are suddenly flooded with this sense of suddenness, a similar feeling to enlightenment or divine inspiration, but most of this know this feeling as Deja Vu.

    By Eric Harrell on 11.17.2012

  28. the thought that might change the world.
    the thought that everyone else is just like us and not like us at all and it’s all good.
    the thought that life is weird and bodies are weird.

    By Liz URL on 11.17.2012

  29. A thought: a passing whisper, an echo of an idea. Most often, forgotten within another moment. They’re not always true, thoughts. They can be a random jumble of words…thrown together in a moment. Don’t…don’t listen to your thoughts. Don’t let them control your emotions: let your emotions be emotions, not thoughts. Just because your heart is pounding means nothing. It’s okay if you don’t want to think.

    By LILYhibiku URL on 11.17.2012

  30. thinking is hard
    and doing is hard, but
    thinking is harder. Don’t you agree?
    thinking is hard and
    reading is hard
    writing is hard
    everything I do is really, really hard
    there are a lot of reasons for why that’s true, you know
    the least of them is my radical irresponsibility!

    By la on 11.17.2012

  31. thoughts are dragging me down. Everything is over analyzed. Thoughts make you unhappy. Thoughts question, thoughts nag, thoughts make everything heavier than it should be. Thoughts are what have made the human species great but malcontent. Thoughts cause unrest. To placate the masses, make the media thoughtless.

    By an octopus URL on 11.17.2012

  32. He would throw up from the thought of it. There’s no way anyone could get him to actually DO it. They’d be insane to try. On the other hand, if anyone thought they could do it, it’d be her.

    By anthony URL on 11.17.2012

  33. It struck me like lightning in the desert, in the middle of the night. Stumbling in a storm, there was a flash – and instant – when I could see for miles.

    By firecracker27 URL on 11.17.2012

  34. i think about things too much. that’s something most people will say. they think about work or school or that their wife is cheating on them or that they procrastinate too much or that they’re worthless and they’ll never achieve their hopes and dreams or that it’s too cold out or what will I have for dinner or how much longer is he going to be or why do I even bother. I think all of this and then some, the point where I don’t eat and I don’t sleep and all I can ever think to do is think.

    By Sarah URL on 11.17.2012

  35. i thought when you said forever, you really meant it
    but i guess forever is a really long time, you know?
    i never really thought you could outlast forever, but i hoped you would
    but you didn’t
    i thought when i said i’d be fine, i really meant it
    but i guess being fine is hard when you lose someone you love so much, you know?
    i never really thought i’d have to be without you, i hoped you’d stay
    but you didn’t

    By paige URL on 11.17.2012

  36. too many to choose from. fleeting, delirious, and heavy. empty, empty, dark, open, lost, too many – did I cover that already?

    By Deyanira URL on 11.17.2012

  37. Thought. An idea. The creative process of generating knowledge. Something that everyone does, but no one actually realizes that they’re doing it. Something that everyone does far too often.

    By Morgan Harpold on 11.17.2012

  38. It pierces the soul, awakening the mind, bleeding out the essence of our being. if it goes un used we, as humans, are dead in essence. don’t let your thoughts die, let them breath through you. Love your mind, don’t let it be subject to asphyxiation through conformity.

    By Natalia Kvalem on 11.17.2012

  39. what is a though? a scientific reaction dedicated to the pure creation of invisible matter? a emotional response to the beauty of the world? Chemicals telling you to do stuff? I can’t say. But whatever it is I like it.

    By Robert Nichols on 11.17.2012

  40. A first reaction. A moment in time that displays how your thought process works. Something that can make or break a situation. A beginning. A end. An idea.

    By Jane k on 11.17.2012