February 5th, 2013 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “think”

  1. Sometimes we tend to overthink stuff
    And when we do, we tend to panic because we overthink it.
    When we panic, we start to run
    When we run, at one point we fall
    When we fall…… OMG!
    Just stop!
    Don’t overthink stuff
    Enjoy this life, you’ll thank me for it
    I think…..

    By LunaSyn20 URL on 02.06.2013

  2. My head starts to hurt…..
    My eyes is blurry….
    My throat is dry….
    Hmmmm…. I think I want to go pee
    Man! I hate thinking what to write!

    By LunaSyn20 URL on 02.06.2013

  3. Think? Think? Think? That’s it? I just write about thinking. Well that’s difficult. Considering that’s what I do every day as a writer. Is it about what I think?

    Or a character that day lives in Kentucky that’s thinking about leaving her boyfriend. Why? I guess she has a baby with some other guy and she didn’t have the heart (balls) to tell him.

    I guess life gets boring and people get tired of just sitting around thinking about shit all day. Thinking about the last time you changed your shits or got an oil change or even got laid.

    What? I said it. All we do is think about what’s happened, what’s happening, what’s going to happen, oh and what could never happen. Zombies? no no no everyone would disagree.

    So I light my medical marijuana and I smirk at you whoever you are. Who am I writing this for? I found this page on stumble and it told me to write and I complied because it’s 4 am and the night is a child (and I no longer am).


    oh wait there’s no one to pass it to.

    Goodnight, LA.

    Who’m I kidding, that bitch’s got insomnia.

    Prescribe her some Trazadone

    Goodnight my people my lungs my


    goodnight don’t let the demons

    By HoldenLyric URL on 02.06.2013

  4. think about it
    do you really want that right now?
    who’s stopping you from doing what you want besides yourself of course
    because it always will. that thing in the back of your head telling you not to
    that is your force to be reckoned with, yourself. you must beat this force, you must tell it that you will control what you have.

    By CheyenneDrew URL on 02.06.2013

  5. I think this site is an excellent way to divert our innermost creativity towards the internet. I wonder whats so wrong with pen and paper, a well worn book. Mindless scribblings here and there. Do you think I think this is a good thing?

    By wallz on 02.06.2013

  6. I sometimes just sit and wonder what i should think about or should I just not think at all,what do you think I should do????????

    By Shaftronic URL on 02.06.2013

  7. I always was born with thought by my side. We had a strange upbringing. We never knew each other existed until too late. But when we did the monstrosities multiplied ferociously. It was a slap in the face to explore each others worlds.

    By Rhizomos on 02.06.2013

  8. “My love…” She said quietly, not quite looking at him.
    He whispered, “So that’s it, then. This is how you think of me?”
    A pause blooms between them.
    She nods, finally. “With all my heart and… but…”
    “Your head doesn’t agree.” He finished for her.
    If she had more courage…but then she wills herself to face the man, he who is the inspiration of such violent internal conflict, he who makes her feel that which has as never been so vividly felt before…

    By ψυχή on 02.06.2013

  9. I think that I should have just said no to him.

    By Khairun on 02.06.2013

  10. When I think, I think about you,
    I dream about how we used to be.
    You would cradle me in your warm arms.
    Your deep eyes of blue would entrance me.
    But then I thought,
    You’re not mine.
    And when I started to think even more,
    The more distant you seemed.
    Fading away until you were just a nightmare from a dream.

    By Rebecca on 02.06.2013

  11. Thinking, thoughts, ideas, feelings. I think too much or don’t I think enough. I want to be a great thinker. I want my mind to produce ideas and thoughts so profound that others want to repeat them. I want to think and expound the edges of human knowledge and eccentricity.

    By sara jean on 02.06.2013

  12. Thinking helps us get through our lives. We use our brains.

    By katie on 02.06.2013

  13. Thinking helps us get through our lives. We use our brains. School takes a lot of thinking. Thinking can be hard or easy.

    By katie on 02.06.2013

  14. I think about what I am going to blog about pretty much the entire day. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel, so I am being totally deliberate in the beginning. The problem, though, is that I am creating a block that’s going to be hard to overcome.

    By Rob Eddy on 02.06.2013

  15. i am an overthinker. i think all the time. but i love it. i love it when i become crazy because of thinking. i think of all things. one thing that i can’t get out of my head lately is my former special someone. i still think of the possibilities of us being together, but i better put myself together because it’s no longer possible. sigh.

    By Kate on 02.06.2013

  16. The new word, and not so new as it would seem to be. Thinking grants me power over thought. But that is only our concept, differentiating between thinking and thought, making them two separate things, instead of connecting them into one mighty being. In which they are, the man.

    By Jan2510 URL on 02.06.2013

  17. Think; something someone can do or describe. Something beautiful to do or have. Something that helps you get around your problems in life. Thinking, something that can lead you out of a forest or a big problem. Don’t be afraid to think because thinking is a great thing.

    By Thomas Gentile URL on 02.06.2013

  18. If you gave them a quick glance, you might think that Apple and Dyson have a lot in common.

    The Center for Economic Policy and Research is a liberal think tank based in Washington.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 02.06.2013

  19. ive never really thought about actually thinking. its one of those things everybody takes for granted, but its one of the things that sets us apart from everybody else. we all think differently. we all simply take it for granted and literally don’t THINK about THINKING. it’s a ridiculous situation we live in, where creativity and thought are afterthoughts.

    By Clay on 02.06.2013

  20. We all think and dream. I prefer dreaming because I am asleep.

    By katie on 02.06.2013

  21. Ever been too tired to think?
    I used to muse that such a thing would be impossible.
    Although lately fatigue is starting to catch up with me.
    Dulls the mind, weights the spirit, causes watery eyes…
    Yet I’ve got many more miles of reserve it seems.
    I am the driver of my own punishment.
    I’ll call it progress, make it a mantra, follow it till the ends of the Earth, to hell and back, the great beyond – whatever my internal propaganda machine chooses to make the buzz word that pushes the buttons and directs my drive.

    By Intuition URL on 02.06.2013

  22. i hate thinking, it takes a lot of effort, thinking is what they make you do in school, all winners think, there are an infinite things to think about, you could live for ever and still not think of everything,

    By Jasmin URL on 02.06.2013

  23. i don’t. See it just comes out there. Plus, why do I need to think in a place like this? My thinking is taken care of for me. I have no need to do such a thing. Why waste my time. I can do all those other things with out thinking. I don’t have to worry. That sounds good. I want that.

    By Gabrielle URL on 02.06.2013

  24. thinks about her sitting in the classroom all alone. well she isnt alone not really. the students are there. but she must just be sitting bored, her chin on her hand like it always was. she has her hair up because she doesn’t wash it midweek. she’s probably wearing stockings today as the winds picked up a bit. is she thinking about me? i’m thinking about her. thinking about her honey eyes and her soft lips. it seems wrong to think of someones teacher like that. I used to think about my teachers like that but then I was always a bad student.

    By Paris URL on 02.06.2013

  25. ive actually already down this word before i signed up and i dont think i can really think of anything more than what i already thought of, thinking is what makes the world go round, without thinking the world would not exsist the human race would have died out a long time ago.

    By URL on 02.06.2013

  26. think

    By Berat tOPRA on 02.06.2013

  27. i think about it all the time.
    thinking about how it would be.
    what it was like.
    how it should have been.
    then i look in the mirror and think
    what is it that goes on in that person’s head.
    how is it different than what happens in mine?
    thinking is for losers it seems.

    By itsme URL on 02.06.2013

  28. i wonder what the sun
    thinks about the clouds.

    they share the same sky,
    yet some days
    the clouds invade its technocolor
    blue, leaving the sun
    to shimmer weakly.

    other days, the clouds
    are driven into hiding, allowing
    the sun to proclaim it’s beauty.

    however, sometimes i think
    maybe the sun
    just wants some friends.

    By rachel. URL on 02.06.2013

  29. Thinking is one of the best abilyties a human can have. It gives you freedom like no one has ever seen. You can create a whole new world while you’re thinking and you can also destroy on. Thoughts have ruined so much but have also created such magical things.

    By Amber on 02.06.2013

  30. i think this site has it’s date wrong. it is feb 6th but this is still the word for feb 5th.
    i have already done this one and i think it’s a little boring to do it again but yet here i am. it’s like i am addicted and
    when will the word change??????? now please.

    By itsme URL on 02.06.2013

  31. There she was again, with a notebook and a pen as a shield. Nothing compares to that feeling when she’s just drifting away from reality, thinking how better off she was with just her notebook.

    By Danielle URL on 02.06.2013

  32. Thinking is one of the best abilities a human can have. It gives you freedom like no one has ever seen. You can create a whole new world while you’re thinking and you can also destroy on. Thoughts have ruined so much but have also created such magical things. Thinking can bring you down but it can also build you up.

    By Amber URL on 02.06.2013

  33. dont think just write, quote by one word, just write like I am now I’m not stopping to think I’m just writing! I can’t think of any thing I have writers block help me!!!!!! oooo one time I got writers block and then I just could not write for like 20min I was sort of like this but at least Im writing now!!

    By y2018andoes on 02.06.2013

  34. I am thinking so hard. Yet the answer still hasn’t come. Is it spelled f-u-c-h-e-r or f-u-t-u-r-e. I don’t know. Maybe it is because I didn’t study. I don’t know.

    By room 14 URL on 02.06.2013

  35. I can’t breathe until I can loosen my vision and think a little less. They say you need to think a little more to be a little smarter, but I rarely find that to be the case. It seems to me, the less you think, the less you have to doubt, and the more you have to know.

    By Zoe URL on 02.06.2013

  36. think,say do. I think about you, I say what you say and i do as you do. Think think think! she said. She thinks thinkings is over-rated. I am over-thinked. What do you think about that? Running out of thinking time I Think in time with thinking kinds. Think think think! What rhymes with think? Sink, I think? Blink. Drink. Pink.

    By niamh on 02.06.2013

  37. Thinking is one of the humans best abilities it sets us apart from other creatures we have the power to interact, think, brainstorm, and live our lives with much intelligence!

    By anonymous on 02.06.2013

  38. I have been forced to do this by the project at hand. Think. It appears to be a simple word, but really, it is layered. You can’t only take it at face value, because you really never know what anyone is thinking. Your brain is constantly filtering it’s output.

    By Considerate URL on 02.06.2013

  39. Well I just saw the same word on the main screen. “Think” can be such a meaningful word. I mean think can also mean so many things. My coach is always telling us to think.

    By Bgleas on 02.06.2013

  40. “Just slow down a minute and think about this!”
    He was so angry. I was a bit taken aback as I watched him pack up his things, throwing clothes and books into suitcases and boxes with none of his usual careful fastidiousness.
    “What is there to think about, Eric?” he turned on me, anger glinting in his eyes. “I don’t think getting too drunk to think straight is a very good excuse for sleeping around.”

    By hannah URL on 02.06.2013