February 5th, 2013 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “think”

  1. It’s hard to think sometimes. Well I guess we’re always thinking. But I mean it’s hard to focus on one thing and think about one thing. Like cars, books, watermelons, cooking shows, handlebars, sparkles, smokes, fingers, weasels and burbank. All those words danced around in my head right after one another and I couldn’t just think about one of them. Life’s hard!

    By laurenlauren28 URL on 02.06.2013

  2. The trouble with thinking is that, although at first it leads to intelligence, after a while it becomes a guessing-game and a chaotic state and results in knowing less than before. The trouble with smart people is that they think too much. And so, they are rarely happy with themselves or what they know.

    By Zoe URL on 02.06.2013

  3. I think of you the very moment I wake up in the morning. I think of you. I think of my research. I think of me..

    By nectarine URL on 02.06.2013

  4. my thoughts are
    suffocating and
    it is hard to breathe–

    i can barely keep my
    head above water–
    it is my anchor and
    i belong to a strictly
    sink-or-swim world.

    i am drowning in my
    thoughts and sorrows–
    i am drowning in what
    i cannot know.

    By Zoe URL on 02.06.2013

  5. I think too much without knowing what to think. Thinking about everything and nothing and going nowhere.

    By ashmangus URL on 02.06.2013

  6. i think too much. it’s always been this way. as a child, i wish i had a quarter for the number of times i was accused of thinking too much. “just be a kid,” i sometimes heard after i posed a question concerning adult topics. it felt frustrating. i felt entirely misunderstood.

    By l on 02.06.2013

  7. “Never mind”, I say.

    “Do mind”, I think.

    By helene URL on 02.06.2013

  8. I think too much. About everything really. It just sits and flows through my head as I get caught up in a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings and drama. I never know how to stop it, or whether I should. What if I need these thoughts? What if thinking them keeps me sane? I can’t stop thinking. I may get hurt!
    At least, that is what the mind says. But what would really happen?
    If I stopped thinking, I’d act more. I’d take action. And without the balance of thought, I’d fuck up.

    By Serryphae URL on 02.06.2013

  9. stop, pause, calculate, remember other. live through the pain of waiting.,.

    By yermama URL on 02.06.2013

  10. thinking. i am thinking write now. thinking about what i should be writing about. thoughts are everywhere but nowhere, which could be anything

    By victoria on 02.06.2013

  11. HA! For so long I have waited for this word and the day of all days that it arrives I have no creativity flowing and oozing from me. Typical. Coincidence? I think not.

    By Stephen Clarke on 02.06.2013

  12. exotic

    By Jana Milovac URL on 02.06.2013

  13. As if that’s not the only thing I do. Let’s get lost in my mind. Rewind time to see the faults and the holes from imperfections in knowledge.

    By Brent on 02.06.2013

  14. alien predator madness selfestim tiger love dream missing designe notebook book more sea okean sun moonlight nature mountain hill light reborn birth beauty

    By Jana Milovac URL on 02.06.2013

  15. I think…..
    Still thinking….
    I’m still thinking….
    I think I’m overthinking it….

    By LunaSyn20 URL on 02.06.2013

  16. If i think about you then i feel sad all over again. I was standing in the rain and as the water dripped all over my uncovered head i could not help but think of the time you drapped a huge overcoat over me as you got soaked and then kissed me so sweetly before you walked back to your apartment. and i cried, i cried more than i ever have in public. you were such a gentleman, not even asking to come up and i felt like a lady. but you had ulterior motives that night and were not just acting on your charm. you didnt call for days on end which was not like you. i walked past your apartment by accident and wanted to see you and perhaps tell you off. but you were not there; you had left me forever without a goodbye or note or anything. and as i looked at your lifeless body slumped in the corner and felt the stick of dried brown blood on my soles i thought of the last breakfast we had the morning of our last rainy date. you said that you would love to love me one day and if you couldn’t then that day would be your last. i thought i loved you up until that moment. i think i cried because no one was ever so honest with me, never so blunt. i do not think i love you anymore.

    By Maggie on 02.06.2013

  17. What is it to think? Why do we care to live inside our own mind? I find you must furnish the house to appreciate the beauty beyond. It is what separates us from the apes we evolved from, and I simply adore stopping to think.

    By Meaghan Moylan on 02.06.2013

  18. I think I think too much sometimes.
    But maybe not.
    I only think in circles.
    Thinking gets me answers.
    Or more questions.
    I think I like to think.
    Maybe thinking of thinking is really too much thinking after all.
    Or maybe I’m just over thinking.

    By Hannah on 02.06.2013

  19. I am because I think. I live in thought. I am sunny in my thoughts. Thinking is a form of entertainment. I think about everything.

    By Zeke on 02.06.2013

  20. It’s hard to write without thinking. That’s the point of this website and even though it’s my homepage I don’t keep up like I want to because writing scares me. It’s so hard for me to sit down and get a thought onto paper. Once I do though, the rest comes naturally. The fear, however, never withers.

    By dan URL on 02.06.2013

  21. Amerie did all she could. She followed protocol, gave out compliments, and even went beyond expectations, staying after hours to do the work of others. Finally, the time came for her promotion. “Do you have an idea for how we can revamp our marketing strategy?” the chair of the board asked. All she could do was stare back at them like a deer caught in headlights.

    By Soft URL on 02.06.2013

  22. I think that I have been here before, seen this word plastered someplace before. I’ve heard this command called out before, commanding me to think.

    By Miss H URL on 02.06.2013

  23. I think its time to change the world

    By Jerri URL on 02.06.2013

  24. To think is to isolate your mind to it’s own time. You can think as broadly or as narrow as you wish. No one hears your thoughts. They are individual, unique, an indulgence only for you to enjoy. Think bad thoughts or good ones, it doesn’t matter. You have the power to think up anything. To think is to learn and to expand. To grow.

    By Naomi Blyth on 02.06.2013

  25. what you thinkabout is what you become, your thoughts become your actions and your actions are thought about by other on a day to day bases.. youre alwasy being watched aand noticed therefore youre always been thought about

    By Christopher Dorsey on 02.06.2013

  26. I’m thinking. And thinking some more. Why can’t I focus? I look at the clock. Only two minutes have passed. Tick tock. Tick tock. Why do clocks make that noise? Why don’t they make different noises like cluck click or hiss tiss or squeak meek? Why is it that tick tock was the noise that won?

    By sportakate URL on 02.06.2013

  27. Everybody thinks. Everyone has thoughts running through their head that most of the time they can’t explain. Everybody thinks “oh man that girls is hot…” or “jesus is that what your face looks like usually?” But nobody will say any of that will they?
    What if everyone, immediately, said out loud what they were thinking? Would that make the world a better place? Or a bitter place?
    Think about it…

    By Shellina Hefner on 02.06.2013

  28. oh no, oh yes
    Turns out that you are not the one who is doing this
    Turns out that it was all backwards,
    If you are thinking that I am right
    you shouldn’t be doing that
    Just maybe try jazz, clearly jazz musicians didn’t think about things very thoroughly
    If you were to blap-adap-adip-dap some more
    That would do it to me

    By Famji Sojlith URL on 02.06.2013

  29. Think, just think about it all. Don’t really mind about thinking of one particular thing, or two, or maybe one hundred. Think about everything. I know, it is not simple, one tends to think about er, well, galaxies and planets and stars and millions of people. But I don’t mean that, I don’t mean think about matter and stuff. Stuff like, separately I mean…

    By gagalosh on 02.06.2013

  30. the only man who think, was my brother, right before we kiled that son of a bitch who destroyed our family.
    my brother said it’s a good thing we are doing it toghter, but i was just happy to drink a cold water aside a dead body one more time.

    By Jonatan on 02.06.2013

  31. Think about stuff in your head not out loud. Don’t let any one else hear you think. But they can’t because it’s in your head anyway that’s why it’s called thinking. Not saying words to anyone but yourself. Forming new ideas. Being creative. Having an opinion.

    By Catriona on 02.06.2013

  32. i could lose you to the sun
    i could lose you to the sea
    i could lose you to
    a willow tree

    i could lose you to our sky
    i could lose you to a moon
    i could lose you to
    the morning dew

    the universe shapes itself
    to words from your mouth
    but these things never
    think of you

    (i do)

    By h. b. URL on 02.06.2013

  33. I thought about how my mother always said to me, “You’ve got to choose your own path. No one can choose it for you.” I think she was the smartest person I’ve ever met. If only she was still alive. I miss her so badly sometimes.

    By Embre on 02.06.2013

  34. I think a lot and about a lot of diffrent stuff, sometimes even at the same time.
    And you can think complexe and difficult things, which inanimate opbjects are unable to think think.

    By Hallo on 02.06.2013

  35. i think i can get my stuff done. i think i am capable of do it. in fact i know i am capable i just need to get off my ass and do it… okay… ready…set…go!

    By janene on 02.06.2013

  36. i think about you every day, every minute of everyday and every second of every day. You’re like a permanent scar in my mind, growing more malignant day by day. the thoughts just seem to keep growing, evolving, consuming my entire being. It is you i think about, no one else but you.And sometimes i wonder if, why, maybe just. Because this simply cannot be healthy, or can it? Focusing so much energy, so many neurones on one singular thought is a sure fire way for destruction. im losign myself thinking about you

    By mini me on 02.06.2013

  37. i think alot about traveling the world and helping other communties. I think about seeing all the beauty this world has to offer and the wonder and mysteries that lie withing. I wonder why we can be so cruel to each other when it is also in our nature to be kind and caring. Why these feelings are overpowered by greed.

    By Jamie on 02.06.2013

  38. Dont think just do it. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the thinking of things that we become crippled. Like with writing, don’t think too much, just WRITE!!!

    By andrea on 02.06.2013

  39. this is what i do every day. it takes time but in the end it works. if you do this it helps you make better choices

    By Michael Gaunt on 02.06.2013

  40. i’m thinking about what i should write on this paper it is very confusing but i think i can come up with a wonderful way to think about this thing i need to think about this wonderful day i think i’m going to get rich and get famous and do whatever i want and that is how i feel about thinking and i thought i should stop writing because my hands are tired and this is very boring ok bye now y’all

    By Some Random Black Guy URL on 02.06.2013