November 15th, 2017 | 24 Entries

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24 Entries for “thieves”

  1. stealing. staking. stalking. they creep and crawl and slither. there is no honor amongst thieves.

    By Brittany on 11.15.2017

  2. We were thick as thieves, you and me, once upon a time ago. When we’d looked into each other’s eyes and understood perfectly without the benefit of words. Reading into the soul of it; I think of you and sigh. “What might have been?” is a question I still ask myself far too often.

    By Iran on 11.15.2017

  3. stealing from someone is a crime. an action that sometimes results in guilt. you’re a thief. you’ve stolen my heart the moment i glanced at you. do you feel guilty? never mind, you haven’t even been caught yet.

    By kaije URL on 11.15.2017

  4. the thieves ran through the crowd, the guards right on their heels. There did not seem to be any way to escape these royal guards. Tamara suspected they were using magic to track wherever her and her friends were running. she was wrong.

    By inu nova on 11.15.2017

  5. “Your smiles were like thieves, they stole my heart.” Ethan smiled at me and I almost disintegrated into a puddle of mush. He was so freaking adorable without even knowing it.

    “Stop it, you know I don’t take compliments well.” I blushed and slapped his arm lightly. his shoulders shook in laughter and he turned to me giving me his full attention.

    “You need to work on that Ella, you’re someone who’s bound to get many.” I looked down as a warm feeling spread throughout my chest. What was he doing to me?

    By Sarah Hillman on 11.15.2017

  6. is there a reason to be bereft
    of reason
    a lost path situated between trees
    and treason
    winter thieves abscond with fall
    leading the way to another year
    bereft of reason

    By matt m. on 11.15.2017

  7. “No! Come back here! Thieves! THIEVES!”

    The police were on the scene in only two minutes, as the little old lady who ran the tiny drugstore on the edge of Main told her side of the story. Apparently, in her words “three hooded hooligans” had run into her store and taken off with about five pounds of king-sized chocolate candy bars.

    “Am I hearing you correctly, ma’am?” asked a puzzled officer. “Five pounds?”

    “Yes!” exclaimed the little old lady.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.15.2017

  8. I don’t want to write about this I’m scared some one will steal my idea

    By reallyupsetting URL on 11.15.2017

  9. We were thieves in the night,
    Fleeing, racing through the dark back alleys,
    Those filled with mystery,
    Darker than death,
    Or brighter than day,
    But our excitement propelled us forward.

    Thoughts of you get me twisted.
    I can’t remember night from day, dark from light.
    I only know that you’re gone.

    By Siege URL on 11.15.2017

  10. Let’s be thieves, honey, and steal ourselves from our obligations. Come and live in my bathtub.

    By Ella Emma Em on 11.15.2017

  11. thieves with trick sleeves will grief knights with thick greaves
    on nights with heaves of wind that rustle sticks and leaves

    By omqwat URL on 11.15.2017

  12. We were all thieves. The whole lot of us. But we all stole different things. Johnny stole wallets. Kendra stole jewelry. And margot? She stole hearts. Whole hearts. Big bloody hearts from the butchers. And also from the galleries. Art openings. She stole from the rich.

    By Victoria Park on 11.15.2017

  13. thieves are very important people in life and they help us all make each other feel less secure. this means that we buy and install security systems and this keeps the business thriving. i think that thieves are awesome. thieves can become an integral part of our lives and this means that we all need to be aware as to what we are doing all the time. the police ought to catch more thieves.

    By steve on 11.15.2017

  14. i see thieves on him. they have stolen my heart, his eyes, his mind and everything.

    By Yikuanggg on 11.16.2017

  15. Has it been a pause of writing or simply a tendency to become thoughts like thieves, who are not make believe, but open.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 11.16.2017

  16. 1thieves = Take Honesty Into each volition extricating Someing

    By Garz on 11.16.2017

  17. thieves are people the rob a bank or do something their not suppose to do.

    By TEXAS!! on 11.16.2017

  18. thieves are people that rob banks and steel from people or they do something that their no suppose to do.

    By TEXAS!! on 11.16.2017

  19. It’s the time of year for thieves oil, but since I’ve never used it I don’t really know what that means. It sounds lovely, a spicy blend of germ killing delights. Maybe this is the year to get some. Maybe a little extra spice in my life is just what I need, not for germs as much as for beating the doldrums.

    By Taylor on 11.16.2017

  20. People just stole a woman’s purse and Spider-Man swooped in and tied them up. He returned the lady’s purse and she said, “Thanks Spidey! I owe you my life!”

    By Shawn Richardson on 11.16.2017

  21. There are so many people in this world that are thieves. They take what this not theres and just keep on taking. It can be objects or even your heart.

    By Monica Wyatt URL on 11.16.2017

  22. I hate those thieves that take my one sock every April fools. So this year I am putting up a trap to catch these evil little monsters.

    By Lauren URL on 11.16.2017

  23. Thieves are a necessary element in any modern day society, I’d say. While some take from the rich, to give to the poor, others take from those poor to fatten already swollen pockets. Thieves balance things out in a way… kind of dark to think of it that way, but I think it holds true. Just don’t thieve from me.

    By UnlikelyBrooklynWriter on 11.16.2017

  24. my dad is a thief and i hate him.

    By Chloe on 11.16.2017