November 14th, 2017 | 25 Entries

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25 Entries for “refugee”

  1. This is crazy said the girl named refugee. hey what is your name asked the boy standing next him? um she paused why. I was just wondering i will tell you mine hi am bobby. Hi i am refugee. what he asked your name is refugee. see this is why did i did not tell you. oh well i dont mind i think it sounds pretty for you. well thanks. so what were you saying was so crazy he asked? oh that dog over there was just helping that cat bu licking her wounds. well dogs and cats can be friends i am sure about that. well i just thought it was weird thats all see you kid i got to go said refugee. hey before you go all i have to say is always make sure you just live up to your name like it was not different.

    By Mikkala on 11.14.2017

  2. They fled their homeland, seeking refuge in Rwanda from their gnocidal brethren, days wrought with terror and thoughts on survival, hoping against hope that their machete weilding brethren would not find them in their new home.

    By Luke A Buckingham URL on 11.14.2017

  3. I am a refugee from india my name is Raj and hungry and tired and desperete for food but i dont have any can you help me my palms are sweaty because on the scorching hot sun . i am filled witrh sweat up to the brim.

    By Divjot on 11.14.2017

  4. they come in droves and burn our homes
    limited vision, rape the women
    a broken system, a browning prison
    can anything save the once great britain?

    By omqwat URL on 11.14.2017

  5. No home any longer, but their thoughts will always be of that place they hold dear in their hearts. A new life in a new land if they are lucky, if they are welcomed and accepted. Can it be any worse than the pain and terror they are fleeing now? That has yet to be seen, but all they know is the true desperation to escape.

    By Elizabeth DuPont on 11.14.2017

  6. We didn’t know from just a glance that Ahmed was a refugee. He said his father worked as a software engineer in San Francisco, but we never asked for how long. As we sat watching the news in his two story home, listening to the senate candidates scream about bigotry and Islamophobia, I heard Ahmed sip his soda and grunt, “Yep. We got in, anyway, and I think everyone’s just fine with us here.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.14.2017

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    By WolfHeart URL on 11.14.2017

  8. He was lost among a wreckage of broken airplanes and jetpacks.
    He never got off the ground.
    Trapped in a plane of existence where no one flew.
    Or was ever given the chance
    To fly.

    Who knows what the future brings.
    More dirt.
    Always more dirt.

    By Siege URL on 11.14.2017

  9. If it is hard then I see the arriving and the requirement of love , hope and peace. A refugee in spirit , mind and body , one and all.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 11.15.2017

  10. When the borders opened in Austria, there was a mass of refugees walking through, unchecked, no one got stopped. Are they truly all refugees?

    By Unique URL on 11.15.2017

  11. refugee is someone who has to flee from there country and hid somewhere else.

    By TEXAS!! on 11.15.2017

  12. refugee is someone who has to flee from there country and hid somewhere else.

    By TEXAS!! on 11.15.2017

  13. She huddled against him for warmth. The blinding cold was almost too much to handle. She inhaled and held her breath, hoping the air would warm in her chest. When she exhaled into her scarf, the heat of her breath warmed her face for a moment before dissipating into the chill.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.15.2017

  14. Holy shit. I wasn’t expecting this to get heavy right off the bat. Wow. This is such a loaded word in today’s society and I hate it. I’ve worked with refugee’s before and the stories they share range from depressing to downright horrifying. I’m so disappointed in humanity at large that we can look at people in need and turn them away.

    By Zach on 11.15.2017

  15. sons missing fathers, mothers weeping for daughters, holding sons tight and whispering to anyone who can hear them. the way we tear hearts apart as if it is our right. as if we are entitled to half of a heart, someone else’s heart. born into life, into a place that circles your soul and makes you feel whole.
    how do you say goodbye to that feeling when you never said it could leave?

    By neala URL on 11.15.2017

  16. We see a new crisis, a new ethnic cleansing almost every other month now. The world seems to be attempting to consume itself in fury. In the future, if there is one, what will we see when we look back on this time? What will history tell us about ourselves? I don’t think we will be able to hold our heads up with pride.

    By Taylor on 11.15.2017

  17. Refugee has become quite the topic it seems over the last few years. I still dont know where I stand as an american on the issue, or as a Christian. Where does love for my country and strong security fit in with loving my neighbors?

    By Zach Mast on 11.15.2017

  18. A refugee normally refers to somebody that is trying to take refuge in another country that is not their own. This is normally due to some type of financial reason, however, most recently, war’s in countries have caused many to seek refuge in a safer and more stable country.

    By william on 11.15.2017

  19. A military hostage has just escaped headquarters, and killed 2 guards with his bare hands and stole his 44. he is now in Afghanistan murdering everyone.

    By Shawn Richardson on 11.15.2017

  20. she sought refugee in the night
    from the increasingly bitter storm.
    she stood alone, paralyzed with fright,
    and nothing to keep her warm.

    By Siddhartha URL on 11.15.2017

  21. Refugee is a person that comes from somewhere else. They are not from that particular place.

    By Chloe on 11.15.2017

  22. to be without a home is sad, yet elevating. Exciting. We are all refugees of heaven. Looking for our home in a fallen world. It is Jesus who makes it all clear.

    By Cathedryl URL on 11.15.2017

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    By Chloe on 11.15.2017

  24. I do not know what ‘refugee’ is so I do not have a story for ‘refugee’ sorry.

    By TexasGirl0 URL on 11.15.2017

  25. “Any refugee in dis ‘ere camp would know not to touch him. Except you of course cuz you’re an idgit.”

    By Stella Winters on 11.15.2017