May 23rd, 2011 | 642 Entries

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642 Entries for “thief”

  1. he walks in silent darkness
    he carries with him swords
    he takes the things he wants
    he does not feel remorse
    he is quiet as the night
    and deadly as a bullet
    he is fast just like the light
    and disappears into the fog
    a bird in rapid flight

    By Liuba Turlova on 05.23.2011

  2. Well thieves bother me. Sometimes I don’t know whether or not to expect things. I dunno why i wrote that. I just don’t know what to say about a thief. Except for that when I was little I stole a pack of cigarettes on accident. When Mom and Dad found out that made me return them. And so now I really don’t know what to say. I wanna go to the beach this summer. I think that Ryan and I may end up dating. Weird to say that about my best friend and I don’t like him but we have a lot in common.

    By Leah on 05.23.2011

  3. I ran down the narrow streets. Bazaars covered the sides and made it difficult to navigate. People didn’t make anything of my run because it’s just the norm. Everyone is in a hurry here. We all have places to be. I’m not suspicious at all. Common clothes, a common face but to nobody’s knowledge, a very uncommon objects in my possession.

    By Amber Keith on 05.23.2011

  4. there was a thief that stole my heart when i wasnt looking. He snuck in when my walls were unlocked and took everything i had without a second thought.

    By callie on 05.23.2011

  5. YOu took it. You thief! You took it. I book it. She shook it. Ya know. In tow. I wish I could stop rhyming and I can’t. Because I’m like that. The thief who stole all the rhymes before the lights went out. Darkness. A cape. The villain. A damsel in distress is how it goes.

    By L on 05.23.2011

  6. he stole everything. EVERYTHING.
    it wasn’t that i can’t replace the panties and the pillows.
    it’s my dignity.
    you expect that when you turn to go to the bathroom, the person you left will be facing you, equally naked, once you come back.
    but it was not the case. damn him. i hate him.
    he took everything

    By jubilee on 05.23.2011

  7. i don;t know what to think about the word thief. i know that people get their hands cut off for being a thief ,and that makes me sad. because it takes away their livelihood and potential for ascending to better things. like in aladdin. or in la siesta del martes, that made me sad. I pity thiefs. really. i do. i pray for them. that they find certainty in life.

    By Hannah on 05.23.2011

  8. He was a dirty, filthy thief. His eyes black like the middle of the sun, he stole what was most precious to humankind; women’s hearts. He wanted none other than their infinite love, his to keep forever. He never wished for them to be happy, or for him to love them back; only to hold their hearts for eternity.

    By Robyn on 05.23.2011

  9. You’re the thief of my heart. You’ve stolen my heart.

    By laughalot on 05.23.2011

  10. i hate thief, thief is a person that take things

    By Tishana on 05.23.2011

  11. a man of great ability, can be either man or woman… he is one that dresses in all black and stalks throughout the night. Very scary sometimes, but very slick and sly… he has all sorts of abilities some people might just call him or her.. a ninja… a knight in the darkness… he is always very wealthy from his riches.

    By Addy URL on 05.23.2011

  12. bad.

    By nicole on 05.23.2011

  13. In another life, in another time, I am a thief. I don’t care about the others more than their goods, I don’t see their smiles but their pockets, I don’t do good but do what I like. I am not myself but I am. I am a thief.

    By Felipe URL on 05.23.2011

  14. thieves are criminals; specifically, criminals who steal. sometimes thieves get away with what they do, but often they are caught through security cameras or other means of high security most stores have nowadays. most thieves suffer from a mental disorder referred to as kleptomania.

    By catherine URL on 05.23.2011

  15. thieves are creatures of darkness
    they come into your heart and they take
    and they take and they take
    they take until all is lost, until all is gone
    you cannot escape a thief
    they will always find you
    they take your precious
    your life, your soul, your heart

    By Liuba Turlova on 05.23.2011

  16. I cant run i cant stop. I am only stuck with what i have. Which is not much of anything of mine. I only have what i take. Only what I steal. What is not mine but someones. Someone elses that I have.

    By stone on 05.23.2011

  17. He came in the night, from the depths of the shadows. No sounds were made and nothing disturbed save for the large emerald pendant which she had left on the table the night before. When she woke up in the morning, she saw it was gone.
    Somewhere in the distance the sun rises on a lonely country road and a man travels along it, not looking back.

    By Diana on 05.23.2011

  18. some days, i am a thief. some days, i steal tears. hearts. feelings. other days, i steal money. necklaces. and others, i despise those who steal because i’ve been stolen from myself. my heart, in particular, has been stolen one too many times.

    By catherine URL on 05.23.2011

  19. oh my god. he’s snatched my purse. there goes the money i owe the mob. i’m seriously dead. i see him rushing off down the streets to feed his fix or to buy dog food or whatever it is that he’s spending my big one on and not even thinking about me crying in the street. i am so dead my mum is crying over my dead body in the snow and my limbs are frozen ice and if you throw me down a mountain i’ll shatter. that’s how annoyed they are going be with me.

    By kylbeebee on 05.23.2011

  20. It was cold and windy. I only had 10 cents, but I did have my passport, they took it. They took my only way out of this life. Took me three years and 20 days to get that; to finally get out of here. and now in less than a minute I am back to square one…unless they knew, they came for me, without actually coming for me. THEM.

    By Elizabeth Higgins URL on 05.23.2011

  21. bad. theives are horrible terrible people. unless they steal hearts of course, which is what Ryan did to me. I was in a relationship, and so was he. The only difference was, Ryan was in love with her. I now love him and it’s mutual between the two of us.

    By Kala on 05.23.2011

  22. a gang of thieves once broke into our house in the dead of the night. No, make that in the wee hours of the morning. Those thieves not only took our belongings, they took away our sense of security.

    By shawnsharif on 05.23.2011

  23. All he stole was a loaf of bread. A loaf of bread, a life, life giving bread. The way Jesus gave us his body. It was not only a loaf of bread it was the loaf of bread. He stole a life. And the life he stole was mine. And I let him.

    By Elli on 05.23.2011

  24. today a thief stole my purse while i was walking down the street. i chased after him and stole his hat. we stood in silence, hugged, then walked our own ways. city streets stealing bliss.

    By allisonraich URL on 05.23.2011

  25. thief. thief was there. thief has stolen. thief stole my bag. where is my bag? I want it back. give if back you thief. Why did you steal from me? I didn’t steal from you. don’t do that. I need that bag. It had my life. you didn’t know that. but I need that bag… give it back. Karma will serve you. You bastard.

    By Matthew URL on 05.23.2011

  26. my heart. he stole it. he knew he could take it without asking me and I would never complain, never tell a soul. now he has my heart and I want it back. I’m moving on, I want my heart.

    By Kala on 05.23.2011

  27. I think of thief as Satan or the liar. He is a thief that comes to steal kill and destroy our hearts. He comes to steal joy, rob us of happiness and our connection with God. He is the ultimate thief and he takes all that is good.

    By Amber on 05.23.2011

  28. thief again? it’s so late. I don’t need this. my shop’s been ruined already. please take whats left and go. my family is tired of this. my daughters are paranoid. Will they be the same again? I doubt it. please just go. go away. go away. go away. go away go away. go away. go away. go away. go away… [crash]… do i smell smoke?

    By Matthew URL on 05.23.2011

  29. As the scientist stared at the orange mass with the broom, the door to the lab flew open and masked woman dressed all in black with a pony tail ran into the room. She made strange squeaking noises in the back of her throat at the orange being and it dropped the broom. She ran out the door and it oozed along, fairly quickly, after her.

    By Stacey W. URL on 05.23.2011

  30. a thief stole my boots
    i was afraid in the bank because i think the black man looked like a thief.
    THIEF! I yelled.

    By heather on 05.23.2011

  31. We are all thieves of sound. Limewire, jimmyr, frostwire, torrents. We take what we please without paying the artists. It’s too easy to steal sound.

    By Sarah G. URL on 05.23.2011

  32. steals my heart and runs with it, takes it into the night, sells it for cheap thrills.. coward, takes her innocence

    By Jacie on 05.23.2011

  33. The worst kind of theft is the kind you don’t notice.

    I didn’t know that anything had happened for a while. Other people would ask what was wrong, I would realize that I had been crying, I would feel sad without knowing why. Then I saw what I had lost, and the worst part, the thing that makes me feel as if someone had actually broken into my house and made off with everything, is that I didn’t realize what it was.

    By Erin on 05.23.2011

  34. a buglar
    holy crap the pressure
    i like that color of purple
    is this like a trick game?
    nooothing else to say

    By gilerio on 05.23.2011

  35. THIEF! I yelled, as i saw my dog stealing my last piece of bacon.

    By Jessica URL on 05.23.2011

  36. A thief was thinking about his life. HE was just tired of being a thief, because all that escape stuff and because he needs to rest for a while. He sat in the street a stared crying.

    By Pamelie on 05.23.2011

  37. a lost confused person, who has lost their way. they have no self esteam and need to find someone that cares about and loves them for who they are. they have no morals and have not found their place in this wold. if they turn to someone who cares about them they will realize they are something and do not need to steal things.

    By kgggkgfhgf on 05.23.2011

  38. Robin Hood, was a generous and reckless thief. Thief’s are often misunderstood. The book, Utopia, states that a society makes theive’s and then punishes them.

    By Brooke on 05.23.2011

  39. This one word can be drawn in so many different directions. At the moment the direction I take is one having to do with love..sort of. Broken hearts I dont think are broken…I feel like the beat is stolen. And I dont know how to get it back.

    By stephanie on 05.23.2011

  40. Your eyes
    feel like sunshine next to mine,
    radiating down
    like a child with a gun,
    playing cowboys and indians
    like all children used to do,
    where they’d steal from someone,
    and then give it back to you.
    Your eyes
    feel like shards of glass
    splintering my eye,
    blurring my vision,
    lines drifting in and out
    of blackness,
    like a child with a gun.

    By Scythe42 URL on 05.23.2011