May 23rd, 2011 | 642 Entries

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642 Entries for “thief”

  1. a thief is somebody who steals things. sometimes they are good people who are stealing for loved ones or to survive. a lot of the times they are stupid. they murder unnecessarily for little bits of jewelry that they will pawn and waste on drugs.

    By Tracy Lavallee on 05.23.2011

  2. a thief is a person who takes something this was not supposed to be taken. So don’t let anyone be a thief of your joy, happiness, and peace.

    By danielle on 05.23.2011

  3. He stole it from me, like a thief, my only good memory of him, he tarnished it, by coming back. My one good memory of him and he ruined it, stealing it like a thief, the way we could be together and things would be good, we could talk for hours and not get bored. But then he left, all those memories hurt, so I put them away as though they weren’t there because he stole them. But then he came back, and ruined them, then like a thief again, the good memories were gone… replaced by these thieving memories of his return. Once a thief always a thief.

    By Kendra URL on 05.23.2011

  4. One time a few years ago, I was at the beach surfing. While I was in the water, some scum bag broke into my truck with a screwdriver and stole my credit card and racked up over a thousand dollars worth of shit. The police tell me he is in jail now.

    By David Perkinson on 05.23.2011

  5. See, ownership is relative. Subjective, if you will. Things aren’t as black-and-white as the media wants us to believe. Therefore, stealing… is not

    By Lina on 05.23.2011

  6. someone who is selfish. A thief takes from others. Thieves are not to be trusted. You learn that stealing is bad when you are a kid. A thief can get in trouble with the law.

    By Jessica on 05.23.2011

  7. My parents just lectured me on honesty, and I’ve always been pretty well convinced that stealing is wrong. But what about stealing other things? Like…I don’t know. But I’m sure there are other ways you could be considered a thief. Like…a thief of ideas or something.

    By Melissa on 05.23.2011

  8. thief, thief is a social disease. because it cause many problem and make other mugged. every parents should remind their children to not be a thief. so that they will not get to the jail

    By yusuf on 05.23.2011

  9. I thought you could steal me away forever, I thought you could do it. You were the one, the chosen one of this life and the next, all of them.

    Why couldn’t you? What are you, a failed criminal in the making — hold me back you thief. You took it. And then you returned it, broken in pieces behind you. Let me go. Let me out of this life. Broken. Stop breaking the things you steal.

    By Samie URL on 05.23.2011

  10. a thief broke into our house and stole the peace. peace was gone because he broke in and took nothing. nothing. nothing at all. we came home and saw the window pane broken into tiny glasses shining in the moonlight and looked all over for what was missing. but nothing has been missing…just peace. we fight because we don’t know what is missing. peace is missing. peace.

    By Savio C on 05.23.2011

  11. A thief is a person who steal stuff. A thief is often a person who hurts inside. Why else would someone feel the need to take what doesn’t belong to them? I thin if you are a thief and steal stuff, you must be hurting deep down inside, and taking others belongings is a way they release their internal pain in order to “satisfy” their desires.

    By Lora on 05.23.2011

  12. It’s not like I killed the guy or something. I only hit him five or… ten times. So what? He had it coming! It was justified! How can you not get it? He STOLE my parking spot!!

    By Alegría URL on 05.23.2011

  13. He was a good guy. Good heart. Good mind. But he had nothing. So he went out of his way to not have nothing. Sometimes he stole out of necessity. Sometimes he stole out of boredom. And he only stole from those who had plenty. “I’m the Robin Hood of Kowloon.”

    By Paul on 05.23.2011

  14. everyone is a theif , they steal . It doesn’t matter what, they could steal food from a friend, something out of a store .. or someone’s heart.

    By nicole on 05.23.2011

  15. steal rob burgler take master jail bad wrong insubordinate mischeif thievery stolen goods bad person shoplift store busted bad guy the mischief elves steals something leaf letter paper pencil pen markers notes sticky glue pads feet dog ower

    By Beth on 05.23.2011

  16. The thief of my soul, the thief of my light
    One touch and I was dead to my past
    One love and darkness invaded me
    My soul grows darker, my heart grows blacker
    Until nothing good is left in me.

    By Roenhael URL on 05.23.2011

  17. BD lirars who take things without asking and like to eat slot of apples like alladin because he has a monkey and the monkey would always steal stuff and sit on his shoulder and eat the things that he stole. Monkeys sometimes have cymbals and I used to play saxophone and I would rise the case like a pointy but that was bad and there was a ramp and I used to sort of be kinda good but I couldn’t read notes all I remember is GBA and that’s also gameboy advance which I got for Christmas and I had polar express.

    By Daniel on 05.23.2011

  18. thiefs steal… which is bad…. i just spelled theives wrong… wowwwww
    i cant type well haha

    By Ashley on 05.23.2011

  19. The thief was very sly. He managed to burglarize six house all on the same block. No one was the wiser as to who she really was, or for that matter, that she was a woman. The police were hot on the trail of an undescribable man with a long black beard.

    By Fender2010 URL on 05.23.2011

  20. i stole a blanket from the plane,
    a beer glass from the bar down the lane,
    a cigarette lighter,
    from a drunk all nighter,
    after drinking wine and champagne.

    By Javier Shopek URL on 05.23.2011

  21. A their takes things that he wants. He is a leader and answers Toni one and nothing. It makes me slightly jealous. Grr thieves are smart, I wish I was smart like a their, that would be pretty cool. But I guess instead I’ll just sit on the internet and write things about them. And then I’ll keep browsing aimlessly. Oh what fun I shall have. Good night dear reader. Be smart. But not a theif.

    By Daniel on 05.23.2011

  22. theives are bad they steal things and pillage and plunder. A thief is someone who takes what does not belong to them and keeps it for their own. Thieves are not to be trusted. They are almost as bad as my friend Ashley. This is of course a ridiculous statement and I am now just typing to impress you.

    By Jessica on 05.23.2011

  23. i stole his heart but he didnt steal mine
    he will never forgive me for that but he will
    forgive the poor man who stole his wallet
    and the nice friend who stole his pencil
    but never the pretty girl who could not be a thief.

    By Helen Kirk on 05.23.2011

  24. stealing is just the worst thing. it makes people feel sad about the world in general. and you don’t necessarily have to steal things. you can steal ideas, hope, happiness. etc. although i think sometimes people don’t even know they’ve taken something important to someone else. like “stealing someone else’s thunder.”

    By Amber Jae on 05.23.2011

  25. I wrote this down on paper. I don’t like typing too much :( The red lines distract me and block me from continuing unless I go back and fix it

    By Eyona on 05.23.2011

  26. Ive always been good on following what is right and wrong, but thatbracelet just stared at me. Ihadtohave it i could feel it in my bones. My longing for it ate away asoul. i inched my hand closer and could feel the rubies on my skin. I brought itcloser to watch it glisten in the light. Slowly I slippd it into my pocket. With a uick glimpse around me I saw that noone was around. This may actually work! Iwalked closer tothe door. Suddenly my palms became real sweaty and my heart began to pound. I droppedthe bracelet where Istood and dashed out thedoor.

    By Rachel on 05.23.2011

  27. you stole it, you stole me
    My theif
    why did you steal it
    years 700 hundred of them you’ve had me
    do you go where you want or where you need
    i love you dearly
    my thief
    my time lord

    By rei on 05.23.2011

  28. The thief was of great pride. He loved his work, more than anything. It provided a rush. Who cared if it was illegal? Immoral? It was his. And he was good at it.
    He lifted the window with a gentle touch. There was very little that made him feel uncomfortable. This first moment occasionally did. He liked the feeling. It was a rush. It began the process.

    By Alex on 05.23.2011

  29. I caught a thief stealing my purse as he was running down main street in a thunderstorm on the eve of my birthday. it’s the worst birthday in my memory. other than the one where i went to a funeral. i don’t like my birthdays very much. But I’m beginning to. Last year was different. I think, I hope that this year will be better. I very much so wish to be a better person. and love others more.

    By Esther Sett URL on 05.23.2011

  30. Steal my heart. Keep it forever. Never let it go, and I will be forever yours. I promise.

    By Jen on 05.23.2011

  31. A man must steal to save his life. If he doesn’t steal, he will die, but as he’s stealing the people he loves die. He must choose between selfishness, and selflessness. He is torn between living a life of crime, and saving his family.

    By Kristen on 05.23.2011

  32. stealing is bad. you should get a new computer. if you have amnesia you should avoid dating guy that have robbed you before. get a damn job already. instead break into someonesd leave new things and freak them out! itll be hilarious! or steal the clicker and drive past and change the channel. all better options. or dont break in at all. again get a job. its much better/

    By emily on 05.23.2011

  33. A thief in the night stole a small silver ring from a small gentle woman with a bright harsh smile. Her hair was like night and her eyes were like stars, and the thief stole it all in the dark of the night.

    By Mackenzie URL on 05.23.2011

  34. When i close my eyes
    i thief takes my mind
    steals my thoughts in ways unknown
    but because of this i dont know
    because there is a theif
    taking what is mine
    a thief just stealing all the time

    By mehgan on 05.23.2011

  35. one night i was home alone when a thief came into my house. I was scared as Hell so i locked my door and called the cops. i heard him rummaging downstairs when the sirens approached. he tried to run but the cops caught him. turns out it was just my brother.

    By Jaclyn on 05.23.2011

  36. betrayal liar loser bad person desperate in a bad mental place someone that needs help
    con artist

    By maria on 05.23.2011

  37. Time came like a bandit, stealing her youth, her beauty and finally her life. Like a thief in the night who steals your most precious items when you turn your back, it felt no remorse or shame.

    By paulie aragon on 05.23.2011

  38. Climbing through windows in the silence of the night.
    Where could he go? Where to make his next blight?
    So often had he left men and women crying in his wake
    It’s too bad, however, their loss filled fate.
    Snatching what they cherish most, he leaves
    Inconspicuous as a feather floating the breeze

    By Ellis Porter on 05.23.2011

  39. a thief is someone who steals other people’s stuff. they are incosiderate, cruel people or sometimes they are just poor people who do not have any money and they just need a way to make a living. people shouldn’t be so hard on thieves, as they are people too. thieves are just poor, but there are thieves that steal just because they can. maybe its for practice.

    By Liuba Turlova on 05.23.2011

  40. ladrona the thief stole the bread
    i always spell it theif
    makes me think of a robin hood type character, ragged and outcast, but good all around

    By Lydds on 05.23.2011