November 8th, 2012 | 613 Entries

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613 Entries for “themselves”

  1. They tried to stay true to themselves but as their lives became enmeshed in the village, they felt the tug of conformity on their outward appearances. Tom stopped shaving and Lily wore her hair in an elaborate braid. They adopted the local dress and their diet was totally local. When the village elders called a meeting to condemn Siri and Ahi for sneaking around, they where forced to examine themselves and acknowledge that they could not support the group’s decision to shun the young couple.

    By Katherine on 11.08.2012

  2. What are we? Who are they? When will we, all fade away? They look at themselves, and start to say, but then are silenced by the winds of a screaming fray. So come now and take my hand, and we will wander into this magic land, and I will never leave your side, for we are the “they,” themselves can never hide.

    By dertoetenprinzessen URL on 11.08.2012

  3. They couldn’t save themselves, could they? They couldn’t just leave and run away.
    They had to reverse time. I’m grateful for England…but I also resent that he put me, put us through this.
    Why couldn’t them just escape?

    By Tanya URL on 11.08.2012

  4. the horses swung their tails and kicked their feet and nipped at their shoulders to get the bothering flies off themselves.

    By zoe lewis URL on 11.08.2012

  5. they need to just worry about themselves and not worry about what im doing

    By epiclysiver URL on 11.08.2012

  6. They all hated themselves for what they did to that little kid by taking there lunch money.

    By kittens URL on 11.08.2012

  7. They were by themselves in the old abandoned house…What are they going to do now???
    Search the house??? or Get out of there???

    By poseidon619 URL on 11.08.2012

  8. They hate themselves because of what they said to their best friend!! (:

    awwwww they where sad and mad… :D

    By SydneyRae(: URL on 11.08.2012

  9. They thought to themselves wether or not to kill that man. They thought about it. They committed the murder.

    By epicdeath12 URL on 11.08.2012

  10. So, careless. They have no care for the citizens, fighting to stay alive everyday, just to wake up to another dreadfully painful day. They take advantage of their food, and money, while we have to fight for food everyday of our lives.

    By alliekaley URL on 11.08.2012

  11. They see no one else and are not conserned for those who they cannot see. It is never about the world they live in. It is never about their friends.

    By stripes URL on 11.08.2012

  12. they thought themselves they were going to kill a guy but they fail

    By Gabrielwood ortiz URL on 11.08.2012

  13. When the battle had ended, the soldiers had to go to another firefight in their homeland, they through all they had in themselves at their enemies.

    By Mr.Chadd URL on 11.08.2012

  14. they hate themselves to much!!! its so sad!!!:(

    By lil-gaylord URL on 11.08.2012

  15. They only think of themselves.

    By jillj URL on 11.08.2012

  16. So, careless. They have no care for the citizens, fighting to stay alive everyday, just to wake up to another dreadfully painful day. They take advantage of their food, and money, while we have to fight for food everyday of our lives. They only think of themselves.

    By alliekaley URL on 11.08.2012

  17. The word themselves is a funny word.I think the way it sounds is what makes it funny I don’t know why.THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :) :) :) :) :)

    By iconic girl URL on 11.08.2012

  18. Loath themselves in their riches caring about no none else they are people who see every thing that i useless in life

    By lexie12 URL on 11.08.2012

  19. Everybody needs to express themselves every once in a while. Stand out. Wear something thats not cute but comfy. Take a stand for something you believe in. Be yourself.

    By exploding chicken 1 URL on 11.08.2012

  20. All the girls in house cried themselves to sleep because their brother had just died!!!!!!

    By embell URL on 11.08.2012

  21. Most people can only think of themselves. They can’t understand other persons thought on things. They might not see it but it is clearly obvious that they think there better than every one else. Not that they dress well, that they don’t care about others. You can be the prettiest person in the world, but if you’re mean to everyone else you are the ugliest person ever. And others are the nicest people you can meet. They might not be pretty or cool and they might even be a little annoying/wierd but they would do anything for you if you’re nice. Nice people have “true” friends. they don’t think of themselfs they think of you’re well being.

    By bubbles2217 URL on 11.08.2012

  22. They were screaming to themselves that this Naked drink is very good.. :)

    By vb4life URL on 11.08.2012

  23. I think of sefcenterd people. but then I’m told I’m not alowed to think. so where does that leave me? Well I could say that what I just wrote is also something selfcenterd. Ah well

    By Armjvdw on 11.08.2012

  24. them selves simple with use alone always sun side

    By Snežana URL on 11.08.2012

  25. They are so happy with themselves. Some kid was sitting over here talking to me, but he just stood up and decided to switch from this stranger to that group of strangers sitting by the window. I don’t care. I didn’t come here to look for friends. That group of themselves over there just seem way more exciting than this self.

    By Mary on 11.08.2012

  26. people often pretend to think highly of themselves but rarely ever actually do. I’ve often wondered why people are so ready to accept negative things over positive things. Especially because when you look at it, I mean look REEAALLY hard… there’s always more positive things going on than bad.

    By kiara URL on 11.08.2012

  27. They just thought about themselves. You see, this was a very selfish couple. and why is that? Oh you see, they loved each other very much. Too much for their own good. They just thought about themselves and nobody else existed.

    By Johanna URL on 11.08.2012

  28. everyone thinks about themselves and only themselves. do you have any idea how many dramas are going on in this world right now? not just yours. someone just killed themselves while another sips coca cola through a straw at walmart.

    By jenny on 11.08.2012

  29. Themselves are they are we are us. You are me, but I am them and themselves are they are us are we.

    If they do it to themselves they do it to us and we and you and me.

    By Nishat on 11.08.2012

  30. Let’s see if this works. I like to think that my kids do not just think of themselves.

    By Mrs. Lane on 11.08.2012

  31. Look at them! A shame people think they can get away with anything! Like there’s no reason for them to conduct themselves properly! A sad turn of evolution!

    By ldydai22 URL on 11.08.2012

  32. Themselves. Ourselves.
    I wish I knew.
    Tenses create chasms.

    By Eli on 11.08.2012

  33. They see themselves,
    Through shattered mirrors.
    They are beautiful in their imperfection.

    By Suze Linnet on 11.08.2012

  34. myself and yourself
    coming together to make themselves
    wheni crash with you
    (oh god how i wish,
    that this would happen)
    and we would make a
    a unit
    an us
    instead of a you, and a me,
    two separate entities.

    By Libby on 11.08.2012

  35. most people, on the inside, are full of smoke, mirrors, and fog. they talk about hating and loving themselves. all the time. i do this too. to make ourselves feel better?

    By Augie on 11.08.2012

  36. there themssleves they leave everyone alone hate thesmelves i wish i could take a trip to the moon and smoke a joint and come home i feel a little so i try to play it cool bu the words burn like fire in my mouth

    By Preston on 11.08.2012

  37. they are themselves. it’s not what they aren’t that matters but what they are. and that’s the way it ought to be. i don’t know, i think about myself enough. myselves. that’s a big one, right there. all of my selves. and they think about their selves and the next thing you know, we’re all thinking about what makes our self…the self. how about thinking about their selves, yourself?

    By Sam on 11.08.2012

  38. Themselves? Oi vey.
    I don’t know.
    I’m in science class right now in college.
    People are staring at my computer, I’m supposed to be taking notes.
    Actually they’re not. I’m just paranoid.
    Oh, there we go, tying it all together.
    The guy next to me is playing online games.
    I’m writing bad poetery.
    I win.

    By Valentina URL on 11.08.2012

  39. They know themselves best when drunk. Strangers when sober. That simple. Their interactions are watercolors painted in vodka spit and the pictures that people take bear no reasonable resemblance to the way things actually look.

    Yes, I am writing this bottle in hand, yes yes yes yes. See you at AA. You and me and the rest of them. We’ll talk about ourselves, with our washed out colors– our lank hair, our dry skin, our torn clothes– all nostalgic for back when we knew ourselves.

    By Katrina on 11.08.2012

  40. they loved themselves, they were themselves
    They shone like stars and we looked up at them in admiration.
    we loved them too.
    They were them.
    We were us.

    By Rosie on 11.08.2012