September 1st, 2012 | 254 Entries

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254 Entries for “texture”

  1. texture has a feel; it has a pattern. it’s a word worth a lot of points in words with friends if you can get the x on a TL and the whole word on a TW square. I don’t like the texture of bananas as I chew them, so I don’t

    By Kris on 09.01.2012

  2. Texture is the feeling of something that the sense of touch can experience. Texture can be rough, soft, hard, jagged, tough, gritty, cuddly and more. Every holdable objection has a texture to it and can be sense via touching it.

    By Francis Milligan on 09.01.2012

  3. You can see color. You can see lines and shadows and contour. But you FEEL texture. Your fingers brush the soft, or ragged, or worn fabric, and you FEEL what lies beneath.

    Some of the most important things in life can’t be seen, only felt.

    By ankni URL on 09.01.2012

  4. I just sat there feeling this texture of uncertainty. My mind is racing thoughts of insincerity. My fingertips jolt at the sight, the touch, the smell of…

    By victoria URL on 09.01.2012

  5. The texture of the pop tarts was unique and soft. The icing on top was a little crunchy but after a minute of chewing it started to melt inside of my mouth. It was delicious.

    By Christi on 09.01.2012

  6. incredible softness touch delight ever like velvet

    By alda on 09.01.2012

  7. shirts, blankets.. reminds me of a cabin in the forest or something like that.. log cabin.. idk im weird.

    By sam on 09.01.2012

  8. The texture of the flower was unmistakable- this rose was from David. How? He was dead. I had seen him die.

    By Lauren on 09.01.2012

  9. I don’t like this word. :(

    By Laura on 09.01.2012

  10. The texture of his lips calmed my racing heart- I wasn’t in danger anymore. He would protect me from anything and everything.

    By Mira on 09.01.2012

  11. the feel of something the way it absorbs in your mouth the way your finger tips run against it. weather it is wood or whatever. maybe your shirt has a hole in it. or your boyfriend has a scar. it’s the way we see the world only it’s through our finger tips. touching twirling in circles outlining details and the like.

    By Julia Roberts on 09.01.2012

  12. TEXTURE…..well texture is of many. Texture…is soft, hard, course, rough, abrasive hairy, velvety, smooth, prickly, fuzzy, slimy, itchy, slippery, gooey, tacky, leathery, rubbery, straw-like, stringy, stretchy, thick, thin, creamy, syrupy, soupy, watery, warm, cold, frozen, moist, boiling, bubbley, foamy, etc.
    In just about ANYTHING & EVERYTHING…..will you be sure to find
    And TEXTURE….Ya TEXTURE…..Not only does it catch your eye….but can also ignite certain Feelings &/or Emotions.
    May your day be blessed with TEXTURE!

    By RaShelle URL on 09.01.2012

  13. The texture of sand is something incredible. It’s like a natural exfoliator that removes every dead skin cell from your feet, leaving an ultra soft foot. I like the texture of cake in my mouth.

    By Lola on 09.01.2012

  14. fuzzy the way it feels how do you like it, it might be smooth it might be really awesome feeling might give you shivers soft fuzzy fuzzy and strange rocky hard slate like really texturized really liquidy melty strange goopy gassy strange really incredibly plasticy ridgidy watery.

    By CORNUCOPIA on 09.01.2012

  15. Texture is something that is a part of the illusion we live in. It’s only an illusion that we feel it there. In all honesty, nothing is there in the first place. It all comes from your own mind and its up to you to eventually wake up to it. Although its hard to really awaken and truly see and realize this. Some day you might. Maybe you wont.

    By Illusion on 09.01.2012

  16. I like the texture of velvet.

    By Zachary Williams on 09.01.2012

  17. The texture makes her feel full of grace and beauty for the very first time.

    By Pablo Habbibi URL on 09.01.2012

  18. the texture of your hair, the way it glides through my fingers. the musty, familiar smell of your skin, pressed against mine. in this moment, we could be perfection.

    By mary on 09.01.2012

  19. The texture of her hair was frizzy and curly. Her hair had a mind of its own. He let out a faint chuckle as he tried to comb through it. “I’m sorry, kid,” he said under his breath as he pulled down the comb down her hair, “but this is going to hurt.” He yanked down the comb and the little girl let out a big yelp.

    By Aisha on 09.01.2012

  20. Looks like words, but is instead the look and feel of all outsides. text is inside. texture is outside. The x in texture: It seems like crossroads.

    By Jutta URL on 09.01.2012

  21. As I lay my hands across his body I got the most wonderful feeling in the world: the feeling of being loved and having someone to love. I couldn’t even imagine a greater feeling. He kissed my lips softly and whispered, “I love you, my darling.”

    By Sophie Ridgeway URL on 09.01.2012

  22. the texture of the zebra blanket is the best. it is soft and thick and although it is a small, individual blanket, it definitely keeps you warm and comfortable. The texture of the pillow, on the other hand, is not as nice. It is stuffed with feathers so it pokes you.

    By laura on 09.01.2012

  23. that feeling when you’re touching something and it’s bumpy, smooth, or scaly or anything in between. It could be nice, or it could feel ugly. It’s just the feeling of what something looks like, you know? When you’re looking at something, and you think “Hey, that looks bumpy” and you touch it, and it feels bumpy. Texture. Feeling what you’re looking at.

    By Dicks on 09.01.2012

  24. to describe the moment
    after waiting on so long
    and having waited
    the air was thick
    the conversation ripe
    and all was well

    and it will be remembered
    a moment
    with texture

    By most hopeful URL on 09.01.2012

  25. His eyes, like the wind, blew by me in a gentle rustle. Her hands, a rocking ocean, cool and deep and welcoming. His hair, gravel, which shredded my legs when I fell off my bike.

    By mattlock URL on 09.01.2012

  26. She bought a shirt with lace clinging to the shoulders and found that she hated the way it draped in the mirror. The color was pointed beneath her ears and it gathered unattractively at her hips.

    By N.J. URL on 09.01.2012

  27. texture means what you feel when you touch something. ı think touching is important for human. because when we see something different we want to toucht afterwards

    By su on 09.01.2012

  28. bare feet like to walk on texture not spiky or hard or sharp or hot or splintery
    we like spongy and soft grass and sand and even smooth mucky mud
    we like cool we like wet we like soft we like bounce
    we like rebound we like looseness we like free
    we like fleecy comfort
    we even sometimes like a crumbly hard road when we’re itchy

    By nestromeda URL on 09.01.2012

  29. Sunday morning and the light woke me, finally. Sitting here in front of the computer, awake, I feel the texture of the day slowly infiltrating, drawing me into the world. As words fall in to sentences, a dog barks somewhere and the colours of the leaves start to drift and weave in the canopy in a slight breeze. The sun warms me here. The words are gentle this morning, the spaces between them friendly. Pillows of cloud let light shine through. Today there will be time for good coffee and work.

    By Meredyth URL on 09.01.2012

  30. rough, bumpy, smooth, fuzzy, soft, fluffy, jagged, silky, bumpy, wet, grainy, glassy, hard,

    By samantha URL on 09.01.2012

  31. The texture of his skin was smooth, soft. I loved it. “Dawn, I love you.” He breathed into my ear. He kissed my temple the soft lips brushing it briefly.

    By Rose Silver URL on 09.01.2012

  32. texture is an odd word. We use it primarily for describing tangible things; things we can touch. Anything we feel with our sense of touch, we can attach a texture to it. Why not use this same idea for ideas and feelings? Emotions, if you will.

    By JohnnyKassab URL on 09.01.2012

  33. The wripples rose and fell underneath the gentle touch of her hand. She took a deep breath in; sighed; and left.

    By esky1118 URL on 09.01.2012

  34. The texture of the carpet was so comforting. Susie couldn’t get herself to come off of it. Maybe she took too much acid.

    By nami on 09.01.2012

  35. I took off the lid and my hand dove inside. I felt a smooth roughness, if that made sense, followed by level buttons of the most creamiest and delicate substance that made my taste buds dance and euphoria trickle into my nervous system.
    I grasped the object very tightly around my fingers and took a small nibble.
    Utter bliss.

    By Taffeh.A.Llama URL on 09.01.2012

  36. Optimus Prime ran his digits across the smooth portion of the jets blue fore servo, the shiny wax detail that Starscream had applied made his paint job shine.

    By katy on 09.01.2012

  37. The texture of her heart was barren; nothing light had landed on it for years. There were scars, holes, and graves of the things that she once loved. Because the things she loved always seemed to betray her in the end. And the scars showed.

    By emlex URL on 09.01.2012

  38. feet were rough
    knees were knobby
    Thighs were buff
    though the hips ropey
    the stomach was flat
    the chest pumped
    but the neck was crap
    and the head was a lump

    By gsk URL on 09.01.2012

  39. I felt him through his clothes. His skin was smooth and rubbed sweetly onto mine. I never felt like that before. It dragged me down into a place I wasn’t sure of– a place I’ve never been. I felt it into my bones.

    By KT on 09.01.2012

  40. texture of life is somewhere between runny eggs and silk-soft hair–impossible to describe fully, but suffice to say that there is no possible scenario in which there is neither disgust nor utter joy at the touch of life. telling me that there is nothing out there for me does not dissuade. rather, it encourages me to find something and spite you once and for all [texture of spite: sweet, sweet, sharpicysteel]

    By somebodyelse URL on 09.01.2012