May 17th, 2011 | 532 Entries

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532 Entries for “tempted”

  1. I have been tempted by many things in my life, but never have I been tempted more than by the first glimpse of that tall gumtree in my grandmother’s backyard. She told me about the fairies that lived at the top, and the gold they hid in the trunk.

    She probably began to regret telling me all this after I fell from a staggering height and, luckily, broke only the arm I fell on. She certainly would have disavowed all knowledge of telling me, and punished me for telling tales to boot, if she had known my intention to continue attempting to climb that tree until I got to that gold.

    By liraniel URL on 05.17.2011

  2. i was so tempted by his cold shoulder i couldn’t help but reach out and touch it. cold marble against my flesh just like i thought and yet i still felt that strange twinge of surprise but after that came undeniable arousal. look at me i thought.

    By ruby Larson on 05.17.2011

  3. Ia m tempted to just drop everything and whisk my family off to a fantastic and fun holidays and spend time with them.
    I am also tempted to just up and leave and go home because I want to spend my time with my children at home

    By sur ramlee on 05.17.2011

  4. to yolk gophers into yaks garrulous butterflies drown in butter frost fire of the trees rippling hippos how come i can speak bread newcomers beware downward spirals.

    By Bonnie on 05.17.2011

  5. Oh how I was tempted to get him back. But my gut told me to stop…and just wait. Karma should come around. Maybe not as soon as I would like, but oh how waiting has finally paid off. Came in a different form than I would have liked. But you know what…it’s still good enough! What goes around definitely comes back around. Remember that for next time you jackass.

    By Katie URL on 05.17.2011

  6. This is what Satan does to those who want to be deceived. It starts with something simple and the next thing you know it is something bigger. Why is that what seems so innocent can end up being so detrimental? How do we walk away from those thing

    By Leslie on 05.17.2011

  7. It takes only a little convincing
    that I deserve it
    that I work so hard, and that no one else really understands
    and that surely, this won’t hurt
    and that I will be better, if only I can have

    By angelofmercy URL on 05.17.2011

  8. His lips… his eyes.
    He was perfect.

    But he couldn’t be mine.

    Not with me… Not with someone like me…

    Not with a man.

    He smiles at me shyly, and in that split second, that moment of sheer stupidity and desire,
    I’m tempted. Tempted to make him mine.

    By Arthur on 05.17.2011

  9. Tempted. Like Adam and Eve I guess. I don’t know I just see the word. It’s in purple and purple is a nice color. I guess I’m not supposed to think, just write. Well I’m tempted to get back with my ex I guess. Even though I have a boyfriend. I think about him all the time, especially when I talk to him. That’s a temptation. What else. Tempted to stop and think abotu what I’m writing. ‘ve been trained to come up with a thesis immediately. So I don’t know.

    By Megan on 05.17.2011

  10. to be tempted is to contain the inability to resist… or something like it.

    By Kim on 05.17.2011

  11. At the beginning of the day, I was tempted to go to the other end of the little world I’d discovered and see what was there. The island I had landed upon was like nothing I’d ever seen before, and as I stood there on my side of it, it occurred to me that there might be things– creatures– there that had arrived before me. Maybe, I thought, I didn’t want to go there after all.

    By Arahyacinth URL on 05.17.2011

  12. Tempted by the void of darkness
    The cryptic hollow clarity of crystal
    Time stretching across horizons
    As the waves flow past my edges

    By Roenhael URL on 05.17.2011

  13. im tempted to be someone in this world, tempted to feel for someone tempted to have someone tempted to use drugs because i dont haev someone tempted to feel alive and to have something more in this world then what i already have, im tempeted to feel your touch

    By gfg URL on 05.17.2011

  14. tempted. temptation. tempting. what meaning is behind it? this word can mean many things but I think that the thing that pops up in my head the most is temptation. tempting what? to run away from this place, maybe. quit my job and run.

    By Kelly URL on 05.17.2011

  15. “I am tempted,” I say as I hop on the plane and find myself on the other side of the country like a child who has leapt from one side of the stream to the other landing on one foot only to balance on a moist rock. I’ve made it. I’m off balance, about to fall, but I’m here.

    By L on 05.17.2011

  16. temptation is lurking around every corner i turn. sometimes i try an avoid it but i often give in. whether its the temptation of a guy or peers to do the unthinkable i cannot seem to stray away from it.

    By shatel on 05.17.2011

  17. I was tempted to go over.
    To start over with this one line.
    This one line that could wreck us or bring us together.
    I was tempted to go after you, but I never give into my temptations.
    I know what’s good for me and I know what’s not.
    I know that I’m done with this road you dragged me down.

    By Samantha URL on 05.17.2011

  18. i loved to watch him. his back, his arms, the long fingers. a bead of sweat trickled down his brow and moved across his cheek. thank you he said.

    By vee on 05.17.2011

  19. I was tempted to take the cookies at the cookie factory because it looked so appetizing. I can’t believe that I just didn’t do it, but I did meet a cool hipster while in the process of thinking about taking the cookie. He told me about the novel he was writing and I personally think it sucked.

    By Cat on 05.17.2011

  20. He put down the phone, confused and frustrated at himself. He was a grown man, an adult specimen of the species, surely able to control his urges primal instincts. Yet he found himself sorely tempted by her sultry tones and wicked laughter. Things wouldn’t be the same from now on.

    By yetihk URL on 05.17.2011

  21. I glance to my left, and the cake stares back. It’s thick, luscious – chocolate. It’s all of my weaknesses wrapped into one delicious piece of food.

    ‘Bad girl’, Ana whispers, but I ignore her, I take a step forward.

    By Allison on 05.17.2011

  22. I am tempted to tell you my heart and soul. I am tempted to tell you what I wish to show. I have never been so tempted in my life to have such compassion, such love, such feelings towards another person. I am tempted. But will hold my temptations as long as I can.

    By Zj Thunderchild on 05.17.2011

  23. Tempted by your smile
    tempted by your lips
    tempted by the touch
    of your finger tips

    Tempted by your smell
    Tempted by your laugh
    Tempted to move forward
    and to never look back

    Tempted by your words
    Tempted by your lies
    Tempted by the emptiness
    he left in side.

    Tempted to die
    Tempted to bleed
    Tempted to release myself
    from this shell
    to be eternally free

    But temptation is wanting
    and nothing more…
    if you’d not tempted me
    I’d have walked out the door

    instead here I lie
    in a heap on the floor
    for temptation of love
    is so much more…
    it has the power to defeat you
    in your strongest hour
    to take all your energy
    and drain all your power.

    and though I may be happy
    and bliss full at sight
    just know that your
    temptation has me dying

    and until the day
    of my last breath
    know that I was tempted…
    to make this last…

    By lildevi URL on 05.17.2011

  24. i was tempted when i saw that look in your eyes. you said everything i wanted to hear. stuff you wouldn’t even know about me. you’re a good guesser maybe, or good at making stories, but in that moment i didn’t think about that. i thought about how well our bodies meshed.

    how silly you were.

    how you made me smile over and over.

    By roberta URL on 05.17.2011

  25. to roll on the grass, to drink until i fall down, to sing in the supermarket, to drive superfast, to eat everything, to wear plaid and stripes, to dream big, to fail big.

    By Dan URL on 05.17.2011

  26. Her hands skirted my knees. I couldn’t help but keep my eyes straight ahead–I didn’t even know her. I hadn’t even really seen what she looked like yet…
    But I liked it.

    By Devon Hayes on 05.17.2011

  27. it was one of those great days, where the sun is big and things feel charged, ready. i was alone, alone, and yet not. temptation led me there, to the woods, to the bridge over the water. ah! the sweetness of isolation; the freedom of nature. i lifted my hands and shouted–whooped.

    By roberta URL on 05.17.2011

  28. -Are you tempted by me?
    -Fairly often.
    -Because of my fiery hair?
    -Because of my fierce eyes?
    -What about the other times?
    -Because of your want to be desired.

    By brittanyalyse URL on 05.17.2011

  29. today is a day for temptation
    what with the gaping door in front of me
    it beckoned, as it had for a while now
    but i was newly aware of it on this summer day, this unusually chilly summer day
    and i went in without thinking, without looking, so fast…
    and she looked at me in annoyance, in amusement, and i was tempted
    by what i could not be

    By gwynnp on 05.17.2011

  30. I was tempted when I saw her lucious body laying on the bed. She was absolutely gorgeous, I had no other words for how she looked. The curves of her body, the way her skin looked so milky and smooth. It was amazing. I stood entranced by her, caught in her spell.

    By Courtney Hix on 05.17.2011

  31. i eye the wine sitting in the fridge. oh how beautiful it looks in it’s beautiful curvy container; glass made from the sands of time. It calls my name, whispers it in my ear, in my dreams. The sweet liquid from the gods knows how to tempt my senses in the most secrets ways, so I am unaware. I believe that I am doing fine throughout the day, concentrated on work instead of the devil. It is not until I get home that I realize the thought that have been caressing my mind through the hours. It is not until I am staring into the barren fridge that satan takes hold, and by that point, I cant resist the temptation.

    By Sarabelle on 05.17.2011

  32. i am tempted to punch a ninja in a face and steal its pie to throw at justin bieber’s head. that would be nice, but i would have to run from the cops. and justin bieber. glulp i’m scared.

    By emma on 05.17.2011

  33. i am tempted to work harder and push myself. i am tempted to be a better person and the best version of myself. i am also tempted to indulge in life and to show more love and affection! I want to appreciate every moment in life, and i am tempted to take risks. I am tempted to LIVE

    By Maria on 05.17.2011

  34. the tempted cat
    jumped to the catnip
    it looked yummy
    so he knocked it over
    i would not open
    he became upset
    and scratched at it
    it opened
    he ate it
    became fat

    By emma on 05.17.2011

  35. when i think of tempted,i think of sex. or the forbidden fruits. it just sort of happens. in today’s society, anything that is labelled “Temptuous” is forbidden. example: if i temp a guy, i show off my body or something. but then again, i could temp a little kid with candy or something…

    By NekoNamii99 URL on 05.17.2011

  36. i was tempted to eat the chocolate, and the coke, and the chips. and i did. i couldnt resist it, even though i knew it sucks for you. it’s really too bad that eating crap makes you look like crap. too bad my eating habits reflect onto my body. ugh. when is this month going to end? school needs to end.

    By erin on 05.17.2011

  37. He was tempted to do so. To touch her, to feel her under his grasp, even though he knew it would never be possible. She was too perfect, too magical. She was a ghost.

    By Maria Rodz URL on 05.17.2011

  38. What initially drew him to her was that, in the mornings, she took coffee with watermelon. Not in the coffee, obviously, but on the side. He had heard of biscuits and cookies and croissants and donuts, but never watermelon. He wasn’t attracted to her, but he was curious. He wanted to see her naked. Wanted to know if her body was that same shade of pale all over, or if, when she took off her clothes, she was almost see-through, like a thin sheet of ice coating a northern lake in March. The thought of her, of seeing her like that, was certainly tempting, but, girls like that, he thought, well, they — they get attached.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 05.17.2011

  39. tempted by the fruit of ANOTHER. I dont remember the other words

    By Anna Banana URL on 05.17.2011

  40. i was always tempted to do sins. I really confused.

    By ronald on 05.17.2011