March 25th, 2012 | 320 Entries

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320 Entries for “temper”

  1. This could be reffering to temperature, or temperment, or even anger. I am honestly not entirely sure! It’s quite cold where I’m from. and I’m not that angry of a person… but I sometimes I can hold a grudge. does that have anything to do with a temper?

    By Erin on 03.25.2012

  2. His fists curled in anger as he watched his comrade wading in the swampy stream ahead of him. He had told him not to go out there, and now he was disobeying the orders he was given. It didn’t matter if he was going to look for survivors, no one could’ve survived the bombings that went through just the day before. It was a lost cause to keep searching.
    He didn’t have a clue why this angered him so much. Maybe it was because he was never taken seriously, or because if there was some sort of living being sandwiched between ruins, he’d look like the bad guy.

    By Melissa on 03.25.2012

  3. Temper? I think everyone has one. I haven’t exactly been blessed in that department; being 17 years old I have very little patience for bullshit and tend to lose my temper very easily. Someone who doesn’t lose their temper is either a saint or a really good faker.

    By Stephanie on 03.25.2012

  4. He threw a fit. A tiny body of enraged energy, despairing and furious, a wild tempest about the room. First he managed to get his diaper off, screaming, his tiny face bunched in folds of infantile fat his green eyes wept with a pain only two year old can feel after having been denied something he desired.

    By Jacki URL on 03.25.2012

  5. i yelled it i wrote it i thought it i said it i spoke it i knew it i wished it but i still couldn’t figure it out. all i know is that i love you. is that enough?

    By C. Ritchie URL on 03.25.2012

  6. temper is a scary thing, it causes us to do irrational things and say things we don’t mean. but it also sometimes a necessary release.

    By Steph on 03.25.2012

  7. when a person is angry. Being able to control anger or not controlling your anger. The patience to hold anger in.

    By umbazachika URL on 03.25.2012

  8. Her temper controlled her. She didn’t like to admit it, but it took power over her life. She had lost several friends due to this “condition” and she didn’t want to lose anymore. As she walked into the therapist’s office, she glared at all the other misfits, in seek of help. All hypocrites, she thought, staring right back at her in utter disgust.
    This feeling of not belonging festered inside her for the rest of the day. She had not been able to talk to her therapist about it, but she had realized that nobody wanted her. Not one.

    By Leslie on 03.25.2012

  9. sometimes i get angry and i have to think to myself no just settle down its really not that bad and really people are going though things that are so much worse.. so slow down and notice the small things in life.

    By liz on 03.25.2012

  10. The heavy clang of steel on steel, demanding attention, thrusts its unwanted passion into your ears, driving it home with the steady work of artisans rolling in their craft, tempering their tools of creation and destruction endlessly, ceaseless, never slowing in their need to pound the world into submission. “We are human,” their hammers sang out. “We are, we were, we always will be.”

    By vhee URL on 03.25.2012

  11. “I know I have a problem.”
    “…..I am not sure you do. If you really understood, at a deep enough level, I don’t think this would happen.”

    I walked into the kitchen to grab the broom and dustpan, the broken glass a testament to my rage.

    By Matt G on 03.25.2012

  12. His temper is hot and he is ready to split.
    How can I calm him and show him the light?
    Her temper is sweet and kind no rage in her.
    How will these two live a life of happiness together?

    By teeda URL on 03.25.2012

  13. Anger fills the room, glass is shattered, chairs break. A feeling that most people can not control that provides destruction to all around it. This is something that the Hulk has to control though. Something that makes our temper and small “freak outs” seem tame.

    By Robby Martin on 03.25.2012

  14. Astor’s temper wasn’t just slow to rise; most people thought it to be completely nonexistent. He was always the very last to lose his head, the very last to give his fury the upper hand. And when he did, it wasn’t a flare or a firecracker like one might expect it to be. It was quiet, it was cunning, and it was deadly.

    By Julia A. URL on 03.25.2012

  15. My brother has a terrible temper. He likes to throw little baby temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. I try to make him calm down, but nothing seems to work. Lately, I decided to try violence, which seems to work pretty well. I put him in a full nelson because he wouldn’t clean his room.

    By Evelyn on 03.25.2012

  16. His temper had gotten the best of him again. He stood over the younger boy, arms raised prepared to strike. The smaller child whimpered and raised his hands in an attempt to cover his face before Mike’s clinched fist made contact with his nose.

    By Kim? URL on 03.25.2012

  17. Temper, for me, is anger. I used to have a quick temper, but I’m getting better at controlling myself and learning to take things in stride.

    By Kerry URL on 03.25.2012

  18. I have a pretty bad temper. I have no patience, and I wish I had more. But things that come easy in my life seem like they should come easy to others as well. I guess I get frustrated when they don’t. Some people even seem to get frustrated with me when I can’t do things as easily as they can…


    By james on 03.25.2012

  19. The sea did gently ebb and wane, but no one saw the tempest that was coming – who could foretell the sea to have such a mood, such a temper but God Himself?

    By Ahnnyeong haseyo URL on 03.25.2012

  20. he had a temper, and his temper was talking to him, he heard it day ‘i love you’ and so he drew it from his brain and married it. they are now living happily in dorset :) they have 3 kids, happiness, calm and bravery. They have a cat called manik and a rabbit called thumper.
    Temper then thought, nahh. Don;t like this bloke and so crept back in to the man’s mind where she tormented him forever. the kids were sad and the rabbit dies.

    By Katie on 03.25.2012

  21. When I’m upset I bite my lip
    I don’t stomp my feet or shout
    no visible posture changes with hands placed on hips
    instead– I clench down with almost pearly whites,
    letting the anger out

    and when the blood runs down my chin
    I know to let go

    By Christian URL on 03.25.2012

  22. someone who has an easy temper is one who gets frustrated and angry easily.
    what gets me is that these people tend to spend way too much time upset than happy.

    time is precious, so why waste it being angry?

    By Kailey URL on 03.25.2012

  23. Temper. Good temper or bad temper? Temper can go out of control, and thats when its dangerous.

    By Alice on 03.25.2012

  24. You temper yourself beautiful. Because that’s what you are, when you stand in the middle of my bedroom, naked and with the morning light painting you soft while you scream at me, scream!

    By Hafada URL on 03.25.2012

  25. temper is short but love is long lasting. So when you yell and shout at those you love and know you care about, remeber that…this is all just your temper. Your temper, you’re anger, your hurt you are taking out on the person that has done nothing but loved you and treated you with respect and love and dignity. Control the temper you feel raging up inside express the temper with art with music, because every emotion we feel can be turned into some beautiful art we all hold inside of us.

    By Kyra Swartz on 03.25.2012

  26. today i am writing about temper, you can either be well tempered of bad tempered. for instance getting upset and storming off is in bad temper do you control your temper or does your temper control you ? or is it something that dictates our lives ?

    By Tash URL on 03.25.2012

  27. Temper is aggression or distress. People are said to have a short temper if they get angry very quickly over little things. Temper also sounds like a Japanese dish.

    By Madhvi Mavadiya on 03.25.2012

  28. My grandfather’s temper is quite easily provoked – say the word “ain’t” and you’ll see what I mean. He means well and has a heart, but when people don’t follow his logic, or complete tasks the way he expects them to be completed; well, you must endure the wrath of his temper!

    By Olivia URL on 03.25.2012

  29. Temper is generally considered a bad thing, and yet paradoxically a good thing as well. Society respects those with an “even” temper, yet also idolizes those who are able to stand up, speak their mind, and challenge what has been said.

    By Mike on 03.25.2012

  30. She couldn’t control it. She just couldn’t take it any longer. A clenched fist came his way, and he cowered in fear. She just couldn’t take his crap anymore. Her temper finally broke.

    By Brandon on 03.25.2012

  31. gemoedstoestand, gevoel houding aandacht onderdrukken maandelijks vrouwelijk inhouden agressief boos woede verlangen

    By Bianca on 03.25.2012

  32. ‘Sounds nice.’ he mumbled looking in Romero’s face.
    ‘But still, It must be damn hard for a guy like you to challenge me.’ he shouted, smiling devilishly, taking out his gun and checking how many rounds he had left.

    By Omnix URL on 03.25.2012

  33. my temper is going to explode sometimes. she makes me very angry and i wish i could scream. i need to control it or else i’m going to say something i regret. but i guess most people get that way. a temper must plague some of the smartest of minds and also some of the dumbest.

    By shannon on 03.25.2012

  34. It was like a smoldering ball, flames extending like the petals of a flower. Like the heated surface of the sun. Teagen saw it all, felt it burning in her heart, but she couldn’t put a stop to it. There was not a single drop of water in the galaxy that could extinguish her burning flame of rage.

    By Anonymous on 03.25.2012

  35. Temper is my worse enemy; it bubbles up inside me and other people without warning. Temper can be solved by anger management, or maybe it just manages the anger or temper of the person and compartmentalises it. Who knows?

    By Aureilia Diya URL on 03.25.2012

  36. mean aunt scream curse bad words swear words hurt mad crazy mean cry scold short atitude tolerance

    By claudia on 03.25.2012

  37. my dad has a very very short temper. you say one thing wrong and boom, he’ll turn red and scream about it. he almost manipulates the whole situation and tries to make everyone feel guilty so he gets his way. my brother is the same way. they are so much a like, their tempers are so short. it’s scary.. i hate being around them when they get these moods.

    By lexi on 03.25.2012

  38. I have a bad temper when I get really mad but I have to be really mad but usually i can keep it under control. But i hate people who can’t keep their temper under control.

    By Nana on 03.25.2012

  39. I knew a man with a temper, it was not becoming of him. Last time I saw him he got on a bus to leave for Denver, I think he thought it would heal his temper, for his sake I wished it so.

    By Rachael on 03.25.2012

  40. bumbling around in a room full of broken glass where everything bothers you and there’s nowhere to turn, no doors that don’t lead to other rooms filled with broken glass… no people who don’t have pieces of glass stuck to them to cut you if you try to touch them.

    By Brenna on 03.25.2012