December 6th, 2010 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “teeth”

  1. Awake, he eyed the alarm clock. 7.30am. Her head was thumping. Way too much red, she thought to himself. “Bugger me” he could see the indentation of someone elses body in the bed. Something was poking him in the low of his back. He reached behind him and retrieved two front teeth, to which he felt for his. They were still there.

    By fafine brown URL on 12.06.2010

  2. My teeth are apparently really straight. I still need braces though because one of my adult teeth didn’t grow in so there is a gap. And this post is random, but whatever.

    By Katherine URL on 12.06.2010

  3. Your teeth are too white. God, are you a robot or something? Did you copy this from ‘Friends’? It’s so disgusting. Go eat some chocolate, now.

    By Rocío on 12.06.2010

  4. I have awful teeth. I always forget to brush them and they’re always yellow. I have a lot of cavities. My boyfriend has trouble remembering to brush too, but his teeth are always nice looking I wish mine were. Maybe it’ll change or something. I don’t know. My grandpa has false teeth.

    By William Fehling on 12.06.2010

  5. The water was biting cold, it’s teeth grabbed my attention by freezing my extremities.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 12.06.2010

  6. Open wide. Two words issued as a command- the sinister context was too much for me.
    I tried to pretend that there was a friendly dentist looming above me, and not an unfriendly stranger.
    I imagined myself being knocked unconscious from the anesthetic.
    I imagined that it would just be a quick fluoride rinse, and then I could happily declare “NO CAVITIES!” to my mother, who would be waiting just outside.
    But this was not a friendly encounter, and my mother would never quell the fear that was welling up inside of me now.
    He stared down at me.
    “Well? What are you waiting for?”

    By Regina URL on 12.06.2010

  7. eliza has teeth. they are covered with braces. therefore, she’s a brace face. my face sort of hurts. i don’t know why. i want to go to sleep. eliza likes sports. a lot. too much. the end. almost…………………………………………now.

    By juniper URL on 12.06.2010

  8. I’ve never had beautiful, shiny white teeth, and I am timid every time I even try to smile. They are horrible and even disgusting, and it haunts me.

    By A Bananie URL on 12.06.2010

  9. Teeth are awesome and I love to brush them. My girlfriend used to come into the bathroom and take pictures of me and her whilst I brushed my teeth. I don’t necessarily like doing the entire act because afterward it always leaves a horrible taste in your mouth. It makes it incredibly harder to eat foods because of the fact that that horrible taste is in your mouth.

    By R on 12.06.2010

  10. Shovels, o shovels, to my teeth the barest need. Can you see a shovel stand alone, toothed for all to know? I cannot unsee a shovel to be, and that is all for me.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 12.06.2010

  11. Lady gaga
    I have to go to the dentist over christmas break…
    My boyfriend is missing two…hott

    By Angela on 12.06.2010

  12. Are white and full of enamle. You must brush them at least twice a day and make sure not hit them on anything hard. The dentists love them and kids lose them. You get two sets and if you need more you have to buy them. Some are sensitive and some are not. Some people lose some and some lose them all.

    By Kolter Jennings URL on 12.06.2010

  13. Her tiny teeth were backed by a powerful jaw, so when she bit me, I yelled in both surprise and pain. I had no idea such short incisors could penetrate so deeply, by virtue of clamp-power mixed with tinyness.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 12.06.2010

  14. her teeth,
    crooked while young.
    fell out.
    straightened with braces,
    such awkward teen years.
    smiled on her wedding day.
    and were still intact as she laid in her coffin 75 years later.
    such a warm loving smile as hers will be missed, but lives on in many hearts forever.

    By Alicia Rose URL on 12.06.2010

  15. I constantly have dreams about my teeth. I have an irrational fear of them falling out. I hate going to the dentist. I hate the little spots that signify the beginnings of a cavity. Brush and floss, 2x a day, everyday. Inevitable cavity. Pain. Pain. Pain.

    By Jessi URL on 12.06.2010

  16. My god, how I miss my teeth. Funny how you never take those little shards of extruding bone for granted until you don’t have them anymore. How I lost them doesn’t matter, nor is it interesting. No fight in a Peruvian cage match, no pulling out of them by Viet Cong torturers, they’re just gone.

    which sucks when you have to rib somebody’s throat out and you have a denture plate.

    By Sid McHenry URL on 12.06.2010

  17. Chattering as you tremble in the breeze of the bright morning sun.
    It’s tough to feel the kiss when it masks as a bite.
    Are they the root of all evil, or does evil know the root to itself.
    Can we know what we can’t tell?

    By IsaacNoble URL on 12.06.2010

  18. My teeth are pretty bad. I have a lot of cavities because when I was a child I never brushed my teeth and I ate a fuck load of candy. Also, I have yellow-ish teeth. I need to visit the dentist ASAP. Otherwise I will be forced to live with gross teeth for allll eternnityyy. How sad. My teeth suck. I need to get them fixed. My mom spent 3000$ on my brother’s teeth !! ahh. I need braces

    By Julia on 12.06.2010

  19. Teeth, they hurt me right now. Wisdom teeth will hurt being taken out. Wisdom. Not everybody has this amazing gift, but the few that do employ it wonderfully. I ask God everyday for the wisdom to do the right things and to know when to act and when to stay silent. Wisdom. teeth.

    By Alex URL on 12.06.2010

  20. I have Cheetos in my teeth. They taste delicious but now my hands are sticky. I really shouldn’t be typing right now probably. I think that my computer can handle it. After all the Cheetos are a reminder of a good friend. Maybe their remnants will stay there forever.

    By AmyJoy URL on 12.06.2010

  21. teeth can be white or yellow some people have very bas teeth that are skanky and yellow and need a better dental plan, lots of teeth fall out, as a child. then the tooth fairy will come but actually isnt real!

    By victoria on 12.06.2010

  22. Her teeth chattered in the cold. It felt as if she would never be warm again. One swerve on an icy road was all it took to seal her fate.

    By Elise URL on 12.06.2010

  23. Who really thinks about their teeth? What is there to say?

    Teeth don’t brush themselves. And surely teeth will wither unless you pay close attention to them, like most things. But what can be said about teeth? I’d rather talk about woman.

    Woman are farther along intelligently and yet further back along the evolutionary path. Why? Because woman prefer assholes. The guys who really need support. Woman need a man who they can work on. Why? Because its part of what is built into them to do, find work as the nest. Bred and built.

    Woman are evil. It reminds me of the movie…Teeth…

    By Kemper URL on 12.06.2010

  24. Today I am going to tell you about teeth. Lady gaga wrote a song about teeth. they have enamel and plaque and if you don’t brush them they get disgusting.
    ‘You have teeth that can bite underneath to where the reality grows. That’s where mine go.”


    By Lyss on 12.06.2010

  25. teeth help keep humans alive longer. i dont just mean an individual human being, but i mean humans as a whole. can you imagine how long wild dogs or bears could live if they kept their teeth as healthy as we are able to? they could keep on eating and eating without wear and tear. they would have to worry about eating things made of toughter tissue and instead could just live to the age of 90.

    By David Satin on 12.06.2010

  26. teeth. white. pearly. just there
    people have good ones bad ones fucked up ones just all sorts
    but in the end it’s prolly the most important part of a person
    would you date someone with shitty teeth? would you kiss someone with shitty teeth? they could be the most beautiful thing but bad teeth and im done. it is horrible
    braces may be shit but for perfect teeth its worth it.
    and people are scared by teeth. they’re frightening and sharp. they’re filed down, used to bite used to kill.

    By Scott on 12.06.2010

  27. His teeth up against my tongue. That sensation, the feeling it gave me. nothing could overcome the feeling. I remember it perfectly

    By Olivia Jean URL on 12.06.2010

  28. These teeth are remarkably sharp, bright. They are little stars in a black sky, sharps in a mouth meant for devouring flesh.

    These teeth have served him well for as long as he can remember, and without them, life seems unbearable.

    As the Beast wretched his head back, drawing flesh from bone, stripping it clean, he realized that his teeth were, in fact, his life.

    By LSama URL on 12.06.2010

  29. I gritted my teeth against the pain. It wasn’t pain anymore, so to speak. Just a dull numbness. I was used to feeling that horrible pang in my stomach; knowing that I wasn’t the special one. It was nothing new. I had just learned to ignore the longing for someone’s arms.

    By Marissa URL on 12.06.2010

  30. get into this heavily and without thinking get the most out of it….sink them in.

    By Aaron Fyvie on 12.06.2010

  31. Thorn grinned, her sickening smile made the boy whimper in fear.
    “Such beautiful teeth you have…” She placed the pliers gently against his canine. “I think I might take one,…. or five…” Blood splattered, his scream was barely audible over Thorn’s laughter echoing in the tunnels.

    By heather URL on 12.06.2010

  32. I whitened my teeth, or so I’ve tried. I don’t really see any difference and I followed the directions for the extreme whitening effect so now I wish I’d saved my money.

    By Mary on 12.06.2010

  33. I brush my teeth obsessively. Ever since having braces I’ve become pretty self-conscious about it. Braces, you know, they ruin your life in more ways than one, I’m telling you. I’m never going to be the same because of those damned brackets on my teeth.

    By Julia A. URL on 12.06.2010

  34. Teeth… Um they are white and pearly! If they are on me! They help me chew my food and make me live. But I hate brushing them! i do it anyways of course but then again if I don’t it just makes life suck because then you have ugly yellow teeth and no one wants to be your boyfriend and kiss you!

    By Katie URL on 12.06.2010

  35. Scary scary things these teeth. Basically meant to start the process of turning something like duck l’orange into poop.

    By Avery on 12.06.2010

  36. Teeth, crumbling slowly out of my mouth. I try to piece it together and hold them in my mouth. Hoping that no one can tell. Why is it crumbling? I can’t keep it in one piece so i spit it in my hand only to find the tooth next to it is crumbling too. I can’t keep them in

    By Kristin on 12.06.2010

  37. My teeth gnashed in frustration as I looked out at all the work I had yet to do. Piles of papers that seemed almost lethal leered at me from their stacks, taunting my ignorance and cursing my inability to ever finish something ahead of time.

    By Courtney on 12.06.2010

  38. My teeth were clean and white. At least so I thought. I took the edge of my scarf and scratched the surface of my four front teeth. A white gooey substance showed up and the pink cashmere fabric. I couldn’t believe this was happening again.

    By Alexa Baiely on 12.06.2010

  39. With clenched teeth she braced herself
    It was inevitable, like snowfall and the plummeting temperatures of Wisconsin,
    Like the constant drizzle of spring in Washington,
    It fell apart.

    By Amiee URL on 12.06.2010

  40. I used to wish I had vampire teeth. I was always the gothic one in the family that is for sure. However, with all this twilight crap I’m really glad I don’t.

    By Becky Lieshout URL on 12.06.2010