October 21st, 2012 | 317 Entries

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317 Entries for “teeth”

  1. Mouth, white, shiny, food. chew, guys, girls, chiped, dentist, braces, gap, overlap everyday

    By Nikki on 10.21.2012

  2. I have braces. They cost so much money and it stinks, but in the end my teeth are going to look amazing. i’ve been waiting so long to have nice teeth, to look good in the pictures that i smile in. I am going to look so different when they are off, cant wait!

    By Nikki on 10.21.2012

  3. my teeth are in pretty good shape i think. i dont clean them as regularly as i should, but its because i forget or just because i get too tired. But i also suck my thumb, which is renowned for being really bad to your teeth. But upon a visit to the dentist i was told that because of my thumb sucking habbit is the reason i have a perfect bridge. Pretty good id say!

    By john on 10.21.2012

  4. I know a friend who is completely obsessed with her teeth. Whenever she smiles you can see her sparkling white teeth very clearly. She brushes her teeth given every opportunity as she claims that she feels extremely “uneasy” when she realizes that her teeth is left unbrushed. Once, we were sitting in a cafe and she brushed her teeth right there.

    Teeth are cute.

    By Mert Uşşaklı on 10.21.2012

  5. Teeth are white, i brush mine with olive oil soap. tooth paste seems nasty to me now. i have lost so much sensitivity in my teeth-it doesn’t even phase me now. i have a chip in my front tooth and it’s not really noticable, but i noticed it. oy, stop texting me, i have to poop.

    By Sara URL on 10.21.2012

  6. whenever there’s something wrong, bite it. bite and swallow, that’s the concept of success.

    By washington irving on 10.21.2012

  7. brush teeth in the morning, my breath smells so i have to clean it. i can start the day that way, is the way i like to start, always ready , always clean, the dirty comes next.

    By Danilo on 10.21.2012

  8. It wasn’t your fault. Well, not entirely anyway. I take some of the responsibility for being completely clueless and letting you carry on. But it was you that did carry on, and on and on. I appreciate that sometimes once you’ve gotten your teeth into something, it can be difficult for you to start to chew or to spit it out. But maybe that’s a life lesson you should ponder and heed. When several people are making odd faces at you and performing surreptitious hand gestures, it might be good to wonder what it is they’re trying to tell you.

    By rhyme79 URL on 10.21.2012

  9. teeth are beautiful. the other day I learned that slightly yellow is actually the natural color of teeth and anything that claims to whiten them is just stripping the enamel off of them. everyone should take good care of their teeth. brushing your teeth is less effective than both flossing and using mouthwash for removing plaque and bacteria, but we do it anyway because dental companies recognize that toothbrushes and toothpaste are realy expensive.

    By Amy Lu on 10.21.2012

  10. they are white they are fragile they are not fragile you know i like your teeth
    long teeth
    straight teeth. sometimes i cannot spell teeht. they are complex they are not complex they are seldomly white is seldomly a word? you know, teeth are good if you can handle them.

    By Agnes Mikkelsen on 10.21.2012

  11. the teeth in my mouth are very white even though I forget to wash them sometimes, my mother always told me: wash your teeth at least three times a day! I love my mother she is the

    By maria on 10.21.2012

  12. His teeth lay at his feet. They were knockd out in the fight

    By Jerri URL on 10.21.2012

  13. Meine Schwester macht gerade Zahnmedizin. Das ist irgendwie mega scheiße. Also das Studium, nicht das Fach ansich. Sie lernt nur noch und sowas. Gott sei Dank ist sie bald fertig. Ich freu mich echt für sie, weil dann fängt ihr Leben quasi erst wieder richtig an. Ich hab sie verdammt lieb. Und es ist wahrscheinlich schon praktisch eine Ärztin (auch wenn sie “nur” Zahnärztin ist) in der Familie zu haben.

    By Deni URL on 10.21.2012

  14. The teeth of your words dig into my skin.
    They tear my flesh,
    They bite off my fingers.
    So painfully, I cried out into the night.
    And everyone heard me,
    But no one listened.

    By Audrey URL on 10.21.2012

  15. some teeth make me jealous. I mean my teeth are ugly and yellow and old. They make me not want to smile or open my mouth much at all. I hope one day I can have white teeth but I think that will have to wait for heaven or dentures whichever comes first.

    By staceybutcher URL on 10.21.2012

  16. teeth are white, they can be whited with baking soda. nice teeth are very attractive. braces give one nice teeth. it feels nice when one’s teeth fit perfectly together, the top and the bottom.

    By Morgan on 10.21.2012

  17. white, sharp in some cases, odd, weird, loud to some people. sometimes you bite your tongue with your teeth. it hurts. i chipped my tooth one time. it sucked. lol. teeth are really odd things. exciting in some ways. :)

    By Eva Nobles on 10.21.2012

  18. His nose was the first part of him through the door, closely followed by the rest of his head. Dark brown, floppy hair in the traditional posh-boy style, impossibly bright blue eyes and his mouth of smoothly white teeth, framed by perfectly plump lips. If he wasn’t such a tosser, I might have fallen in love with him, right there.

    By rhyme79 URL on 10.21.2012

  19. When brushing my teeth, I think about the most stupid things that come across my mind. this morning, i thought about having dinner with my mother. But i knew i wouldnt have dinner with her, cause i do not like her enough to have dinner with her. So i didnt. Then i thought about leaving.

    By Sii Sjeezem URL on 10.21.2012

  20. I wonder if vampires get cavities from drinking blood? Do they go to the dentist? I think i would worry about biting myself if I had vampire teeth. Also, human teeth stain yellow…I wonder if vampire teeth get red stains.

    By Janine on 10.21.2012

  21. Could really kick you in the teeth sometimes.

    By Kim URL on 10.21.2012

  22. Some teeth are yellow and some are white. Some are straight and some are crooked. You go to the dentist to get your teeth fixed. Most people don’t like going but my kids are excited to go for the first time. I wonder if whitening stuff really works. I would like to try it someday but the stuff you buy in the store has never worked. Maybe the stuff the dentist has works better…it is after all, prescription strength. Maybe I should stop drinking coffee so my teeth don’t stain anymore. But I don’t see that happening any time soon.

    By neenie84 URL on 10.21.2012

  23. teeth are white and shiny. nom nom nom. teeth help you eat. if you eat bad stuff or do bad thing to your mouth and body teeth will fall out. sometimes when you’re in love and you kiss people, your teeth hit each others. and if you really love each other you laugh it off and the kiss after is even better than the one before.

    By Sage on 10.21.2012

  24. Ugh, I HATE braces. Why can’t teeth just naturally be perfect and straight? Instead we have to go through years of pain and discomfort. The ache that lasts for days when you get your braces tightened. The self-consciousness in your metal smile. The awkward flossing in between wires and rubber bands. It’s all so ANNOYING.

    By sable113 URL on 10.21.2012

  25. White shiny things inside the mouth. Sharp on animals, briliant in attack. Wonderful uses to everyday things or both humans and creatures alike. Also creepy in a way.

    By Kelsi on 10.21.2012

  26. My teeth clattered nervously as I watch john being ripped limb from limb. We had just stumbled into the parking lot laughing at a joke when the demon grabbed him. And here I stood watching him, too scared to move.

    By waltmaison URL on 10.21.2012

  27. bite
    my being
    my body

    By ovdancer URL on 10.21.2012

  28. He gnashed his gargantuan teeth at the little girl. “you don’t scare me!” she said to him. She chomped her little white teeth at him “grrr. “

    By Lucy on 10.21.2012

  29. i love my teeth. they are white like the rabbit form alice in wonderland. tick tock, i’m late, the rabbit says. and alice falls… to the middle of nowhere. and so it begins. they are all mad.

    By Daniela on 10.21.2012

  30. With my teeth I bit into the fleshy bits of rabbit that I clutched between my fingers. Starving, oh so starving. It tasted so good that I cried into its fur. I’m sorry, but it was all there was that could satisfy me. I know, I should be ashamed.

    By Baylee on 10.21.2012

  31. i will shine from one point of birth to the other side which awaits me a beautiful death… I was put in this earth to make a mother smile ..as i will be passed on that beautiful smile … onto my creations… for them to shine as there own identity we meet… as God’s personalized teeth.

    By OnlyMy2Cents URL on 10.21.2012

  32. “What’s the American obsession with smiles?” Aunt said. She flashes her tea-stained teeth at me. Anyone else might think she smoked obsessively.

    The dentist had talked nonstop for three minutes about how I had to get braces, to “improve my smile.” Aunt didn’t come to my defense then. She kept her mouth shut, wisely perhaps.

    She knocked at the brochure of smiling people in braces with her knuckles. “These smiles are fake. You know how I tell? Look at their eyes.”

    By Holden URL on 10.21.2012

  33. I have a thing about teeth. I don’t like them to be perfect and I don’t like them to be horrible, but a bit of a crooked tooth here or there makes people look interesting. Interesting teeth. Yeah, that’s what I like in a tooth.

    By susie corke on 10.21.2012

  34. I like my teeth. They can be shiny or yellow or green. I don’t know why I said green. But it’s like gang green. Isn’t that about teeth? Like pirates had gang green or something? I’m pretty sure I’m spelling it wrong. It might be gangreen. Nope. There are red squigglies under it.

    By Chelsea on 10.21.2012

  35. The dentist in my mouth kept nagging and nagging about my rotting teeth. The only thing I heard was “Blah, blah, blah….” and the only thing that I thought about though was my favorite candy. The bubble gum in the pocket was calling to me, and I mean shouting. Like it kept screaming for me, but all I could do was stroke it in my pocket and try to calm it down.

    By herbutterfly143 URL on 10.21.2012

  36. my teeth arent perfect. but they are symmetrical. i had braces as a kid but my dad got tired of paying the bills so he ripped them out with some pliers one day. i had to go to the dentist and get them to remove the glue. they were not pleased.

    By Michael on 10.21.2012

  37. His teeth sunk into the pear. Juice dribbled down his chin, and the flavor saturated his mouth. He was so hungry. So ravenous for food — any food. He had found the pear dangling on a tree, tantalizing, the last one there.

    By Kristina URL on 10.21.2012

  38. You feel a falling sensation, and your hand reaches out of the black abyss, your last hope at escape. But the grime and wet mud cannot hold your weight, and though you hold with the last of your strength, though your nails rip and your fingers bleed, you are slipping. And just when you feel you are lost, you feel a stronger hand pull you out. You see her. Teeth bared, in the most victorious smile.

    By Sunny Patel URL on 10.21.2012

  39. I love my teeth. I am always getting comments how pretty and white they are. It makes me very happy. I can honestly say that I floss every single day, sometimes twice. I wish more people would take care of their teeth.

    By gina on 10.21.2012

  40. white perhaps attached to some people who think differently.
    Morning, evenings, who cares one starts one stops. they both are attached to each other by time and events.

    By james1a on 10.21.2012