June 9th, 2011 | 504 Entries

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504 Entries for “teacher”

  1. There will be a new set next year, all of them having stayed behind when we boarded the buses today. They have helped us through study hall and tests, through times when we didn’t know what to do next. Some have become my friends. I wonder, will the teachers next year do the same?

    By RipredtheGnawer URL on 06.09.2011

  2. I have had many teachers. Some mean. Most were nice. One of the best teachers I ever had inspired me to reach for something. Inspired me to keep writing and encouraged me to just go for it. For that, I thank you. I dedicate this to “Mr. Blackistone.”

    By Brittany on 06.09.2011

  3. he kissed the skin on my neck right where my jaw began, and then lower, closer to my ear. we both knew it was wrong but somehow we just stopped caring.

    By madelyn URL on 06.09.2011

  4. how i lived
    can’t be undone
    how i loved
    can’t be punned
    the best one
    i had always believed
    is the

    By rockchelleized URL on 06.09.2011

  5. to open ones eyes and force creativity to show. to teach someone is to help someone remember life long lessons.

    By catherinebeal URL on 06.09.2011

  6. Young and inquisitive, searching the world for some satisfaction of burning curiosities. The gift of another’s wisdom and experience as a guide is not such a rare thing to have in those times. But it is often unappreciated, and its worth may not even be recognized until it is gone.

    By torin URL on 06.09.2011

  7. Teacher! I love a lot of my teachers this year. I don’t think I have a favorite… so many were awesome. I’m… one teacher’s favorite student though. Which is… kind of pretty awesome, especially considering which teacher in particular…

    By youcantknow URL on 06.09.2011

  8. woah who is going to teach me how to be a kid again i love teaching people when i do not know what i am talking about wait why am i rushinbg and panicking i need to treach my self to type better and to relax in the heat of the chaos i relax when it is calm i must also relax when it is chaotic .

    By ajloopy URL on 06.09.2011

  9. so theres this teacher i have
    hes foregin
    his name is manol
    he is the root of alllllllllllll evil
    he talks funny
    he expects us to know things noone including him has ever taught us
    i loathe him
    the end

    By Adriana URL on 06.09.2011

  10. my kindergarten teacher hated me. she said i never kept my mouth shut. it’s funny because i loved her to fucking pieces. worshiped her. i even have this old picture of us together, with my scribbled ‘i love you’ across it i wrote before moving onto 1st grade, already missing sitting in her classroom, moving my class bear from ‘good’ to ‘bad’ on the reg.

    By madelyn URL on 06.09.2011

  11. A teacher who will always inspire me to catch my dream. To see the future bright.

    By Fiah URL on 06.09.2011

  12. Today was the last day of school for my siblings. Their teachers waved goodbye while the bus drivers honked. At another school in our area has teachers who form a can-can line to say goodbye to the buses. That’s why I want to be a professor, not a teacher – I’m no Rochette, even on the last day of school.

    By Hyperbole URL on 06.09.2011

  13. someone who:

    By Frances Naude on 06.09.2011

  14. i had this teacher once in 4th grade, her name was Mrs. Warn. I drew a really mean picture of her looking like medusa and i got sent to the principal’s office and got kicked out of class. i meant to be nice about it, but she didn’t think it was so nice. Oops…. :/

    By Amanda on 06.09.2011

  15. The day that the dawns came crashing down was the day my wife killed me.
    She just stood there. Crying. The mist was so glimmering. The two words I thought of before I died, “teach her”. Hopefully, one day, she will be taught.

    By Julia URL on 06.09.2011

  16. Teachers are always expecting you to be something, to do something, to become something. They have all these high expectations that they feel must be fulfilled. I guess to be a teacher you have to be expectant. If you do the assignment wrong. Minus points. Spell something wrong? Minus points. Incorrect grammar? Minus points. <<< Sentence fragments..? Minus MORE points. I guess what I'm trying to say is that teachers often stifle creativity. Even writing teachers, whose job it is to bring out the creativity in some students. But maybe it isnt all the teacher's fault. Maybe the truth is, that the youth of today is full of uncultured swine who'd honestly rather sit in front of a TV for 6 hours instead of doing anything productive. And that's the truth America's youth wont listen to. Its sad that we who would do anything to bring out our creative sides are mixed in with the uncultured swine of today's world. Maybe it's because often times ignorance can become great inspiration. I know that's where I often find my creativity from. The ignorance and arrogance of friends and family. But the greatest source of stupidity? Myself.

    By Hope on 06.09.2011

  17. I waited by the door for i knew she always would be disappointed at something i have done in the last week. But today i decided to go in first and sat down and gave the teacher a warm hello and i actually received good news.

    By Mike URL on 06.09.2011

  18. I could never be a teacher. I simply do not have the patience. All of those kids, trying to get their attention, constantly making sure everyone is on the same page. I just couldn’t do it. I have a lot of respect for teachers around the world. Especially the ones that I personally have learned to admire. Take my spanish teacher for instance.

    By Emily Nicole on 06.09.2011

  19. learning someone that cares an educator someone inspiring someone smart someone with with all the answers someone that cares some thats patient someone that shows kindness to small children someone who takes in the special ed children someone that shows the way someone that is foward

    By Victoria Lampton on 06.09.2011

  20. I never knew. I was always so childish. Fooling around and crap. The teacher made sure I always knew the supplies and well to sum it up let’s just say..

    Sir changed my life.

    By Zoe.(: URL on 06.09.2011

  21. i love them and i hate them, they shape me and they break me, build me up and tear me down, a continuous contradiction of the education system. but i would be nowhere without out them, nowhere close to where i am now semi-accomplished..but lost none the less.

    By lucy on 06.09.2011

  22. Of all my friends, the stupidest is the one going into teaching. I find it ironic, and I feel bad for the parents who will pay for her to educate their children.

    By June URL on 06.09.2011

  23. My english teacher is an inspiration. He has taught me for two years, but I’ve learned so much more from him than English. He teaches about the world. About how to travel, what to look for, how to be patient, how to treat people, what true love is and more. The best part of all is he does it because he loves it.

    By Madeline on 06.09.2011

  24. Wise person who can teach just about anything. some of them are the worlds greatest inspiration. i like teachers they are sometimes mean, sometimes nice. if they have a bad day, dont sass them. be nice and suck up to them.

    By Alexa on 06.09.2011

  25. The teacher yelled at his students, All looking dead afraid as if they have seen a ghost. It was no ordinary school. It was a school of awesomeness, and they were failing drastically. It totally sucked so they started to cry. especially fat edwardo

    By Mauri on 06.09.2011

  26. That is what I am, right? except that I can’t be, although every day I stand in front of a class room and impart precious knowledge nobody truly cares about. Some teacher… Maybe my dad was right, after all.

    By Taddy on 06.09.2011

  27. A teacher and a student aren’t that dissimilar. In fact, if one isn’t doing the other, then one isn’t doing it right. A teacher should always keep a careful eye on the things a student is to teach them, as that teacher might be in for a shock at what he or she still has to learn.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 06.09.2011

  28. I’ve always wanted a very good teacher, like a bald old philosopher to take me in under his wing and teach me everything i need to know about everything there is to know. But, i guess those kinds of people are going out of style these days. That isn’t too bad though, there are hundreds of other ways to learn, i suppose.

    By Tyler URL on 06.09.2011

  29. I once knew a teacher. She was a fine lady. A fine lady indeed. We talked. We walked the parks. We made passionate love. What I never knew was she taught special needs children. These children weren’t normal children but dragons. Wild untamed beasts with manes of gold. I loved her that day.

    By Roger Waters on 06.09.2011

  30. Some teachers are the kind that you make friends with. Others you despise. Some are hard teachers, and some of their classes are just plain easy. Either way, a teacher’s a teacher, and you’ll learn something, whether you like them or not.

    The end.

    By Demo on 06.09.2011

  31. love

    By elayne on 06.09.2011

  32. That is what I am, right? Except that I can’t be, I have no right to be, even when every day I stand in front of a class room and impart precious knowledge nobody truly cares about. Some teacher… Maybe my dad was right, after all.

    By Taddy URL on 06.09.2011

  33. Teachers sometimes don’t do their job, they usually suck. Unless you’re lucky to have an awesome teacher, like a drama teacher who knows what he/she is doing. Or just any cool teacher in general.

    By Haley Bear URL on 06.09.2011

  34. Today was the last time I saw my teachers for a while. My hard-exterior english teacher gave me a big hug and told me he’d miss having me in his class. I hope that means I’m getting an A. I’m glad I won’t be seeing another (regular) teacher for a while now……… although I will have teachers in Barcelona.

    By Jessie Tea URL on 06.09.2011

  35. how inspirational! teachers have been the foundation of learning from long ago. no matter if they’re professional or just your parents teaching you morals and values. teachers help shape the way we are and what we’re going to be..

    By kermit on 06.09.2011

  36. Teacher is a teacher is a teacher. Being a teacher is fun. Being a teacher is difficult. Like being a parent. And being wise and old and like a turtle. But also like a hare. So difficult. Because everything wants something different and no one knows anything. Respect.

    By Megu on 06.09.2011

  37. Teachers are very powerful people. In a sense they are the most powerful because through teaching our children, they hold the key to our future. They deserve more money.

    By Sarah Hicks URL on 06.09.2011

  38. well, i hate my teachers sometimes they really suck. like when they dont help you with your homework and make you figure it out just stop!! help me! but sometimes they rock like when they are friendly and nice i cant believe school is over and its finally summer woohoo thank god right?

    By olivia on 06.09.2011

  39. She said she was a teacher. She said she has taught many people over many years. I assumed from her demeanor she was a grade school teacher. By the end of the night she taught me what an it takes to be a man.

    By jkemp on 06.09.2011

  40. is a friend, they teach us things, it’s crazy, i love my teachers, my mom is my teacher,

    By anonymous on 06.09.2011