June 9th, 2011 | 504 Entries

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504 Entries for “teacher”

  1. I wanted to impress you so bad. Every paper I turned in was given to you with the hope that you would like me. Despite that, you hardly even noticed me. All you cared about were the popular kids. I used to love reading, too.

    By Maddie s URL on 06.09.2011

  2. Sie wollen lehren,
    sie wollen quälen,
    sie wollen helfen,
    sie wollen uns voranbringen,
    sie wollen uns zurücklassen

    By Anuri URL on 06.09.2011

  3. The teacher was all wrong, and I had a feeling she knew it. Still she argued with my daily about the ethics in trying to correct an authority figure. I didn’t care. I felt that things should always be right, and your superior amount of time on this planet didn’t change that. Even we children own up to a little wisdom.

    By Carolynn URL on 06.09.2011

  4. my dad was a teacher. things turned to shit last year when he was told that he hadn’t renewed his teaching licence. shit hit the fan. now he’s being investigated.

    i think i’d quite like to be a music teacher. or at the very least teach somebody music. maybe singing. would love to just play music all the time actually. after learning uke, i want guitar to be the next thing. wind piano too. get a real folk thing going. that’d be pretty sweet. maybe make more of a thing out of my band!

    By sophie on 06.09.2011

  5. She was there looking better than i have ever seen anyone ever. Well she was kind of heavy in the thigh area, and the gut, and the arm…okay she was overall a big person, and im not usually the type of guy to go for the heavier type but for some reason she appealed to me. She taught me more than i could ever learn.

    By Avery Torres URL on 06.10.2011

  6. Dr. Bachmann stepped into the middle of the rave, the students dancing on the quad with loud, rhythmic music and a couple had set up a couple of variable strobe lights. As a teacher of higher learning, he had charged himself with the task of making sure nobody underage was drinking alcohol at his Family Values Univerisity, so that they may have their minds clear for their schoolwork.

    He was happy to state in the morning written report that there was no alcohol being consumed all evening. Not even the Kool-aid tasted of alcohol. In fact, he stated that the Kool-aid tasted of static electricity and abandon.

    By richpee URL on 06.10.2011

  7. A teacher can be both a blessing and a curse. It will knock you down and pull you up. It will make you want to scream and make you want to laugh. But in the end it is a teacher and no matter how much wisdom it will dispense or how utterly wrong its methods will be, it will remain another being.

    By Cyhwuhx URL on 06.10.2011

  8. i wanna be a teacher.
    ever since i was little.
    well, i once had this big dream to be a librarian. like marion.
    but even in that phase i always wanted to teach.
    i just want to make a difference.

    By Hollie URL on 06.10.2011

  9. I used to hate a highschool teacher, well i still hate her. She is the psicologist there and I know Im weird and really bipolar but instead of helping me she hated me and treated me horribly.

    By Persona URL on 06.10.2011

  10. Teachers is also a stupid word. Christ, OneWord.

    By Riley Frost on 06.10.2011

  11. happy i dont have to be in school again you did not inspire me

    By usershame URL on 06.10.2011

  12. sad tree misses the gravity. he loads a seaming appointment on the mist of laziness. what kind of fatigue I met when he turned to grey. never met to heal a nest around the neck. I feel black eggs fulfilled my loneliness…

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.10.2011

  13. mentor nun scary inspiring….transcendental indespoablepatent

    By nikki on 06.10.2011

  14. inspiring
    knowledge source
    A teacher is one of the most profound and believable source of information that shapes many lives.

    By Antara Banerjee Gupta URL on 06.10.2011

  15. One who teaches you to dream. A teacher may not be the best role model, but more often than not guides you into how you can meander the river of your life to meet the sea, somewhere further along.

    By Neha on 06.10.2011

  16. a teacher is a person who guides a certain individual through a journey of knowledge, encompassing the bay of learning, and therefore creating a new person, with a higher quality of performance in whatever it is the teacher teaches.

    By Joe Arechavala on 06.10.2011

  17. my teacher fucking sucks. all she does is bitch bitch bitch we’ve only been in class for 15mins and all she did was stoneface everybody and complain about why her life sucks ass…………fucking hate school

    By Harold on 06.10.2011

  18. He is somebody I first see when I go to school. It’ s someone to whom I am very grateful. He teaches us a lot about (everyday) ife and things like that. I must be makin mistakes now, but I guess it’s not important. Oh god!

    By Dunja on 06.10.2011

  19. teach me something. teach me how to handle this like an adult because I will tell you right now my instincts are telling me to do the opposite. does being an adult mean that you have to do things that are wiser over easier? yes.

    By Park URL on 06.10.2011

  20. ‘good morning, teacher!’ we chorused, in perfect unison, standing up. together. flawless. it was almost, really, as if we were… one.

    By Raida Kabir URL on 06.10.2011

  21. Oh teacher,
    mother or father of the classroom.
    How you do your job
    I do not know,
    and hope I never will.
    Young brains cry
    for shaping knowledge,
    creative thoughts,
    not exam porridge.
    Yet that is sadly
    what they’re fed
    by idiots and fools
    who call themselves the teacher.

    By Nick on 06.10.2011

  22. “This is definitely NOT what I set out to be!”

    “But you are so good at it! If anybody can be a teacher, you can!”

    “So what if I can be a teacher – I don’t want to be!”

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 06.10.2011

  23. leave the kids alone

    By Fernando URL on 06.10.2011

  24. I had many great teachers in my life. It’s funny when you look back and remember that one specific amazing teacher who taught you many things that pertained to the outside world. Those lessons you can’t learn in a classroom, can you?

    By Deborah on 06.10.2011

  25. He was new to our school. We’d heard whispers that he was handsome. He walked into the classroom and I think everyone’s heart skipped a beat. Long, golden hair, pale skin, blue eyes, tall, muscular… He was my very first teacher crush.

    By Ashleigh on 06.10.2011

  26. ive had a lot of teachers. from the beginning my second grade teacher was grea i wrote a lot in her class. it was great. ive had a lot since then. a lot of good ones a lot of bad ones. and thats just school. thats the easy part. ive had about a billion teachers outside of school. friends and family mostly. no one teachers you like that. but everyone teaches us. everyone teaches everyone. isthat that great? learning all the time no matter what. every single second of every single day thats why life is enjoyable because no matter what its new and becautifuyl all the time. isnt that great? what a fantastic thingg to have happen to us. we win. but yeah, teachers. theyre prerttty important. without them…. no one would learn? i guess? would they? i guess that has more to0 do with your definition of what is and isnt a teacher. because its like a chicken and an egg.. which came first, a teacher or learning. can you learn without a teacher? i think so. you can teach yourself. my fingers are tired and its been more than 60 seconds.

    By Myles Grene on 06.10.2011

  27. surbhi piilai was the best teacher i came about she was so good to me though we had a love hate relationship i like her so much .. you can surely say i have a hugeeeeee crush on her and also the way she helped me during the elocution competition sums it all..

    By ravi on 06.10.2011

  28. yeah, that’s what i’m listening to right now…not a very good one anyway. Nice dude, but really, this is just students talking. When are we going to learn something about the essays we have to write? That’s the point I’m here. I’m not here to listen to students ho just talk and talk and talk. Take control, man!

    By Sarah on 06.10.2011

  29. one of the most important person that you would want to meet is a teacher, because he or she is responsible for the advancement of our civilization and to opening of our minds, both with knowledge and other excited bits of information. I love my teachers.

    By victor walkes URL on 06.10.2011

  30. The smell of chalk assailed his senses as he leaned down, mingled with the cloying tang of freshly spilt blood. The teacher had been impaled upon a slender beam of wood that protruded still from his heart, marked along its length with miniscule black lines and numbers. A fitting end for one who had crushed the hopes of his students so mercilessly, but a crime nevertheless. None would mourn his passing, and few would even care that he was gone. He was a monster in tweed, a jackal of a man with a heart as cold as stone. But he was dead, his lifeblood leaking across the floor, and detective Norris had a job to do.

    By Alec on 06.10.2011

  31. It’s not easy to be a teacher. You first have to understand what you’re teaching, and then be able to communicate it to another in a way so they will understand. You have to be patient, and committed, and caring; motivated and ready to motivate.

    By Lydia URL on 06.10.2011

  32. Everyone is a teacher of one sort or another, no exceptions. So much for us all to learn.

    By Jeanie URL on 06.10.2011

  33. One of my favourite quotes is: “When the student is ready a teacher will appear”. So true in many occasions, when is time for change.

    By Anton URL on 06.10.2011

  34. She was a kind teacher, good hearted and naive. No one really liked her. They had no respect for her milky white ways, her lack of enthusiasm. They all secretly hated her, resented the way she took up space and filld their days with nothingness. They craved more than that, they wanted a challenge.

    By annes URL on 06.10.2011

  35. She had learned so much in the past few months, from bedaub to lucubrate, the words continued to flow, and what’s more, to stick. Thanks to dedication and passion, she had truly become an autodidactic writer and now more than ever, she was convinced that her life’s metier lay within the contradictory confines of English.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 06.10.2011

  36. She dusted the chalk off her long bony fingers by clapping her hands together a few times. It fell like snow down onto her black pencil skirt and clung there, white, delicate flakes of powder.

    By Katie URL on 06.10.2011

  37. old. Smelly. Boring. Life less. Zombie. Shouty. Obnoxious. Delusions of grandeur.

    By steph on 06.10.2011

  38. never had much luck with teachers. worse bullies then most kids. but there are some that are like friends too.

    By kitty on 06.10.2011

  39. My teacher is a gay fat kid. His name is Taylor Swift, and he likes to sing about having cheap, shallow relationships and he has a lot of sex with drunken, broke 16 year old guys. He wears thongs to class, and his bra always sticks out of his shirt.

    By Kiana on 06.10.2011

  40. the guide that leads you through the world of knowledge and shows you a few steps to be who you are and how to be a productive person in the world, the teacher shows us that we’re not alone that we can do something just for others not ourselves, my teacher tought me that i can make a difference and it doesn’t matter if i didn’t understand math now, it doesn’t mean i’m an idiot it just might mean that i’m not goona be majoring in it in the future

    By Rose on 06.10.2011