May 7th, 2012 | 211 Entries

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211 Entries for “tasting”

  1. it tickles tongues,
    it’s small plate, chef-inspired menus,
    pairs with wines
    and deciphers delicious from
    the not-so-much,
    it is one of five sense,
    but the one that might make you fat.

    By NuSol URL on 05.07.2012

  2. Delicious tastes in my mind.
    Something sour and sublime
    De ident and sweet it’s a exciting treat.
    Forever I illl not forget that amazing food
    Salty like the sea with a hint of lemon.
    Floating on a dream of. Whipped cream
    I love whipped cream
    I love food in genealogy actually
    Its so good and just makes my mouth water with the sensation of food!

    By Alexus Avila URL on 05.07.2012

  3. Tasting…..well that’s the whole thing, isn’t it? My whole life is in the tasting. I write about tasting, I think about tasting, I share what other’s are tasting. Tasting good, tasting bad, tasting indifferent. What is in good tast(int), Bad tast(ing).

    By margaret christine @ notes from maggie's farm URL on 05.07.2012

  4. Today and every day I’m tasting and seeing just how good the Lord is. He is so good to me. I beg for His mercy though…because I’m not that good in return.

    By vanhaydu URL on 05.07.2012

  5. We taste more than we know. Think: we taste clouds all the time. And the breath of caves, and the tiny exhalations of worms as they plunge through loam. Stick out your tongue and you can lick the afternoon sun, suck it in, swallow it down the dark tube of your wanting.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 05.07.2012

  6. I can taste the fear, anxiety and even some excitement. It’s there tearing my lungs fresh from my chest. Pulling my mstomach in different directions. It takes my breath, my essence. This is the new chapter.

    By lizamajig URL on 05.07.2012

  7. You taste things in food.

    By Karena on 05.07.2012

  8. Is like when you eat or drink something it has to have a taste like water rain snow food drinks stuff like that a kiss also has a taste tasting can be good or very bad depending whet it is n jet you o or do not like.

    By Victoria URL on 05.07.2012

  9. close your eyes and taste blue bread it will be delicious.

    By corinnele on 05.07.2012

  10. There’s nothing like tasting things. You can’t even describe it. Taking a wedge of an orange, popping it into your mouth, feeling the juice burst across your tongue in a citrusy wave. The juice dripping down your throat, the sweetness remaining in your mouth. It’s one of the best things you could ever experience and it’s the most taken for granted every day experience in the world.

    By CNou91 URL on 05.07.2012

  11. Her words tasted stagnant, despairingly common. Once- perhaps- they had been fresh and zesty; lemons and limes in a cacophony of originality. Now, one by one, segments, or syllables had dried out, left discarded in the aggravating puddle of apathy. Tasting the word play used to electrify the buds into blossom; today the words played a deadly game with her enamel. Maybe no words are better after all.

    By Jacklin on 05.07.2012

  12. i’ve stood back said what i felt but have still been quiet and you’ve given me but a taste of you a mere sprinkling of the water i thirst for and now i may no longer stand back i may no longer pretend to be happy i will cry and you WILL watch me cry and now YOU will get a taste of what it has been like to be me for the past six months. jerk.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 05.07.2012

  13. She let the warm liquid trickle down her throat. It left a burning sensation on her tongue and a fire in her stomach. Despite the warm temperature, the sweet taste of the hot chocolate was very satisfying. Her once numb hands now had feeling again, and she placed her face in front of the steam emitting from the mug.

    By Morgan URL on 05.07.2012

  14. Control, tight as a rope – slip it between my breast bone till you can count the ridges on each – fragment. Hold it close to your heart, and closer to your lungs. Let it dissolve in your blood.

    By Anna Meursault on 05.07.2012

  15. tasting. tasting. tasting. what to say about tasting. its real and it can be great. it van be disgusting. its a surprise and its familiar. it can be warm and it can be cold. too cold.

    By katrina on 05.07.2012

  16. He scrounged the plate of appetizers and carelessly popped the tiny red stick into his mouth. It had a sweet flavor, and he savored the moment. He asked the waiter what the delicious thing had been. The waiter, dressed in a lint-free tuxedo, replied, “Red peppers, sir.” He felt his tongue begin to burn uncontrollably.

    By Morgan (Time Lady) URL on 05.07.2012

  17. Wine tasting. I sat at the wine tasting, watching him from the corner of my eye. Camembert, he was tasting. He swished his wine elegantly, but suddenly, the hunk of cheese was trapped in his throat. Blue, he turned, and I sat there, eating my Camembert.

    By Shanti and Crystal on 05.07.2012

  18. the gooeyness
    on the tip of my tongue
    i swipe it back down the roof of my mouth
    it swirls, it sticks, it swells
    i blow
    i can’t
    i breathe
    i try to swallow
    only then
    my mind
    is blown

    By caitlyn bongioivi on 05.07.2012

  19. Open mouth, lick lips, savor, breathe, wrap you tongue around it, take it in with your eyes, taste all the flavors. Is it hot or cold, soft or mushy, tart or sweet? It is sweet or sour, dry or moist? What do you taste? What do you smell? How does is feel on your tongue? Do yuo want more, is one bite enough? What color is it? Do you want to share? Have you had it before or is this the first time?

    By Becky on 05.07.2012

  20. You can taste the wind, if you just try. Sometimes it tastes of salt and sea; others of dust and death; others of freedom and sky. The wind carries the world.

    By Flametail von Karma on 05.07.2012

  21. It wasn’t the blood she was tasting rather it was the sting of unforgiveness that lingered upon her lips.

    By Alecia Lester URL on 05.07.2012

  22. I taste the salt on my lips as I dive under, deep deep down until I feel as if I’m about to burst, and then some more. When I finally come back up, gasping, I can still taste the salty depths.

    By Kate URL on 05.07.2012

  23. i can still remember summertime.

    running wild, and sleeping in, tasting strawberry ice cream. sitting on my papa’s lap and listening to stories and loving life.

    someone calls my name, and i turn to answer, still tasting strawberry ice cream.

    By Soleil URL on 05.07.2012

  24. Something new, something slightly dangerous. Salt on the tip of the tongue, firm tender flesh – the temptation to nibble, to bite, irresistable.

    By skids on 05.07.2012

  25. Tasting is when you eat something. like gummy bears taste good

    By turttles URL on 05.07.2012

  26. dvfvfb f ffj f f f fd fd ffd fd fd Tastsig tasting tastin i taste things i am tasting the creal. aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ahhhhh aaahhh aaahhhh aaaahhhhha hhha ahaha

    By eberly URL on 05.07.2012

  27. when you taste something you… taste it.. like… you know.. eating… food.. and stuff… :D HAPPY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By sarah URL on 05.07.2012

  28. tasting can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing

    By briley URL on 05.07.2012

  29. Tasting is something thats done with your mouth. You sometimes can do a tasting test. Go taste something today!!!:)

    By Jamie URL on 05.07.2012

  30. Tasting means that your trying something in your mouth and your tasting it with your taste buds on your tongue.

    By Desteny Baltierra URL on 05.07.2012

  31. Chicken! I’m gonna eat you!

    By [insert name here] URL on 05.07.2012

  32. I could have been right there beside her, tasting the cakes. But instead, I sat in my car all alone.

    By Anna on 05.07.2012

  33. i cannot imagine what it would be like to not be able to taste all the delicious foods my family cooks. thanksgiving, christmas, easter…they would all be completely different without the scrumptious meals we devour for each occasion.

    By Kate on 05.07.2012

  34. I think of a cake tasting for a wedding, which I’m way too young to have. but the most recent thing I tasted was a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting which I made with my three best friends, and it was a good memory, and tasting it brought back the memory of the other day because we ate a ton of cream cheese frosting. I love them more than anything, I have no idea what I’ll do when I have to leave in a year.

    By Hazel Rose on 05.07.2012

  35. taste is something that biologically makes us happy…well when the taste is something we enjoy. things that arent food have tastes too, like pens and glue. but we dont usually like to taste those. actually, we do like to taste pens because there is one in my mouth right now

    By Ivy Rose URL on 05.07.2012

  36. I was tasting last week ina way that I had never tasted before. Mushrooms. For god’s sake mushrooms. These were mushrooms unlike any I had ever had. mushroom puree. And all served on black rocks and charred wood. The smell and the flavors together created an expperience. That’s the idea. I am so glad I decided to do that instead of buying something. An experiecne is just as good as a thing if not better. And can even be more useful. Even a decadent sensual experience and teach you how to live. In the moment. Now.

    By Kevin G URL on 05.07.2012

  37. When I thought it said fasting, I was confused. fasting seemed like a good word – but tasting – tasting is better. Did you know you have many many tastebuds. some of theme sweet – some of them sour – it’s odd – because they all combine to create ever possible taste. here’s the thing though. you have to learn to taste – how do we know what we taste is what something is – it’s existential that… you have to learn to taste and not to taste – deep breaths – give in to taste – you have to eat – you have to love to eat – you have to want to eat in order to win.. taste doesn’t enter into it. it’s filling – its the desire to be filled – it could be a bag of dirt you are eating – it has to do with history – with parents, with motherhood, with nature – with the reptillian part of the brain when we were all snakes and had to swallow water gars to survive – and live on that for a month – because it put out very life in danger to eat that way – to eat something that could kill us back – so we subsisted on what we could catch and contented ourselves on that GORGING ourselves while we could in preparation for the long and lonely starvation that begins from that most terrifying moment. the empty plate.

    By Jasonl URL on 05.07.2012

  38. The warm chocolate melts in my mouth, and the grahm cracker breaks in my hand. I smile at the texture of the marshmallow and close my eyes, enjoying the moment. The heat from the fire drifts over to me, and if I opened my mouth, I swear I could taste the smoke.

    By Cherry Kate URL on 05.07.2012

  39. Tasting

    I once went to a chocolate tasting event. Happened out of nowhere. I was in a mall and struck up a conversation with a women in the food court. She told me there was a chocolate tasting event at the mall that day. It was cheap. Maybe $5 or $10? And you got little boxes of chocolates from various vendors. – I was so there! My new friend and I had a very nice time :)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 05.07.2012

  40. When Me and my friends go on our trip to Universal Orlando we will be tasting life.

    By ambie URL on 05.07.2012