February 17th, 2011 | 572 Entries

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572 Entries for “tangle”

  1. i’m tangled between what’s right and wrong. i know i have to move on, but that doesn’t mean i can. i feel like i’m tangled up in a huge ball, wanting to escape, but there is no possibilities to. i just don’t know what to do.

    By Georgia on 02.18.2011

  2. Tangle shmangle….that’s what I think of life’s complications. The trick is to keep everything in manageable proportions; to discern what’s material to the case & what’s not. And then, leave well enough alone.

    By Elizabeth on 02.18.2011

  3. When I see “tangle” I think of my hair, which is always in a huge knot. Tangle can be a verb or a noun. You can tangle something and make it a tangle. Tangle means confusing or mixed-up. Tangled is also a movie, which is good. Tangles are not fun.

    By Emma on 02.18.2011

  4. This Medusa mop. I swear, a good date (one with a good ending anyway) can manage to get it into such a tangle I can’t believe the guy doesn’t run out of the room shrieking in the morning.

    By Danielle on 02.18.2011

  5. my hair is a tangled mess in the morning when i wake up after a night of insanity with my books on the wall whispering down to me to not stop, not stop, not give up, not quit now, i am a tangled mess on the inside of my dreams.

    By Daniella on 02.18.2011

  6. hair tanlges. ugh so annoying in the moring, esp when im in a ush. oh snap, my spelling sucks, maybe thats hwat i get when i only have 60 sec. WHA! i wonder if someone if keeping track. Cause im not. wow, im really bad at this. just like hair tangles are really bad…yeah.

    By pam on 02.18.2011

  7. Tangled in a spool of yarn sat the tiny kitten. His amber green eyes shined up at me as I laughed at his confused face. His little white paws batted at the intruding strings, and his black fur shinned under the multicolored filaments.

    By Hayley URL on 02.18.2011

  8. My hair, of course. I have real coarse hair and it tends to get tangled up a lot and every day I have to comb my hair god knows how many times to untangle it and make it pretty. Curse of having long hair

    By Emily Valdez on 02.18.2011

  9. Heather’s hair is tangled. Lindsay’s hair is tangled. Karen’s hair is not tangled.

    By sue on 02.18.2011

  10. Tangle shmangle …. That’s what I think of life’s complications. The trick is to keep things in manageable proportions; to discern what’s material and then leave well enough alone.

    By Elizabeth URL on 02.18.2011

  11. d up in blue. sommersaulting through a foggy morning when clarity has yet to reverberate from the morning sun. spaghetti can ease this uneasiness.

    By sofie on 02.18.2011

  12. The two bodies, heaped together, Making out on a bed, A cold wind blows through the ajar window curtains flowing over their heads. Their arms tangled. Their Lips locks once more and then a knock…

    By Katie URL on 02.18.2011

  13. Trees, as in the roots of, twisted and gnarled up.

    Or maybe sex. People tangle together for this too. Maybe during, or maybe in the afterglow. That’s surely the best time. When everything is quiet.

    By Beth on 02.18.2011

  14. This is what happens when two things get stuck together. Usually something like lace, or fiddly things. Other words similar to this can be “Tangled.” It tends to represent something messy and when something is tangled, the smart thing to do is untangle it. Say your headphones are tangled, you have to untangle them to listen to your headphones effectively.

    By Jalisa URL on 02.18.2011

  15. a tangle is a like not in your hair of in chains and every thing it stinks when u fet a tangle in your hair and or necklesses or just about eny thing you can get a tangle in

    By luke090 on 02.18.2011

  16. tangle my arms that go crazy that arms that get twisted together.

    By eman URL on 02.18.2011

  17. their are tangle together. How can they be untangle. can you help.if no they’re are going to be stuck.

    By alejandro URL on 02.18.2011

  18. The first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word tangle is earphones. Whenever i find a pair of earphones they’re tangled.(:

    By Shae!? :D URL on 02.18.2011

  19. her hair was a tangled mess but not only was it her hair her feelings were tangled to. she didnt know how to feel.

    By nix6 URL on 02.18.2011

  20. Tangle what happens when strings or cords get all tangled up and it takes along time to untangle.

    By SoccerStar URL on 02.18.2011

  21. When I think about the word tangle it reminds me of the struggles that people go through and what they have to do to get through those hard times in life,

    By twiztid URL on 02.18.2011

  22. tangled web, tangled roots, tangled hearts, tangled limbs. intersecting and dependent. interdependent. machine made.

    By tejchande on 02.18.2011

  23. I dislike this with a tangled firey passion! : )

    By mysticaldeath URL on 02.18.2011

  24. Bedsheets, pillows and a mess of hair
    Thinking of making you all mine
    but afraid it would undo the knot
    there must be a way to make
    this boy-scout dream
    into reality

    By jerasica URL on 02.18.2011

  25. Tangle is something that happens to hair. I hate when it happens to mine. I started bringing a comb around in my pocket with me so I can use it to untangle my hair. I thought it was kinda douchey to carry around a comb in your pocket all of the time so now I just let my hair get tangled.

    By tomq\ on 02.18.2011

  26. In your life it can be tangled just like when a string is tangled. You’ll know when your life is not right,but in your life you just try not to remember the stuff that was bad.

    By smalls08 URL on 02.18.2011

  27. She couldn’t be undone. A perpetual disappointment machine. and I was listening to her in full blast. My mind was tangled. Tangled in her rant and her unforgivable vision to see the world beyond her. I lost site of myself.

    By mark URL on 02.18.2011

  28. Minnu’s hair after swimming. Every day we search for a glob of the detangler de jour. My favorite is the green johnson and johnson bottle one. love it. often she also uses my de

    By minnusma URL on 02.18.2011

  29. tangled upon the rope i wondered if i was going to make it and then i sw her standing there with green eyes and long blonde hair and i knew that she was going to be able to untangle me from this miserable feeling that had occured because of that silly boy who pretended to be my lover forever but he instead was my lover for never, what a disgace and disapointment it became.

    By alejandra on 02.18.2011

  30. My life is tangled with a bunch of different people. A tangle of relationships and I’m in the center It’s kind of crazy when I think about it. There are my work friends, school friends, dorm friends, church friends you name it! Everyone’s life is like this, I think, and you, yourself are in the center of this tangle of relationships. These relations make life simply amazing.

    By whatsername4892 on 02.18.2011

  31. hair in a mess and feeling lost
    unsure of where to go or look
    keep moving forward, don’t look back
    you’ll sort yourself out in time

    By beth on 02.18.2011

  32. I swear, my mind is a tangled mess, all the time! Sometimes, I think I’m schizophrenic, or at least have some kind of mental disorder because I can never keep my thoughts or ‘to do’ list straight. But if my mind weren’t tangled and it was always straight forward, life wouldn’t be as fun, right? The puzzle that is my mind makes my life a challenge, and makes everything interesting

    By whatsername4892 URL on 02.18.2011

  33. in the midst of the jungle, the intrepid explorer persists through the rubber tree plants, the tangle of the forest and the red ant armies don’t deter her as she ploughs ahead. It invigorates her.

    By Kirsten on 02.18.2011

  34. messy hair in the morning that I cannot get a comb through.

    How I feel after a bad day and I cant sort my emotions out.

    Stupid electronic cords always getting in the way because they are always tangled.

    Sheets around my feet.

    By heidi URL on 02.18.2011

  35. What a mess. I thought we were on the same page. I thought he understood that I loved him and that we would be together. I was so wrong. I hate that text. “Had a good time the other night. Hope we can do it again soon.” I hate the way he deleted it and wouldn’t make eye contact with me. “I get these random texts all the time. It’s nothing” My stomach fell.

    By Rachael Ashley on 02.18.2011

  36. Twisted. Turning. Binding.
    A jumble of lines and thoughts and words.
    tangled web of
    Pressing against one another
    sharing fears
    in comfort.

    By Scrawny on 02.18.2011

  37. tangled in a sea of branches, unable to escape to be who i want to be. i’m caught and snagged and they’ll never let go until i’m bloodied and bruised. it’s the cruel truth of the world, they can’t just let you be you. they get you all tangled up in their expectations and stereotypes, it happens to the best of us

    By Rebecca on 02.18.2011

  38. I asked for my wife’s hand from her father. I can remember the moment and the day. It was an emotional wrestling match. Each man grappling for the hand of this woman. My emotions all in a tangled as I tangled with the man who was still her first love.

    By Nelson URL on 02.18.2011

  39. legs and wire have something in common, ground – stem – one root…unity

    By goudas on 02.18.2011

  40. I love to tangle hairs in my face. It is so lovely in the winter time especially. When I play with tangles in the winter, it reminds me of a time when I was a boy, riding unicorns on the sea. Those were better days. I wish unicorns existed today. They made everything so much simpler. Their blood could cure the most horrible diseases of today. I Had cancer seven times in the day of the unicorn.

    By Sean on 02.18.2011