February 17th, 2011 | 572 Entries

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572 Entries for “tangle”

  1. miss u like nobody’s business today dear. i feel like crying my heart out. i feel like screaming my lungs out and tell the whole world that i love you and no one else but you. please come back cause i need you badly now. i ke

    By rainia on 02.18.2011

  2. the tangled hair was a pain and it was annoying me but i could not do anything about it.

    By mehro URL on 02.18.2011

  3. my hair is badly tangles i need major hair cut like asap, its disgusting, it actually makes me sick, the shower comb thing works but seriously it just goes back to tangle as soon as i put it up and i have to put it up because it looks really shit when its down, tuesday haircut here i come!

    By jazzy on 02.18.2011

  4. a girl whose called chloe walked around the corner she thought that what a beautiful day then she realized a man and she understood she fell in love with him but he was with someone

    By ozge on 02.18.2011

  5. in my world everyone has the same meanings. there is no poverty and no deceases. there is no hunger and everybody is happy. we all love each other

    By Rafael on 02.18.2011

  6. “Oh what a tangled web we weave, whence…” she read the words and tried to decipher their symbolic meaning, which was the assignment. But all she could think about was spider webs getting into each other’s business.

    By wemuma URL on 02.18.2011

  7. tangled hair and hairbrushes undergrowth, love tangle hardships entanglement trapped struck, enraptured , caught up its freedom gone too far stretched to its limits. I like to be tangled with the one i love, perhaps its good to be trapped.

    By niamh on 02.18.2011

  8. In a tangled world I find myself,
    In a tangled world I see myself
    I try to escape
    I try to move on
    But as the ropes embrace my body
    tangled is all I am…
    In a tangled world I find myself
    trying to escape it’s clutches
    trying to run away from what I fear
    But the fear I feel can be beaten
    for tangled I do not want to be,

    A deep breeath in
    A deep breath out
    and it all comes toghether
    As I sloly remove the clutches of the ropes
    that once held me so steady
    and I feel free, free as a bird…

    By maria andrea URL on 02.18.2011

  9. my hair got tangled in the sink…..not really …tat just came to mind first….anyway wat?

    By pooja on 02.18.2011

  10. can’t sleep; blankets strangle; up and down, hit the floor, bathroom belt slurps up and around feet; stumbling towards a dim light in the hall. insomniac wrestles with restrictions again.

    By lkmf URL on 02.18.2011

  11. Golden tresses fell in a tangle of knots, spilling over the edge of the bed and onto the dark hardwood floor. A sleepy moan escaped and feet kicked out unsuccessfully, tied in a knot of blankets. Sunlight spilled softly into the room and clear blue eyes blinked lazily open.

    By Nicole URL on 02.18.2011

  12. The cests of her hair fell in waves, not smooth and calm but like the ocean in a firey rage, foaming and frothing as they fell onto the cliffs of her shoulders.

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 02.18.2011

  13. I am entangled. In so many things. Connected to so many people. And yet alone. And lost. Distangled? Is that even a word???

    By B. URL on 02.18.2011

  14. I was so caught up in my tangle of lies, that I couldn’t see the light at the of the tunnel. Who should I choose my long term boyfriend or the boy I met that night? Should you choose stability or go with your heart. I needed to un-knot the tangles that my heart had become.

    By Emily on 02.18.2011

  15. She always used to complain of unnecessary roughness when the brush pulled at the knots in her hair, but she can’t get them out half as well by herself. Funny the things you miss, she thinks.

    By xenoglossy on 02.18.2011

  16. Great! Nothing to write. My mind is stuck. Hmm, why did i even press the “GO” button?

    By Eva URL on 02.18.2011

  17. I didn’t know how I managed to get myself tangled in the mess that I now found myself in, but I was neck deep. I looked at the stack of papers before me and let out a defeated sigh: there was no way I was going to be able to make sense of any of it tonight. Pushing it aside I took a large sip of wine, got to my feet and padded towards the bedroom.

    By Anthony Comella URL on 02.18.2011

  18. tangled like a web, thats how things alway end up isnt it? my hair gets tangled after my shower; doesn’t life get all tangled now and then as well. How do we come to act like spiders and find our way out at the closest exit? do we even know where the closest exit is?

    By Ashley Tenney URL on 02.18.2011

  19. If I could wangle together all the thoughts I ver had i d be postulating a new dawn a grey gold day beyond dreams.

    By Shimon on 02.18.2011

  20. “I can’t get this comb through your hair,” Mom tugged on my head, hard. “Ow!” Mom sighed and tried to take the comb out. She tugged once, then tugged again. The comb wouldn’t come out. Then we both heard a crunching noise, my hair was eating the comb.

    By Sopdet URL on 02.18.2011

  21. forcing a comb through wool, start at the bottom: good advice I’ve known since childhood, but always forget to heed. Rushing, I jump to the top, near the roots, forcing the tines through, then admit, a small moment of honesty, and start again at the bottom.

    By Nancy Slagle URL on 02.18.2011

  22. she panicked, her hair tangled in the leaves of the holly bush. She could see the orange glow of torches and knew they were getting close. her only hope was to lie still and hope they didn’t see her.

    By Jess on 02.18.2011

  23. “MY, my what atangled web we weave” said Maurice as he looked at Clarice’s hair, “There’s not much I can do”. He revved up the shaver and Clarice gasped.

    By bernicewoodall URL on 02.18.2011

  24. I love your tangly moves. Love your tangly hair and tangly body. Love your tangly heart and mind. I love being entangled with you. Yours tangled forever. Me

    By Angelique URL on 02.18.2011

  25. the world of maya. tangle is a verb that co exists with the life of today. a mess of materialism and emotions. one that is bereft of self appreciation and dotted with the illusion of a grandeur that exists only in the mind.

    By adwait on 02.18.2011

  26. my mom keeps yanking at my hair like it will be soft and fine like hers if i was just a little less stubborn, a little more pretty. it’s a mess, it’s a rat’s nest, it needs spray in conditioner and a cut (maybe buzz.) i am a hair disappointment by age seven.

    By sarah on 02.18.2011

  27. A mess. A harangue. A knot. A task. An obstacle overcome. Inspiration, hope.

    The simple joy of kicking back on a Saturday afternoon, crocheting and enjoying the company of those I love the most, no matter what a tangled mess they may be.

    By DJFmished URL on 02.18.2011

  28. Tangle. Like my hair after a wind storm. Like a knot. Like the cords behind the TV stand. Such is my life. Tangled, messy, but it’s fixable. Sometimes I just don’t want to fix it.

    By Savannah Lee URL on 02.18.2011

  29. I can’t tell you what’s going on, because frankly I myself don’t know. But it’s here, and that is one thing I can’t change. And, it has absolutely no interest in leaving. Around my feet, meandering and swirling into the dizzying nothing before my eyes. I… no, that’s enough, there isn’t anything else to be said.

    By Hala URL on 02.18.2011

  30. Tangled hair falling upon shoulders of silk, hiding everything she was, hurting all she could be. Unimaginable fury stood tall on her shoulders. With dismay she sighed. All she could be. All she would never.

    By Huckleberry Hastings URL on 02.18.2011

  31. My hair, the wind, it messes it up. The knots will take forever to comb out and it’ll be a rat’s nest. Oh I hate the wind whipping it into a mess. My love life is a tangle of problems, I tell so many lies I cant remember what is real anymore.

    By debra on 02.18.2011

  32. tangle

    By portlad on 02.18.2011

  33. her hair was a mess, matted and pushed up and blonde and dark in the insides, her sweat and teeth biting into me like…
    the pillow was wet, her fingers grasping at my sides, wishing for me to never stop. I tangled my fingers into the nest of hair.

    By Ruu on 02.18.2011

  34. We tangled together like birds on a wire, dropped down by a spider’s web beneath a city of blinded lights. Your body was warm, and your feet held mine like hands and our limbs completed each other like long strands of cotton – my knees knocked yours and our hands grabbed at nothing; tying knots with animalistic passion.

    By Abby URL on 02.18.2011

  35. Web thing. Roots. Green roots. Secrets. Maybe thorns, maybe not. Green goes to sleep, leaves brown, black, darker darker green. Green rust. Pulled skin.

    By thewhimsicalbard on 02.18.2011

  36. i get tangled up in my thoughts alot of the time when im high on coke and have been smoking weed all day, but its a comforting almost sedating feeling of clearvoincey

    By CBH on 02.18.2011

  37. In the breeze you can see the tree branches get all tangled up and it makes you wonder about everything else out there.

    By rexy6366 URL on 02.18.2011

  38. Tangle is when you can’t get out of something or maybe when two things are stuck together. It’s a hard thing to undo.

    By Cheyenne on 02.18.2011

  39. my sister has a lot of tangles in her hair all the time she dosent like to brush her hair.

    By neongreen on 02.18.2011

  40. My hair is always so tangled! I wish there was a way were I could just snap and my hair would be just perfect. With no tangles or knots. It would make getting ready for school a whole lot easier!

    By fluffy1297 URL on 02.18.2011