February 25th, 2011 | 607 Entries

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607 Entries for “tables”

  1. Tables support you. You can write on them. Your print turns out better than it would otherwise. You name will not smudge. Directions will not smudge. They help make things clearer. There are no questions of meanings of phrases if they are written with the support of a table.

    By Megan Preis URL on 02.25.2011

  2. i hope i always have something there to support me. like a table. except maybe in a more emotional or humane form. such as another human being. i wish i was as strong as this table. holding up the things around me, letting everyone depend on me and asking for nothing in return. but, that is not me. i must care for myself, when everything comes crashing down around me. i support me, and no one else.

    By Rhyan on 02.25.2011

  3. chairs

    By Helen on 02.25.2011

  4. Tables in spanish is “las mesas”. Jose Mesa is a relief pitcher in the MLB. Jose Mesa sets the “table” for the closer. I passed that spanish test with flying colors.

    By jon h on 02.25.2011

  5. chairs and tables holding my food with flowers on it my printer , sitting at th table contemplating what to do next.

    By catie URL on 02.25.2011

  6. You know what one of my favorite things to do? It’s to walk around old furniture stores and look at the tables. I love the different woods used in tables. Some are glossy and some aren’t, but I feel like the less glossy they are the less snobbish they seem. I also enjoy the different patterns created in the wood from the tree’s time in the forest, withstanding the years. It’s nice.

    By Megan Hager on 02.25.2011

  7. Tables. Boy I love tables. They are wonderful in the sense that they are a true and honest support system for you and your belongings. Whose there for you when you need it? Tables are there for you when you need it! I mean come on, coffee, computers, cellphones, hell even you grandmothers crusty dildos! Tables will always be there for you to support you when youre in need.

    By Monk on 02.25.2011

  8. I got up on their tables and danced a favorite Irish jig –
    Roaring loud – the mountain highs – toasting to another round – another swig!
    Singing and romancing living like the golden age is twinkling off all the glasses
    Laughing at the sad faced lads and good time lasses
    Oh come tomorrow I’ll be nursing other sorrows and old strife
    But tonight I’m celebrating and drinking to the good life!

    By HelenGrant URL on 02.25.2011

  9. Team building session for workers
    Around tables to pretend to agree on the
    Budget for next year while the
    Legal department ignores

    By Amy URL on 02.25.2011

  10. This is stupid. How do you expect me as a writer to elaborate on a table? If you want me to really create something wonderful you would give me a word with depth. For example, you would give me a “feelings” or a “death” or maybe even a “sucide”. Please. I mean, come on now…

    By Alex on 02.25.2011

  11. On the tables there was lots of food. Pickles and mayonnaise and butter and ginger ale. The kids’ eyes were glowing while the waitress brought more cakes on the table on the right. Anna said that this is heaven. Jolly said that this is love.

    By Tina on 02.25.2011

  12. the tables were clean but the walls were not.
    a small chicken wandered across the room
    my head was spinning
    where am I?
    who am I?
    who are you?
    but then again,
    why not?

    By Rosie on 02.25.2011

  13. Tables are sturdy and they like to stand on four legs. They won’t buckle down when you lean on them, unless you’re real fat. You put your crossword puzzles on them as you spill dimsum all over their face. A table’s existence is sad but important to humanity.

    By eharasta on 02.25.2011

  14. there was an apple and it sat half eaten on he smooth wooden surface. the apple was slowly turning brown as if mirroring the table top below. no one would return to eat it. no one would return at all. the apple continued to turn brown.

    By Jordan Deutsch on 02.25.2011

  15. I feel like I’ve written about tables before. Quite a few times before. 6, when trying to open my account. But that’s ok. I like tables. They’re friends. They have four legs. They’re like pets. Vulnerable, unfeeling pets. If I were a table, I’d be awfully important. I hold up society.

    By eharasta URL on 02.25.2011

  16. “Of all the jobs in the world, I never thought I’d be a waitress,” she muttered under her breath as she tied on her apron. “Mama would kill me at the very thought of my waiting tables. College was also the next important step after high school to her, but here I am.”

    “Hey, get out here! Now!” her boss yelled.

    “And having a man boss me around. Definitely not what she wanted,”

    By AG Stewart URL on 02.25.2011

  17. There’s a Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey,
    You Just Haven’t Thought of It Yet…

    I love this song…XD

    By Ashlee URL on 02.25.2011

  18. tables. mesas. surfaces. covered. no bare. unused until needed. support. all a table is, is support. otherwise no one cares about it. it’s invisible until needed. i am a table. invisible until needed. I can try all day long to be heard. to be listened to. no one wants to hear it. I’m a table. I am used when needed, otherwise, I’m just in the way. tables. mesas. Covered or bare, generally an unimportant substance.

    By Paige Thomas on 02.25.2011

  19. Tables, fables, cables, Naples, staples, gables, stables, grapples, all done.

    By Mandie URL on 02.25.2011

  20. there are lots of tables in my room. they hold lots of things. This is absolutely terrible. How am I supposed to write about tables? I could be hypothetical and make metaphors between their stability and my life. But all I can think of is how my roommate keeps talking to me, and I really don’t care. Is that mean?

    By kyra URL on 02.25.2011

  21. tables help me sit down and find myself amongst the greatest people in my life: my family. we sit, and we talk, and we laugh. we share our most intense stories of the day, and then we share the most meaningless things. those meaningless things are the most important ones, though – they bring us together, and hold hope. they make us happy.

    By Victoria URL on 02.25.2011

  22. Tables are where we eat meals. I do not like to sit down when I do crafts at tables. ‘The tables are turned’ is a popular phrase.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 02.25.2011

  23. Abigale was chasing me non stop around our table. I looked back at her quickly and in the blink of an eye i hit my side on it. DAMN i screamed as I fell in pain. I looked up at her as she stopped and looked down at me. I slightly blamed her for this pain but i sighed to calm myself down. She’s my only little sister, I can’t be mad at her.

    By Lisa Flieger URL on 02.25.2011

  24. tables are important. i was in korea and they had super short tables about ten inches tall. we have glass tables at our house.

    By just582 URL on 02.25.2011

  25. They sat at the tables for hours. The corners of each table top was worn, like a once shiny red now faded. As they all took turns telling stories, some men pattered their fingers against the table. Others put both elbows on it. It was stories of the olden days. When burgers cost 5 cents a piece. And good folks were married before they had children. It was never ending nights of dancing in the drugs stores, worn out shoes and long poodle skirts. Now, those days were gone, and the only memory of the days past were those four tables. They used to sit at Joe’s Drug in lower east Burmingham. These were the tables that changed these mens lives forever.

    By rebecca on 02.25.2011

  26. i stood up and walked over to the table
    they told me to remove my clothing
    spread my legs and lay on the white expanse
    I was trembling and cold frightened
    and forcing myself to remember one that was much more friendly where I had shared jokes, lovely meals and rich wine
    but the goose bumps prevailed and the paper crunched and I cursed the medical tables that had become so pervasive in my life.

    By sarah on 02.25.2011

  27. are solid and brown and they hold everything you need. they have four legs, consistently, always have 4 legs. they are prevelant in philosophy, every philosopher takls about the properties of a table because they are very constant, almost always made of wood or some similar substance. we eat our dinners on the table. my family and i always have family meals on our kitchen table. i much prefer our kitchen table to the dining room table because it’s so much comfier and more familial.

    By lili on 02.25.2011

  28. TABLES:doubt,an article of freewill,therefore proves, at least to the beholder, that that person exists

    By dann on 02.25.2011

  29. tables begin with the top end spetrum sideways forward against until the limit times infinity until forever. see through benign simplistic changes around for you. channeling sometimes is intense and can be denied.

    By miranda on 02.25.2011

  30. I hate coffee tables. But, then again, I love them. Even though you can’t put your feet on them (otherwise risk getting yelled at), you can eat on them.

    By Danni on 02.25.2011

  31. Mary felt like picking up the computer and throwing it across the room. Darn these programs!! She had been trying to create tables of information and inventory for her business for most of the day! She felt like crying – but that wouldn’t do in a room full of men.

    By Angelica URL on 02.25.2011

  32. They hold things up. Some are round and wooden. Some are metal, glass, patterns etched into the surface. My mother hit her chin on a coffee table when she was one. She has a scar. Her brother and sister also have scars from that horrible coffee table.
    Then there are the tiresome tables we have to make in math. Tracing notebook paper lines badly, but still better than graphs.

    By Marisa URL on 02.25.2011

  33. She stood up, drunk, and started dancing on the tables. The guys around her merrily clashed their beer mugs together, singing their songs. I watched from afar and noticed the unhappiness in her eyes, the hesitation in her movements, the sorrow etched upon her face. This girl wasn’t dancing for the hell of it, she was dancing because she had no other choice.

    By Daina URL on 02.25.2011

  34. There were two tables sitting opposite in the dark and dusty room. One table had a lace covering draped over it that held years of dirt and earth that had swirled around to settle upon the fabric.

    By Shawn on 02.25.2011

  35. Table are turned. Read. Flipped in a fit of rage.

    By nope on 02.25.2011

  36. Solid worn tables sat silently in the dark and smoldering cabin. Next to the tables were mounds of firewood stacked and ready for the fireplace.

    By Shawn URL on 02.25.2011

  37. In one moment, the tables have turned around completely. A sure win has transformed into a devastating situation where all they wanted to do was escape intact. Where did they go wrong? Had not the plan worked perfectly up till this moment? It was the guilt and fear in their hearts that ate them alive.

    By A Bananie URL on 02.25.2011

  38. tables tables tables. You buy them in Ikea. If you are called tables, the you probably have a hard time in life as that is a fairly ridiculous name to have.

    By Barbara Scanlon on 02.25.2011

  39. i saw him sitting at the tables, and all I could think was woah. Hes so. Different. Perfect? I sat there. I could tell I was becoming awkward, but I couldnt help myself. He was just so eye catching. Finally, the hostess asked me if I would like to take a seat, and guided me toward the table across from him.

    By Fallon on 02.25.2011

  40. It was four sided like all things in this life. I could barely make out why it seemed so important to her, but it did. She examined its legs, sliding her white hands down as though it didn’t exist until it were touched. I wonder if it did.

    By Bilal Khan on 02.25.2011