February 1st, 2013 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “systems”

  1. Systems of a down. I feel caught in the system. I am the system. I am the machine. I am Garland. I think therefore I am. But it’s more than just thinking. I also feel. And now into action.

    By Garland on 02.01.2013

  2. body systems. what makes the world tick. we have one inside, we are part of one, we create them, we destroy them. we try to change them and believe we are right. but where do we really stand with the coexistence of ourselves with other people? do we have the right to decide how to do things, or is that right reserved to a collective, or higher power?

    By Linda on 02.01.2013

  3. The system is something that wants us to conform. Don’t do it. The ‘System’ says it knows whats good for you but thats false. Only you know whats good for you. Be your own system.

    By Westy URL on 02.01.2013

  4. all systems are not exactly go
    coulda been the whiskey,
    mighta been the gin.
    living in a country where there is always a party, where liquor can always be got
    24/7 at the 7
    does make it difficult for a girl to go to bed and not get into trouble.
    another saturday morning resolution broken

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 02.01.2013

  5. Of intrigue of complexity of torture of training. Systems of life and ecology, of industry and production. Systems both internal and external.

    By Jason on 02.01.2013

  6. The systems of the newly reached worldly order found its peak in the past decades. That is not always a good thing though. Everybody remembers the old times of the internet. Those days begone for centuries now are starting to become a nice, romantic utopia. Who wouldn’t love to get back to the old days when you could just press a button and gather all the information in the universe?

    By gagalosh on 02.01.2013

  7. Systems are things that work together. A bunch of little pieces that make one big whole to accomplish a goal. Many little brains coming together to make a bigger brain.

    By Sy Kaleo on 02.01.2013

  8. What kind of star systems are we looking at here? Any sign of activity?
    Just the usual signals.
    No sign of life?
    Not yet, but it’s still too soon to tell.

    By Amanda URL on 02.01.2013

  9. The government drives me absolutely crazy. And not just the government, but the citizens here. We could easily get rid of our debt if each person gave back their taxes for 3 years. That’s it. And that’s how selfish we are with our money!

    By Carmen Ensley URL on 02.01.2013

  10. “All systems are go,” said one of the operators. The lights on the panel were intermittently flashing. Now many of the land crew were watching the screens – it was in the space team’s hands now.

    By Marie URL on 02.01.2013

  11. Systems for this, systems for that. It was always routine and regiment with him. If he didn’t have a place for each and every bit life threw at him, I am certain he would go completely cray cray. Mess – did he even bother to include that in his vocabulary?

    By Comerc URL on 02.01.2013

  12. The systems of the body. Nervous, digestive, pulmonary–all allow humans to function in the greater systems of the planet and the universe. A pattern within a pattern within a pattern. How could this be a mistake? We are capable of much, but we are not gods.

    By Doug URL on 02.01.2013

  13. stars
    ever powerful
    the otherwordly
    ever changing
    most infinite
    of systems

    By gypsypunk URL on 02.01.2013

  14. there are so many systems. ecosystems, family systems, computer. they are all interrelated and depend on one another in order to function. I think human systems are much easier to manage rather than computer systems because of their organic quality.

    By Christine7737 URL on 02.01.2013

  15. the system is inherently wrong….I love two people….my system is inherently human. Your system is wrong..break the ties

    By Crystal on 02.01.2013

  16. Systems, i can’t think of anything to talk about with a system. I have a system for everything. They seem to work well. Subway system, bus system. what an odd word? system? strange. it feels strange to get out. why not sistem. makes more sense phonetically.

    By Sara URL on 02.01.2013

  17. It took me years to get around to watching Tron: Legacy. I still haven’t seen the original Tron. I like the concept, but the footage I’ve seen from the original, I just don’t know if I could get past the cheesy first gen CGI attempts.

    By Chris Clow URL on 02.01.2013

  18. rivers roads our body all consist of systems pathways which lead us through our life into the future
    without systems we would be lost in the discord

    By Lisa Rose on 02.01.2013

  19. systems uh i really don’t know, they can be good they can be bad. a subway system is that even a system.. a school system that’s useful right? i like the school system but lately the way they run it sucks.

    By aneen on 02.01.2013

  20. All systems are a go!

    By Paulie Aragon on 02.01.2013

  21. the system is a way of life. I like to follow it sometimes but most of the time I will pass. systems are put in place to be challenged. CHALLENGE THE SYSTEM PEOPLE MAKE YOURSELF YOU. WE ARE NOT JUST ANOTHER OBJECT OF THE SYSTEM!

    By Hannah Rogers on 02.01.2013

  22. Skin pulls, hair tied, you got a society on your back and all it needs is a good shaking. Shake that society till it falls back into the cracks in the ground that we walk on. Stomp it down. And ignore the ugly bits and take in the beauty bits.

    By Pul URL on 02.01.2013

  23. There are many different sorts of systems throughout the world, whether they’re ecosystems which reflect nature itself or social class systems that divide the population and it’s people. Systems are a large part of human society, for without systems we would be less organized with government, organization, and many other fields.

    By Lady Kitsune URL on 02.01.2013

  24. When you think systems, what’s the first thing to come to mind? For me, it’s math. Systems of equations, systems of linear equations, systems of lines. Systems, systems, systems. And to pass you’ve got to memorize all of them, over and over and over again. But, when are we going to use them?

    By HuntressBiancadiAngelo URL on 02.01.2013

  25. Systems define how we live as human beings. Without a proper system, we have no order, no justice, no discerning right from wrong. But some rebel against the system, try to destroy it in the belief that it will set us free. But such a move would only entrap us all within the ensuing chaos that a lack of a proper system would bring,

    By Hibaki "Hibby" Coon URL on 02.01.2013

  26. Systems become streams, with fish, and sun-dappled shade, and shimmering scales, and dancing bugs.

    By lukemarinac on 02.01.2013

  27. One path the way a thing is done from A to B systems connect the pieces into a whole, the whole into pieces, and back together again. Everything is a system waiting to be.

    By luke URL on 02.01.2013

  28. management; how to run people; how to run things; how to make stuff work; a faulty system will lead to no success; you must run the system; always run the system; don’t argue the system, just accept it

    By alexis on 02.01.2013

  29. systems rule the world we have no power they control us they own us they dominate us. fight the system no you cant it fights back it wins it destroys it kills. the system will murder you if ou try to control it so run run fast please

    By Anthony Celio on 02.01.2013

  30. Bye Bye!@! I don’t know systems!@@@@@!

    see ya Bye

    By Rock123 on 02.01.2013

  31. a warm place, a place with features,
    a place where I fit, a place I understand,
    a place with function, a place with rules,
    resilience, response, and returns

    By DAn L on 02.01.2013

  32. “We have to shut the systems down, NOW!” Harvey screamed as he ran towards the front of the assembly line.

    “What? Why?” The foreman questioned him, not wanting to stop production if it wasn’t necessary.

    “Tom’s coat is stuck in the belt!”

    Just then, a blood chilling scream was heard from the back of the warehouse.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 02.01.2013

  33. when it comes to systems i think of the way we govern our lives. It seems to be a system that we all just have no control over of and are completely oblivious to.

    By Jeffrey Segovia on 02.01.2013

  34. systems of government, systems of love, religion, family, the world. All around us there are systems that we may see or not, but they are there. To keep order

    By Dominique on 02.01.2013

  35. So many systems.
    Doesn’t everyone have a system?
    A certain individual system that is a make up of ourselves.
    A bit of ourselves, a part of ourselves that makes us unique.
    That’s our systems.

    By Aubrey URL on 02.01.2013

  36. There are systems set up in societies all over the world. They help give order to certain things and also are a way of doing something. There can be a system to do different things

    By Elizabeth on 02.01.2013

  37. Systems of classes. Systems of life. Systems of society. Systems of plumbing. All of these systems that man has developed and named and classed. System phylum class order family genus species. Why are these important? I think it’s because they give us reason and they give us power in our own lives.

    By Lucy on 02.01.2013

  38. It’s strange, they way we create systems to give us power within our own lives and the ability to control the things around us. We create systems of things from governments down to systems of plumbing, as if they truly matter. But really, in the end, they don’t. It’s eighty-to-one hundred years of life and then all of those systems are gone. What we are truly looking for is something to hold onto.

    By Lucy URL on 02.01.2013

  39. Systems in everything. we build systems with our mind. Life is made up of systems…. it is only natural… ahaha rules and order psssshhhh anarchy alllll the way

    By Zahra URL on 02.01.2013

  40. Systems are in all parts of society. There are government, love, religion systems etc. They help keep order and are a way of doing something. We live by different systems to help live in a ordered way.

    By Liz URL on 02.01.2013