June 11th, 2012 | 375 Entries

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375 Entries for “switching”

  1. it wasn’t easy
    at first i was scared
    but i didnt like it here
    how could i?
    i was bullied
    and made fun of
    sometimes just because
    of my puffy puffy hair
    so i asked to go
    to a different place
    where my mom had been
    so to waldorf i went
    and i left without a trace
    switching as if
    i could leave it all behind
    in the past
    where nothing mattered anymore

    By Rebecca URL on 06.11.2012

  2. Parecía que estaba empeñado en cambiar de conversación. Siempre lo hacía cuando no sabía por qué otro lado salir, típico, no solo de él sino del resto de la gente. En cuanto el corazón se nos acelera y la cabeza se atora solo sabemos hacer una cosa: huír.

    By Raquel URL on 06.11.2012

  3. switching the rugby pass from one of us to the next, some in an X pattern, some in a Y pattern ,skinny and fat. turning the lights on and off fumbling in the darkness to find the switch, drunk and mumbling with bare feet and a naked girl laughing in the bed.

    By Zach URL on 06.11.2012

  4. there are a number of times i have switched from tab to tab tonight its a wonder that i manage to do anything of use at all i end up reading useless articles on the internet and not being able to string a conversation together as i get distracted by such awesomenes all the time ahah

    By Naomi L URL on 06.11.2012

  5. between boyfriends/girlfriends. or songs that are stuck in your head. mostly the song thing though. I finished this in under 30 seconds. BAM!

    By Katarina URL on 06.11.2012

  6. between time and space to find the paradigm of truth and rationality.
    Reason and emotion
    Contrary but the urge the journey to sufficiently balance the two is a harsh one. For the outside world never helps us to do this and the one corrupts the other as the world corrupts the hearts of infants.

    By Mango on 06.11.2012

  7. So one day I thought of switching from our phone carrier to another carrier. The problem with switching is that you have all the paperwork to do. Then you have to get the account set up.

    By Yvonne Vega URL on 06.11.2012

  8. I was switching lanes when I saw a giraffe in my rear view mirror. switching things up leads to change and I detest change, but I also need change.

    By Kate jefferson on 06.11.2012

  9. The only thing that keeps me from actually making a decision. I switch and change and redo everything until I fit exactly what I want others to see me as. The only problem is I have switched to so many personas that I am losing entirely who I am. I am now forced to choose, which is better… switching or being happy?

    By Sarah K on 06.11.2012

  10. Why she should have to? Surely the choice should be hers. Instead, she was facing another move. Somewhere else to not belong to her, somewhere else to keep looking. Each time he made these grand announcements they would be delivered as if he had stumbled across an epiphany that someone had lost, and he was lucky enough to find. But she was always too tired to argue.

    By katpat URL on 06.11.2012

  11. I am switching from one kind of life to another now that I am retired. I get up in the morning, and the job no longer imposes its routine on me. I must come up with the routine myself.

    By Barry Hamilton on 06.11.2012

  12. The witches were trading stories in mid air at dusk over the fire hydrant. They were talking about me. “Intestines, intestines” they hissed as they swished, “Intestines, intestines, intestines.”

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 06.11.2012

  13. I thought about switching lives with other people before, and I realized that i really don’t want to. I want my life, I like my life and I wouldn’t want anyone else’s simply because I love the people in my life and I want to keep them for as long as possible.

    By Mallory on 06.11.2012

  14. “Quit switching everything up on me! God fucking damnit.” he yelled slamming his fists onto the dashboard.
    She sat frozen at the steering wheel, “I’m sorry If i gave you the wrong Idea.. we’re just friends.”

    By Nicole on 06.11.2012

  15. switching my major has always been in my mind. I’ve always thought of this switching since i took one class that captured my interest. Psychology has taught me great things about the human behavior. I’m enthralled.

    By Betsey on 06.11.2012

  16. A lot of the time switching places is used for musical chairs.I think it could be used for other things too. Like switching the mood or a light switch. Actually I might have a read a book named switching. Weird…Life is weird. Switching is pretty sad if you think about it. I will… Actually {switch) is a weird word. Just say it out loud, “switch”. Be flabbergasted.

    By hailey on 06.11.2012

  17. switching seats and switching sides. switching cards and switching lives. switching drinks and switching plates. Hopefully we won’t switch dates.

    By Mallory Claire URL on 06.11.2012

  18. me and her switching seats and switching sides. switching cards and switching lives. switching drinks and switching plates. Hopefully we won’t switch dates.

    By Mallory Claire URL on 06.11.2012

  19. Switching. Sometimes something I wish I could do. Just for one day, I wish I could just switch lives with someone. Anyone. Just to know what it feels like to really be happy.

    By Natalie on 06.11.2012

  20. I’m reading The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter (Analysis of Books 1-4) and there is some interesting discussion of switching spells. Unfortunately, as this Guide was written and published before The Order of the Phoenix came out, some of their guesses about plot-clues and switching spells are, as is to be expected, totally wrong. But it’s an interesting read anyway (I recommend it to all literary HP nerds).

    By Hyperbole URL on 06.11.2012

  21. Switching places. Here, go this way, and I’ll be right over there next to you. Okay. Now remember, when the beat drops, start up on that freeze while I go on the pindrop and the baby. Ready? Go. Show’s bout to start.

    By SJess on 06.11.2012

  22. When you typically see the word “switch” it has to do with switching children at birth. Switch rhymes with witch, which gives it an unreal sound to it. Switch can also be used to describe the thin twig/branch used to beating people, mostly children. But it’s not a bad word.

    By Eli on 06.11.2012

  23. His parents switched the vials. A fake one filled with rain water, and the potion that Rumpelstiltskin gave him. The other parents got turned into dolls the mean ones were safe, but had an angry son. It’s from once upon a time.

    By Roooonnniie URL on 06.11.2012

  24. I never get a chance to stay in place for long. Never. So why did it hurt that I had to leave this time? Why can’t I say goodbye to you? Somebody else is just going to come along and replace me.

    By Angelique URL on 06.11.2012

  25. Sliding on one shoe and wiggling my toes. Too big. Slide on the other. It fits. Two sized feet? Just another thing to add to the list of imperfections.

    By Shay URL on 06.11.2012

  26. Switch for nice to mean. In a flash. Funny how you can switch from one complete instant to another. Switch from love of a close person to hate. From a close friend to a stranger . To a friend to an enemy or vise versa. It’s never going to be the same, once a switch of fate is made .

    By Sabrina on 06.11.2012

  27. Swithcing hats, clothes, personalities sometimes, people switch everything, when sometimes things arent meant to be switched, they are meant to stay the same. the exact same as they have always been. people switch things out too often like they dont matter when really, alot of the times they matter the most.

    By courtney on 06.11.2012

  28. switching the weirdest word maybe in the world for its multiple definitions. For example… Switching as in when your waist goes up and down, switching meaning to go to another/a different choice. And those are only two out of the many definitions.

    By Fredrick on 06.11.2012

  29. I kept switching in between lives. One minute I was on the beach, the next I was on a hike in the woods. One minute I was with him, the next my sister. I needed to get a better grip on this teleporting ability I had discovered, because I had no idea how to control it.

    By Kenley on 06.11.2012

  30. I had to choose between switching my clothes for a pearl jam concert i was planning on attending, the reason was that people in Mexico get really crazy about concerts, specially rock concerts.

    By Jorge on 06.11.2012

  31. First you have to start somewhere. You have to have someplace or thing to switch to/from you see. Then, it’s just a matter of timing. A sort of musical chairs if you will.

    By ronnie cassano on 06.11.2012

  32. I like switching clothes with my friends. You can change your wardrobe and have new outfits at the drop of a hat..so to speak. You are able to share the things you like with them and they are able to do the same with you. It is a way to strengthen your friendship as well. Especially when they know your style better than you.

    By Tracie Ysaguire on 06.11.2012

  33. I’m switching places. I’m switching ideas. Opinions. Goals. Switching directions. I’m switching my life around. A 180. A complete flip. Am i okay? I don’t know. I’m switching off, shutting down, rebooting.

    By Liz URL on 06.11.2012

  34. Life. Life is always switching. One second, everything is beautiful and dandy, then the switch-up happens. After the switch, everything is dark. Color is drained. People are lost.
    The lights can go of at any second.
    Just as quickly, though, the lights can turn back on.

    By Sarah on 06.11.2012

  35. Switching. Feelings switch from love to hate. Stranger to best friend. From happiness to disasters. Switching in an instant because nothing’s perfect. Because nothing lasts forever. And sometimes that switch will last a life time. Once a switch of fate is made, there’s no going back.

    By Sabrinaa URL on 06.11.2012

  36. switching its a word with motion embedded inside it. you switch. switch means change change is good. switching car lanes switching shoes switching identities with someone. ragh.. uhm…

    By jacob on 06.11.2012

  37. again? ugh uhm switching everything switches. but there arent only two options to a thing. not only a yes or no. everything switches from yes to pancake. the amazing switching of a photon… the quantum theory of physics. everything can switch at any time any place any space any thing. you dont even need time to switch you dont even need space. itsw mind-numbing..

    By jacob on 06.11.2012

  38. Switching lives. How fun would that be. Being able to pick any person whatsoever and switching lives with them for a couple days. Not dealing with their problems, just living their life the best it could be. I wish I could do that.

    By Emily URL on 06.11.2012

  39. It’s a cycle, a never ending cycle that I have no power over. The switching continues with mask after mask. I don’t know who I am anymore or who I’m suppose to be. Each one is delicately crafted and sculpted, escaping me. I know these strangers more than I know myself. They sit in my closet and they wait to be taken out. I simply watch the show.

    By Lola URL on 06.11.2012

  40. When you use the word switching, you think of switching plans, switching cable company, switching insurance, or even switching spots. Switching can be used in many different context. Did you know that you can switch spots with someone at the movie teatre?

    By Jessica on 06.11.2012