December 8th, 2016 | 40 Entries

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40 Entries for “switch”

  1. Going fishing, my boyfriend baits my hook, I hold the rod lackadaisically with one hand while reading a book in my other hand, the line flickers and tightens, I switch the rod over to my boyfriend, he reels in a beautiful trout. Boy, do I love fishing. I also love my job. I sell used cars. The bait-and-switch tactic works there too.

    By Joanna Bressler on 12.08.2016

  2. Switch which? asked the Fresh Prince. Beat beat switch. Beat beat SWITCH.

    If you only
    If we only
    If they only switched, imagine where you, we, they would be

    By Elena Hershey on 12.08.2016

  3. I dont know
    but the ground under my feet are
    changing every second
    when I am mad the ground pulls me in
    when I am happy the ground shoots me
    up and away
    the ground is switching
    but there is on thing that is missing

    By anna BH on 12.08.2016

  4. There she goes, turning that thing on again. She plays with it all the time; it’s not a radio or a record player, it’s something else. What they used to call a transistor radio. Small enough so she can fit it into her pocket. Years from now, people will smile at the novelty of the thing, but for her it’s a live saver; the world outside that she can never be part of. This is why no one can know that she has it; why she keeps it hidden in her room in a place that even her mother would be surprised is such a good hiding place. Even better than the ones where the old man hides his bottles when her mother isn’t home.

    By ruby on 12.08.2016

  5. “Christ.”


    I groaned. “Another headache.” The room spun as I sat on Dad’s old red easy chair. The cushions smelled like dust and spilled whiskey.

    Tasha clicked her tongue. “Caffeine withdrawal. I keep telling you, coffee’s gonna wreck your brain.”

    “What the Hell do I switch to in the morning, then?”

    “I dunno. Tea.”

    I laughed. “That stuff is the brew of the devil. No, thanks.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.08.2016

  6. Life’s tracks have switches
    types to greatly change fortunes
    to streams or sand dunes

    Marshawn, 1 yard line
    difference, best or second
    relatively small

    All my troubles hinged
    many times on a lone SWITCH
    fork in the river

    one to good fortune
    one maintains troubled waters
    each choice I was wrong

    I didn’t know which
    to chose or was hindered from
    the clear, best option

    [no! I have more…]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 12.08.2016

  7. if prepared, no chance
    if chance found, timing was bad
    I failed myself some

    others failed me more
    when I needed them the most
    they failed to trust me

    they questioned and shirked
    hesitated, failed to help
    were not serious

    They could have helped me
    generating wealth and peace
    in their lives and mine.

    they realize late
    their mistakes, I can’t forgive them
    forced to the same state

    I have a constant,
    a switch I can flick at will…

    to end our “kinship”.

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 12.08.2016

  8. click.
    plastic is a forboder for the
    whine of luminescence.
    hums in the walls
    hums in the halls
    yet it never hums in my

    i can only turn on the

    By batteryman URL on 12.08.2016

  9. It is easy to switch lanes while you are driving.

    So long as you know where you are going.

    So long as you keep your eyes out for traffic on the road.

    So long you indicate in advance where you are going.

    In life, is it that easy to switch too?

    Can we use the same analogy to make life’s decisions?

    Driving can teach us a lot about life.

    That is something we need to consider.

    By DF URL on 12.08.2016

  10. change
    time to redirect
    north to south
    west to east
    my love for you
    need to find higher ground
    unrequited day and night
    turn off the light

    By poetwarrior on 12.08.2016

  11. I want to switch off my brain so I don’t have to think or feel or remember or panic or be depressed about anything. Switch off and switch on. Switch off my emotions for the night. Switch on my happy face for the day. Everything is so convenient if it were real.

    By Sen on 12.08.2016

  12. Everything changes.

    By po-int on 12.08.2016

  13. I don’t know how to turn this off.
    I used to wonder how you did it but I realised that I was the one to make you flip your switch, and now you can no longer love

    By wenjinq URL on 12.08.2016

  14. It’s such a complex thing – the way we have loved so passionately and the way we can suddenly felt so little. Upon stumbling across one treacherous storm, it’s not wonder that the flame goes out. One might try to re-ignite it but people are not switches that you can turn on and off. Who else can be blamed for what I feel inside, if people change people.

    By wenjinq URL on 12.08.2016

  15. It’s such a complex thing – the way that we have loved so passionately, and the way that we can suddenly feel so little. Upon stumbling across one treacherous storm, it’s not a wonder that the flame goes out. One might try to re-ignite it but people are not switches that you can turn on and off. Without a spark, without a change or introduction of a new variable, there is no alternative outcome that should be expected. Who else can be blamed for what I feel inside, if people change people.

    By wenjinq URL on 12.08.2016

  16. a glitch
    made us switch
    not sure how to ditch
    eyes twitch
    all thoughts a black pitch
    there is no easy way to snitch
    blame it on the witch
    if only fates could unhitch
    that’d be real rich

    By vanikey URL on 12.08.2016

  17. I think it’s about evolving, changing, switching into something more. Switch implies change, which I like. Being static is so far from desirable. I want to switch into something else.
    It’s quite telling that I associate such a neutral verb such as ‘switch’ with evolution and change. It certainly doesn’t necessitate that association. I guess I crave change.

    By Vee on 12.09.2016

  18. In the ditch
    I switch
    the pitch
    to summon the lich.
    he asks for cookie crisps
    and a big booty witch.
    I scratch his itch.
    in return he makes me rich,
    gives me the golden snitch,
    and a partnership on twitch.

    By omqwat URL on 12.09.2016

  19. I often switch between books and movies!!!
    I switch off the light while leaving a room

    By Vandana on 12.09.2016

  20. It didn’t take long for her to switch her way of thinking. She went from being a scared little girl, to a brave young woman, without any time passing at all. This, she thought, was how she wanted to live her life. With complete control of her emotions.

    By courtneyvint URL on 12.09.2016

  21. Life is like a switch
    You switch personalities
    You switch emotions
    You switch on and off as per circumstances

    By Vandana on 12.09.2016

  22. change

    By Brendan on 12.09.2016

  23. Your life is like a switch. It just goes on and off at times. You’ll never know when, it just happens. If given the fact that you may remember some instances in your life, those are your “on” moments, and the ones you don’t remember are your “off” ones.

    By Sophia URL on 12.09.2016

  24. they switched places, just for one day. learning. walking down another path. it was how they did it, how they survived. all of them, switching places, just for one day. it showed the light and the darkness, the ultimate understanding of joy and sorrow. life as they knew it was turned upside down.

    By firelight URL on 12.09.2016

  25. She felt the mysterious shroud of sadness surrounding her grow intense each day, engulfing her very soul with every drudged breath she took. He could sense that her nubile body and vulnerable mind were more prepared than ever. That was all he was working toward, effortlessly, every single moment since she inexplicably fell in love with him. He was, after all, a 200 year-old soul switcher.

    By Rums URL on 12.09.2016

  26. The dust stung my noise and a sneeze blew out of me even before I had the time to register it. I switched on the overhead light and continued down the rough, wooden, unfinished stairs. As I walked, I ran my toe into a nail and gasped in silent pain. The light cast a grayish yellow pall over the entire scene. Something about all this gave me an awful feeling, but I pushed myself forward. My bare feet were cold against the steps and when I reached the landing below, all I could see were the grayish black shapes of the furniture that had collected over countless centuries. The dust floated around the basement, and the light from the top of the stairs could barely reach down this far, only a pale spot of yellow light. The whole thing gave me a shiver of sadness and uneasiness, as if the furniture itself was communicating the suffering that had plagued it over the many years.

    By Teeny Duckie URL on 12.09.2016

  27. abberant, here comes, the tidal wave
    here to wash, the great barrief reef, the longest animal in the ocean
    even though fish try to pick at it, it still stays nimble in its chew
    like kimbo slice in a coagulated battle
    I’m here to rattle, any obstacle in my way,
    ill switch from gum over to a ferocherare,
    choclate or sugar,
    I’m sweeter than the bitter stories around me,
    don’t let these stories around you,
    become a story around me,
    the news flashes nothing but rubbish, straight goat saliva,
    theres no cheese in that,
    theres only disbeliefs in that,
    garrulous I’m not, ill stay on topic, but whats the topic even about
    if everybody has their own paradigm, strategy is my paradigm!
    a diamond in the tough,
    switch up my state, like liquid around a volcano
    I’m only here for growth and that green-paper-mixed doe!

    By Milad URL on 12.09.2016

  28. Switch the cat can turn into whatever he wants. A giraffe, a lion, a tiger, a table, etc. when I say he can be whatever he wants to be, I don’t mean like “Zootopia” whatever he wants; i mean like, absolutely WHATEVER he wants. Even inanimate objects. now you? YOU can grow up to be “Zootopia” whatever you want. You can be a policeman, a doctor, a teacher. Whatever you want. If you have a dream, follow it. Don’t be like Switch, though. He’s a big mess. Hey, you never know. You could be sitting on Switch right now!

    By Julianne Engel on 12.09.2016

  29. Switch is a weird word. Just say it in your head. SWITCH…
    They switched places for the day.
    She switched her career.
    The dog switched his stick for a bone.
    Her age switched from 12 to 13.
    She switched her phone case from the pink one to the green one.

    I have spoken….SWITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Julianne Engel on 12.09.2016

  30. I turned on the light switch the switch was pink so i turned the switch off the switch wouldnt turn off so i broke the switch now there is no switch

    By Alex Scofield URL on 12.09.2016

  31. When I pulled the switch, it all went black. Darkness, not a point of light. Even sound was muffled. I couldn’t make out where i was, where you were, where we were heading. I reached out and all I felt was cold air alone. And then I felt it.

    By Dylan Chouinard on 12.09.2016

  32. The dog and cat switched bodies and were then confused about their lives around them.

    By Jada Engel on 12.09.2016

  33. I walked into the room and turned on flicked the switch on. Scanning my room I look for anything out of place. To the normal person nothing looked of been moved. But to me I could see it the slightest of bend in the frame of the screen. It had been moved someone was in my room.

    By Jack Bartz on 12.09.2016

  34. I flipped the light switch and the whole lab lit up, one section at a time until I could see the whole thing. I walked to the cabinets across from me and opened one. I took out the vial that had been sitting in there for the entire night. This clear liquid was not water, but the answer to everything.

    By Brianna L URL on 12.09.2016

  35. The two babies were nearly identical, in the way that most babies are. Sheila knew the parents wouldn’t notice the difference. After, all, no one really means it when they say “he has his father’s nose,” or “his mother’s eyes.” They just say that to be nice. So, when asked by the court, she felt no guilt saying telling them she’d done absolutely nothing.

    By Seth on 12.09.2016

  36. The engineer switched the track, just as the train came around the bend.

    By Noah on 12.09.2016

  37. She flipped the switch a few times, trying to get the lights to react. Nothing. She peered into the darkness. “Hello?”
    The storm had knocked the power out and, if it hadn’t been for the pummeling of the rain on the windows, it would have been completely silent in the house. This left her uneasy.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 12.09.2016

  38. Did this one already. So let’s switch to a different one. A young man, living alone in New York City. Got a job, lost a job, got a job. Nothing to brag about, pays the rent. Wanted to be an actor, a doctor, a musician or a magician. None of them panned out. So in between this and the next thing he wants to do, he’s walking dogs. Took him a long time to get the hang of it, but this nice guy named Robert, who decided he wanted to move to Arizona and walk dogs where it’s warmer, showed the young man (Tom) the ropes and now Tom’s walking all the New York dogs that Robert used to walk. He doesn’t like dogs, but you can’t tell dog owners that because then you won’t get hired. But he’s learned to get along with them. The small ones are a pain in the ass because they bark at everything, especially real big dogs. What they lack for in size they try to make up for in bark, which doesn’t work. Pretty much the same way it doesn’t work for humans.

    By rubyluby on 12.09.2016

  39. All it took for me to stand on a stool in the middle of a quiet room was the quick switch of his affection. It took away everything from me. He stuck it in her, and all of a sudden my house, kids, and everything I ever loved was gone. So I shifted my feet and kicked it over.

    By Paige B on 12.09.2016

  40. He decided that he had to switch, from being a person who took no responsibility to someone who was serious and hard-working. He adjusted his hat in the mirror, and deciding that he looked the part, he left the house. He decided that, on this very day, he would find the woman of his dreams and she would help him to change his life.

    By chanpheng URL on 12.09.2016