January 30th, 2013 | 240 Entries

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240 Entries for “swell”

  1. Swell…What write about it? Many meanings… Well, in Brazil we have a music that say:
    ” the life come in swell like the sea, in an endless going and coming”.

    By Ulmo URL on 01.30.2013

  2. It’s the swell of the sea and the turn of the boat.
    And the last of my love and the cry in my throat.
    And the size of the sky and the heave of unrest.
    And the turn from the shore and the pain in my chest.

    It’s the last of the land and the first of the sea
    And the break of the waves and the hopeless last plea
    And the death of the sun and the hand holding tight
    And the dark of the heart and the rise of the night

    It’s the last of my thoughts and the blank in my mind
    As my wife stares with horror at the form that she signed
    And my daughter collapses at the thought she’s released.
    As the doctors take note of the time I deceased.

    By Shimbo URL on 01.30.2013

  3. “Well that was just a swell meal I just had” exclaimed Bob. There was a bubble swelling up inside of him about to burst so big and blue it would destroy the world if popped.

    By Christina on 01.30.2013

  4. Sometime in the night she danced her fingers down his spine as the swells and bumps of bone beneath filo-thin skin were the keys on her grand baby sitting white and magnificent in the dawn.

    By N.J. URL on 01.30.2013

  5. Well that party was just swell =]
    I love it when the music swells.

    By Jason URL on 01.30.2013

  6. Sometime in the night she danced her fingers down his spine as if the swells and bumps of bone beneath filo-thin skin were the keys on her grand baby sitting white and magnificent in the dawn. Come down, come down, she whispered into purple mists. I’m coming down, he’d whispered back, breath tickling the curtains bellowing in her window and stirring up the hair behind her ear.

    By N.J. URL on 01.30.2013

  7. just swell, you treated me like crap and you are now leaving me? great.
    oh wait, you treated me like crap and now you are leaving me, opening doors, allowing me to get free of your maneuverings and games and infidelity?
    that is swell

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 01.30.2013

  8. Swell in the body looks weird. But writing about the word swell right now is weirder!

    By joker on 01.30.2013

  9. being swell. Interesting. I mean, I don’t want to swell up, because I could swell up too much, and that wouldn’t be a pretty mess to clean up. Just having one swell thing to happen to you a day would be the best thing to have in life. Such as a surprise party for just being YOU. Awesome. No, swell.

    By Ariel on 01.30.2013

  10. i hurt my self the other day while playing football and my leg starting hurting and by night i notice that it was swelling. I have to go to the doctor to give something to calm my pain. If not i don’t go to the doctor i will not make it for my recital this Wednesday at 6:00. The recital will be based in the Sha

    By marlene on 01.30.2013

  11. my leg is swelling from the basketball tournament that we had last week. My cheek is also swollen because playing a girl punched me in the face.

    By espiricueta on 01.30.2013

  12. “All’s well,” they say, in that endless, sunny desert
    they darkly call “the beach”,
    where you limp on swollen feet
    into the sweltering shade of your camels
    and your eyes well from the dust
    they kick up when you draw close.


    By Bry- URL on 01.30.2013

  13. Swell, oh a word i hear the birtish say, how I wish i said it more. I wish swell would swell in my cheeks so swell could wriggle its way through my lips. swelling, bloating, bursting out. Swell. Everything would be swell if I could only say swell more.

    By Sam on 01.30.2013

  14. My chest swelled with angry pride as a shouted back at him.
    “No! I won’t! I won’t be that!” I gave him an angry, undermining smile as I spat at him.
    “I will never be that for you! I’ll only be who I want! You can’t control me, you can’t even control yourself! So- so- fuck that, and fuck you! I’m done with you!”
    My breast still full of self-righteousness, I stormed out of that place for good.

    By Paige URL on 01.30.2013

  15. The swell of her chest as she took in a deep breath surprised her. She didn’t know that this was going to happen today. It threw her by surprise and she crumbled onto the floor. How was this happening?

    By Amber on 01.30.2013

  16. Swell. How swell it could be if my cheeks could swell up, bloating, bursting, erupting with words like, well, swell. How swell it would be if only I would use this swell word more often? Well, very swell.

    By WeTygers URL on 01.30.2013

  17. everything went swell today. Nothing bad happened. The police, as close as they were, stayed off my scent. Nothing could’ve happened for them to catch me, for I am always too cautious for them. I won’t go to jail. Not again, not for the mission that I’m on. Nothing is so wrong as what the system has done to the thousands of people in this city.

    By keath vickery on 01.30.2013

  18. I’m feeling very swell, today, and swell is like sweets and sweets make you swell. And swell is what your stomach does when you have too many sweets, but it’s swell to swell because sweets are swell and sweets are sweet and in forth
    Swelling is good because babies likes sweets too.
    Swelling is an emotion about candy too.

    By Claire on 01.30.2013

  19. ” Swell” ,the word slipped from her lips without thinking. It can only end in disaster, she thought.

    By Amber URL on 01.30.2013

  20. It was swell. We had gotten first place, plus the enormous prize money! I was so happy I could burst! It was an amazing feeling, better than any other!

    By Corinne on 01.30.2013

  21. Everybody always talks about how great the 90s were. Even though I was born more than halfway through it, I can sort of see why theres so much nostalgia around it. But to me, it just seems like simpler times. The Brady Bunch has been on recently and I used to watch that. It’s real swell.

    By tennismoker URL on 01.30.2013

  22. Toris frowned. Why the hell did his fingers always have to swell after Natalya squeezed them. It wasn’t like the dainty young woman could do him any damage, was it? The brunette felt ridiculous. he wondered why swell was the word of the fucking day.

    By Toris URL on 01.30.2013

  23. my chest swells and my brain wants to explode and i’m ready to pour out words like a rainy day where the streets are flooded and i’m filled with the passion of the world and i can feel it flooding through my skin and pumping through my heart and all i want to do is dance in the rain and let this beauty sink through my skin until the sun is ready to peek in the creases of the clouds.

    By celine URL on 01.30.2013

  24. I think of someone being hurt. injured. badly. And their body is swelling. like a balloon. it keeps going. and it’s red. and scary. and gross. and there’s puss. and it won’t stop. and its about to explode. and they put ice on it. and it calms down. and they’re scared. and im scared for them. but i know they’ll get better. and the swelling goes down. and so does my heart rate.

    By Kahliya on 01.30.2013

  25. my knee had swollen to the size of a bees nest. Swell means to grow when injuries happens.

    By Harry Potter URL on 01.30.2013

  26. “He’s swell.”
    She looked at me, askance. “SWELL?”
    “Yeah, you know. Erudite, good company, fast on his feet. Can sing. Swell.”
    “So THAT’S how you define that?”
    “YUp.” I grinned.

    By Annah URL on 01.30.2013

  27. “My knee’s badly bruised, and the lump just keeps getting bigger! Isn’t that just SWELL?”

    I felt my head make contact with the desk. Bernard was beaming, scooting around the office space with his slacks hiked up to reveal his punny injury. I heard our sales supervisor crow from his cubicle in the far right corner.

    “You kill my inner child, Bernard!”

    “Oh, suck it up, Lawrence, you think it’s hilarious!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.30.2013

  28. Maria felt good today. Her boyfriend was coming out of the hospital after being in there for a week. When she asked how he was doing, he replied with a smirk on his face. “I’m doing, swell baby.” After that she had broken out in a smile as those was the first few words he had spoken to her when they first met. It was romantic that he remembered. Not many people remembered words they spoke when they were in the 6th grade. Going towards her car, she sighed, she had the best boyfriend in the whole world.

    “Time and time again.” Maria whispered, “I keep falling in love with you all over again.” It was something she had told him after he came back from the war. That she kept falling in love with him and everything he did. Of course after that, they had gotten in a car accident and then he was in a medically induced coma, but finally, finally, they’d be together without anything getting in the way. Matthew didn’t have to go back out and serve for the country, she didn’t have to fly from city to city, country to country for work anymore and they were finally going to settle down.

    Just then her phone rang, it was probably just Matthew’s brother asking when they had to be at the airport. “Yes.” She asked as she answered the phone.

    By Juney on 01.30.2013

  29. this is absolutely, positively, splendid. simply swell.
    as my heart swells, i think of you.
    i think of every other moment we’ve spent together,
    only every other though.
    i think of how this only happens for you
    and how i can’t control it if i tried.
    i think of your words that make this process start in the first place,
    of how you smile and i realize that
    this is the first breath i’ve needed to struggle for.
    the first one i’ve ever really noticed.
    i think of you and my heart swells
    and i can’t say that i’d have it any other way.

    By Courtney on 01.30.2013

  30. Her throat would swell up like a water balloon if she even looked at a peanut. Everyone knew that.
    “Don’t show Brenda that Snickers!”

    By anthony URL on 01.30.2013

  31. Swell. Do I define swell? Is it a co-incidence that I got the word “swell”?
    Swell can mean to engorge, to grow into (or out of) a boundary.
    In American lingo, swell can also mean “good” or “wonderful.”
    For example “How are you feeling?”

    By JTS on 01.30.2013

  32. My foot began to swell as the coloring went from a nice flesh color to a deep blue/purplish shade. The pain flowed my body with great speed.

    By Mrs. A URL on 01.30.2013

  33. It pains me to know I am such an envious soul. I see their achievements, I hear of their success, and I can’t help but think of what advantages they had in order to get there. This irrevocable state of mind never fails to lead to the infamous list of disadvantages that are present in my life – the things I wish to change but simply don’t have the power to control. One, just one day of confidence in myself, wouldn’t that be swell?

    By t URL on 01.30.2013

  34. I am ruining everything, and everything is ruining me. Ocean’s swell throws over me and I’m in blankets, my cheeks are hot. Summer is burning me out. The love inside me is chewing through, telling me I am terrible. My brain is swelling up. I’m right, I’m right, I’m right. How could I be wrong?

    By genahtastic URL on 01.30.2013

  35. I think it’s really swell when the ocean rises and falls the swell it beautiful. It’s something you can’t replace. I love it.

    By kat on 01.30.2013

  36. It was swelling. and it was swelling fast. I try to keep it a secret from people but in my time of extreme weakness it becomes apparent. I would do anything to make this swelling disappear But I cant help it, I think so much that my head swells. I was in trouble now. They knew what I was thinking.

    By Kim M URL on 01.30.2013

  37. i sit back and smile
    like everything is just swell when its not
    my mission is for you to never find out
    but i promise if you ever were to ask the right question
    you would want to put tape over my mouth

    By dshanai URL on 01.30.2013

  38. ‘Tis swell to live in a world such as this, with bunnies and puppies and sunshine and rainbows. Makes you want to wear a polka dot frock and get a bicycle and bake cookies all the time and never use commas (for commas are a way of breaking up sentences when you want to just dance in them forever). Endless twirling in polka dot frocks in sentences of happy lists.

    By Kate on 01.30.2013

  39. It popped. I jumped back. No, more like jumped up and squeaked. That hurt. I didn’t expect it to break so violently. I couldn’t just leave well enough alone, I had to keep picking at it. And now, I have an even uglier scar on my face.

    By Soft URL on 01.30.2013

  40. I could see it first in her eyes.
    The surprise.
    The panic.
    The culprit emerged, studiously ignoring us as he licked a paw.
    Her face turned red,
    she began to squeak,
    and her ears started to swell.

    By Eronoh URL on 01.30.2013