January 30th, 2013 | 240 Entries

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240 Entries for “swell”

  1. Swell.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 01.30.2013

  2. Secrets





    SWELL in pride.

    By diana on 01.30.2013

  3. i don’t know what this word means
    i wish i knew
    but then again
    why should i
    russia is cold
    blanket is warm
    things are going to be fine one day
    thank you for being with me
    after everything i have put you through
    it’s not.

    By Nat on 01.30.2013

  4. I watch my daughter as she grows, her mind far beyond her years. She makes her first steps, speaks her first words, makes the final grade. I watch her receive her diploma while my heart swells with pride, and my eyes fill with tears.

    By Emilee URL on 01.30.2013

  5. A wave–a great person–swell can mean so many things. A mosquito bite swells, a head swells (sometimes), I feel swell a lot of the time. Swell is a great word.

    By Barbara on 01.30.2013

  6. the ocean swelled and i thought of your hair
    the music swelled and i thought of your mouth
    your lips
    your teeth
    your tongue
    pressed against mine

    By elliot on 01.30.2013

  7. In the end, the police busted up the rumble and collared everyone left standing. Both of them. One Swell and one Stiff. The rest of the two gangs nursed their wounds in the morning.

    By penny dreadful URL on 01.30.2013

  8. there are big spaces, the pockets can be drained but never completely dissolve. never disappear, unless you pull them out. the process if painful, dont mistake me. it’s unpleasant, disinfectant does little for the smell and that is to say the least. you survive these things of course, as all unpleasantries.

    By Evelyne URL on 01.30.2013

  9. There was word of a large swell hitting the North Shore, with waves up to 30 feet. It wasn’t an opportunity to miss.

    They told me that if I didn’t have experience surfing the big ones, I would be best advised to pass this one up. But I was invincible, right? I didn’t need to listen to them.

    By chipschap URL on 01.30.2013

  10. All is well. All is swell. All was well.

    It was such a simple ending to 7 novels, a giant epic of a story. I felt my childhood leave me a bit as I closed the cover of that very last book, as I glimpsed away from that very last page with that very last word. Well. Swell.

    By Wendy P URL on 01.30.2013

  11. Swell seems like kind of a nerdy word. I don’t remember anyone in my nineteen years on this planet saying swell except for weird people, or people who were trying to be sarcastic about something being cool. I think saying swell is just like saying something is neat: you might actually like it but it doesn’t make it sound cool.

    By Austin Schilling on 01.30.2013

  12. A great blue tumour on the horizon, swelling like a mutation, like an inevitable pustule about to burst all over the coast. Rising, aquatic and dark, a secret grown too big and bad to hide.

    By F on 01.30.2013

  13. swell, as in well? like my waterwell. that thing would swell now it dont work so well. my doors swell in the summer and i get locke din myr oom. My ankle swells every night ! but mostly im swellin

    By Jan on 01.30.2013

  14. The season swells. The days go and come again. Blood swells in limbs tired from running down docks, from biking in streets, from jumping onto lovers. Swelling pride and love and joy, swelling fear. What does that mean? Where are we going? Her hair was gold with the sun shining through, and the shadows on his face were a reflection of her. It won’t end unless you want it to. If you do it on purpose I’ll leave you alone, if you do it without noticing, you’ll leave me in this alone.

    By Amanda on 01.30.2013

  15. “Swell!” I exclaimed. I hadn’t been in such a good mood in an unimaginable amount of time, being able to express my feelings felt like such a euphoric release.

    By Aleasha P. URL on 01.30.2013

  16. I was feeling very swell until a overweighted zebra came and sat on me. I felt even less swell when the elephants saw what they where missing out on.

    By Dani URL on 01.30.2013

  17. well what the swelling pajure encilpedya jegsta catiash pula ta shaving ryans privates sweeeelling

    By poopshoot on 01.30.2013

  18. I was feeling very swell until a overweight zebra came and sat on me. I felt even less swell when the elephants saw what they where missing out on.

    By Dani URL on 01.30.2013

  19. It beats with a thud in my chest, then vibrating the blood in my veins. It starts hurting to breathe. And the oxygen in my lungs are suffocating.
    Every time you hurt me, My heart swells. Your lies like poison bees. And when you deceive me, it starts to sting. Soon the flower will be out of honey, and my heart will be bitter and cold.

    By JaneDoe URL on 01.30.2013

  20. It’s what your chest does when your proud. It is an old 50’s word for awesome. Its what a balloon does when filled with air. It’s what your toe does when you hit it against a wall. It’s what a bird’s body does when it eats rice. When said backwards, it’s the opposite of win.

    By Eric Howell on 01.30.2013

  21. ö ö ö ö ö ö ö ö ö
    ö ö ö ö ö ö ö ö
    ö ö ö ö ö ö ö
    ä ä
    ä k ä

    By Liviu on 01.30.2013

  22. You continue so effortlessly to lie to me. And with every word my heart swells. Like harmful little honey bees. And with each lie proclaimed, your stinger stabs. And the pain of poison slows down the process of every beat. And soon this flower will be out of the sweet taste of honey you so much crave. Killing the flower one petal at a time. You love me. You love me not.

    By JaneDoe URL on 01.30.2013

  23. Beating heart but swollen mind
    Forget the dead you left behind

    By Bry- URL on 01.30.2013

  24. This most obtrusive lump on my ankle just wont got away, it’s irritating. It’s annoying. It hurts. OH MY GOD ITS SWELLING

    By Adeeb on 01.30.2013

  25. i had a fight with my friend. he hit me so hard in the face it swell. what shoud i do. can any one help me out pkease

    By Daniyal Khaldi on 01.30.2013

  26. i hate swelling so much….. i don’t know what to say
    my tooth swells sometimes i don’t know why i don’t make any sense right now lol sorry
    i don’t know how to improvise….DAMN

    By dede on 01.30.2013

  27. Oh man today was swell. you know, swell like the ocean type of swell,with life crashing on top of you like the wave does on the water, but life is good. life is beautiful and swell. everything is swell, no matter what’s going on, there’s something swell in your life. S W E L L like happy. the word makes me feel happy.

    By RML on 01.30.2013

  28. you swell my heart every time i see you…

    you swell my eyes every time i see you…

    you swell my…lol i’m outa thoughts

    By dede on 01.30.2013

  29. “I’m just swell,” she said through gritted teeth.

    But she was thinking otherwise.
    A flat tire isn’t ‘swell.’
    Being late to work, again, isn’t ‘swell.’
    Finding out your fiancé was cheating on you after five years together isn’t ‘swell.’

    But nobody wants to hear all that.

    By Sydney URL on 01.30.2013

  30. this word is a bit outdated, it reminds me of people who wear suspenders and yellow, striped shirts. swell. what is swell? swell is whatever you’d like. swell is like “exquisite” for bland people.

    By karolina on 01.30.2013

  31. oh i have a huge swelling … where… in my heart? no, proably in your ass.. sorry i gotta tell you that, your ass got swollen.. oh, ok.. i’ll take care of that. it is ok.

    By kylon desider URL on 01.30.2013

  32. Swelling. Everything swells before it wanes. Pride, love, empires, hatred. Everything, including money. The swelling of countries leads to the swelling of money, leading to swelling of greed and of wealth, then of contempt. Then the bubble bursts and all wanes, and all stops the swell. All stops.

    By Foster Hayley URL on 01.30.2013

  33. what the heck is swell i think it is sweeled. Well i dont that too i dont know so i dont have anything to write lol? Now i iam just gooona waste time because i dont know what it is lol bye?

    By Rock123 on 01.30.2013

  34. The word swells into water because of the water. Your body swells because of water or low oxygen, such as on an airplane. You can also have a swell attitude towards something…such as icecream or a family relative coming to visit. That’s such a swell time, isn’t it? It’s a great description. Don’t you think? It’s a swell description.

    By Ariel on 01.30.2013

  35. I was feeling swell as I walked down the street past the neighbor’s house. It was a wonderful, bright, and sunny day. I said hi to Mr. Watergood as he was planting his flowers.

    By Taylor on 01.30.2013

  36. The atlantic ocean swelled up to the breakers. No one could be found on the beach. No one could be found on the streets. No one except the one boy who dared to brave the storm.

    He hid out in his parent’s beach house with nothing but some pop tarts and coke. He thought it was nothing, but the 16 year old was wrong. And as the waves beat against the rotten out breakers, they gave way. Water flooded the entire road and rose up to the beach house steps. The boy was frightened and tried to escape. He ran out the door and searched for dry land,b ut there was none.

    By Rachel on 01.30.2013

  37. i think that teacups should be distingished.
    sitting all alone on empty chairs
    waiting for a taker.
    see how fast the light travels over

    By Damian Strange on 01.30.2013

  38. swell, its an old word. it reminds my of my grand parents and olden days and how I wish I had grown up in that era, it looks so nice and new and exciting. like in the 50s or 60s. I wish I could have been born then. who wouldn’t want to?

    By brittany on 01.30.2013

  39. well i think thats great what else the dinosaur is having a swell day in space and it would be cool if dino were in space think about it what woultd ti be like have you ever watch the donisaur movie dinotopia it was amazing i love it but what if the world was like that today how would our community change how would it be the same what would peoples outlook on life be like would they be like the crazy-no the savage people the are today but wait awhat is a word a word has only the meaning you are told to put behind it dont you think so the definition of good and evil it really a confusing well they are just confusing really but i think that that is just swell have you ever pondered these topics and ever seen them through others eyes or opinions it would be swell if you did myself i ponder and ask myself and other if this world would be affected in a good or bad way but it seems i will not find this case in my lifetime so i will have to wait for someone eles to tell but since i dont think anyone looks i think this will always remain a mystery so on another note i like cookies and my familly and dinosaurs andchikens i think this world is swell but could be better if we forgot about tivial things like possesions and money think if we had the bare nesseccitys then it would be peacful but that is not human nature and never will be so all in all live is swell how about you.

    By kaze on 01.30.2013

  40. As the gamma rays burst from the machine, the man swelled to 3 times the size of a normal man. Muscles burst, clothing tore, and light came from his body. Then the light went black.

    By Cashmoney URL on 01.30.2013