January 30th, 2013 | 240 Entries

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240 Entries for “swell”

  1. The ocena swelled up, as if trying to swallow me whole. The little waves tried to reach my feet, stretching out to see if they could touch the fabric of my shoes, but they never got that far. I would always pull my feet back towards me, never letting the water near me. For what was more terrifying than the swells was what lay underneath them.

    By Zalia Henderson on 01.30.2013

  2. Isn’t that just swell that grin that half truth that fear to just say you can’t it’s not the right time maybe later remember when we used to be friends we used to try to spend time together we used to be in love. I used to be in love. Where am I now? Who am I now? You have broken me. You promised to change to grow to learn from your mistakes. Did you? You’ve changed me, did we change you?

    By C. Ritchie URL on 01.30.2013

  3. Well isn’t this just swell. A nice little spot, and some time to sit and think. Ahh… the smell of rain is in the air and everything has a hint of gray. Some people would want their perfect day to be 80 degrees and sunny but I disagree. 60 and rainy is perfect for me.

    By Stephanie Force URL on 01.30.2013

  4. nie wiem co to znaczy swell, ale brzmi dosyc melodyjnie, kojarzy mi się z potem, lub z dzwonem, moze spocony dzwon z którego kapią krople mosiądzu, to dzwon się poci z wysiłku, kiedy macha w górę w dół prawo i w lewo tak swell pasuje do potu dzwonu, moze dzwon zygmunta albo jakis inny duzy dzwon nie znam

    By zenada on 01.30.2013

  5. Like insurgents running from the shore
    Chasing and panting,
    It slides and captures. Cunning and
    Crazed, it grabs onto boots
    And flying limbs,
    Itching to pull them under.
    Icy fingers twitch, beckoning them closer,
    To show them the green and slippery
    Graves below.

    By sonneillon URL on 01.30.2013

  6. When I think of swell, it reminds me of something positive or happy or “ok”

    By Shelley Krayer on 01.30.2013

  7. She’s feeling pretty swell today. It’s winter but she’s warm, huddled in her many blankets, laptop in front of her and a coffee mug to her side. The light of the screen shines upon her face in the dark room, brightening her wide eyes. They call her a hermit, but she’s happy like this.

    By Kirbop URL on 01.30.2013

  8. its swell that i met you. my heart swells when I think about you. so all is well.

    By elisabeth on 01.30.2013

  9. She had a swell time at the ball. Her dress sparkled in the light and as she clasped her purse to her front, her cheeks all aglow, she had never felt so full of high spirits as she did in the moment.

    By Charlotte on 01.30.2013

  10. He swelled with pride when he saw her walk through the door, wearing an emerald green dress and a military jacket with gold buttons. The room turned their heads to watch her.

    By Ella Emma Em on 01.30.2013

  11. great mighty banter lovely brilliant madness craic beute lol wow fantastic wonderful tremendous perfect Favorited best favorite ever world dog cat car bear amazing triangular jubilant

    By mike on 01.30.2013

  12. In the winter, the swell of the ocean is more pronounced than in the summer. The waves seem to kiss the fog and for a moment the sky and the ocean are blended into one seamless horizon. It is in that exact moment, where the ocean and sky blur into one, that life seems infinite-just like that garden with the intersecting paths you’ve seen in your dreams. With each blending of the horizon you see a new possibility. The wind is howling and whipping around you, urging you to go home, but you are transfixed-staring at each new possibility as it swells, and then falls.

    By Andromahi URL on 01.30.2013

  13. My interest in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries is swelling. The final conflicts of the books are starting to happen. First this then Jane then Catherine then
    then they can kiss.

    Oh my gosh, Sarah is gonna flip!

    By GloriousClio URL on 01.30.2013

  14. I’m swell. Life looks like it can let me out of this hole I’ve been stuck in and I’ve never been more grateful. I feel like I can do anything and I probably can. I love today and I love tomorrow.

    By H URL on 01.30.2013

  15. The ocean swell, I know so well. It carries me out to sea. Without the ocean, I am nothing, the ocean makes me free. Whether treacherous storms or sunny skies, the sea is where I’ll be. I cannot escape it, I cannot break it, the sea has captured me.

    By untamedimagination URL on 01.30.2013

  16. The thought, so joyous. So wonderful, it made my cheeks swell. My lips twisted into a smile. I kept thinking the same ominous thought over and over again. With just a flick i could end everything. However, I enjoyed the thought of watching this continue so much that even my breath was rosy. Now i’m quite sick but the adjitives I could use to describe this gross feeling were just, so swell.

    By Shane Griffith on 01.30.2013

  17. I was on the search for somewhere else to be,
    Aimlessly wandering until I was stopped by the sea.
    I had hoped for escape; I couldn’t hide my dismay
    Until the ocean swelled up and flew me away.

    By Carly URL on 01.30.2013

  18. It was all well and good that you could do perfectly on your tests and were smarter then almost everyone else in the school (some of them combined) and yet you still found yourself in the guidance counselors office, eyes burning and throat dry as she told you that your lack of homework proved you to be a not so very dedicated student and that you’d have to be in summer school and why did you not just apply yourself more; did you not want the other kids to know how smart you were?

    By Phoebe on 01.30.2013

  19. the thing grew. bigger and bigger until it filled the whole rooming, taking it over with its scent, its tendrils and offshoots swelling to twice their size, three times, four. The mother looked upon the garden as a kind of eden, but that one plant, that was the thing she loved quite a bit more than anything else in the beautiful place.
    “And thats just swell.” the girl always thought to herself, sullenly resined to the knowledge the mother would always love that damned swelling plant more than her.

    By Zozojay URL on 01.30.2013

  20. It was a swell day. I use swell loosely of course, I mean, it is England, and of course it’s raining. But it was warm and it was the weekend and everyone was cheerful and it was, yes, quite swell. I just feel this happiness sort of envelope me this day.

    By Blythe URL on 01.30.2013

  21. it`s a blast a belly swollen like a musk or bust of a senile dog hunter in the winter of alask-a second a go i tried to know what to write for swell well now i don`t even care, i managed to sum up some rhymes till i heard the bellllll!

    By Liviu on 01.30.2013

  22. swell ain’t it when the entire human race is lost to sin and separation from God.

    God the father sent His only son Jesus to die for us and restore us all to a right relationship with Him. Peace!

    By Ian URL on 01.30.2013

  23. swell guy, swell girl, swell friendship, swell marriage, swell babies, swell family, swell future, swell legacy, SWELL GOD. Jesus

    By IanJT URL on 01.30.2013

  24. The literal snake of an idea slithers into the gap left between lower lip and ravaged hair. It swells within, a new tongue ready to expel its children, hideous convolutions, upon the world.

    By Chris Glynn URL on 01.30.2013

  25. the strike of midnight filled her with fear. Perhaps then, it is appropriate that the orchestra swelled just when her feared reached its peak. When her palms were sweaty and throat felt as though it was about to close she soldiered on, pulling her bow faster, faster, louder, longer. Pulling and pulling until suddenly there was silence. Because the swell of the orchestra is like the crest of a wave: for one joyous, perfect moment your are flying, suspended, invincible and immortal. But then you crash. You fall. But the orchestra, perhaps did not mean to stop- not entirely. For Vi was quite taken aback, when they all fell silent, when the fancy lords and ladies lay quiet in there seats. Taken aback, but not quite surprised. Not yet. Because the man in the tuxedo, standing where the conducter had been moments before, his eyes burning with fury, but his hands calm and still- well Vi had expected him. But the orchestra did not, and they had stopped when they saw him, stared, still and silent. To still, to silent. In front of Vi’s eyes people in the audience, to her right and left, behind the curtain they slowly, but truly began to disappear. Until she was alone, watching the man in his terrible tuxedo conduct an invisible orchestra only he could hear. His eyes opened suddenly, the anger Vi had noticed before moved to his entire face. He was terrifying. Always had been, in fact.
    “You…my darling, have chosen wrong.” The Devil said, and dragged his daughter back to Hell- where she right and properly belonged

    By Zozojay URL on 01.30.2013

  26. Today was the lightning bolt of apathy to the burnt bush, the flames swelled as if to clear ash from a mighty throat, then silenced to cinder. There would be no guidance this time, just the smell of stroke and an absence.

    By Chris Glynn URL on 01.30.2013

  27. The creek by my house swelled with water after Sunday’s snow, Monday’s warm up, Tuesday’s downpour, and Wednesdays drizzle. The creek has a lot of excess water.

    By ReeganFlattery URL on 01.30.2013

  28. Gee golly, isn’t that just swell? It’s a well in the shape of an ‘s’. It’s ‘ell for the cockneye with a lisp. It’s an swe trying to move by but blocked by two II. Applelle

    By John Komarek on 01.30.2013

  29. I always thought you were swell.
    I watched you everyday at school.
    I liked the way you walked and the way you talked.
    The only reason I liked school was you.
    It was all a fantasy but it was swell.

    By Robin on 01.30.2013

  30. My lungs swelled with the water, begging to burst. I had to let go, reach the surface, for air. The swelling was quelled by this and only this. Teaching my lungs to inhale air that tasted of dust and the oceans droplets.

    By Danaé on 01.30.2013

  31. The waves swelled and crashed down onto the beach. Their power, their infiniteness, their size all took the breath out of me. They were relentless and beautiful, cold but inviting. The waves were my hope, my inspiration.

    By Kristina URL on 01.30.2013

  32. Underneath the swell, just as the water began to retreat and drag the sand deeper into the deep, the sea cucumber secreted the curious pearl fish into the brine.

    By Kristen Leigh URL on 01.30.2013

  33. “Well that’s swell.”
    Gavin took a sip of his milkshake and stared into Suzy’s amethyst eyes.
    “It sure is hard being a gay, black, jew in Oklahoma though isn’t it.”

    By Max Bevilacqua URL on 01.30.2013

  34. My heart swells
    as I hear bells
    and delicious smells
    float in the air like spells
    of soft lavender perfume

    By Meg on 01.30.2013

  35. he said this all the time. like great or awesome or totally cool weren’t good enough to describe anything.

    By tiffany m URL on 01.30.2013

  36. The moment it hit his lips, he could feel the swelling begin in a place deep down. Then he felt nothing.

    By Grace URL on 01.30.2013

  37. She swells up with pride. Sticking her little stomach forward she beams. “Look mommy, look what I drew!” She exclaims showing her work of art which you have to admit is impressive for a five year old.

    By Ella-Belle URL on 01.30.2013

  38. With love and hope
    And love and happiness
    And love, love, love above all
    I feel my heart, my very soul swell
    Reaching to meet you and thank you

    By Poppy URL on 01.30.2013

  39. Like a tsunami, a memory will pull back into a sea of thoughts you are not thinking. But, then it will grow, swell into something it wasn’t before. I wall of impenetrable feeling will hit, to the detriment of your happy home. And then you must wait, for relief, for the end of the storm, for the beach to once again be a beach.

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.30.2013

  40. The wave travels across thousands of miles, through straits and passages and vast expanses of nothing, under hurricanes and seagulls alike.

    By Noah on 01.30.2013