January 16th, 2013 | 281 Entries

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281 Entries for “sweep”

  1. I used to sweep for Nana when I was little. It always bothered me how there was ALWAYS a line of dirt left from the dustpan and you could do NOTHING to help that, except vacuum of course. Brooms to me are clumsy, I’d rather vacuum a hard wood floor than sweep it.

    By Kaylee Darigan on 01.16.2013

  2. I sweep across a room, taking bits of conversation with, sorting the truth from the lies in my head and wishing I could be a part of it all.

    By jade on 01.16.2013

  3. i sweep across the floor and knuckles crack under my weight. im fat. my brotehr tells me all the time and my mum has me cleaning the fucking room becaus esh thinks house work will help me lose a few pounds. what she doesnt know is that this bloody cleaning regime will porbbaly make me have arthritis because obesity isnt easy to concur.

    By domi vine on 01.16.2013

  4. S is for Sweep – whose alphabet is that ? Maybe it’s Mr Briggs the Butler ? Or Mrs T. the mean Housekeeper as she goes along saying , thinking Mr De Winter should never have married this silly girl – Oh I wish Rebecca was back and I will do everyting to make this stupid girls life a total misery ! anyway – who else thinks of Sweeps not Dean Swift because he was too busy with Saeva Indignatio and his Modest Proposal. I wonder if you play Quidditch , would you be good at chimney sweeping ? I think you would need a car to take up chimney sweeping – that’s nowadays of course . I think thin girls were employed as sweeps long ago , I am too old now to contemplate that job . It must have been exciting . It is not far from weep so I imagine sweeps wept a lot . I heard of a writer who got along well with his sweeps and that was John Fowles . Once when I stayed in a Hostel I met a really interesting man who worked as a sweep and collected books also . We had a wonderful conversation . I was amazed when he said he had met JOhn Fowles and also he read Iris Murdoch whose books he loved , he had every edition of every Iris Murdoch novel .

    But really I’m sad for sweeps .
    For sweeps who weep ,
    Who creep into crevices .
    Sweeps sob and sigh ,
    They cannot lie ,
    They say they disliked Mary Poppins , they were , were they – Jealous – no , it’s just they found her irrritating , one sweep tried to talk about Barrie and Peter Pan to Mary Poppins , she hissed at him , she vibed him . He had heard her talking to his colleague the day before and she really kept on trying to teach his Colleague . However she changed tactics and reverted to the safety of snobbery .
    George Gissing – New Grubb St. I suppose the characters in that Street rarely could afford sweeps . That episode in Joyce’s Ulysses – Telemachus . Bloom meets a Sweep on the corner of Manor Street and Arbour Hill??? I hope that is right – the sweep is on a bicycle – something like the Lithuanian Painter who painted at low cost here – anyway you would need to be careful you could be made into a one eyed monster if you were going round a corner or standing at a corner and a part of a brush went into your eye . Tele – all sweeps are at a distance from me . The Chimney stacks in Rochford Manor – one wonders about the sweeps who worked on them . Poor Sweeps the soot seeped into their clothing , they didn’t live long due to inhalation of soot . I imagine they coughed a lot . Still it was an exciting job . Was there a guild of Sweeps who played Chess , did Crosswords , did lots of other activities at night . They were experts on chimneys and really could have been great in assisting Architects in the construction of Chimney stacks , also they could advised Mine Owners on how to deal with the problems young workers faced .
    Maud’s Uncles house in Fingersmith – it must have been wonderful . There were firep[laces in all rooms so there must have been sweeps . Maud was a wonderful reader – reading aloud like I could have done if I could have taken that jjob as a Carer , they said it would not be difficult and I could read to the – anyway anyway some day I will have money .
    I wonder if sweeps ever found wads of money hidden in the chimneys – behind a brick for instance.
    I wish I could sweep all this house instead of hauling the hatefully heavy hoover upstairs . Chronologically I am old and my back is terribly sore – not as bad as at Christmas but still very painful.
    Chim chimney chim chimney chim chim chimnee -==
    I would love to see a poor sweep whoosh up a chimney , emerge on one of his longer brushes and fly far away , Peter Pan would guide him and they would land on an island where the young deprived sweep would study and learn so much that he could do the Entrance Exam to a Fab. Academy – I would like to be a Social worker who would concentrate on Sweeps , their talents , possibilites , problems . They were usually thin , if photogenic – there would be opportunities – lots- lets explore together – I could be their life coach . If they did not like my suggestions we could deal obliquely with problems . I know people would not give a capital to the word sweep , it’s happened before , they were/ are important and very important now because people can’t afford heat. I can’t afford a sweep yet , the last was a girl and very very pleasant. I hope to save for a sweep . But I keep on forgetting . Sweep – so many meanings .

    By Anna Grogan URL on 01.16.2013

  5. Every morning was the same as the last, at least since her mother’s mind had seeped into the greying strands of her hair. When she was little, the broom had come out in the mornings too, to sweep the cobwebs from the cabin, and brush away mayflies that clouded on the windows. But now she swept nothing, and the straw dragged, dry and broken.

    By Fluidfyre URL on 01.16.2013

  6. sweep the floors. cinderella. sweeping a kitchen because its too messy.. which tends to happen often at the guys’ residence. its very useful to sweep before mopping because you get rid of all the nasty little pieces of food that fall everywhere. it’s really gross walking on an unsweeped floor without socks… the things that get stuck on your foot are horrendous. that is why i enjoy wearing socks at their place.

    By Zahra M URL on 01.16.2013

  7. The sweep of your tongue ignites every nerve in my body. My fingertips pulse with the urge to touch you, my mouth salivates at the thought of tasting your tongue, my thighs twitch with the desire to wrap themselves around you.

    By Danielle La Paglia URL on 01.16.2013

  8. I try to sweep away my doubts and my worries, sometimes it works, sometimes it does. But overall it is only Christ that can cover all of my woes. His strength is what sweeps over my heart and stirs up dreams and visions of a future guided by my God. And maybe one day my prince will sweep across my path.

    By mel beachy on 01.16.2013

  9. i hate cleaning theatres at my job, we spend hours and hours cleaning a mess that was so avoidable by people being just courteaus enough to pick up their own trash. spills and accidents are bearable because everyone messes up.

    By marco on 01.16.2013

  10. The sweepers were coming. I could hear them barreling down the street, their brooms hitting the pavement in rhythm, their boots thudding against the ground. They were coming, and I didn’t think I could escape them this time. This time, they’d kill me.

    By Bex URL on 01.16.2013

  11. sweep me off my feet and show me what it means to weep in your arms i feel weak i tremble up able to speak. For you i search girl of my dreams to come and sweep me off my feet and show me the truth of love for until then i can only imagine life alone.

    By Aaron on 01.16.2013

  12. sweep away the doubts my dear
    sweep away the threats of once again abandonment
    sweep away the doubts my dear
    and believe
    and believe

    By Anita on 01.16.2013

  13. She sweeps the loose bits to the side of the desk. “Somebody REALLY needs to reorganize the place.” Before I can even open my mouth she asks–can she do it? Please? Please? She’s really good at it, she says. She’s O.C.D., apparently.

    Is being neurotic supposed to give people the excuse to diagnose themselves with O.C.D.?

    By asavas URL on 01.16.2013

  14. i was cinderella in a dream took my adderal and went to sweep

    By Danielle on 01.16.2013

  15. Got a song dancing in my mind, sweeping along, measure by measure.

    Shapes like pleasure, but then that treasure takes a dive.

    Sounds like the squeak of rust on rust.

    Sometimes, I just need a little shampoo to get it all washed out.

    By Intuition URL on 01.16.2013

  16. To brush is to live. To sweep divine.

    By Hamish on 01.16.2013

  17. cleaning the room
    mind boggling tomb
    of dust mold and dirt
    gathering around
    piles of glass
    reflecting the past
    how long will this last
    cleaning the empty room
    that became my tomb
    sweeping glass memories
    and false fantasies

    By Caitlin Pruess on 01.16.2013

  18. I sweep the field with my stick. The ball flies across the turf straight into the back corner of the net. A goal. I jump up and down, dropping my stick and hugging my teammates in celebration. Overtime is over, and we came out winners!

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.16.2013

  19. She swept it under the rug like the expert house cleaner that she was. With little effort she continued on to the next ugly pile of dirt, scraped it up into a nice, neat pile and pushed it off to the side, hiding it under whatever cozy excuse she could come up with.

    By KT URL on 01.16.2013

  20. I sweep and weep , weep and sweep. All day long I do. What kind of life is this? It shall never ever be done. Well life will be, I guess. What’s worse, sweeping your life away or being dead? I wish I knew.

    By Marie URL on 01.16.2013

  21. i sweep the floors everyday, thinking maybe my parents will think i’m a good child again. maybe they will accept me. if i sweep harder, they’ll see how much a i try. if i stop sweeping, they will think i am failing, when i’m only take a break. if i do it lightly, maybe they’ll think i only put a bit of effort.

    By theresahoang URL on 01.16.2013

  22. i swept through the woods of the night. making a shuffling noise with my feet, trying to escape the cold air of the abandoned life. how i wish i could just fly. one day, i’ll stop sweeping, and start flying.

    By theresahoang URL on 01.16.2013

  23. When i was 8 I smashed my grandmother’s vase, I picked up the big pieces and buried them in her flower bed and I swept the little bits under the rug. To this day she doesn’t know what happened to that vase and to this day I still use the same method of forgetting about things things. I sweep them under the rug.

    By Aria Reed on 01.16.2013

  24. have you ever felt the filth beneath your toes,
    and wondered who had stood that very place before
    who left flakes of skin,
    and strands of hair that make the dust which you now sweep?

    By Mike URL on 01.16.2013

  25. a chimney sweep came to our house. he was dressed in all sorts of colours but only appeared as balck as cola. there were hints of yellos oranges and green i wonder did he dresss liek this in the morning to amuse himself for the rest of the day. i looked at him and he smiled as thought he read my thoughts. Collusion

    By Eilish Bouchier URL on 01.16.2013

  26. my mother made me sweep today in the afternoon all upstairs floor, i didn’t want to but finally i did

    By Amalia on 01.16.2013

  27. I’ve never before felt this way. I’ve never been carried away, but somehow you sweep me off my feet. I’ve never felt so intrigued with a person. You are effortlessly perfect. You don’t know how lovely you are.

    By Taylor URL on 01.16.2013

  28. Cinderella would sweep everyday and sing to all of the little birds and animals while she would be cleaning. She would do this everyday because of her evil step mom. She is such a beautiful girl but she would have to do all the dirty work. She would get dirty because of all the dirt on the floor and it would make her sneeze a lot. She was pretty much the maid.

    By Morgan Beltran on 01.16.2013

  29. The broom-stick I sweep with has a handle that gives me splinters. The air is humid and cool at once. Mama brings cold orange cocktails out to the deck, her face apologetic as she glances at me brushing away the broken wine glasses.

    By Neelvar on 01.16.2013

  30. I can remember sweeping the front porch at my aunts house with my cousins. We used to stay outside all day playing house and pretending we were actually doing good by sweeping the wooden porch and the rock sidewalk.LIke it would stay clean or something. I miss the simplicity of those days.

    By Ruby Star on 01.17.2013

  31. she started to sweep the kitchen floor, trying her best to get all the little pieces of paper that her little brother had carelessly left behind after he completed his sixth grade art project. she knew that if she didn’t get every last bit that her mother would be disappointed. her little brother was incapable of doing any type of thing involving organization, and it was her job to help him anyway she could; she did it because she felt responsible.

    By linda on 01.17.2013

  32. As she swept her front porch, she noticed the neighbor kids swinging on their porch swing. Well more specifically it was her neighbor’s son and his girlfriend, maybe? She could never keep up on which girls were just friends and which one was actually something more. She smiled watching them, continuing to sweep as they continued their little fling on the porch swing.

    By wendy on 01.17.2013

  33. it’s what they call the tardy system at my school. basically they “sweep” you into a room where you get a detention slip and it sucks a lot… But the name is very unique and I like it. It’s simple and easy. Never heard of, I like it.

    By Madie Downen on 01.17.2013

  34. I was sweeping one mornning, when a man came up to me. He wore a long coat and had a strange look on his face. He wanted to tell me something. I put down the broom and moved over to the table to take a sip of coffee. I like it black and a little sweet.

    By broken butterfly URL on 01.17.2013

  35. to sweep is to bring a broom across the floor, to sweep up the leftovers, the remaining. but sweeping is neither a negative or a positive, its just it. you can sweep your computer for viruses, u can sweep your home, you can let the sweeping get the better of you too.

    By kate on 01.17.2013

  36. The sweeping vista of the ancient Korean temple was the perfect backdrop for the moment. My mother and I were facing the philosophical situation we lived every day at home.

    By Shawn on 01.17.2013

  37. I swept your mom up off of the floor because her breath smelled like boiling bleach. she also bough a cat, but it died in a car crash. The pigs farted.

    By Jeremy on 01.17.2013

  38. I need to sweep the floor. I will use a broom. I have to lock the dog in the other room or he will try to eat the broom while I am sweeping. His name is Toto. He’s a three year old male yorkshire terrier. He’s also a brat. He will bite me if I try to stop him from eating the broom while I attempt to sweep the floor. He’ll be mad that I locked him in the other room so he will hump his stuffed monkey. Again.

    By Wendi Taylor URL on 01.17.2013

  39. I ssweeped the floors of the shop. The tiles are cracking, but the owner is to tired to change them. I am alsoo to tired for sweeping floors. I need to get away…. a change of scene. i still mish ehr

    By d on 01.17.2013

  40. I guess sweep is the word of the day. Maybe there’s a new word every day? This site is strange. But fun and somehow addictive. I don’t want to write about brooms anymore though. I want to write about apples. Apples are red, shiny fruit that grow on trees. They are very delicious and good for you. But their seeds contain a deadly poison – cyanide. Did you know that? Can you believe that? So when you eat an apple, be sure to sweep up the seeds!

    By Wendi Taylor URL on 01.17.2013